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How Many Bullets Per Job On Resume

Do Lead With Whats Most Important

Add Bullet Points to Your Resume

Hiring managers skim your resume bullets, so you want to have the most important information first. Since we know that the eye scans downward, following this rule will increase your odds that these crucial details will be seen. For example:

  • Oversaw commercial operations for global travel agency serving nearly 15,000 customers each year, including corporate accounts and celebrity clientele.
  • Spearheaded initiative to introduce new destinations, developing partnerships with international tour operators located throughout Asia and Europe to expand revenue channels.

While both of these bullets are impressive, the first bullet provides a broader description of the individuals responsibilities and role within the organization, so it makes sense that its placed above one thats narrower in scope.

To decide how to order your bullets, ask yourself: If the hiring manager could only read two on your list, which two would you want him or her to read?

Prioritize The First And Last Three Words Of A Bullet Point

Readers remember the first three and last three words of a headline;. You can also use this tip for subheadingsand bullet points in your resume.

To do this, allot the first three words of the bullet to theverb, number, or keyword. Use the last three words for the accomplishmentyoure trying to describe, or just minimize bullet points to six words.


  • Optimized pay-per-click campaign in collaboration with the marketing team to increase product sales by 30%
  • 20% reduction of expenses;after creating a new administrative budget

Yes, re-writing your resume using this technique seems like overkill if you just want to achieve a good resume length. Keep at it anyway, because writing bullet points like this makes your resume stand out against other resumes with bland writing.;

Start With The Most Current Job

Ensure your resume is in reverse chronological order meaning your most recent or current work experience is at the top. From there, you will determine how many bullets per each job descriptor you will use.;

Start to include the tasks you do every day at your job that also matches the job descriptions listed. For example, using the list from above:

  • Using Salesforce to maintain customer follow-through, was able to act on all leads within 60 minutes.
  • In four years at X Company, had an 87% family satisfaction rate, #2 in the entire company.

This is better than simply stating, Maintained customer relations and followed up with families.

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The Ideal Length Is One To Two Pages

A resume that is more than two pages long is rarely necessary. Consider converting full paragraphs to bulleted lists, cutting job descriptions from your less relevant work entries or streamlining your skills list. Remember, your priority is clarity, so try to communicate all the necessary information as concisely as possible.

How Many Bullet Points Should Be On A Resume

Bullet points in resume

A seemingly simple question How many bullet points should a resume have? still causes arguments. The obvious minimum number is two since any list should comprise of at least a pair of points. The maximum numbers rise up to eight. However, we recommend using from three to six points in your bulleted lists to preserve their attention-grabbing qualities. Some say that the lists of three or five points are the most pleasant to the eye and psychologically more effective.

When working on your resume bullet points, remember that quality is far more important here than quantity. Keep your bulleted lists powerful, relevant, and informative, and you will elevate the chances of your resume standing out among competitors.

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How Many Interviews For One Job

If youre wondering how many candidates a company interviews for a job, or how many interviews it takes to get a job, then this article is for you.

Im going to share the averages Ive seen as a recruiter for:

  • How many candidates are usually shortlisted for interview
  • How many candidates advance to an onsite interview
  • How many candidates make it to the final round
  • How many total interviews youll need to get a job

Well also look at some other interesting statistics like what percentage of total applicants get an interview . Fortunately, Ill also share some ways to boost your chances of getting the interview so make sure you read until the end.

Lets get started

Delete Or Shorten Long Job Duties

Sometimes explaining your role is important, especiallyif you’ve got a vague job title .

Write a short description of your role instead of usingseveral bullet points and wasting extra margin space. For example, you canelaborate on your role as a graphic designer by including this descriptionbelow your job title:

Collaborated withthe product and marketing team to design packaging materials for food and housecleaning products for Brand XYZ

That sentence describes what you design and who you worked with, so you can devote your bullet points to the more impressive aspects ofyour design portfolio.

Want more tips to get your resume noticed?

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Do Explain Your Impact

You know that a good story includes who, what, where, when, and why . And thats true for your resume, too.

No one wants to know just what tasks you performed. They want to know why it was important and who was impacted. Lets look at two different bullets:

  • Project management including integration of acquired company , NY office move, software deployment, collaboration tool rollouts, document imaging, GAL standardization, and much more.

While this effectively addresses the what it doesnt address who, how, or why. When you incorporate this information, your bullet should look more like:

  • Directly oversaw integration of operations throughout company acquisition and relocation, leading a three-year initiative which impacted 1,000+ users worldwide.

Many resumes look like long lists of tasks. You really can make yours stand out by simply adding information about your results. Company accomplishments count, too .

How To Structure A Separate Volunteering Experience Section

How to Write a Resume | For Freshers & Experienced People (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Another option is to create a separate section on your resume for volunteer work. This can be a good strategy if you have extensive volunteering experience with different organizations and you want to showcase that.

If you do this, you should structure your volunteer work in the same way you would any paid experience, with clear bullet points focusing on achievements rather than responsibilities. Raised $5,000 for wildlife rehabilitation is specific and measurable; responsible for fundraising activities is too vague.

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When To Use Bullet Points On A Resume

Bullets allow you to highlight your most relevant accomplishments and separate your job duties, skills, and achievements as separate pointsbut they’re not appropriate for every type of resume. There are three main types of resumes:

  • Chronological resumes, the most common of the three varieties, list your work experiences in reverse chronological order and provide concise summaries of each role.
  • Functional resumes emphasize skills and achievements in a non-linear format, so they are often more verbose than chronological resumes.
  • Combination resumes are usually divided into two sections: one that focuses on skills and achievements and another that details work experiences in reverse chronological order.

As bulleted list items serve as concise nuggets of information, they’re best suited for chronological resumes and the work history section of a combination resume. While bullet points aren’t forbidden in functional resumes, they’re less suitable because these resumes are often compiled in paragraph form to de-emphasize potential gaps in work history.

I’ve Been Perfecting Rsums For 15 Years Here’s The Best Advice I Can Give

My recommendations below are for a professional with 10-25 years experience.

For those with fewer than 10 years, you’re likely better off with a one-page résumé, for those with more than 25 years and at very senior levels, three may sometimes be appropriate.

As with any “do-it-yourself” project, the key to success is to not get in over your head. So the instructions below are a simplified version of my best advice, tailored to be achievable on your own. If you’ve got the commitment, moxie, and willpower for “do it yourself,” here goes!

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Can You Put Bullet Points In The Skills Section

The skills section can be formatted in a few different ways, but it is common to use bullet points. Some people choose to use bullet points to format each of their skills. Some choose to not use bullet points unless additional information about a skill is necessary.;

An example of having every skill bulleted is as follows:


  • Training of new employees, and evaluating progress
  • Proficient in record-keeping using Microsoft Excel;

If you choose to list without bullets, it is recommended to list skills as short terms rather than semi-sentences. This looks like the following:


Resume Bullet Points From A Mid

Download 50 social Worker Resume Download
  • Forecasted $100 MM across accounts and product line categories by analyzing trends, inventory and order history
  • Devised a co-forecasting process with clients which uncovered issues in their analytical system and merged client forecasts with ours
  • Collaborated with sales and marketing departments to improve forecast accuracy, thus reducing production of extra or outdated products

Its crucial that your resume shows off all youve accomplished, which goes a step beyond simply listing your responsibilities. This resume does a great job of doing both simultaneously, slipping impressive achievements in along with day-to-day duties.

This professional shows theyre able to collaborate with both teammates and clients to improve the forecasting process and its effectiveness. This wasnt done with an empty plate, either ;this person was simultaneously responsible for forecasting nine other accounts while improving the overall process. That type of multi-tasking ability wont be ignored.

By: Sarah Landrum, Founder of;Punched Clocks, contributor at and Forbes

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How To Create A Killer Brand Positioning


Your brand positioning statement is a strategic document that will help define the direction of your innovation, marketing, commercialization, and sales strategies. Here are four steps to consider when creating your brand positioning.

  • Evaluate Current Standing: Evaluate your current brand positioning. Is it working? Does it reach your target audience? Is it helping to achieve your business goals? If not, you may need to look at repositioning your brand.
  • Research Your Competitors: You can’t stand out from the crowd if you don’t know what the crowd is doing. More importantly, you don’t want to have the same brand position as your competitors. Conduct a competitive analysis to evaluate your competitor’s brand position by looking at their social media feeds, company websites, marketing & advertising materials, and customer service. Look for what your competitor’s mission, vision, and value statements are, who they’re targeting, what their messaging is, their unique selling proposition, and their positioning strategies. For more information on how to gather competitive research, check out my article.
  • Identify Your Target Audience: Understanding your target audience is critical as this information will define every strategy you execute. Your goal is to define your target audience into a simple statement: Our target market is aged , who live in and like to . For more information on how to develop your target audience, check out my article.

Realize Your Office Mates Aren’t Your Parents

I say this tongue-in-cheek, but the subtext to this statement is really important: you are now on your own and you cannot expect anyone to pick up your slack. Everything you do from this point forward is business, and not bound by any bonds other than your employment agreement.

It’s pretty scary to be suddenly put out in the “cold” after having warm, supportive environments at home and school. The working world doesn’t operate that way. You either sink or swim. You are judged by your actions and you should always do the right thing and never expect someone to be there to catch you when you fall. That’s called life, and over the course of your career, you are going to make mistakes and you’ll have to learn from them. That’s called experience. And the more experience you gain, the closer you’ll be to reaching your career goals.

If you’re a recent college grad just starting out in your career, follow these seven tips to survive in your first job. Remember: the beginning is the hardest part. You’ve got this!

Need more help with your career as a recent grad?

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Can A Resume Be 2 Pages

Yes, a resume can be two pages long. A two-page resume is a good choice if you have more than 6 years of relevant job experience. In this case, a two-page resume may even be necessary to convey all of the critical information an employer needs to know. Also, two-page resumes are usually accepted for academia and grad school applications.

How To List Everyday Tasks On Your Resume

How to Write a Resume Summary – Plus 5 Strong Examples

The goal of the job interview process is for you to get the job you are after and for the hiring company to find the right fit for the position.;

Communicating why youre the right candidate for a position to a hiring manager doesnt start with the interview it actually starts with your resume.

The key is how you list your everyday work tasks.

Your resume should always be working. Put another way; your resume is fluid and ever-evolving. Simply knowing this gives you a distinct advantage over other candidates that copy and paste the same resume work tasks for every job they apply to.;

Now that you know this, the key to updating your resume correctly for each position you apply to is to incorporate the job description and job tasks within your resume. But first, avoid this:

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So I Should Use Bullet Points And Paragraphs On My Professional Resume

Absolutely! A combination of paragraphs and bullet points makes for an extremely effective resume format. A resume format that incorporates both makes for easy reading while giving you the opportunity to present your work experience, skills, and achievements with a bit more description than bullet points alone would allow, and in a less word-heavy manner than paragraphs alone would allow.

When you combine bullet points and paragraphs in your resume format, I still recommend sticking to the three to five rule. Effective resume writing is about presenting solid, relevant, and compelling information in a concise manner.

I recommend sticking to the three to five rule by starting each section of work experience on your resume with a paragrapha short, three- to five-sentence paragraph. This paragraph should be a basic description/introduction about your responsibilities in the role that addresses the primary details you want recruiters or potential employer to know.

Below the introductory paragraph, use three to five bullet points to list out select accomplishments or relevant skills that directly address needs outlined in the job description for the position to which you are applying.

Replace Vague Words With Specifics

Replace vague phrases like assisted in, helped with, andresponsible for with descriptive verbs or adjectives. Sometimes the resultingphrase will be longer, sometimes it’ll be shorter, but at least its not deadweight in your application.


  • Helped animators create a TV commercial is vague compared to Sourced high-quality videos for a TVcommercial
  • Assisted resident patients in performing simple everyday tasksis better changed to Aided elderly patientsin cleaning their apartment
  • Responsible for securing fundingfor a charity event is shorter if you change it to Raised $80,000 for a charity event

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Find A Template With Small Margins

“Microsoft Word and similar apps default to one inch margins, but you can shrink those to 0.25 inches before running into issues with printing. Shrinking font size can free up much-needed space, just be careful though because you don’t want to have issues with readability,”; says Austin Belcak, Founder of Cultivated Culture, where he helps people land their dream jobs despite having no network or connections.

The template;below, for instance, has a smaller margin compared to other resume templates.

Is It Common Sense To Include

Basic Cover Letter Samples

Lets be realistic for a moment. Your resume isnt going to just be made up of awards and numbers. Some things need to be included because they are such a significant part of your responsibilities that it almost feels like lying to omit them. If youre a staff writer but all your bullets focus on the awards you got for video editingthats not okay. Save some room for your core duties.

Another thing thats pretty common sense is including things that are directly relevant to the position youre applying for. It may not be a huge accomplishment, but if its in the job description, you should probably describe your experience with it on your resume. Yes, you want to project success and competence, but anything that easily explains why you might be applying for this new position will help the hiring manager see why youre the right candidate.

Go through your bullet points and see if they meet these criteria. If you have one that doesnt include an achievement, impact you made, or something super obviousoff to the chopping block it goes! It wont feel great while youre doing it, but in the end youll have a much stronger resume.

Lily Zhang is a career counselor at the MIT Media Lab, where she works with a range of students from AI experts to interaction designers on crafting their own unique career paths. When shes not indulging in a new book or video game, shes thinking about, talking about, or writing about careers. You can find her on , , and her website.

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