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How To Make A Resume On Powerpoint

How To Be Noticed With A Ppt Resume

How to Make a CV on PowerPoint

We are considering the scenario that your PPT resume will be noticed in any case, because we have already shown how you can put a lot of effort into it. But we can offer some more advice for it to be noticed.

A good headline will play no less important role than the heading for the article. Do not write simply the title of the post and your name. Add some creativity for example, Designer Turning a Boring User Interface Into an Eye Magnet or The Photographer Who Captured The Most Important Moments at 100+ Events.

Do not forget to add a link to your website or portfolio, as this is very important for creative professions. In the visual CV, you can arrange this link in some special way: do not limit your imagination.

Finally, do not forget that for inspiration you can see examples of other PowerPoint resumes. And also you can choose one of the top templates and just fine-tune it for yourself.

Gather The Information Create A Blank Presentation And Prepare The Resume Layout In Powerpoint Using Portrait Mode

First, take at hand all the information you can gather about your background education, professional background, honors, awards and accomplishments.

Then, go to PowerPoint and create a new blank presentation.

PowerPoint automatically starts up with a landscape layout, but you can easily change the layout to portrait if you want to use that format for the professional resume. Go to Design tab and then click

Here you can change the orientation to use portrait mode instead of the default landscape mode.

Then, you can change the default title layout in PowerPoint that is always present by default as the first slide, unless you want to add a title to your slides. To do it, go to Home tab and then click Layout button. Select the empty layout for instance, in order to start drawing the elements that will be included in your resume presentation.

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Proofread Save & Email Your Resume Correctly

You’ve created your resume PowerPoint, but are you confident you didnt miss out anything? Dont rush sending it off. You still have to make sure you’ve got things in order. From misspellings, grammar up to formattingyou’ve got to double-check your drafted resume PowerPoint before emailing it out.

It’s also important to edit and remove any unnecessary things that you’ve included. Length isn’t important. Being concise is the key. Also, aside from PowerPoint, consider saving it in PDF format and in online places like LinkedIn or SlideShare.

Once your PowerPoint resume is finalized, use it in any situation where you need to explain your background and qualifications. To get even more mileage from your PowerPoint resume, consider converting it to a video. This tutorial explains how to do that:

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How To Change The Background Color Of The Slide

If you dont like the background color of your resume PowerPoint template, you can easily change the color. Begin by selecting the Design tab. Next, click on the Format Background color.

Once you select the Format Background tab, a sidebar appears on the right side of the screen. Click on the Fill Color button and choose the color you want from the menu that drops down.

How To Make Your Own Cv

Download Free Creative Resume Template

You can create a CV with your own word processing program such as Microsoft Word, and then convert it to PDF format. Search the Internet for a free CV example or CV template and see if you can replicate it. Or, use our CV maker where you can simply enter your data and your perfect CV will be available for download in just 15 minutes. Of course, the same can be done to create an accompanying application letter, too!

When you have completed your CV and application letter, you will be able to send both – along with an accompanying email – to the vacancy you wish to apply for.

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Is Your Traditional Resume Ready For 2021 Jobs

Using a traditional resume can have some benefits. Here are just a few:

  • The hiring manager is already familiar with it and doesn’t need to figure out how the resume works.
  • Traditional resumes are set up to be quickly skimmed and give important information to the hiring manager.

There are a lot of resources on Tuts+ on how to make an effective traditional resume. Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have traditional resume templates to save you time.

Here are some tutorials that’ll help you create a resume, traditional and otherwise:

When Should You Include Presentations On Your Resume

Including presentations or public speaking events on your resume is most suitable when relevant to the job you are applying to. For instance, if you are applying to a job in sustainability and you created a presentation about the benefits and applications of solar energy, it can be an effective element to include on your resume because it showcases your expertise in your field as well as your commitment to your career advancement.

Several more instances when you should add your presentations to a resume include:

  • Relating your public speaking events to roles where regular meetings, conferences and presentations occur as part of the job requirements
  • Listing presentations where you volunteered as part of a project or event to educate an audience about a specific topic related to the job description
  • Highlighting presentations that position you as an industry leader or expert in your career field
  • Connecting your past speaking events and presentations to the organization’s mission or goals
  • Presenting at special events as a guest speaker to share research, data or other innovative projects related to new developments in your career field

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Visual Resumes: Pros And Cons

Before we talk about how to create a resume in PowerPoint, let’s discuss its pros and cons. A visual CV is not suitable for every industry, and not in all cases it may be appropriate. It all boils to your specialty and the particularities of the company where you want to land your future job.

The main advantages of the resume in PPT are:

  • The ability to instantly stand out from hundreds of monotonous standard resumes in a classic format.
  • The ability to immediately demonstrate your graphic skills, especially if you are applying for some kind of design job.
  • The ability to show creativity when applying to those companies where a creative approach is at the forefront of personal traits.
  • The resume in PowerPoint also has certain disadvantages:

  • Negative reception of the visual format by traditional companies with conservative views.
  • It is not always possible to feel the mood of a recruiter based solely on a job description: some of them will prefer to skip over a resume that is too catchy and vivid.
  • Some companies use an applicant tracking system to collect resumes. It recognizes only text, so not only will your creativity be lost in vain, but you can also lose the chance to get a job.
  • As you can see, it all comes down to the appropriateness of using the graphic format. This is the most important issue that needs to be resolved before we take up the creation of a PPT resume.

    Choose Which Slides You Want To Use

    How to make a CV/Resume in PowerPoint Presentation

    The first step is to choose which slides you want to use. Keep in mind that your resume should be succinct and to the point. So, youll want to limit the total number of slides. This means you dont have to use all the slides your template comes with.

    Simply open your template in PowerPoint, switch to the View tab, and select Slide Sorter. Then, right-click all the slides you dont want to use and delete them.

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    Presentation Specialist Desktop Publishing/ Graphic Design

    Manage and prioritize queued job requests with accuracy and adherence to tight demanding deadlines

    • Create, edit and develop communications media for capital markets including pitch books and MPs
    • Manage and prioritize queued job requests with accuracy and adherence to tight demanding deadlines
    • Create, edit and develop communications media for capital markets including pitch books and MPs
    • Refreshed design of corporate newsletter
    • Collaborated on new project concept development and implementation
    • Design and develop concept design for merger
    • Presentation design for new business pitch
    • Developed designed and implemented service model surrounding training on AV technology protocol
    • Presented and promoted global TelePresence initiative and instructional training
    • Facilitated BaxNet
    • Developed and designed communications and presentation media surrounding a blind drug study submission
    • Presentation design, staging and production coordination for the Kingery and Dan Ryan reconstruction projects
    • Presentation design, print production coordination, for annual investors meeting
    • Develop creative communication concepts supporting the needs of the business unit

    Top Free Resume Powerpoint Templates To Help You Stand Out

    Update July 6, 2021: Weve updated the article with new and fresh free resume PowerPoint templates

    Looking for free resume Powerpoint templates to make a great first impression?

    Weve made a selection of eye-catchy free resume Powerpoint templates that will help you stand out from the competition. Youve got ready to print templates of one or multiple slides, all fully editable letting you change every design detail as long as it matches the idea in your head. Lets begin!

    You may be interested to check out .

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    Professional And Creative Powerpoint Resume Templates

    You can find a lot of PowerPoint resume templates out there but finding quality ones is the challenge. Here’s a list of beautifully designed creative resume templates PowerPoint to save the day.

    Aside from knowing how to make a resume on PowerPoint, you shouldn’t discount your traditional resume at all. It should also be a priority. Plus, a traditional resume doesn’t have to look traditional too. Envato Elements has curated the best contemporary looking traditional resume templates for convenience.

    Here are some of our top traditional resume templates:

    Graphic Designer And Presentation Specialist

    How to make Simple Resume in powerpoint

    Demonstrated professional-level expertise in design and production using Adobe Creative Suite software

    • Designed ad concepts, trade show themes, storyboards, print mechanicals, web design and presentation
    • Executed new designs from concept to completion in fast-paced, collaborative environments.
    • Conceptualized and created strategic marketing and communication solutions that promoted company
    • Knowledge of printing processes and materials, and knowledge of corporate design practices, logo usage, and corporate identity standards.
    • Managed projects such as new business pitches, financial reviews and content creation for for C-level executives at firms including State Street Corporation, Red Advertising, Mullen Advertising, Hill, Holliday, Arnold, Fidelity

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    Top 11 Professional Resume Templates For Making The Perfect Resume

    Making a resume isnt all that hard, however, making it look good can be difficult. Your resume should not only be well-structured and concise but it should also have the ability to instantly grab the attention of the reader. To do this, you can make use of professionally designed resume templates, which come with eye-catching graphics and properly crafted sections to highlight each aspect of your professional skills, experience and area of expertise. We have compiled 11 Professional Resume Templates that can help you create the perfect resume.

    Key Benefits Of Envato Elements

    Envato Elements is where you subscribe to the service and you get unlimited resume PPT template downloads for as long as you pay the low monthly fee. It’s got more than resume and CV PowerPoint templates, though. They’ve got fonts, graphics and much more. Envato Elements has great professionally designed resume PowerPoint templates:

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    North America Retail Brand Presentation Specialist

    Lead the in-store consumer and associate experience for the Women’s wholesale division developing in-store marketing, associate training tools, driving window creative, in-store signage, 3D materials and associate training events. Create the seasonal in-store marketing journey for wholesale accounts including initiatives and 365 marketing

    Free Resume Powerpoint Template

    How To Make professional CV on PowerPoint

    This free resume template by SlideHunter comes with sample slides which give you a step by step guide for making your own presentation to showcase your skills, experience and qualifications. The template starts with a title slide where you can add your name, personal details like your date of birth, nationality, profession, as well as add a picture.

    The slides that follow, provide resume examples for adding your objectives, work, experience professional skills, education, awards and certificates and interests. You can modify the sample slides to create a presentation that best suits your needs, as well as make use of the two additional color schemes , which are available in the template apart from the blue design.

    Go to

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    Create Your Own Professional Cv

    • Making a professional CV is a piece of cake with our CV maker with tips and tricks.
    • Create your own professional CV that stands out in just 15 minutes.
    • Your CVs are stored in your own personal and safe account hub. This allows you to both edit and download your CVs whenever, and wherever, you require.
    • Gain access to creating strong application letters, matching them with your personal CV.
    • Access all functionalities for 7 days for only $2.95, then increasing to only $19.95 /mo.

    Geologicaltechnician / Presentation Specialist

    • Coordinated, created, assembled and edited presentations for managers and executives for use as outside investors and analysts presentations as well as use as a project archives. Gathered, organized and supervised the consistency of geological maps and technical data in an expeditious manner with a high level of accuracy and aesthetic value.
    • Technical support to geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, scouts and landmen.
    • Prepared MMS plats along with research of such plats.
    • Annotated Landmark and Kingdom generated structure maps, amplitude extraction maps, 3-D seismic sections, well logs , pay sections cross sections, lease maps and cores.
    • Planimetered isopach maps and structure maps utilizing PlanLogic .

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    Skills Achievements And Awards

    You probably would like to succumb to the temptation and list all of your hard and soft skills, because you really know a lot and have rich working experience.

    Slow down a bit.

    Recall that we are creating a visual resume and we have no place for overly long praises of ourselves, even if they are justified.

    Therefore, describe only those skills that match the specific position and corporate culture of the company. The same goes for awards, certificates, and courses: indicate only those that may be of value to the recruiter.

    And that’s it.

    We have finished filling out our visual resume.

    Add Your Personal Details & Contact Information

    How To Make a Resume in PowerPoint

    The next step in how to make a resume in PowerPoint is to gather all your personal information. Include your professional background, education, honors, awards, and other necessary accomplishments.

    While personal details are important in any resume, it’s a skill to discern when to give information and when to hold back. Here are our recommendations:

    • Required Contact Information. Name, phone number, email address
    • Optional Contact Information. Mailing address, brief professional title, branding statement, social media like LinkedIn, portfolio website, blog
    • Contact Information to Avoid. Birthdate , photo

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    Senior Store Presentation Specialist

    • Lead the team of Merchandise Presentation Specialists
    • Built and maintained senior level partnerships with New York Buying Office, LA Buying Office, Store Operations, Planning, and the Field Teams
    • Partnered cross functionally to drive a variety of merchant requests and managed various special projects
    • Supported store planning & design, store operations & field teams through all new store opening windows
    • Identified new fixture needs and supported in fixture design and tailoring to meet executive and field standards
    • Drove merchandise developments and communications throughout the organization including monthly store presentation guide, merchandise guide as well as special buy communications & special projects
    • Supported in seasonal strategic planning, edited all seasonal shop plans & seasonal flow field communications
    • Represented corporate office on conference calls with the field, vendors, buying offices as well as on store visits

    Senior Merchandise Presentation Specialist

    • Won 2014 Merchandising Leadership Expectations Award for Results Leadership
    • Manage execution of 4 major transitions per year while reacting to sales and driving company initiatives such as transition expense optimization, appropriate market segmentation, store format updates and testing
    • Identified opportunity and created job journal template for all Merchandise Presentation Division Specialists to improve knowledge retention and promote knowledge sharing while reducing completion time by 50%
    • Solicited by Organizational Effectiveness to participate in a Training Blitz to rewrite the MPD Specialist New-In-Role Training program to be more relevant and set up new Specialists for success

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    Write A Complementary Cover Letter

    In traditional resume templates, a cover letter isnt really mandatory. But its also a great tactic to make sure you stand out from the rest of the applicants. You dont need a lengthy letter. Recruiters are too busy to read that.

    Instead, write a cover letter to say the things that you cant place normally in the above sections. Don’t tell things that hiring managers can read in your resume. Use your cover letter to connect to the recruiters on an emotional level.

    How To Write A Resume With Presentations

    4.5 Using PowerPoint to Create a Video Resume – NextGen Resumes

    Writing a resume that includes presentations and public speaking events is an effective way to showcase your communication skills. Presentations related to your career field can demonstrate your subject knowledge and industry expertise, provide evidence of your skills and qualifications and help your resume stand out to employers. In this article, learn when to include presentations and how to include them in your resume, with templates and examples to guide you.

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