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Examples Of Internship Resumes

How To Choose The Right Layout For Your It Intern Resume

How To Make an Internship Resume Example | Microsoft Word

For your layout, you need to ensure that you achieve the right balance of style and readability.

Use professional fonts, and make sure your creativity doesnt lead to chaos on the page.

Play around with different colours, shapes and space.

This summary is lacking. Heres why:

  • It doesnt specify which branch of information technology the candidate is studying
  • It doesnt list the candidates capabilities and interests
  • It doesnt identify any certifications the candidate has achieved which have prepared them for the internship

Instead, tell more of a story with your summary:


This is instantly better. This is because:

  • It specifies what you are studying
  • It explains what kind of internship you are seeking
  • It discusses your certifications
  • It demonstrates your passion and enthusiasm

Lets try this again but from a postgraduate perspective:


This summary needs some improvements. Heres why:

  • Despite being a more experienced graduate, this summary comes across as unprofessional and rushed
  • It does not discuss their skillset
  • It doesnt sell them as an individual with a ton of technical knowledge and academic experience

This summary section is much better:


This summary is vastly improved. This is because:

  • It identifies your level of education, and specialty
  • It states the candidates certifications and academic expertise
  • It shows a driven individual, and details exactly what the candidate is seeking in an internship
Pro Tip

Education In The Internship Resume

Having a strong education section on your resume is very important for the effectiveness of your internship resume, especially if its a student resume.

Many companies in todays market will ask for an education section as one of their requirements on the job board. This is an excellent opportunity to show that youre a hard worker and have the necessary knowledge to perform the job well.

Most potential employers from different companies will look at your education section to view some important information about your candidacy.

Highlight Your Hard And Soft Skills

Finish your internship resume with a balanced resume skills section. During your time as a student , youve likely developed plenty of relevant hard and soft skills that make you a stronger intern candidate.

Hard skills are usually learned in the classroom, while soft skills are related to your personality. Here are two lists to give you some ideas of what you can include in your own skills section:

Good internship resume hard skills

  • Problem solving

If you dont have many technical skills, dont worry. Emphasizing your soft skills helps you fill this section out even if you lack hard skills, and employers in most industries dont expect their interns to have many technical skills anyway.

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Examples Of An Internship Resume Objective Statement

The objective statement is one of the most important parts of your internship application. As the first thing any potential employer will see, it creates an immediate first impression. Your objective statement allows you to draw the reader in and make the case that you will contribute to the organization and are interested in its work. You will need to show that you are the kind of person the company will want to hire, not just for the internship, but also for a full-time position.

Skills To Put In The Intern Resume

Internship Resume Template

In case you werent able to mention or highlight some skills and abilities you think are the most relevant skills for your candidacy, then dedicating a section to your abilities might be necessary.

A skills section thats able to showcase your soft skills, as well as your hard skills, is a great addition to the resume layout.

Mentioning some transferable skills that were a part of your previous profession might be effective too!

You need to make sure that the skill set youll be showcasing stays relevant to the internship requirements.

What are the main skills sought for in an Intern Resume?

Skills need to be highlighted on a resume. Skills can determine whether or not your candidacy will be successful or not.

Here are some relevant skills we think might be helpful for most internship positions:

  • Research and analysis

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Tips On Adding Social Media Profiles

It is advisable to have a LinkedIn profile as this is a professional network where you can make business contacts. If you have it, include it in your resume. If you do not have it, we suggest that you make it.

If your field of interest is connected with using other social media sites, such as Instagram, Flickr, etc., feel free to add those as well. But remember, these should be mentioned only if there is a good reason.

If you choose to do that, you ought to be careful not to post material which is not appropriate for a potential employer to see.

Do You Need A Resume Objective For An Internship Resume

As you progress further in your career, you generally wont need a resume objective. But as a current student or new graduate, an objective can act as a useful supplement to your resume summary.

Not sure what the difference is? Your summary, as weve explained, is a snapshot of the qualities and skills you have that make you the best candidate for your internship. An objective, on the other hand, is just a statement about your long-term career goals.Internship Resume Objective Example:

  • Double major in Communications and Spanish, seeking to build experience in the field of radio broadcasting.

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When To Include Internships On Your Resume

You should include an internship on your resume when the internship is relevant to the job you are applying for. This is especially the case when you are a student or recent graduate with limited work experience. Internships provide you with critical experience in an industry, so be sure to include them to show your skills and abilities.

You should also include internships when you are making a career change. While you might have many years of work experience, these jobs might not relate to your new career. Highlight any internships that have prepared you for a job in your new industry.

If You Have Had A Job Before

How to write an Internship resume

If you have had any jobs in the past, list them here. You should not add many details for the jobs which are not related to your desired internship.

Nevertheless, it is good to have the hiring manager to see that you are a responsible and serious person.

You can add some other works here:

  • Any other past internships and practices

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How Can A Student Write A Resume For An Internship

If youre an applicant for an internship as well as a student at the same time, there is no need to worry.

You can still talk about your previous work history as well as your current education. Make sure to mention the relevant coursework that youre taking.

Your current education university should be included in the resume, along with GPA, classes, as well as other honors and information.

Describe Your Work Experience

You don’t necessarily need to have work experience to get an internship, but if you have it, it helps. If you’ve completed other internships before, be sure to include that in your resume, too, so internship managers know you, at least, have experience as an intern.

Here are some items you can include in the work experience section of your resume:

  • Independent jobs

Regardless of what you’ve done, here are some elements you must include when listing each individual job experience:

  • The company you worked for
  • At least 4 job description bullet points

If you’ve done an internship before, be sure to include it.Here’s an example of what your work experience could look like for an internship:Editorial Intern, Vogue Spain

Barcelona, Spain ⢠May 2019 â August 2019

  • Assisted in hiring and managing a team of freelancers, including writers, editors and photographers.
  • Assisted in the development, design and preparation of magazine issues.
  • Collected and distributed incoming mail and processed outgoing mail.
  • Served as a primary contact for incoming calls.
  • Provided general and editorial support to the Vogue Spain editorial team as needed.

Here’s an example of what your work experience could look like for a similar work-study job:Arts and Entertainment Editor for Student-run Newspaper, Full Sail University

Orlando, FL ⢠January 2020 â Present

Want more tips and tricks on how to write your work experience description? Check out our guide on describing your work experience.

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Incorrect Intern Resume Summary Example

Recent College Graduate seeking an internship position within the FinTech space. Highly knowledgeable of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Skilled at working with large teams of developers and designers, helping to create a new smart product that won a major competition.

Why is this incorrect?

In this example, the applicant is too vague when discussing their experience and accomplishments. Rather than skirting around specific details, they should strive to include more exact information, such as what competition they won or specific examples that show they are knowledgeable in machine learning and AI.

How Do I Put An Internship Experience On My Resume

Student Internship Resume

You can include internships in your resume in your work history section just like you would do a regular job. Include the name of the position, the company where you interned and its location, add the dates of the internshipâs duration, and youâre good to go. If you already have a work history section thatâs pretty extensive and exclusively includes paying jobs, you should instead add a custom section where you include all your internship experiences.

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Cv Skills Example: Give Employers What They Seek

You will tailor this section to the internship you want. Each employer wants something a little different, so make sure your resume reflects that. Youve already tackled experience and education. Now, make a list of all the skillsyou have. Put them down even if they seem irrelevant. This will be your master list and brainstorming it will give you a baseline from which to choose the most important qualities as you adjust your resume for each internship application.

Some skills require explanation. Saying youre a good communicator is not very informative. Instead, give an example on your resume of a time you had to communicate and the result of the communication. A 2017 study of employers found that the top skills they look for in interns are:

  • Information processing
  • Verbal communication

If you are struggling to develop this section, consider placing it below the education section, where you may be able to showcase your industry knowledge and skills more readily. Analyze each internship description. Choose the top five to 10 skills listed to personalize your resume. Use exact words from the description to help you get past the ATS.

According to Glassdoor, 250 people apply to the average job listing. Make sure to use every advantage possible to outpace the competition. This includes honing your skills, summary and every other resume section, as well as making sure the design of your resume is clean and visually appealing.

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Start With The Contact Information Of The Intern Resume

Before you start writing about your work experience and part-time job history, youre going to have to introduce yourself to the person reading your resume.

Youll be able to show the reader your contact details by writing a proper contact information section.

The contact information section is going to be the first thing a hiring manager will see on your internship resume, so this part of the application needs to be made effectively.

Write your contact details below your name. Include your job title, physical address, phone number, email, and LinkedIn or another relevant personal website.

How To Make An Intern Resume

Sample Video Resume for Japan Internship program

If youre writing a college student internship resume, youll need to take care of a few things before you write the text and content for the application.

Making sure your resume is prepped for writing is an essential first step in the application process.

You can get your resume ready for filling it with information by providing an effective resume layout and structure for the application page.

Check out our resume builder and more examples on our website.

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What Is An Internship Resume Objective

An internship resume objective is a short statement of one or two sentences that explains why you want a position and what qualifies you to apply for it. The objective for an internship differs from a traditional resume objective by highlighting your skills and education instead of just describing what you hope to achieve during OJT. It can help your resume stand out from other candidates even if you do not have a long list of work experience.


Fill In Your Information

When you start adding jobs and activities to your resume, youll want to put them in reverse chronological ordermost recent to least recent. If some happened at the same time, put the most relevant one first.

Wasserman adds that if you are beyond your first year in college, I would recommend not including any high school information unless very relevant to the internship position and boosts your reputation as a hard worker. Your high school grades? Not as relevant. Your senior summer job as a retail salesperson? Might be.

Lets break down what to write in each section:

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Examples Of Professional Experiences For Intern

The Standard Bank03/2021 Present

  • Provided exceptional financial service to new and long-standing customers, resolved their concerns and developed satisfactory solutions.
  • During the winter season, provided company management updates for all renewals including at-risk renewals and forecasts for future costs.
  • Implemented a rewards program for customers who make payments.

The Marketing Company03/2021 Present

  • Implemented a pricing strategy that addressed company goals, satisfied customers, and enabled the company to exceed its profit objectives.
  • Collaborated with advertising managers to design and implement plans for digital customers.

Internship No Experience Resume Examples

Best Training Internship Resume Example

Discover our complete guide and selection of Internship resume examples with no experience to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you’ll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of an internship resume with no experience.

Landing your first job can be challenging. A certain level of work experience is increasingly in demand, even on the lower rungs of the career ladder. But how can you build that experience if you cant get onto the ladder in the first place?

Enter the internship a short-term, ground-floor work placement that will allow you to build valuable experience in the industry of your choice. Internships have become such a part of working life that some companies will expect applicants for full-time roles to have worked as interns in the past! For hiring managers, an internship is proof that you have worked hard to acquire experience in your field, and that you are capable of balancing the commitments of a job with any other commitments you may have.

As a result, internships can be pretty competitive. To have the best chance of landing the internship you want, youll need to make sure your resume meets the very highest standard. Luckily, weve prepared an in-depth guide to building an internship resume that will give you a competitive edge.

Read on for advice and examples that will help you build your first resume!

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What Are The Best Skills To Put On An Intern Resume

No matter what internship position you are applying for, it is important to include both hard and soft skills on your resume.

Hard skills refer to your learned abilities, like software development or bookkeeping. These are the skills that should be as specific as possible for the internship you are applying for, as they will often be a qualifying factor in the eyes of employers.

Soft skills refer to your ability to understand the people and world around you. Without soft skills present on a resume, it can be difficult for employers to get a true sense of your personality and working style.

With this in mind, here are 10 examples of both hard and soft skills for Interns:

How Not To Describe Your Experience

Remember, hiring managers look for specific achievements and impacts. Thats why you should always avoid writing a straightforward list of all the tasks you performed in your previous experience. It doesnt showcase any of your skills or any of the effort you put into the work you did.Dont Do This:Volunteer Server, Redbridge Soup Kitchen | 2019-2020

  • Helped other volunteers

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Internship Resume Writing Guide

  • Service-Learning Internships
  • Summer Internships

When you have categorized your internships, you are required to indicate the industry that these internships took place. Interns can work in any number of industries and positions you need to be specific. The type of industry areas you worked in need to be included in your summary at the beginning of your resume and within each position description.

Secondly, employers want to see that you are a hardworking, responsible individual that grabs every opportunity with open arms. You can show them this by including your casual work experience. Examples include being a math tutor, helping at your local school, and working at a local farmers’ market. The more information you can include, the better. This shows that you used your time effectively while at high school and college, besides just partying!

Lastly, you need to include the following information:


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