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A Sample Objective For A Resume

Career Objective Examples For Accounting

This Resume Objective Example Can SAVE Your Resume!
  • Seeking the job profile of an accountant in your reputed organisation to augment my knowledge of accounting and taxation along with problem-solving, computation and analytical competencies.
  • A result-oriented and highly knowledgeable accountant with 4 years of experience looking for a suitable position in ______ Inc. to implement my expertise and skills to contribute to the growth and success of your organisation.

How A Resume Objective Statement Differs With Experience

If you dont have professional experience, landing a job can be difficult. Applications for entry-level positions should be focused toward your personal traits, emphasizing your work ethic and relevant qualities that fit well with the job description.

You can do this by discussing your strongest assets, such as your GPA or your ability to lead a team . You should also emphasize your reliability and any other appropriate skills.

It goes without saying: you should only mention skills that can be demonstrated by your experience.

It Resume Objective Example

Informational technology professional with a focus on improving the efficiency and quality of IT processes. Looking for an opportunity to leverage my technical skillset and management experience to scale IT operations at a growing company like ABC Corp with a data-driven approach.

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Program Manager Resume Objective Examples

Program manager with 8+ years of experience building and optimizing programs through the development of data-focused, scalable processes. To date in my career Ive managed budgets exceeding $20M and have worked directly on projects that have grossed $75M in revenue.

Senior Program Manager with extensive experience building and scaling operations for quickly growing companies. I have a relentless focus on the customer, whether they are internal or external and I drive innovation through the use of data.

Brand Ambassador Resume Objective Examples

Professional Resume Objective Templates

Professional with experience in various aspects of customer service who is well-adept at building and engaging with a social media following. Im excited about the prospect of using these abilities to transition to a brand ambassador role.

Outgoing and charismatic people-person with 3 years of experience as a brand ambassador. I excel at building community and building relationships with prospective customers and Im looking to utilize that skill-set for an exciting and growing brand.

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Using The Same One For Every Job You Apply For

Recruiters can usually detect an application that has been bulk-delivered to a handful of companies, and it will likely go in the shredder.

Personalizing each application to suit the company is critical be sure to incorporate keywords posted in the job spec, and mention skills they are looking for.

What Does An Objective On A Resume Mean

An objective is a short statement describing the value you can add and the needs you can fulfill.

A resume objective means that you strategically place the focus on your goals and what you can accomplish for the companys growth.

An objective statement usually shows that the candidate is looking to start a new career, is applying for a job within the same company, or is fresh out of school.

Whether you have entry-level experience or looking to start a different career, this short statement can hold the recruiters attention by outlining your career direction.

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Programmer Resume Objective Examples

Graduate of computer science with experience working across the full-stack of software development. Ive built projects on small teams and Im looking for a role where I can grow and continue to learn from other experienced team members.

Experienced Python developer with extensive Django experience looking to continue to develop my skill set on the back-end at a mission driven company.

Sample Resume Objectives Examples And Statements

Resume Objective Examples | How To Write Resume Objective Goals Easily

Searching for a sample resume objective statement or looking for a customizable example resume objective to build a descriptive resume objective, here is the list of top 200 sample resume objectives statements and examples.

Regardless, how perfectly you fit in an applied job position, if your resume objective cannot capture the recruiter’s attention, you will never get an interview call from the HR manager to explain why you are the perfect match for that particular requirement. To grab the recruiter’s attention, your resume objective should be descriptive. It should reflect your qualifications, skills, and experience.

This article provides the top 200 sample resume objective statements and examples. Browse through the entire list and select the resume objective which conveys your job objective effectively.

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Public Relations Account Executive

As a Public Relations Assistant Account Executive, I honed my skills while landing clients consistent placements in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Wired. Im now looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand my skill set, manage clients reputations, and develop/implement in-depth brand awareness campaigns.

Resume Objective Example After A Career Gap

Not everyone wants to pick up where they left off after a career gap, so a resume objective can clarify how they would like to reboot their work prospects.

Climate activist geography teacher returning after a four-year maternity leave, aiming to nurture and inspire in and out of the classroom. An innovative educator, who will adopt the latest technologies to bring any geography lesson to life.

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How To Write A Killer Resume Objective


We all know what they are.We all know how important having a good one isand how much a bad one can hurt your ability to get your dream job.

We also know we arent the only ones out there turning in well crafted, carefully targeted resumes to hiring managers

Unfortunately for you, for every available job out there in the real world, there are hundreds, if not thousands of very qualified people applyingand odds are, there are more than a few really knock-dead resumes in that pile.


Get our resume objective PDF Cheat Sheet that hands you word-for-word sample resume objectives you can use today.

Of course, there are also a mountain of bad ones that wont even make the first cut. But of those that dohow do you make sure yours stands out?

You could always go for the Elle Woods approach. Remember in the movie Legally Blonde when our spunky and upbeat heroine hands her resume off to her professor in the hopes of securing that killer summer internship?

Professor Callahan: Its pink

Elle: Oh! And its scented! I think it gives it a little something extradont you think?

We have to admit, that is one way to make an impression with a hiring managerhowever, outside Hollywood fantasies where the hero always gets their way , odds are your pink scented resume is going to end up either in the trash or on the bulletin board Wall of Shame as an example of what NOT to send in to a hiring manager.

And I promise you, no pink paper.

Career Objective For A Fresher Engineer

Objective Resume Examples Medical Assistant

Here are some of the best career objectives for engineer:

  • BTech in Mechanical Engineering graduate from ABC University looking for an entry-level role to kickstart my career in Automation Engineering. Possess advanced-level knowledge of engineering tools, data science, programming and computer science.
  • Seeking a challenging role at a reputed IT organisation to utilize my engineering skills that can contribute to the companys growth as well as enhance my knowledge by exploring new things.
  • Detail-oriented individual with a BTech in Civil Engineering searching for a suitable role at an established organisation to utilise my knowledge and skills while contributing to the growth of the company.
  • Desirous of the position of Tech Engineer at XYZ Inc. where I can devote my excellent tech skills, analytical skills and problem-solving competencies to promote the growth of the organisation.
  • A highly motivated and deadline-driven engineer with an MTech in Information Technology and 2 years of professional experience. Possess in-depth knowledge of computer technologies and IT management and seeking a suitable role at a renowned organisation to utilise my excellent research and data analysis skills.

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If You Have Relevant Work Experience

If you have two or more years of work experience related to the job you want, write your resume objective using this structure:

  • First sentence: # years of relevant work experience, plus 2-4 examples of your main job duties during those years
  • Second sentence: Your degree and qualifications
  • Third sentence: How your skills, qualities, and qualifications make you a strong candidate for the job

Resume objective example

Heres an example of a professional customer service resume objective:

Customer Service Representative with 6+ years of experience of telephone and face-to-face sales, hotel bookings and account administration. Possess a BA in Communications and a SalesForce certification. Aiming to use my proven customer service, sales, and communication skills to effectively fill the managerial role in your company.

This career objective successfully makes the argument that the candidate would succeed in a managerial role by showcasing their relevant experience and skills right at the top of their resume.

Additionally, the candidate mentions their proven skills because they plan to elaborate further in their work experience section. Its okay to make such claims about yourself if you can back them up elsewhere on your application .

Moving Resume Objective Example

Program manager making the move from the east coast to San Francisco and I’d like to make that move working for ABC Corp. 100% of the projects I’ve managed have been delivered on-time and on budget and I want to leverage that commitment to furthering ABC’s mission of empowering consumers to make smart financial decisions.

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Data Scientist Resume Objective Examples

Results-focused data scientist with a background in combining disparate datasets and building production-level models to extract real value. Looking for a role where I can utilize my technical experience in Python and SQL alongside my business knowledge to expedite the growth of a startup.

Data in isolation is useless. Only in the context of a business question can data be leveraged to drive meaningful value. I have extensive experience building relationships with business leaders to understand their needs then using my technical background to deliver data products that address those needs at scale.

Career Objective For Media/journalism

  • A highly energetic, tech-savvy and dedicated journalist searching for a suitable position at a media house cover news across print and digital platforms.
  • A detail-oriented and experience copy editor with a postgraduate degree in English Literature seeking suitable job role at a reputed media organisation to utilise my skills towards editing varied forms of news, articles, copies, amongst others.

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When To Use An Objective Vs A Summary

There are different situations to use an objective versus a summary in your resume. While an objective explains your goals and intentions for seeking employment, a summary dives deeper into your qualifications and skills pertaining to a specific position. Like an objective, a resume summary is only one to two sentences long. The key difference is that you use it to share your experiences and strengths.

Although you could include both on your resume, sometimes its better to simply include one or the other in order to keep your resume looking clean and polished. Objectives tend to be ideal for those with limited work experiences, such as recent high school or college graduates. If you have a pretty accomplished career under your belt and want to highlight the value you can add to a company, use a summary.

Looking To Move Locations

  • I am a seasoned accountant hoping to move to New York City this September. My goal is to apply my strong financial skills to a more fast-paced, rewarding environment.
  • Kitchen manager looking for an opportunity to take part in creating the finest Southwestern cuisine. I am open to relocating to New Mexico, Texas, or Arizona.
  • Communications professor seeking an opportunity to inspire young minds and help shape our future workforce into effective communicators. Hoping for an opportunity to teach and conduct research on the East Coast.
  • Senior executive looking to take my expertise in finance and business operations globally. Searching for a position within the European market.
  • World-traveler hoping to apply her writing skills in a meaningful way. Eager to work for an international publication that requires frequent travel for stories.
  • Traveling German college student hoping to refine his English-speaking skills through an au pair position. Has a passion for teaching young children the German language and providing excellent child care.
  • Relocating special needs teacher hoping to find a position within the Glendale area. I am well-versed in the latest IEP practices and hope to make a meaningful impact on all of my students lives.
  • Highly motivated secretary looking for the opportunity to move to Austin, Texas. Eager to show my people skills along with my aptitude for clerical work.

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Dental Student Resume Objective Example

Student at the Boston University School of Dentistry looking for an opportunity to learn from more experienced oral surgeons at ABC Hospital. I have firsthand research experience with Dr. Demotta working to understand the mechanisms of dental decay in infants and I’d like to gain more practical experience alongside that.

Architecture/interior Designing Career Objective Examples

FREE 6+ Sample Resume Objective Templates in MS Word

Example 1:

Creative Interior Designer with 6 years of experience in Space Planning and Project Management is looking for a respectable position with a Real Estate firm. Hold expertise in AutoCAD for creating aesthetic quality residential and commercial designs within clientsâ budget.

Example 2:

Innovative and result-driven creative Designer with remarkable experience in designing AutoCAD floor plans, elevations, and ceiling plans is looking for similar roles and responsibilities in a challenging environment of the hospitality industry.

Example 3:

Registered and professional architect with over 10 years of experience of managing design and administrative elements. Skilled at crafting high-quality scaled drawings and hold proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, and SketchUp. A good team player with an ability to multitask.

Example 4:

Seeking a position of Junior Architect to assist clients with the preparation and submission of construction and zoning documents. Possess hands-on experience in developing electronic drawing documents for large-scale residential and commercial projects.

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Resume Objective Examples By Job Title

If your resume objective is not specific to the the role you’re applying to then frankly you’re just wasting space on your resume. If you’re not tailoring your resume objective based on the type of role you’re applying to then you’re better off omitting a resume objective altogether.

This is your chance to quickly catch the attention of the person first reviewing your resume. You should prime this person to be prepared to come away from their review of your resume convinced that you deserve an interview.

Here are job-specific resume objectives to help you get started with crafting your own.

Why Your Resume Should Never Have An Objective Statement

If youve been perusing resume examples, you might have noticed that some include a resume objective statement and others dont. So what is a resume objective, and, should you use an objective statement on your resume?

A resume objective is a statement that says what you wantwhat specific position, or what professional goals youre trying to achieve. My advice on writing a resume objective? Dont do it. There are better ways to create an effective resume, so do not waste your time writing an objective statementat least dont do it the way its poorly done so often.

I get the idea behind a resume objective statement I really do. You want the employer to know what your job search goals and career goals are. But the problem with objective statements is the way theyre written. Ive never seen an objective on a resume that was not broad and unclear. Theyre basically a waste of crucial real estate on your resume. In the spot where a resume objective usually goes, you could be using strong keywords to describe your qualifications and value to a potential employer rather than telling them what you want from them.

There are better ways to let an employer know what position or type of employment youre seekingmake it clear in your cover letter, for example. Or put it towards the bottom of your resume rather than at the top where you need to put the most important information about your relevant accomplishments and skill set that will impress the person making hiring decisions.

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Applicants New To The Job Market

Use the following format:

  • Include the name of your degree and any relevant experience or accolades.
  • List two to three skills or qualities you have that are listed in the job ad. Make use of your list of keywords here.
  • Describe your overall goal with reference to the companys goals.
  • For example: I have recently completed an MBA with distinction and was resultantly selected for KPMGs prestigious graduate program. Always delivering quality and driving innovation, I am ideally positioned to drive portfolio expansion and am ambitious about leading risk management programs for clients.

    Full Stack Engineer Resume Objective Examples

    Career objective in resume | With examples | How to write a career objective for your resume or CV

    Full stack developer with 8+ years of experience building scalable web applications and internal tools that drastically improve efficiency. Throughout my career Ive built applications and e-commerce sites with a total annual revenue of $18M.

    Recent computer science graduate with a passion for developing web applications and working across the full stack. Ive built two web apps from the ground-up using React, Node, and PostgreSQL.

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