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How To List Education In Progress On Resume

Provide Details On The Associated Skills

How to list in-progress Education on Your Resume | Resume Tips

If you have room on your resume and if the skills are directly relevant, you may want to include a shortlist of the particular skills associated with the certification. Doing so can help explain the certifications relevance and answer any questions your reader may have.

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Education For A Working Professional

If you are a working professional with up to 5 years of experience, place your education section below your professional experience section. In your case, the function of the education section is to show employers you meet the academic requirements for the role.

Recruiters are more interested in your recent achievements at work, not educational accomplishments. If you gained higher academic qualifications recently, place the education section at the top of your resume if it applies to the role. Rank advanced degrees from the most recent.

Example of the education section for a working professional:

Georgetown University Graduate School of Physics | Washington DC

Master of Science in Fluid Dynamics

University of Baltimore | Baltimore, Maryland

Bachelor of Science in Geophysics Studies

Experienced Professional With Five Or More Years

If you have over five years of work experience history, move your education section below your work history. A hiring manager will focus more on your work experience at this point in your career but still refer to your academic achievements and training. You can also exclude your graduation dates and grade point average if you have over five years of work experience. You want to highlight your skills and experience more than your academic history. Again, if you have multiple degrees or certifications, list them in order of highest degree first. Here is an example:

*The University of Victoria, Victoria, British ColumbiaBachelor of Science Honour Degree in Biology

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British ColumbiaMaster of Science in Oceanography *

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How To Write An Education Section If Youre An Experienced Professional

Once you become an experienced professional, your education section takes a back seat to your professional experience.

Your interviews will revolve about your work experience and professional achievements rather than your academic career.

Which means that you can get away with simply listing your degrees in reverse-chronological order and leave it at that.

You can remove more specific details about your education such as GPA, extracurricular activities or related coursework. Or even the attendance dates.

How To Write An Education Section If You’re A Fresh Graduate

How to list education in progress on resume?

If youre a fresh graduate, you probably dont have much work experience to put on a resume yet. Thats normal.

On the other hand, what you do have is your degree. Or perhaps even two degrees. Whats more, in the past couple of years youve learned and achieved more things than you probably realize. Dont make your education section only about the degree. Use this space to present your most notable academic accomplishments.

Consider including the following:

  • Academic awards: e.g. AP scholar, Duke of Edinburgh award, National Merit Award, Presidents Award, school subject-based awards, etc.
  • Scholarships: e.g. athletic scholarships, scholarships for women, creative scholarships, etc.
  • Academic conferences and symposia: Dont forget to mention the scope and name of the paper you presented at a conference.
  • Relevant student societies: e.g. debating societies or programming clubs. If you were on the committee of any kind of student society, include that too.
  • Deans list.
  • GPA: Only include if it was higher than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. If your overall GPA was lower than that, mention your major GPA. Alternatively, mention your summa cum laudeor magna cum laude.But if it wasnt great, you can simply leave it out. And if you are out of school for a couple years, you should take your GPA out of your resume no matter what.
  • Academic publications: This may not apply to you but if you have a PhD , youre expected to include at least one publication.

Few last tips:

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If You Are A Recent Graduate

If you’re a recent graduate, consider moving your educational section above your work experience, as most of your resume will comprise your academic training. This will allow you to highlight what you learned in school and how it can benefit the position. In contrast, if you’ve been working for some time, you can move your education section below your work history. Hiring managers are more interested in your relevant professional experience and the skills you’ve honed in real world situations.

Are You A Soon

Put your expected graduation date on your resume.

For a current student such as yourself, it’s considered a best practice to include your expected graduation date on your resume when applying for entry-level jobs. An expected graduation date tells potential employers how far along you are in your degree or diploma. It also helps employers understand the amount of flexibility you may need around your work schedule. Read on to find out how to add your expected graduation date to your resume.

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What’s The Purpose Of A Resume

If you are wondering whether you should include in your resume an MA degree you are still working on, or one you started working on some time ago and discontinued, it helps to think of a resume’s purpose.

Your resume should put your best foot forward by presenting a concise summary of skills you have and things that you have accomplished that may be of value to your employer. The idea is not to provide a minibiography but to help your employer understand why it is in her best interests to hire you for the available job.

You surely want to avoid claiming a degree you don’t have the news accounts of various high-profile individuals who have been caught out doing that make clear why that’s a terrible idea. So be sure, when you list your degree in progress that you make clear it is something you are working on or worked on some time ago but have not yet received_._

On the other hand, you are trying to put your best foot forward. If you are presently working on an MA, you have already gained knowledge and skills that can benefit your employer. Even if you started an MA sometime in the past and quit before earning the degree, the coursework you completed or the work you began on your thesis gives you a knowledge-and-skills advantage over another applicant without any graduate-student credentials at all_._ You should include that graduate work in your resume.

What If You Attended Multiple Schools To Finish One Degree


Only list the school where you graduated or finished yourdegree. Educational institutions require transferring students to submit theirtranscript, along with a detailed list of the subjects they completed withtheir previous school.

Your school records will be consolidated where you graduate,so thats what you should list on your resume. If you put the wrong school, youmay get a negative result from an employers pre-employment background check.

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What Employers Look For In Your Education Section

Every employer looks for different things when reviewing your educational section on your resume, based on the job requirements and qualifications. A hiring manager ultimately wants to know by reviewing your resume that you have the knowledge and the experience to perform the duties of the position. You outline your knowledge in the educational section of your resume.

For example, if you’re applying for an entry-level position within a company, the hiring manager typically looks for a high school diploma, completion of a GED, or college certificate. If you’re applying for a mid-level position, the company may require a university degree. And sometimes, such as health care or finance, they need advanced academic training and certifications to practise your profession within your home province.

How Do You List Your Education On Your Cv

Show an employer you have the knowledge to get the job done.

An education section is one of the basic requirements of a great CV, but it’s crucial to make sure that it’s in the right place and that you have the right level of detail. In this article, we’ll discuss the main considerations for your CV’s education section to ensure that it has the right impact.

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Strategy : Omit The Online Descriptor On Your Resume

Online students are held to the same rigorous standards as students at brick-and-mortar campuses, but some worry that the online descriptor may handicap them early in the job application process. These students simply list the name of the university or school they attended, omitting the term online from the education section of the resume.

Using this strategy can help you bypass the issues you may face as a graduate of an online degree program. Of course, you should be truthful if asked whether your degree was earned on campus or online if you are asked this question, take the opportunity to explain the ways that online learning makes you a unique candidate.

Statistically speaking, it pays off to mention your online degree at some point during the application process. In 2011, 74.5% of college graduates were employed during the same year they graduated, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their data shows that only 50% of those without a college degree are employed. Ultimately, it is usually best to be forthright with a potential employer during the application process. If you decide to omit your education from your resume, then you will want to prepare for interview questions regarding your academic performance.

How To Include Your Expected Graduation Date

How to List Education on a Resume [13+ Real

For a straightforward approach, you could simply write the name of your degree and then your expected graduation date in parenthesis. For example, a psychology student may write “Bachelor of Science in Psychology .”

The school and its city and state should be written below the course and expected graduation date. Below this, you could also list your grade point average, if it’s at least 3.0.

The same science student could take another common approach and write an expected graduation date in the following way: “XYZ University: Candidate for B.S. in Psychology, GPA 3.5, expected to graduate in May 2027.”

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Education On A Resume After Your Work Experience Section

You should put your resume education section after your work experience section in the following cases:

Seasoned professional:

  • As a seasoned professional, you should put your resume education before your work experience section.
  • Employers find your educational experience more relevant throughout your career.

High school graduate/fresher:

  • If you are a fresher or high school graduate, you can place your resume education before your work experience section. Employers will look for your educational experience in your career.

Education In Progress Resume Examples

When you include details indicating that youâre currently pursuing a degree on your resume, itâs important to provide clarity. The last thing you want is to inadvertently leave the impression that youâre trying to pretend like youâve completed the degree. And while it might be tempting to just note that the degree is still a work-in-progress, we believe that you should be even more specific. The best way to do that is to include the anticipated graduation date.

Now, if youâre like many students, you may not be entirely sure that youâll complete your degree by a set date. However, that shouldnât stop you from providing an anticipated date of completion. In fact, itâs essential that you provide this information so that employers know that youâre serious about your studies. This is especially true in cases where the job youâre seeking requires that degree. Fortunately, itâs a relatively easy task to accomplish.

We wrote a good post here on how to include an MBA on a resume.

For example, check out this listing from a sample resume with a masterâs degree in progress:

MBA, Human Resources Program

Dynamic University, Anytown, AnyState. Expected completion 2022

If youâre closer to graduation and are more certain about the date, you can use something like this:

Graduate Studies, Computer Engineering

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How To List Education On Resume For A Degree In Progress

If you are still in high school/or pursuing a degree, write:

Expected to graduate in 2021

You can use the following phrases to describe education in high school resume:

  • In progress
  • If you did not graduate high school, write the name of your school and the years you attended as: Attended school from 2013 – 2015
  • If you did not finish a college or university level degree, write the credits you managed to get as: Completed 63 credits toward MA in Physics

Awards, publications and training

  • If you want to show off your skills and achievements, add honors, awards, trainings, certifications, licenses, extracurricular activities you did during high school.
  • Pick activities that illustrate the keyword skills listed
  • Mention all the honors program like graduated with Spanish honors , if any
  • Acceptance into campus, national or international honors societies
  • List your publications under your degree
  • Include a coursework description, add classes that are relevant to job profile.
  • A course of study that has a particular skill set
  • List your recent extracurricular roles/ positions of responsibility
  • Avoid adding controversial activities

Not Recommended Items For Education In Resume

GUIDE – How to save your progress on a form and resume later
  • High school information if youve completed a university degree
  • GPA on resume, especially if it is too low
  • Graduation year or dates in school, especially if it is more than a decade in the past.

Here is how to list education on resume:

  • Start with your most recent academic experience.
  • Add the degree earned if you completed it.
  • Include the school name, city, and state.
  • List the program or major if the schooling is yet unfinished.
  • Add extras to make the education section soar, such as honors, awards, relevant coursework, and minors.
  • Use a second educational entry if the first one is unfinished.
  • Here is a no-frills basic sample of education listed on a resume:

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    How To List Education In Progress On Your Resume

    ZipJob Team

    6 min read

    Are you unsure about how to list your in-progress education on your resume? Many people are, including current students, students taking online classes, and people taking a break from their degree programs.

    Is it acceptable to include unfinished degrees on a resume?

    ZipJobâs career experts agree that education in progress should usually be included on a resume. A degree in progress is still important to employers, as well as a degree that was started and holds relevance to a position. However, it needs to be included in an honest way so itâs an accurate reflection of your learning and accomplishments.

    If youâre currently pursuing a degree, here is how you can include it on your resume .

    What If Your Degree Is Not Related To Your Job

    I know someone who graduated with a degree in design that is nowworking as a life insurance agent, and I know a nursing graduate who worked inIT for years, before becoming a real estate agent. This happens more than youknow, so you shouldnt let this stop you from chasing after your dream job.

    Below are two ways to downplay the lack of formal education inyour target job:

    • List the relevant coursework in your degree.Lets say you have a Psychology degree, but want a job in marketing. If youtook units in social psychology, communications, grammar, and business, thosesubjects show you have the knowledge required for the job.
    • List professional courses or ongoing trainingyou took to compensate for your lack of formal schooling on the subject.

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    How To List An Unfinished Degree On A Resume

    September 30, 2021 | By Corissa Peterson| Reviewed by Geoffrey Scott, CPRW

    Even if your degree is unfinished, its worth showing a hiring manager what academic achievements you have accomplished. Whatever your academic circumstances, weve got you covered with our tips and examples for how to list an unfinished degree on a resume below.

    There are plenty of reasons you might have an unfinished degree you want to include on your resume. It could be that youre still in school, youre taking a leave of absence, or you had other plans for your life.

    Whatever the case, were going to show you how to list an unfinished degree on a resume in a way that strengthens your application.

    Here are some tips and examples to get you started:

    Examples Of Education On Your Resume

    Options for Listing Education on a Resume

    Example #1: Standard

    National Institute for Non-Profit Development San Diego, CACertificate in Grant Writing and Proposal TrackingMarch 2017

    How do you list an incomplete PhD on a resume? How do you list an incomplete MBA on a resume? Some people might feel a certain level of shame at not completing a PhD or MBA, but there are often deeper reasons that are well worth exploring in an interview. Failure is a part of life and there is no shame in aiming high and falling short. If you are not exploring your past shortcomings in your interview, you are not fully exploring who you are. Be human, be humble and list it down .

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    Why Is A Resume Education Section Important

    Like numbers quantifying accomplishments in other parts of a resume, education is proven by degrees and diplomas earned.

    On top of that, a resume education section helps show direction

    Employers want hires who are willing to learn and improve, and your education on resume shows that.

    When you dress it up with impressive extracurricular activities, relevant coursework, and honorsall the better!

    Expert Hint: Double-check if there are no typos in your resume. They undermine your educationand your chances for employment. 58% of employers auto-reject resumes that contain typos.


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