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Free Nurse Resume Template

Critical Care Nurse Resume Template

How to Create a Nursing Resume Templates | Free Resume Templates for Nurses

Are you currently searching for a care nurse resume? If you are, offers varieties of creative resume for applicants who wants to get those satisfying first impressions. Bland application forms give off dry energy to your employers. With our templates, you can avoid those negative feedbacks. Create your document with our instant print and download Care Nurse Resume Templates. Available through word, apple pages, , etc. We ensure that you get to show off your qualities without redundancies. Though it would be great to create a simple resume, as recruiters don’t have the time to read it all, they only skim it. What matters is that it should be attractive, especially your skills. With us, you can easily do that because our team wants you to reach that desired job.

Nurses have tons of responsibilities in a hospital such as, taking good care of patients, assisting doctors, and many more. As you can see, aside from the fact that it has a lot of tasks, it is also a risky job. They are the front liners facing the current global pandemic, covid-19 for this reason, a degree is crucial to enter medical organizations. You also need to pass the boarding exams so that you can finally be a registered nurse.

Every single day, accidents happen all over the world. As pandemic continues to happen, nurses are currently in high demand. Indeed, this job is critical as it requires outstanding skills as lives depend on it but remember that saving lives is what heroes do.

Your Nursing Resume Must Be Error

As a nurse, you need to show the hiring manager that you’re observant and have an eye for detail. Remember, you’ll be working with patients and should demonstrate accuracy and precision. To ensure a flawless resume, run your document through a resume checker and have your colleagues proofread it. Don’t let typos cost you a job!

Basic Mistakes In A Nursing Practitioner Application Letter

Weve already gone through how to write an excellent cover letter. However, theres one thing that can hold you back. Making some of the most common mistakes could ruin your chance of getting an interview. Here are two key things you need to avoid:

  • Failing to proofread your cover letter! Spelling and grammar mistakes happen to the best of us. If you dont read your letter before you click send, you may find that some fall through the cracks. Take a moment to check your writing first.
  • Using an informal tone. When youre applying for a professional job, your writing needs to reflect that. Use formal language and dont revert to chatty phrases. If you are unsure whether your cover letter hits the mark, have someone read it for you.

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Labor And Delivery Nurse

Assisted the physician/midwife with all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Monitored fetal heartbeat and the length and strength of contractions, as well as administered medication, coaching the mother and assisting with any complications that arise.

  • Performed tests on the newborn and guide the mother on all aspects of recovery and infant care.
  • Provided family support and teaching to expectant mothers regarding childbirth during prenatal classes.

When Should You Use Nurse Resumes

Registered Nurse Resume/CV Template

A Nurse resume is essential for both the beginning and development of your medical-related career. For example, you can use it together with a cover letter when applying for a job. This could be after your graduation from medical school or at a time when you want to shift perhaps from one employer to another. You can also Clinical Nurse Resume.

You can use these resumes also when looking for a center to carry out your internship program. Most institutions are likely to accept your application samples when it is accompanied by a cover letter. Luckily, they could retain you upon completion of your student nursing program.

The experienced nurse resume featuring the graphic design is available for download. You can use the nursing resume template to write yours since it contains a detailed curriculum vitae and a cover letter.

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Formatting Your Nursing Resume

Hiring managers typically receive a torrent of resumes whenever there’s an open position, so if you prepare your nursing resume haphazardly, you are more likely to get the boot than the job. To avoid that sad scenario, you need to make your nursing resume readable, logical, and pleasing to the eye. It should showcase your skills and experience while being ATS-compliant, and it should show off a bit of your personality, too.

It make sound like an impossible task, but before your get overwhelmed, start by taking it one step at a time. First, choose your formatting style: reverse-chronological, functional, or hybrid.

Include Your Volunteer/charity Work

If you did volunteer or charity work, you must highlight those in your nurse resume skills as well. This will give potential employers an idea of how you value charity work and helping out people in need. Aside from stating your medical-surgical and critical care experiences and skills, its also better if you state out how you helped other people alleviate their health care situations through volunteer work.

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What’s The Best Resume Format For A Nurse

Visual structureconveys character on your CV. Consider how your resume layout, design and formatting could project attentiveness, a focus on details and a certain measure of discipline. A template can help you achieve this without looking too cold or rigidly formal . The collection has a wide variety of resume styles to choose from, including those with the perfect balance of “disciplined” and “emotional.” We suggest the Paris, New York, Stockholm, and Santiago templates as a great fit for a nurse resume.

These templates can also protect you from being unwittingly sabotaged by formattingthat may not translate well to electronic systems, or is not readable at all.

Use field-tested templates backed by metrics. These samples are beautifully designed and attention-grabbing. These templates will also help you avoid hidden technical pitfalls.

How To Close A Nursing Practitioner Cover Letter

Nursing Resume | How to Create a Stunning Resume for Nurses, Doctors & Healthcare Workers

The final lines of your nursing practitioner cover letter need to make a serious impact. This is your last chance to sell yourself to the recruiter. You may want to repeat why you feel that you are the perfect fit for the position and invite the hiring manager to contact you.

Chances are, the reader will spend slightly longer analyzing this section than the rest of your cover letter. That is because they can visually see that they are coming to the end of the document. You may find that they linger a little longer over your closing statements. Use that to your advantage and say something that will keep them coming back for more.

Add some extra pizazz. Your final lines should be laced with enthusiasm for the nursing practitioner role. As a final hurrah, you could express your excitement at the possibility of meeting the reader. Dont make presumptions but let them know that youre optimistic.

I have heard many good things about your practice, and I would be fascinated to learn more about how you work in the community for your patients.


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New Grad Nursing Resume

Use this template

Why this resume works

  • Since you’re a new graduate, your experience during your clinical rotations can be included on your new grad nursing resume. It’s also important to list any other healthcare experience you have, whether it’s paid experience or volunteer work.
  • If you lack experience, that’s okay! Just include more details about your clinical rotations. You can also mention non-healthcare-specific work experience if you have it.
  • Your resume skills section should match keywords mentioned in the job description as honestly as is your reality.
  • For example, does the job description talk a lot about compassionate care? Then you should include the phrase “compassion” in your skills section.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Template

    Licensed practical nurses, or LPNs, are a specialized kind of nurse. Working under the direction of a doctor, these professionals assist sick or injured patients. Unlike nurses who perform general work across a wide range of areas, practical nurses act more like assistants. This position also requires less training to enter. The more you can emphasize your expertise, specialization, and knowledge in your resume, the better. Split your focus between your qualifications and experience section to draw attention to your skills and work history, which are the aspects that will sell your qualifications for the licensed practical nurse position.

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    Top Free Nursing Resume Cv Template Examples To Download

    Before we explore the 20 best free nursing resume templates found on the internet, let’s look at Envato’s free offerings. Download and use any of these premium files for free. It’s an opportunity for you to experience premium before signing up.

    Envato Elements offers free monthly files. You can also try GraphicRiver’s premium freebies.

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    Let’s move on and check out 20 top free sample nursing resume templates found online. These files are available for anyone to use.

    Here’s a four-page resume template that thoroughly covers all sections with a few examples. Bold texts are used to highlight titles and essential information.

    Choosing The Best Resume Format For Nurses

    Nursing Resume Template Word

    In most instances, the most suitable format for structuring a nurse resume will be reverse chronological. This generally works well for job seekers in any occupation whose work history follows a linear path in a series of employee positions.In that resume section, progressive job experience and accomplishments are organized by employer / workplace in reverse order from most recent to earliest dates.

    An alternative resume format may be appropriate for nurses who are new to the workforce or changing careers. Those with a more varied occupational background or especially impressive education might also look at the alternative functional resume format. Its also an option for some self-employed professionals with an assignment or contract-based background.

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    How To Write A Nurse Resume

    Writing a resume needs utmost consideration because you need to summarize your life’s work in just one or two-page resume. You need good decision skills on what to prioritize and how to layout the document effectively.

    According to Bradley University, writing an effective nurse resume is an opportunity to put the best foot forward in both current and potential workplaces. Resumes should be written in an up-to-date and concise manner to attract employers, get an interview, and land on the nursing job. In order to stand out from the numerous and staggering competition, you should read the following steps and key points:

    Nursing Practitioner Cover Letter With No Experience

    Are you a newly-qualified nursing practitioner? If so, you may lack the experience that more esteemed professionals have under their belt. Dont panic. You can still write a cover letter that may land you an interview. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

    • Adopt a passionate tone and highlight your career goals
    • Note your specific qualifications
    • Draw upon previous experience that relates to the healthcare field
    • Include any extracurricular activities or voluntary work
    • Be honest about your lack of experience and say you are willing to learn

    Your cover letter is the only place in which you directly address the hiring manager. If there are any significant gaps in your resume, you can explain them here. When youre new to this type of position, it can be intimidating. However, keep in mind that hiring managers are looking for healthcare professionals who are eager to excel in this field.

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    What Are The Elements Of A Nurse Resume

    Different nurse resumes contain different elements depending on their target recipient. Even so, most of them contain major elements including a persons objectives and professional summary. Resumes generally begin with your name and address. These templates also contain educational background that is often related to training in nursing. You can also see Doctor Resume Templates.

    This is followed by your clinical experience, which identifies the places that you have worked in before. They also contain your other relevant experience. Some templates include ones community involvement, volunteer experience, honors, and awards. These tend to prove your interest in your profession. Often, creative resumes end with a list of referees who could be called upon to provide some information about you.

    Nursing Education And Certifications

    How To Make a Resume For Nurses | Nursing Job Application

    When preparing your nursing resume, include all the elements that will increase your chances of getting the job. You need to indicate the following:

    • Your education level
    • Your experience in other nursing environments
    • Your years of experience as a nurse

    On the topic of licenses, you need to share your area of specialization. Specialists include registered nurses , certified registered nurse anesthetists, and clinical nurse specialists. Including your area of expertise helps potential employers determine whether you’re the right candidate for the job.

    Besides, including this information is easy to do and shouldn’t take up much space! Simply place certifications and licenses in a short section toward the bottom of your resume:

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    Nursing Instructor Resume Template

    Healthcare industry is among the essential industries out there. Healthcare professionals are always in demand and are always needed wherever in the world you are. Doctors, nurses, medical technologists and other healthcare professionals are career paths that are both challenging and honorable professions.

    People have a strong respect for these professionals because they gave their time and efforts in learning their craft. Medical and healthcare students must craft a detailed resume to prepare them in their practice. Resume is a one-stop document that itemize all your qualifications and profile for your job application. gives 16+ Nursing Resume Templates that might come in handy. These resume templates are designed to give nursing students and nursing graduates the ease of making their resumes. These are professionally made to ensure quality and credibility. These are easily editable to give users the freedom to modify according to their needs and preferences. These documents are already equipped with necessary parts such as career objectives, professional experiences, education background, skill set, contact information and all other necessary details. These resume templates are compatible with both printed and electronic formats. These are readily available and downloadable templates on Apple Pages, Microsoft Word and all other word processing programs.


    Licensed Practical Nurse Resume

    Use this template

    Why this resume works

    • No LPN has the same responsibilities within every industry. Connect your strengths by highlighting your technical abilities according to the nursing job description on your licensed practical nurse resume.
    • If your current specialization is different from the job description, dont stress! You should still be specific about your experience, but focus on transferable skills that go hand-in-hand with other fields.
    • For example, do you specialize in long-term care, nephrology, or developmental disabilities? Include how you applied those abilities throughout your LPN resume.
  • An impressive education, both what you know and what youve taught, is a strong indicator of expertise as an LPN.
    • Of course, you need to include where you got your nursing degree, but dont stop there! Adding a certifications or licenses section can show off your training and catch a hiring managers eye quickly.

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    Employment History Sample: Diverse Experience

    Nurses comprise one of the most diverse professions in terms of background and age. While past nursing positions always take priority in the employment history section of your nurse resume, you can also highlight your varied life and job experience.

    There’s plenty of good news to go around for anyone seeking to work as a nurse. For starters, top hospitals are happy to hire certified nurses even if they’re not graduates in their 20s. In fact, nursing applicants 40 years and older who are transitioning from other careersand have rich life experience are becoming more common.

    Medical-administrative terms may vary from country to country, and even from state to state in the U.S. So look carefully at the job listing vocabulary, or even visit the employer’s website, to make sure your resume wording is matches.

    Also remember there are differences between healthcare facilities in different locations. Include helpful details in your nurse resume about your previous workplaces to clarify. Here are some examples:

    • Facility type: rehabilitation hospital, acute care, long-term care, teaching hospital, etc. If applicable, specify trauma center level .
    • Type of hospital unit and any specifics such as dealing with patient overflows.
    • Bed count and other indications of the scope of your responsibilities.

    Newly graduated nurses with little or no work experience should include their clinical rotations. Relevant past employment in other professions also belongs here.

    Resumes For Nurses Template

    Nurse Resume Sample

    Resumes For Nurses Template. Professional nursing resume templates and nursing resume samples for student to executive nursing professionals. Electronic medical record acute care.

    Then write about the job you had before it and so on. Find the right template for. Click here) attach your resume.

    Will need one million more registered nurses by 2022 to fulfill the nation’s needs. You will get 10 premium resume templates with matching cover letters and the ebook nurse resume:

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