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How To Email Resume To Employer

Keep Applying For More Jobs

How to email your resume to an employer. Jobs in Dubai.

Continue searching for jobs and applying as you are waiting for the employers response. If you are interested in getting hired faster, you need to apply to as many jobs as you like. Until you received an offer letter from the company, you remain a job-seeker, so its perfectly ethical to keep searching and attending interviews. Not only this will make your job search more efficient but also reduce the anxiety and stress you would inevitably experience if you were waiting for a response from one or a few employers.

Learn how to set the right goals that will drive your professional and personal development: .

How To Send Your Cover Letter Via Email

When applying for a job via email, you can copy and paste your cover letter into the email message or write your cover letter directly into the body of an email message.

If the job posting doesn’t specify how to send it, you can also choose to send your cover letter as an attachment. If you do so, use the same format as your resume . Also use the same naming convention as you did for your resume, e.g., janedoecoverletter.doc.

Be sure to read the directions on the job application carefully: sometimes companies want all your materials sent as one PDF or Word document, and other times they want separate attachments for each document.

When Should You Follow Up

One of the biggest questions that job seekers have about following up on their job applications is exactly when they should check in.

You probably know by now that employers dont always share your same sense of urgency about the job hunt. While a week stretches on for you, it whizzes right by for an employer whos busy weeding through resumes and juggling a bunch of other important tasks.

You want to be respectful, but you dont want to be so hands-off that you miss the hiring window. At the same time, you also dont want to seem like an over-eager pest.

Confused? Its a narrow line to walk, thats for sure. Here are two key tips to keep in mind when determining when its an appropriate time to check in.

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Why Should I Email My Resume To Someone I Don’t Know

As we mention in our post 9 Tips to Find A Job In Less Than 30 Days, as many as 85% of jobs are filled through networking. If someone in your network can get you in touch with the hiring manager, you have a huge advantage.

In addition, a recent study estimates that nearly 40% of hires come from employee referrals while only 7% of applications come from those referrals. That’s a HUGE increase in your chances of landing the job!

Email Body For Sending A Resume: Keep It Crisp Yet Formal

Sample E

Start off with a formal greeting and address the hiring manager by name .

In the first short paragraph you should state who you are, why you are sending this email and what the email contains.

Continue the next paragraph with a short but effective introduction of your best and proudest achievements. Of course, only mention those achievements that are relevant for the job. Close this paragraph by saying what value you would bring to the company and which skills you will use to accomplish this.

In the closing paragraph you need to say that youre looking forward to hearing back from them and meeting in person. You may add a captivating call for action but be careful not to sound rude or overly keen.

Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely .

And finally, a professional signature is a must! Remember to include your contact details.


Remember, you want to keep the body of the email short and succinct. Dont go in too much detail otherwise you might loose the hiring managers attention.

Keep in mind that you simply cannot elaborate on every accomplishment and every work experience due to limited space. The email needs to be informative and concise

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Refrain Using A Spam Blocker:

there are many spam blockers that do not pass emails that are not present in the address of the candidate. Moreover, most of these need to fill up a form online before sending or receiving such emails. This also results in the time for both the parties. So it is a bad idea, as you have to make the employer go to all these hurdles.

Add Your Signature To An Email Message

It is important to add an email signature featuring your contact details so the recruiter knows how to get in touch with you at a glance. In your signature, include your full name, email address and phone number.

If you have any business-related social media profiles, , include it in your signature as well.

Each email server has different steps you must take to set up your email signature. Usually, you can click ‘Settings’ on your email account and find the tab that tells you how and where to add a signature.

To add your signature to your email message, click on ‘File’, ‘Insert’, ‘Signature’, and type your desired information at the bottom of your message. Once you add a signature, it should automatically be copied to all of your outgoing messages.

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Email Body For Sending A Resume

Were going to be very practical with this, as Im definitely going to show you a sample email for a job application with resume. But before that, lets take a look at the perfect email body for sending a resume.

The perfect email body for sending resume is a well-structured sneak peek of your entire job application.

While reading through it, the recruiter should be impressed and left hungry for more thereby leading to the ultimate reaction of wanting to read through the rest of the package with immediate effect.

Lots of people make the mistake of simply pasting their cover letter as the body of their email, but this is actually very wrong because in most cases, recruiters do not go through the entire cover letter, so imagine that same cover letter in the body of your email, would you read through it if you were your own recruiter?

Most definitely not I think. Your email resume body is a lot better if left short and interesting.

Here is the order an email for a job application with resume should follow:

1. Proficient Content Writer seeks a Content Executive position with ABC Airways.

2. Dear ,

3. Please find attached to this email, a copy of my resume and cover letter for the Content Executive Position at ABC Airways.

5. I look forward to a face to face meeting in order to be able to share my thoughts and ideas on the recently completed German Marketing Campaign and how a higher success rate can be achieved.

6. Sincerely, .

7. Attachments.

How Do I Stand Out When Following Up

How to Email a Resume

In this early stage theres a lot you can do to demonstrate your value and stand out from other applicants.

Do your research on the company, their values, and their product or services. Being able to speak fluently about areas where youre a great fit and what you like about the company demonstrates your excitement for the role. Most companies want eager evangelists, not just warm bodies.

Do the work for them. Tie together your experience with the needs of the role. Hone your pitch into a brief but informative snippet. Make sure its straightforward and clear how youre a fit for the role, using direct experience where you can.

If youre not sure where to start, in a roundabout way you can even ask your contact. Spurr says, The candidates that have stood out to me asked me what they might be able to do to move into a position like this.

Demonstrations of your skills will make you stand out, especially if youre generous with them. Hernandez relates a story where a designer candidate reached out to her. Hed taken the time to look over the Jobscan website and offered to set up a phone call to give her some professional redesign suggestions, free of charge. He offered to do that even before I reached out to interview him, Hernandez says. It definitely made him stand out a lot.

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How To Email A Resume: 7 Tips + Faqs

Jeffrey Macks

17 min read

Looking for a job can be overwhelming. There are more people than ever before competing for the same positions. For that reason, itâs more important than ever to ensure that you make an excellent first impression.

Of course, your resume will almost always be your first impression. But different companies collect resumes in different ways. If a company asks specifically for applicants to email their resumes, itâs important to know how to do so elegantly. In addition, if you would like to target specific individuals within a company, you should also know how to email your resume.

First, we will go over the easy part–how to email a resume if youâve been specifically asked to do so. ZipJob’s professional resume writers and career experts have 5 great tips for this situation.

After that, weâll dive into the harder part–how to email a resume when you haven’t been invited to–and answer some common questions about emailing resumes:

  • How do I email a resume to someone I’ve never talked to?

  • When is a good time to email my resume to an employer?

  • How do I find a hiring manager’s email address?

We’ll answer these questions and offer additional tips for making a positive impression.

Don’t Forget Your Signature

Your signature is what you put after the sing off and your name at the bottom of an email. Itâs important because it makes it easier to get in contact with you. It can also look very professional if put together correctly.

The format is pretty simple. All you really need to do is place each bit of information directly under the last.

What information should you include?

  • Name

  • Social media profiles

  • Link to personal website/portfolio

Donât include so much information that it looks sloppy. You want a crisp signature that conveys just the right amount of information. Check out this example:


Pro Tip: notice how neat that LinkedIn URL looks? Learn how to customize your own .

So now you understand how to reply to a job listing asking for an emailed resume.

But, what if there is no job listing and you want to target a specific company? Weâre covering that in the next section.

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In 48 hours, you will know how your resume compares. Weâll show you whatâs working–and what you should fix.

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How To Attach A Resume To Email

Now that you’ve created a professional resume, you’re readyto submit it to a company. If you’re responding to a job posting, follow theinstructions carefully. If you’re sending the resume to an individual, you’lllikely be using email.

Be careful about the time you choose to send your resumeemail. An email sent on a Friday, or late in the day isless likely to be read.

Most email services make it easy to attach a document.Here’s how to attach a resume to email using two common email serviceproviders:

The Timing For Resume Letters

Emailing a Resume: 12+ Job Application Email Samples

You need to consider not only how to email resume, but also when. According to researches, the best day for sending your CV is Monday as during this day as you will have 46% more chances to be invited to the interview. Select the time between 6 AM and 10 AM as this period is less common for such activities on Monday. According to statistics, this time brings 89% chances to be hired.

But often the crucial aspect here is a speed. As some openings can be posted in the middle of the week and become very popular immediately. In order not to miss the opportunity to get a job, send your CV as soon as possible and do not wait for Monday. Also, there is often a deadline for sending letters of application, and if you see one, you can try sending your email resume sample on the mentioned day and time.

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Why Email Your Resume

The applicant tracking system nixes nearly 75% of all candidates. This system utilizes a keyword monitor to analyze incoming applicants and resumes. If the system does not detect the exact keyword matches, it determines the applicant is not a good fit for the role.

Moreover, if your resume does pass the applicant tracking system, it goes directly to the recruiter for review. On average, recruiters peruse an applicants resume for a mere 6-seconds. This is not enough time to make a well thought out and proper decision.

Emailing your resume directly to the hiring manager can help you avoid both the applicant tracking system and the recruiters review. It will land squarely in their inbox and has a much higher likelihood of being seen, read, and reviewed. However, emailing your resume incorrectly can lead to your application being denied and your being disqualified from the position.

Emailing Your Cover Letter And Resume

When sending your cover letter and resume electronically, try to find out if the employer would prefer them as attachments or in the body of your email. If you can’t determine a preference, send them both ways in a single message.Although not usually required, you may want to follow up the email with hard copies of your cover letter and resume, unless specifically asked not to. When submitting copies by mail, it’s preferable not to fold them. It’s also a good idea to bring copies of your cover letter and resume to any interview.

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How Do I Submit The Best Online Job Application

Dont apply to multiple jobs at the same company all at once or apply for the same position multiple times. It creates the perception youre just mass applying and might not be qualified for any of the roles.

Apply with an ATS-friendly resume. If you havent heard back, your resume might have ended up in application limbo. Make sure your resume is optimized for applicant tracking systems with our resume comparison tool:

Template 6 Applying After Contacting On Social Media

Career Development Series – 3 | How to Email a Resume To an Employer?

With the advent of , the entire landscape of job hunting has radically changed. You can now connect with professionals working at your target company and establish a common ground to boost your chances of being hired. Many jobseekers communicate with human resources employees beforehand and then send their job applications. In that case, this email template will help you out with that.

Subject: Name of Applicant Name of Position, Job Reference Number

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I reached out to you on LinkedIn a few days ago and we had a brief conversation about job opportunities at your company. You said that I could send you a speculative application and your company will interview me and find an appropriate department for me to work in. I am interested in working at Nintendo as a games developer. I firmly believe that I can make a significant impact in your company in whatever role you deem would fit me.

I recently graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from the Princeton University. I minored in games development and I now want to apply my skills in one of the largest games developer on the planet. As a games developer, I can create innovative and fun designs for your video games.

I have attached a cover letter, resume, and certificates for your consideration. Please take a moment to go through them to get a better idea of who I am.

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How To Attach A Resume With Gmail

Here’s how to email cover letter and resume in Gmail:

1. Start a new email by clicking the Compose button.

2. Type the email, including the recipient’s emailaddress and subject line.


3. Click the AttachFiles icon on the bottom of the screen.

4.From the FileUpload screen, attach the file that contains your resume and cover letter.

5. Click the Openbutton at the bottom of the File Uploadscreen. The resume is attached to the email.

6. Click the Sendbutton in the left of your message to send the email with your resume.

Keep Your Email Body Concise

Time is valuable. When sending an unannounced email, you want to be direct and get straight to the point. Dont be overly wordy or add in unnecessary fluff to your email. The hiring manager would likely want to know what the email concerns, so let them know as-soon-as-possible within the body of the email.

Dear ,

My name is Robert Moses and I am a Technical Program Manager at LMN Company. I recently came across a job posting for a Senior Technical Program Manager at your company, for which you are hiring. I believe that with my over 10-years of industry experience and knowledge that I would make a great addition to your team. In addition, I am extremely fluent and skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, which I see are all requirements for the role.

I have attached my resume and cover letter to this email for your reference. I am available to speak Monday through Friday and look forward to hearing back from you. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

The example above is a great resource to use when emailing a hiring manager. It is direct and to the point, but it also adds in some additional information about yourself and your qualifications. Simply sending an email with your resume and cover letter attached likely wont do much as you are placing the onus and the work on the hiring manager. You want to do the initial legwork for them and get them to open your resume because they are interested in your qualifications.

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