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How Many Pages Should Resume Be

Sample One Page Resume

Resume Writing: How many pages should my resume be?

This is an example of a one page resume. or see below for more examples.

Career Summary

Seasoned and meticulous Financial Analyst offering 10 years expertise providing decision support to executives of global manufacturing companies. Highly skilled in clear-cut and concise storytelling through financials. Core Competencies:

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Quantitative Methods and Forecast Modeling
  • Revenue and Expense Variance Analysis
  • Data Mining and Visualization

ABC MANUFACTURING CORPORATION, Oklahoma City, OKFinancial Analyst, 02/2013-PresentPartner across all functional business units to deliver quantitative analyses and forecasts of expenditures, sales revenues, and capital improvements.

  • Implemented and trained executives in use of new management reporting system that increased timeliness and accuracy of financial reporting
  • Pinpointed and reconciled discrepancies in business unit financial reports, averting risk exposure by creating stringent new due diligence processes.

XYZ GROUP, Norman, OK, 06/2008-02/2013

Skillfully researched and prepared business cases, performed cost benefit analyses, and structured quarterly forecasts to optimize business planning processes.

  • Played instrumental role in creating a business case and performing due diligence key to a $4.5M merger and acquisition.
  • Formulated recommendations for long-term planning that ultimately produced a 17% increase in business growth.

Education and Credentials

Tailor Your Resume To Each Application

Many job-seekers assume that their resume should list most of the jobs theyve held in their lives. However, this is only the case if youre writing a job-seeker CV outside of North America.

The best way to ensure you achieve the proper resume length when writing your resume is to tailor it directly to the position you want.

Every job you apply for has different requirements and qualifications. Whenever you apply for a new job, your resume should change to reflect these requirements.

For example, service industry jobs can teach highly valuable soft skills. However, if youre writing a , including information about your experience waiting tables is irrelevant and should be left off.

To tailor your resume, start by looking at the job description, and remove anything that isnt directly mentioned in the listing. In particular, look out for specific skills theyre looking for, and how many years of experience they want.

Reducing your resume to only the most relevant information not only helps you fit it on one page, it also makes you look perfectly suited for the position.

Additionally, remove any positions that you held a long time ago. If youre unsure how far back your resume should go, just omit anything over 1015 years old.

When To Use A Two

You can use a two-page resume if you have 10 or more years of experience in your particular career path. A two-page resume also applies if you work in engineering or other technical fields that require extensive qualifications and skills.

This resume length provides more space to showcase relevant experience, work history, skills, certifications and qualifications without reducing readability. Be sure to include your top-selling points at the beginning of the front page to capture the hiring managers attention.

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How To Shorten Your Resume

Cut ruthlessly isnt one-time advice. Your resume should be tailored to each new job for which you apply. That means what youre cutting should be different every time.

Write up everything into master resume

If rewriting your resume each time requires more time and energy than you have, consider maintaining a comprehensive master resume as a starting point for each tailored job application. List each and every duty, responsibility, hard skill, soft skill, and measurable result throughout your professional history.

Instead of rewriting a new resume for each job, this allows you to skip straight to the ruthless cutting for each new job.

Answer the question of the job description

Your resume is more than proof that youve been collecting a paycheck for however many years. An effective resume highlights exactly how youve been working toward the job for which youre applying. See the difference?

Study the job description and identify the most important qualifications and resume keywords. Review each line of your resume and think, Does this help prove that Im a great fit for this job? If not, its extraneous at best or distracting at worse. Cut it.

Jobscan helps you home in on whats important to the employer by instantly analyzing your resume against their job description. Try it out right here in the article:

Emphasize your most relevant experience

When Is It Acceptable

How Many Pages Should My Resume Be

Several instances were discussed above where a resume can be longer than 2 pages.

A federal resume is often 4-6 pages long.

If the role you are interested in requires a CV , it will likely be over 2 pages long because of the additional information you will need to include.

As a freelancer or executive, sometimes 2 pages is not quite enough space, and going to a third page is necessary. Just keep the information applicable to the role you are applying to.

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Fourth Limit Entries To The Last 15 Years

Except for academic and research-based positions, you can limit your experience and work history to the last 15 years. Emphasize current experiences and responsibilities in your resume to show employers how your recent work relates to the positions requirements.

Read and understand the job requirements carefully. If the application requires seven years of experience, go a little over that. Providing more years than required can make you overqualified for the role.

Play With Size And Font

When you are trying to make a one-page resume, but your information overflows onto a second page, there are many ways to shorten your resume. First, change the font of your resume . If your headings are a very large size, try making them slightly smaller. However, you probably still want them to be slightly larger than the rest of the text.

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Simple Professional One Page Resume Template

This Simple Professional Resume Template and CV Template is straightforward and effective. It uses design to stand out in a good way. Like the Modern one-page resume template above, its divided for easy readings, with attention-getting headings. The big name and dark heading give it oomph.

The link is here.

Expert Hint: Not all Free Resume Builders are ATS friendly. To make sure your creative resume reaches a human reader, send it directly to the recruiter’s inbox.

Why Is Resume Length Restricted

How Many Pages Should Be in a Resume?

There is no hard-and-fast rule that one cannot have a 5 or even 10 page resume; these restrictions are essentially tips based on research that has been proven several times – crisp resumes upto 3 pages long have the highest chance of being selected.;

In fact, this research analyzed 6000+ applications to identify the sweet spot for the word count – resumes ranging from 475 to 600 words had the highest chances of landing an interview. In certain fields such as in business, they found that long resumes were 72% less hireable than those in the sweet spot.;

Furthermore, a quick glance reveals that successful adults read at 250-300 words per minute. When you take into account that the average time spent perusing a resume maxes out at 30 seconds, it effectively means recruiters read a maximum of roughly 125-150 words of your resume during initial screenings; it also means that 125-150 words are all you have to impress them.;

Additionally, they scan 4 main categories:

  • Job titles
  • Start/end dates;
  • Education
  • Thus, deep-diving into any other sections is redundant. It seems the less is more adage applies to resumes too – as long as you dont miss out on the important and relevant info.

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    Combine Multiple Related Bullet Points Into One Bullet Point

    If you have multiple lines on the same subject within your job experience, you can often combine the statements into one.

    Example: Optimize your space by combining functions

    • Ensured our marketing had a positive ROI.

    • Utilized marketing tools to ensure maximum ROI.

    • Managed the marketing team to ensure smooth and efficient projects were deployed.

    • Implemented and managed a marketing campaign with extensive A/B testing to achieve a 190% ROI.

    The three bullets can easily be grouped together to form a statement thatâs sure to impress an employer. If you have paragraphs, you should turn those into bullet points as well.

    When To Use Two Pages Or More


    You have probably heard the saying, “Keep your résumé to a page.” Although this is true for most cases, many employers are accepting longer résumés…in certain instances. Use this resource to gain more understanding about what constitutes the page length of a résumé.

    The following online resources were consulted for information:

    • Hansen, Katharine, “The Scoop on Résumé Length: How Many Pages Should Your Résumé Be?” Quintessential Careers, 25 Oct. 2005.
    • Isaacs, Kim “How to Decide on Résumé Length,” Résumé Center. 2006.
    • 25 Oct. 2005.

    As the job market becomes ever more competitive, you may need to use multiple pages to persuade a potential employer to grant you an interview. For résumés, limiting your document to one page is a good approach for new college graduates and high school students. Some employers may specifically ask for a one-page résumé. However, do not shy away from adding that extra page of accomplishmentsas long as it is relevant and persuasive.

    The following sections will give you more advice about when to use résumés of different lengths and will suggest some ways to create a memorable second or third page. Remember, though, that the length of your résumé depends on the rhetorical situation and your audiences’ needs.

    When to use one-page résumés

    1. New college graduates and other entry-level job seekers tend to need a one-page résumé for the following reasons.

    When to use two-page résumés

    When to use three- or more page résumés

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    What’s The Best Resume Font Size

    Shrinking the font size is one of the ways job seekers can make their resumes shorter . However, don’t go too far – turning your resume into an eye chart for the employer will unlikely help your main marketing document stand out. The standard resume font size is 12-point, however, you can shrink it down to 11-point or sometimes even 10-point. Make sure though that your headings remain larger than the rest of the content – they can easily be reduced to 14 or 15 points. You can also play with different font styles both to improve readability as well as make your resume shorter. Such fonts as Trebuchet MS, Calibri , and Arial Narrow take up less space than other standard resume fonts.

    Resume Length: How Many Pages

    How many pages should be allowed for preparing a resume ...

    The transition from academia to industry can be challenging. One;challenge is finding a position that doesnt require prior industry experience. Another major challenge is making a resume that is appropriate to scientific hiring managers in companies. Your resume needs to be ready to apply for positions when they open.

    The Internet is full of advice on writing resumes! But not all of it applies to scientists. For instance, you may often read that resumes should only be one or two pages, especially if you are early in your career. These tips and instructions may be true for other industries but dont necessarily apply to your scientific resume.

    The common adage is that;one resume page per ten years experience is standard. For marketing, sales, or other roles, that might be truebut not for scientists. Possibly you have more productivity and expertise to communicate from graduate school alone than you can easily fit on one page.

    But that is;not to say;that your resume;should be a tome. Scientific resumes occupy a unique nicheespecially for a graduate student or postdoctoral scientist.

    So what IS the right length ?

    Well, . . it depends. A suitable scientific resume can be one page or 10+ pages depending on your experience level, publication record, patents, etc.;The key is to present the information the hiring manager needs in the first two pages, and the rest should be the proof of what you claimed there.

    What kind of results matter?

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    You Havent Moved Around Much

    You may have several years of experience, but perhaps its with the same one or two companies, or in a role without much change. If your experience has been fairly steady, then the reality is that you may not have enough to fill in more than a page, even if youve been working for several years. In this instance, the single-page resume allows you to call out key accomplishments and achievements without getting too wordy.

    One Page Resumethe Gold Standard

    Now you know the answer to how long should a resume be.

    But how to make a resume one page?

    Dont have 10 years of experience?

    Dont have 50 unique accomplishments you absolutely have to share?

    Then dont write a two-page resume. Cut it to a one-page resume instead.

    Heres how:

    • Tailor your resume to the job. To save space, mercilessly cut anything that doesnt fit this job opening.
    • Write fewer, shorter bullet points. Making 35 bullet points per job is a space-saver. So is limiting them to 12 lines each.
    • Stick to whats impressive. Dont say everything about your work history. Commit to a set amount of space. Then fill it with your best achievements.
    • Be selective with;what to include in the resume.;
    • Dont send MS Word resume templates. The best one page resume in Word format can turn to a 2-page resume when you email it.
    • Use , right;fonts, and line spacing to shorten your resume. But theres a limit. Overdoing it will make your resume hard to read.
    • How many bullet points per job? Resumes should list 35 bullet points per job. A resume with more looks cluttered. Less looks weak.
    • Leave off references. Everyone knows theyre available on request. Cut them if they make your resume two pages.
    • Write a shorter qualifications summary. Stick to 3 lines as a resume space-saver.

    To write a 1-page resume, you can also cut the street address, high school, and old or irrelevant jobs. Those can make your resume 2 pages.

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    Case Study: Mias Three Page Research Assistant Resume

    Mia has been working in immunology for many years.

    From her undergraduate work to her current postdoctoral work Her drive to make a difference in the world has produced publications, presentations, and awards.

    In her pursuit of postdoctoral research, demonstrating her expertise in the field is an absolute must. There are also expectations of an academic resume to put simply, having the correct style and streamlining your design.

    To produce a resume to satisfy these conditions as well as discussing her previous work, a three-page resume was needed.

    So far with all the case studies, have you noticed any similarities?

    Firstly, theyre modern resumes which stand out. Above all, its the resume design and the way it highlights key information such as your certifications and different types of skills by using appropriate visual aspects. This is what makes them so compelling for the hiring manager.

    Chances are, the recruiters at your company arent used to seeing a modern resume like this. So, making an impression and getting your foot in the door isnt difficult.

    If youre unsure what to write and trying to cope with writers block, Enhancv makes the entire resume building process easier for you.

    When youre using any of these proven examples, you have a resume in front of you thats gotten someone hired in the most competitive spaces. More importantly, they could just be like you.

    These resume templates are free.

    How Long Should A Resume Be In 2020


    A typical resume should be one or two pages long.

    • One page resumes are ideal for recent grads, entry-level resumes, or in-person networking
    • Two page resumes are great for most job seekers, particularly those with five-plus years experience in their current field
    • Three page resumes might benefit accomplished senior-level workers or technical professionals with large bodies of work

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    Case Study: Gals One Page Resume

    With over a decade of experience, Gal was searching for a new job in business development.

    From starting his own company to leading software solutions all the way to speaking three languages, you could say he was spoiled for choice.

    Most people would say that 10+ years of experience = two pages.

    But, Gal took a different approach.

    On one page, he successfully told the recruiter who he was, why he was motivated for this job, the experience hed bring, and how he would make an impact.

    Amidst the fog like Gal, you will hear different opinions about how long your resume should be. For someone with over 10 years of experience, most professionals and job seekers around will expect to have a two-page resume.

    That doesnt necessarily mean you should.

    Since Gals resume was one page, it was completely different to the rest of the other applicants. In other words, it was a gateway to standing out from the crowd and getting his voice heard among the chaos.

    Be like Gal and get hired for the competitive job posting at your dream company by using Enhancvs free resume builder. Use the same one-page formula now below!

    It only takes a few minutes!

    Why Your Resume Should Be Three Pages

    You could have more than two pages if youâre a high-level or senior-level executive or in a very complex, technical field. For example, a scientist may need more than two pages to showcase background, education, published work, and studies. An executive resume usually shows a clear progression of responsibility and job titles with many related experiences.

    Your professional document can be three pages if you are actually writing a Curriculum Vitae . This is more common if youâre applying for jobs outside of the USAâread more about the difference between a resume and a CV here. In the US and Canada, there are some other industries that use CVs such as academia and medical.

    Federal resumes also follow a different format and can easily be three pages or more.

    For most job searches, you should focus on your most recent 10 to 15 years of experience.

    âConsider utilizing your to fit the information that is important, but not strictly necessary on your resume,â suggests Caitlin.

    âConsider utilizing your to fit the information that is important, but not strictly necessary on your resume,â suggests Caitlin, a ZipJob career expert and certified professional resume writer .

    Read our article on for more information.

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