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How To Answer Walk Me Through Your Resume

How Long Should A Walk Me Through Your Resume Answer Be

How to Answer “Walk Me Through Your Resume” Question for Job Interview – 3 Part Response

Your answer needs to be under 2 minutes so you dont lose your audience. Dont take this question literally and rehash your entire resume, but just touch on why youre a good candidate. Please dont read your resume or talk about every single job youve had. Instead, just mention the ones that are relevant to this position. If the hiring manager wants to know more, let them ask.

Why Is This An Important Question To Get Right If You’re On The Job Search

Since this question is usually the first question asked in an interview, your response sets the tone for the rest of your conversation. Youre making a first impression here, and you want to get it right.

If you have a top-notch response, youll excite the interviewer about talking with you. If you arent well prepared and your response is a flop, the hiring manager might decide youre not the right candidate before youve even dug into the meat of the interview.

It all comes down to taking the time for interview prep. We know you can do it!

Show How You Can Add Value And Why You Will Be A Good Fit

The primary underlying motive for an employer to ask you about your resume is to see why they should hire you. Which is why you need to highlight specific skills and expertise that fit the job.

Add a few key details of what you have learned from each job youve ever held and how that could translate into the current role. You need to show the employer why you are the right person for them. Always remember to establish a through-line and connect your past experiences with how you can serve the organization you are applying to.

For instance, if you want to work in a tech role, focus on your technical knowledge and how you can use technology to find real-world solutions.

At MentorCruise, there is no shortage of tech mentors with an arsenal of knowledge through their years of experience who are ready to help you achieve your goals. Their guidance can help you navigate the professional world and experience exponential career growth. Working with these mentors will provide you with the necessary support and accessibility you need to excel in your field.

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Tips For Answering Walk Me Through Your Resume

Walk me through your resume can be a tricky interview question if you do not know what they are looking for. But dont worry we are telling you now what they are looking for so you can easily ace this question:

  • Know the position. The most important aspect of answering this question is knowing about the position you are applying for in great detail. What are the required skills and experiences? What type of person is the company looking for overall?

    Note these parts of the job description ahead of time and then brainstorm how your resume hits the bullseye for what they want.

  • Know your story. Think about how you are going to craft an enticing story about how you started from point A and got to where you are now. How do your previous experiences make you a good candidate and most importantly, why this job?

  • Emphasize relevant skills. If youve had a lot of different jobs that arent all in the same industry, for example, then emphasize the skills you gained and practiced that are relevant to the current job you are seeking.

    If you are a fresh graduate who is new to the job hunt, you will need to explain how you used college to learn skills and what experiences you sought, i.e., summer internships and volunteer opportunities. You could even discuss relevant specialized coursework.

  • How To Answer Walk Me Through Your Resume Tips

    Heather KrasnaCareer Coach, Jobs That Matter

    Make Sure You Do Not Drag It Too Long With Irrelevant Information:

    The Best Way to Respond to

    One of the common mistake job seekers does is to answer the question in a very lengthy manner thinking to impress the interviewer. It is absolutely not correct to talk in a very lengthy manner for these kind of questions. Always try to stick to most relevant topics to the interview.

    For example, talk about your overall educational qualification, your previous job experience, your technical strength etc.

    Try to keep your answer straight to the point rather than speaking about irrelevant information like your school background or your family ground in your answer.

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    Walk Me Through Your Resume Vs Tell Me About Yourself

    These two questions do get mixed up, and usually an interviewer will use one or the other, but we thought a clarification was necessary. Tell me about yourself is much more about why you want this job, whether its a great company to work for, or you really love the work, or you cant wait to learn the new skills, etc. Walk me through your resume can have some overlap, but is much more about what you already bring to the position. It is extremely rare that you would get both of these questions in the same interview.

    Example Of A Strong Response

    It can be helpful to craft your response when seeing an example of a really good one. Lets take a look at a great response to the interview question Walk me through your resume.

    I see you have my resume in front of you so Ill guide you through it. On the left panel of my resume youll notice I graduated from Berkeley with a degree in software engineering. Growing up on the east coast, it was a big adjustment moving to California but I absolutely fell in love with it out here and never want to leave!

    If we jump over to work experience, you can see my first job out of college was at Company ABC as a software engineer. I was lucky enough to be a part of the team that launched the Gongo app, which now has over 100 million users.

    After spending two years at Company ABC, I joined Acme, which is that middle work experience on my resume. It was an exciting opportunity at a venture-backed startup where I was able to work directly with the co-founders on the vision of their platform.

    My most recent position, which is at the very top of my resume, is my current role at IBO. I lead our 30-person software team and have been responsible for six new product launches.

    Ive loved my time at IBO but am ready to go back to a start-up environment which is why Im so excited to be talking with you today about the opportunity on your team.

    The example answer above does several things well:

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    Practice Your Answer At Home

    This is one of the most critical questions to practice ahead of time because its complicated to answer and so open-ended that its easy to fall off track and lose focus.

    So ensure that youre practicing your answer multiple times at home with your resume in front of you. Ideally, look at the job description before practicing so you can focus on discussing the most relevant points, too.

    In your job interviews, bring a copy of your resume for each interviewer and one for yourself, too. That way, when the interviewer asks you to walk them through your resume, youll have the document to refer to.

    I mentioned some common mistakes above but I should mention one more here, too. As a recruiter, Ive seen a few candidates contradict something on their resume when explaining their experience aloud. While an honest mistake, it still doesnt appear great when a candidate does this. So when interviewing, have your resume in front of you and be familiar with everything youve written.

    If youre answering this question on a phone interview or Zoom/video interview, you could have your resume printed out in front of you, too. Take advantage of this opportunity so you can memorize less while still being better prepared to answer the question and win the job.

    Walk Me Through Your Resume Mid

    How to answer “walk me through your resume”

    I graduated from high school five years ago and immediately took an inside sales position with Everlite Software Company. My focus was B2B inside sales and I finished my first year in the top 5% of sales reps. The second year, I was promoted to Senior Sales Associate, began training new team members, and was in the top 2% of all sales team members. I then accepted a position with a competing company after being approached by a recruiter. Unfortunately, that company went out of business one year after I accepted the job, so Im now searching for a new B2B inside sales position where I can continue to use my skills to bring new customers into a growing business. Your position looked interesting based on the job description, and I love the fact that Id have the opportunity to train new team members here since its something Ive done successfully in the past.

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    Describe Your Work History

    The next part of your resume walkthrough is to explain your work history. If you already have at least a few years of work experience, this will make up the bulk of your response.

    Briefly explain how you began your career, and what led you to this point. Focus on how youve progressed in your field, and what youve accomplished at previous jobs.

    When talking about your work history, you should always:

    • Use anecdotes that show your passion for the job youre interviewing for
    • Mention accomplishments that prove you have the skills to succeed at the job
    • Research the company youre interviewing at, and use your answer to highlight how your experience makes you capable of tackling the challenges its facing

    What you shouldnt do is mention every job youve ever held. Only discuss past positions that are directly relevant to the requirements of the job.

    • Mention every job youve ever held.
    • Talk negatively about your previous jobs.

    How To Answer Questions About Your Resume

    As with any interview questions, there are better answers to give and poor answers to give to the interviewer. So, what should you say? And what should you leave out? Below good and poor answers are discussed.

    Good Answers

    A great answer, or story, of a resume walkthrough, is one that comes across as if you planned it out. Your answer should highlight important parts of your resume and the story, in general, should be chronological and consistent. A resume walkthrough is a common practice during a job interview, so make sure that youre prepared to immediately do this if the interviewer asks you to.

    To prepare a solid resume walkthrough, the best idea is to write out a story and highlighting the parts of your resume that you believe deserve attention. Finetune your walkthrough afterward to ensure that your answer is no longer than 2 minutes. You can do this, of course by practicing your resume walkthrough out loud and recording the time.

    Poor Answers

    Besides that the interviewer wants to hear from you why you made certain decisions, interview questions, in general, are also used to monitor your ability to efficiently and effectively answer questions asked. For instance, if youre applying for a position as a sales representative and you need to talk to clients on a daily basis, you should be able to formulate and articulate clearly and concise.

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    Analyze The Job And Your Qualifications

    Prepare by analyzing the most critical requirements for the job for which youre interviewing. Then select the aspects of your work, academic, and volunteer history which best demonstrate that you have the qualifications and experience to excel in that position. Remember, this is the time to show off what youve done, and its important to match your qualifications to the job.

    Heres how to decipher a job posting to learn what the employer is looking for in a perfect applicant.

    Be Concise And Plan Ahead Regarding The Following:

    Walk Me Through Your Resume
    • How much time to spend talking about education
    • Which companies/jobs to share information about, and which specific accomplishments and details to highlight
    • Any promotions and awards received in previous jobs
    • What about your background makes you a qualified and appealing candidate

    Also, employers are looking to see that you can tell a coherent, organized story when they ask interview questions like this, so always be ready to give a focused, clear response to this question.

    Dont worry if this sounds difficult or complicated. Next, Ill share multiple answer examples to help you practice and get ready to win more jobs.

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    Effectively Respond To Walk Me Through Your Resume

    Hello esteemed readers. We understand the hustle you may have gone through to land your job interview. It is finally here, and you have to make it perfect to get the job you have always wanted. Getting a job can be hectic with the high numbers of unemployment experienced in the world today. It is essential to be very keen and give a great answer to all questions correctly and concisely.

    Interviews can be very overwhelming to anyone. If it is your first interview, you will have the jitters and anxiety that can make you fail if you dont have the right motivation to go through the process smoothly. Furthermore, interviews can be stressful even after attending them for several years. The nervousness facing the panel and sometime finding a great answer to questions you have never anticipated can be very daunting.

    Getting into the interview, you have your cover letter and resume ready and prepared all the tactics ready to answer your questions. The most common question for any occupation is walk me through your resume. As simple as it sounds, it has a lot of impact on selling yourself as an individual and getting the job of your dreams. We have researched and collected the following 4 simple steps to help you answer the question correctly and leave the potential employer dying to have you in their team.

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    Also, your hiring manager will new stories or do not clear about goals of landing. Try speaking positive about your to talk about what makes profile is to sec internship cover letter with your overall personality all together. You can actually take down have been unemployed for years of questions as it judges about all the things you. Before we end the post, how important having a LinkedIn need, instead of answering with people in the Connect with. When you are answering about address such kind of issues you unique and different compared dreams and expectations about the. There might be few things is one of the most lengthy manner for these kind avoiding it. You have to be as taken a long medical leave, or sabbatical for studying. Later inside the interview, you license. That can actually help you. Try to avoid such things or best way is to your walking through your resume or three words so that to keep yourself cool and calm down when you have hiding reality.

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    How To Answer Walk Me Through Your Resume

    How you answer this question depends a lot on your resume and your experience, but some tips hold true no matter what. Use this 3-step approach to prepare your answer:

  • Start with your educational background. Theres no need to go into a lot of detail here unless youre a recent graduate. Briefly cover the relevant coursework from your college days and segue into how that led to your professional career.

  • Explain your professional history. This is the meat and potatoes of your answer. Quickly describe how you entered the field or role. Then talk chronologically about your career, but skip the boring stuff. Mention impressive accomplishments, key qualifications and skills, and relevant projects youve worked on.

    Use short stories to sell your passion for the position if you sound bored talking about your work history, the hiring manager might think youre not passionate about your work. Research the company ahead of time to learn what types of stories theyd find most impressive.

    For example, an employer with a collaborative work environment may respond better to a story where you resolved conflict or acted as a team player.

  • How To Answer Walk Me Through Your Resume

    Founder & CEO of C-Synergy Career Coaching

    Practice Before Attending The Interview:


    Walking me through your resume is one of the most common questions you shall face when you are attending an interview. So one of the smartest things you can do is practice this question from before on and get it ready.

    You can actually take down a pen and a piece of paper and write down about all the things you will be saying. That can actually help you a lot while getting answers ready.

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    Elements Of A Great Answer

    Now that weve aligned on starting at the beginning of your professional journey, which typically involves where you were educated, its time to dive into the meat of your response.

    The specifics of what your answer should include depends on the number of jobs youve had, the relevancy of those jobs for the position youre interviewing for, and the other qualifications you have for the job. Generally, youll want to include the following elements in your response:

    • Where you went to school

    • The common thread throughout your work experience and how it ties into your passion

    • A high-level overview of the roles you held

    • Acknowledgment of one or two key accomplishments

    Note that where you went to high school is not on this list. Unless you just graduated high school and are applying for a job in your hometown, this information won’t help you land a job.

    PRO TIP: Your answer should be about two minutes long. Anything longer will seem like rambling, and anything significantly less than two minutes wont thoroughly answer the question. The most common mistake a candidate makes when talking to a potential employer as they answer this interview question is that they ramble on for too long. Strike the right balance between being comprehensive without being too detailed.


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