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How To List Contract Work On Resume

Should You List All Your Contracting Jobs

How Should I Show My Contract, Freelance, Temporary Work On My Resume?

It’s not uncommon for contractors to work two, three, or even more gigs on any giving year. If you’ve had a long contracting career, then it’s ok to abbreviate each gig.

Summarize your responsibilities and achievements for each job down to a small paragraph and skip the bullet points.

That said, some contracting jobs might not be relevant anymore, especially if you have a long career. You don’t want your resume to read like an autobiography.

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Is It Better To Be 1099 Or Llc

It Comes Down to Taxes The 1099 lists all the years income and the independent contractor pays taxes on it the same way any other sole proprietor does: using a Schedule C alongside self-employment taxes. An LLC can help more than one owner avoid the double taxation that sometimes comes with being a corporation.

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Highlight Your Success & Achievements

One of the main sections of any good resume that a business will hope to see is a celebration of success and achievements. Here, you have an opportunity to weave in accolades and awards that didnt fit neatly into the chronological breakdown of work on your resume.

This section of information is great for contractors because youve worked on so many different projects. As such, you likely have many huge success stories to share! Pull a few key examples of accomplishments that are relevant to the job youre applying for to list on your resume. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate successful outcomes and sought-after qualities that you may have struggled to highlight in your work history.

Freelance Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Contract Work Resume Examples

Graphic Designer, Mark Alphonse Art, San Diego, CA | January 2018 – Present

Collaborated with a wide range of clients – in industries including but not limited to hospitality and tourism, food and beverage, education and government – to create powerful graphics and visual concepts that met their specific requirements and goals.

  • Launched brand identities for 20+ clients, including logo development, color schemes and font selection.
  • Designed product packaging for a new line of dog food, helping the client stand out in their specific niche.
  • Delivered high-quality graphic design work on limited schedules through effective time management and client communication.

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Is It Legal To Transfer Money From Business Account To Personal Account

Answer: IRS regulations simply require businesses to keep good records of income and expenses. There may be circumstances, however, where it is appropriate to allow transfers between a business account and a personal account. There will be a paper trail for the transactions, which will make IRS happy.

How To List Contract Work On Resume

Contracting is a great way to gain career experience through exposure to multiple jobs and employers.

However, most people don’t know how to put their contracting experience on their resumes.

In this article, I will show you 2 examples of a contractor resume: one for those who use a staffing agency and one for freelance contractors.

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An Example Of How To List Contract Work On A Resume

The following example can help you learn how to list contract jobs on your resume. In this example, we have included the name of a staffing agency and the reputable companies where the contract work was performed. If your contract work was independently secured, then you can omit the staffing agency name and simply focus on different listings for each job:

Ultimate Staffing, Anytown, Anystate

My partnership with Ultimate Staffing provided consistent access to quality project opportunities within the greater Anytown area. They helped introduce me to the following companies and projects:

Software Development Gamesman, Inc

– Designed game interface for online game

– Developed beta test strategy for project rollout

– Project-based contract, ended upon project completion

Software Engineer & Consulting Dynamic Programs

– Designed $40 million CSM software

– Software cut company customer service waste by 38%

– Project was completed two months early and under-budget

How To List Temp Jobs On A Resume: Example 2

How Do I Show My Consulting Or Freelance Work On My Resume And LinkedIn Profile

If, like Gayle, your employment history is dominated by temp and contract work, then your best bet is to group your temp jobs together. This works especially well if all your temporary positions were arranged through the same agency, if you held similar titles, or if you performed similar duties during each assignment.

When grouping multiple temp jobs on your resume, list the agency as your employer, write a blurb that explains the types of assignments you accepted during that time, and then include a list of bullets that call attention to tasks you performed that are most noteworthy or are best at demonstrating your qualifications. Depending on your situation, you may or may not choose to list each temporary contract agreement and your employment dates with that company in the bullets.

ROBERT HALF, New York, NY | 2015 – Present

Medical Receptionist – Front Desk

Contracted by staffing agency Robert Half to work on a temporary basis as a receptionist for numerous medical facilities, including hospitals, physician private practices, and medical laboratories, throughout the greater New York City area. Performed diversified secretarial duties including, but not limited to: scheduling appointments, greeting and checking in patients, maintaining files and filing systems, and managing the inventory of office supplies.

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Group All Related Freelance Work

If you are a freelancer or otherwise self-employed and do one particular kind of work, you can group all of your projects under a single heading in your work history. Simply create an entry that says Freelance . For the address, you can use the city and state of your home or workspace. Then, for the years, include the entire range where youve consistently handled freelance projects.

With this approach, you get to group your related work experience into a single heading. However, you should only use it if the projects were legitimately similar and occurred in relatively quick succession. That way, what youre sharing is an accurate depiction of your experience.

Examples Of Contract Work On A Resume

Heres a quick example of one way you can list a single entry of contract work on your resume:

Example 1: Single Contract Work Entry

  • Brainstormed, workshopped, and ultimately executed ideas for both inline and blog content.

  • Protected famed comic book author Stan Lee from numerous assassination attempts originating from an international cabal of out-of-work comic book artists/hitmen headed by Steve Ditko.

Note: When listing multiple projects under the same company, remember that you only need to list the companys name and address a single time.

Lets take look at a full sample resume with a hefty amount of contract work.

Example 2: Full Resume With Contract Work

John Pilgrim

B.S. in Marketing GPA 3.8University of Connecticut, Storrs, CTDeans List for 8 semesters

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Include A Resume Section Highlighting Relevant Skills

A detailed, keyword-rich, chronologically-organized resume with the appropriate job details, industry standard terms and abbreviations, education and trainings, and other important information is likely to be pretty long. This is a good thing!

To make sure the hiring manager gets to see the most important details, even with a lengthy resume, include a highlight summary to showcase relevant skills. This is another great place to use keywords from the job description and emphasize skills needed for the project.

How To List Contracting On Resume

Contracting Officer Resume Samples

How do I list contracting on my resume?

Specifically, I’m paid by company B to do work for company A. Company A is much more impressive than company B — everyone locally will have heard of A and likely be at least mildly impressed. But they don’t directly pay me — they pay company B, who pay me. Company B also provides my benefits and so on. Is it appropriate to list company A and put my job title as “contractor”?

ETA: Specific concerns are a) taking up too much space detailing the situation , and b) letting potential employers know I’ve worked at a large, established company rather than giving them the impression I worked at a small startup

For classical Job Shopping , the standard has always been to list the dates and the client, with a notation to indicate that it was a contract position.

For example, from my own resume:

Some people will list the contract firm’s name in parentheses, instead of saying “under contract to”. For example:

or MAYBE something like:

With this form, direct positions appear without the parenthetical note, viz.

On resumes, I usually list the contracting company first, then the client company second.

For example, if I worked for “Bob’s Bodyshop” as a contractor, and they placed me at “Big Shiny Corp”, I usually put something like:

1/2011 to 12/2011 – Bob’s Bodyshop / Big Shiny Corp.

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List Your Jobs In Chronological Order

Of course, as always, you need to start by arranging your jobs in chronological order from the most recent job backward to the first. As with full-time jobs, a contract workers resume also allows the prospective employer and HR manager to track progress and evaluate overall work experience.

As for the specific formatting, unlike full-time and permanent employees, which mention only the companys name and years worked, you will also need to specify the months.

Place Them In Chronological Order

This may be a no-brainer to some, but it needs to be said. List your contract work in reverse-chronological order, starting from your most recent experience. It will help hiring managers see the full picture of your professional experience.Besides, if you have any employment gaps, your contract work should fill them and show continual growth and development. As Emily mentioned before, recruiters dont want to invest time into someone whos not going to stick around.If most of your work consists of contract employment, It might be a good idea to include a note explaining why you are looking for long-term commitment with that company.

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List Your Contract Work In Chronological Order

Start with your most recent project, then list out the rest of your projects chronologically. The most recent 5 years of projects should have the most detail, but include some information about older assignments and experiences, even if they were permanent positions.

For contract roles, the manager will only look at the last 5 years. However, including a few bullets describing older experience will help showcase the full picture of your background or ability to fit the seniority of the project.

This can be particularly helpful if you have 30 or more years of work experience. Showcasing recent jobs and their details will demonstrate that your knowledge and skills are up to date.

How To List Temporary Jobs On Your Resume

How To Write A Resume With Little or No Work Experience – Resume Template

Taking on temp gigs now and then can be great for your career. Maybe youre deliberately temping for a short period of time to try out a new industry, or maybe your short-term job is paying the bills as youre searching for a full-time position.

Either way, youre making some cash, gaining some new skills and contactsand probably wondering how to shine a positive light on the whole experience on your resume.

Its common knowledge that employers dont want to hire someone who is a flight risk. So, how do you put all this short-term experience on your resume without looking like you jumped ship after just a few months? Here are a couple strategies for handling this.

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Quantify Your Temp Experience

Every job on your resume will look more impressive when you are able to add numbers. If you’re not in a position to talk about how your work led to more revenue, fewer costs, or an increase in customer satisfaction, use numbers to give hiring managers a better sense of the job you did and the environment in which you worked. This could include, but is not limited to, the number of:

  • People you supported, checked in, or fielded questions from.

  • Emails you replied to.

  • Product or product categories you helped restock on shelves.

You get the idea. Make a list of your job duties. Then, look for places where you can add numbers to provide a clearer picture of the work you did.

Get Creative With References

Most folks with normal full-time employment automatically use bosses and supervisors without much thought when it comes to references. These are the people who can speak most accurately to your ability as a worker, right? But if you do freelance work, things can get a bit tricky here.

As an independent contractor, you are generally your own boss. But youve likely worked with dozens of clients who are happy with your work and would be thrilled to sing your praises to a potential employer. Utilize these folks as references to land you the best professional gig youve had in years.

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Document The Skills You Developed

While it may be hard to show your reliability and longevity with a business as an independent contractor, you can still share the skills youve developed over your career. In contract work, you interact with so many unique clients and have your hands on many creative pursuits. Give yourself credit where its due by giving specific examples of skills you have mastered through your work as a contractor. Paint a picture of how those abilities have been helpful to clients in the past and how they can be useful to the company you want to work for moving forward.

Skills can be included on your resume in a variety of ways. You can share specific strengths in conjunction with each job title you have listed, embedding them into the list of work on your resume. Alternatively, you can designate a separate section of your resume for this topic. Whatever style of formatting you choose, make sure your skills are communicated concisely and that you back up your claims with real-life examples.

How To List Contract Work On Your Resume & Profile

Independent Contractor Resume Example: Contractor Sample ...

Contract and temporary jobs are a great way for candidates to strengthen and learn skills, build a network, and add variety to their professional lives. Plus, temp and contract positions really help expand your experience on resumes and professional profiles.

The only problem is that most candidates do not know how to list contract work on their resume. Some job seekers worry about presenting employers with a resume thats cluttered, while others are worried that theyll look like they change jobs more frequently than their cars engine oil. Removing all references of contract and temporary work from a resume leaves large gaps in employment, which is also problematic.

Listing your contract and temporary work experience on resumes and profiles is essential. The key is knowing how to list it correctly. In the following article, well show you some of the best ways to showcase your short-term positions on your resume.

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Listing Contract And Temporary Work

How to list your contract work on a resume depends on the channels taken to land the position. There is one format for candidates who applied directly to an employer with an open temporary position, and a different format if the job was acquired through a staffing agency. Below, well show you the two distinct ways to format your resume to account for your contract and temporary positions.

How To List Contract Work On A Resume:

  • Include an entry with your job title followed by “Contractor”.
  • Add the company name and its location.
  • Include the starting and end date of your contracting experience.
  • Add a small paragraph with your job responsibilities and project you worked on.
  • Use bullets to detail your contracting achievements.
  • List contract work in chronological order.
  • Be precise, use numbers, and quantify everything.
  • Use keywords to bypass application tracking systems.
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    But Dont List Everything

    While you certainly want to showcase the projects that youâre most proud of, be careful not to try to squeeze every single freelance project youâve ever worked on onto your resume. Only list the jobs that are strategically relevant to the job that youâre applying for. If youâre applying for a web developer position, you donât need to list the freelance transcription projects that you took on when you were just starting out.

    Similarly, do not create individual headings for each project instead, summarize your freelance work within a single heading. The only exception to this would be if you changed your freelance career for example, if you started as a web designer but then moved on to web content writing.

    How Do You Prove Freelance Work Experience

    Resume Help – Dates in resume – How to list chronology in your CV

    If a potential employer asks for proof of your freelance work experiences, you have a few choices. You can ask your freelance clients to provide a letter stating you worked with them, for how long, and your role. Another way to prove your work experience is to provide other documentation like tax forms, invoices, or other documents .

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