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How To Make A Resume Without Work Experience

Mention All Your Achievements

How to Make a Resume with No Work Experience in Microsoft Word (2020)

You shouldnt be too arrogant or boastful when you write a resume, but this doesnt mean you should hide information about your achievements and positive traits.

Mention that you have a driving license for example, write about your readiness to learn something new and improve your skills, hint about your leadership qualities and ability to find an approach to different people. What traits do you have that could help you in your career? Are you communicative, open minded, stress resistant, ready for constant deadlines? Put them on your resume when you build it.

Recent Graduate No Experience Resume Sample

As a recent graduate, your resume should be built around your education.

Be sure to use the entire breadth of your experience at school to fill out your resume. This includes summer projects, fraternity or sorority volunteering opportunities, job specific classes, and anything else that helped you develop the skills you will use in your career.

Recent Graduate Resume

This resume wastes no time with an objective or summary and dives right into your education and what you learned.

This is also a great resume for people who are looking to attend graduate school and will need lots of space for education.

Remember to put your education and degree into a context that the employer can understand.

Use industry standard or commonly agreed upon terms of your field when describing your knowledge and skills.

As a recent graduate, youre most likely going to want to lead off with your education. Even so, your situation may be different so feel free to move sections around to suit your specific needs.

Also, remember to tailor your resume to each company you apply to.

Dont treat your applications like a dating app take the time to get to know the company and apply with a purpose. You may end up applying to fewer places but youll end up wasting less time.

Skill Types For Graduates And High School Students

Your resume may include skills that you have acquired in school, in extracurricular activities, in sports and volunteering. For example, if you played soccer, basketball, or other sports, you have teamwork skills. You were captain? You have leadership qualities.

Did you attend a computer class or learn programs? You have computer skills. Almost everyone has some level of communication skills. If you can keep up the conversation, speak in front of the class, or defend an essay at school, you have written/verbal communication skills.

When you successfully maneuver between personal demands and study, you are flexible. Have you worked on a group project? You have collaboration skills. Did you look after small children? You are reliable.

Top High School Skills

The following are examples of skills that almost every high school student has and almost all employers are looking for:

Communication skills Reliability / ResponsibilityTechnical Skills: Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop

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How To Write A Cv With No Experience



  • Developed to-do list synced with Evernote and Google Sheets via API. Included persistent notifications for urgent tasks.
  • Collaborated in a team of 3 programmers to develop a RESTful API that interfaced with IMdB to pull movie data.
  • Wrote C code for a simulation of a football game using existing game concepts. Wrote algorithms for passing and randomising.

Nailed it.

In a nanny CV with no experience, call that section, Personal Nanny Experience.

Same with a no experience CV for cooking or retail. Call it Personal Cooking Experience or Personal Customer Service Experience.

The ResumeLab builder is more than looks. Get specific content to boost your chances of getting the job. Add job descriptions, bullet points, and skills. Easy. Improve your CV in our CV builder now.

Nail it all with a splash of colour, choose a clean font, highlight your skills in just a few clicks. Youre the perfect candidate and well prove it. Use the ResumeLab builder now.

Crafting The Perfect Resume When Youve Never Had A Job

First Resume with No Work Experience (Examples & Guide)

There are plenty of resume-writing tips out there for those of us with experience in our fieldsusing action verbs, formatting in an attractive and easy to read manner, highlighting only relevant employment. But how do you go about creating a resume that doesnt look empty when youve been a full-time student your whole life?

First, the bad news: even recent graduates are expected to fill up a page with relevant experience. But heres the good news: relevant experience is a much broader category for an entry-level position than for a more senior role. Many of the activities youve participated in and interests youve developedeven while in schoolare appropriate to include. Here are some of the things you can include on your resume when youre just starting out:

Academic achievements.;List any academic recognition youve received in your education section, under the school to which it is relevant. This includes receiving honors and making the deans list, but it could also include receiving the highest grade in your English Literature class or getting all As within your major. If youve done an independent project with a teacher or professor, you should list that as well.

Languages. Proficiency in another language is always appropriate to include in your resume. Just dont overstate your fluencyyou never know what languages your interviewer might speak!

What else have you included in your resume? Let us know in the comments!

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Cv With No Experienceextra Sections

  • Oracle Certified Associate Java
  • Zend Certified PHP Engineer

2nd Place, Codewars Novice Division 2018

  • Founded the HomeStarSleeper Coding Group with 21 members.
  • Walk dogs at the Cadillac County Animal Shelter 1x per month.
  • Member of a weekly road cycling club.

Hint: Id hire #1.

That first no experience CV sample pumps up your skills.

It also shows your passion.

Are you getting the picture? Its not about your work history.

Expert Hint: Write a cover letter. The hiring manager will spend more time reading your CV with no work experience. Tip: dont brag. Talk most about the job.

Double your impact with a matching CV and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter builder and make your application documents pop out.

Want to try a different look? Theres 18 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here.

Heres how to write a CV with no experience:;

  • Use the no experience CV template up top. It stops the cant get a job without experience cycle.
  • Focus on life accomplishments. Put them in your objective, education, and extra sections.
  • Zero in on skills they need. Theyre your best CV keywords, and theyre in the online job ad.
  • Include a cover letter. Talk about the job a lot. Give evidence youre a good fit despite lack of experience.

Summary For A Cv With No Experience

See the difference?

Even a high school CV with no work experience can soar. If you start it with a bang.

Its those details. Ill show more in the next section.

Expert Hint: Write the summary for your CV with no experience last. If you write it first, youll spend too much time head-scratching and wont think of good achievements.

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The Best Things To List On Your Resume If You Have No Experience

No professional experience on your resume? No problem as long as you read this guide on how to write a resume when you have no work experience.

There are plenty of reasons why you may not have any previous work experience to list on your resume. There are many other things you can add to your resume to show employers that you are the perfect candidate for their open job post.

When you dont have work experience, its important to highlight past activities, skills and other experiences youve had to show you have unique skills, professionalism and competency. When managers are hiring entry-level employees, the top two characteristics they are looking for in your resume are attitude and aptitude.

That is:

  • Attitude a positive, hardworking, and likable personality
  • Ability aptitude to get up to speed quickly on the job
  • Keep these two traits in mind while writing your resume and add any relevant experiences that show that you have the attitude and aptitude for the job.

    Make A Professional Resume Without Working Experience

    How To Write A Resume With Little or No Work Experience – Resume Template

    If you are a;student;about to graduate and you are looking for your first internship or job, you probably have;no idea what to write on the resume;since you lack professional experience. You would probably ask yourself: “What am I going to do if I do not have any experience? Should I just fake it?” Absolutely not.

    The first thing you need to know is that;resumes are not based only on work experience.;In fact, a company hiring recent graduates or current students expects candidates with little or no experience. Anyway, a lack of expertise doesn’t mean you don’t have to make a good resume to impress them.

    How can you get your resume to stand out from those who have experience?;Just because you are at the beginning of your career does not mean you do not have important things to highlight. In this article, there are some tips to generate a good resume, as well as editable templates to get started. On, discover hundreds of free customizable templates to create resumes online.

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    Additional Sections In Your Resume For College

    A high school student resume with no work experience often struggles to the end of page.

    But do not incorporate fluff or unnecessary points to stretch your resume.This only reflects a false sense of accomplishment which often backfires during the interview.

    To avoid that:

    • target your information to the requirements of the recruiter
    • ensure enough blank space in-between text for making it 1 page

    Hiration’s online resume builder has a 1 click fit button to increase or decrease spaces as required.

    Also, enough research is important to customize a resume with no work experience.

    For example, if the organization you are targeting has an unofficial lacrosse team which plays with teams from other corporates, and you happen to play the same sport, you are gold!

    Otherwise, always quantify your achievements and provide detailed information around all information.Add sections around your Hobbies and Interest. However, include details.

    Look at the following example:

    HOBBIES: Photography, music, travelling, reading books

    In a resume with no work experience, especially a first resume without work experience, candidates are often eager to flood the “Additional Information” section along these lines.

    These do not value unless you quantify your contributions.

    Let’s take a look at this example from a resume for first job:


    Add a link to your Behance account, or a professional Instagram or Facebook accounts, if necessary, for such interests.

    Decide On A Resume Format

    There are a few dominant resume templates in use today: chronological, functional, and hybrid, which is a combination of the two. A chronological resume format lists a candidate’s work experience in reverse-chronological order. A functional resume format focuses on highlighting the candidate’s skills and achievements, rather than work experience. While the functional resume format can be an attractive option for job seekers with little experience, most employers prefer a chronological or hybrid resume format. Whatever resume format you decide to use, be sure that your format remains consistent throughout the job resume.

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    Write Your Resume Objective

    A resume objective is a short heading statement in your resume, where you describe your professional goals and aspirations.

    Fun fact – hiring managers look at your resume for 5-6 seconds max.

    Yep, thats right. In most cases, the hiring manager is literally drowning in resumes. So, they have a couple of seconds to skim each one.

    Well, this section is your chance to catch their attention .

    A resume objective is usually 3-4 sentences max and includes information on:

    • What your field of study is;
    • What;your skills and experiences are ;
    • Why youre applying for this position and/or this company.

    As with contact information, you dont need to label your resume objective with a title. Just write;it underneath your contact information section.

    Heres an example of what a resume objective looks like:

    Recent Communications graduate looking to apply for the role of Secretary at XYZ inc. Extremely organized with good writing and multitasking skills. Practical experience in management gained through several university projects, which involved coordinating tasks between different team members and ensuring that everyone was in sync with the latest information.

    Can I Make A Resume If I Have No Job Experience

    Resume with No Work Experience: 8 Practical How

    Can you write a resume if you have no job experience?

    Of course, and experts recommend it!

    Just because you dont have job experience, that doesnt mean you dont have any experience at all.

    • Volunteer work,
    • skills youve taught yourself,
    • and even online courses from companies like SkillShare count as experience.

    Should I put college on my resume if I didnt graduate?

    Even if you didnt graduate from college, you should still list where you went and your relevant experience.

    For example, did you learn critical thinking skills, graphic design, or even how to debate?

    These are skills you can spin to be applicable in the work force.

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    Volunteer Work And Activities

    Lastly, create a section for volunteer activities. This could be formal or informal volunteering, such as serving food at a local homeless shelter or helping your neighbor rake leaves. For each volunteer activity, include who you volunteered with, what your role was, the dates and hours you volunteered and a brief description.

    Example of how to list volunteer work and activities in a resume:Coral Springs Soup Kitchen, Coral Springs, Florida; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;25 Hours Meal Prep and ServingPrepares, serves, and cleans up after meal service at a local homeless shelter on a bi-weekly basis.

    Bonus: Check If Your Resume Will Pass The Ats Test

    ZipJob offers a free resume review tool that will tell you if your resume will pass an ATS test. As we mentioned above, the ATS is a software used by most employers and it can make or break your application. Once you have your first resume ready, send it through our in-house ATS to make sure you won’t be missing out on opportunities!

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    List Your Interests And Activities

    This section should include all extracurricular activities and interests that relate to the position you seek. This section is also very useful when you do not have much experience to work with.

    However, since interests and activities tend to be less relevant, this section should only be included if youâve used the other tips on this page and filled up as much room as you can. Weâll talk about unnecessary information in the next tip.

    Interests and activities on a resume example:

    So letâs say Tom was part of his universityâs entrepreneur program and volunteered to organize food delivery to the cityâs homeless population. and blogged about new business startups in the local area while in school.

    Tom can list this section as:

    Interests and Activities

    • Member of Queens College entrepreneur program

    • Organized and managed routes for the Meals-on-Wheels, a non-profit which delivers food for the homeless and other vulnerable populations.

    • Blogged on various new startups in the New York City area.

    Not everyone has relevant activities and interests and thatâs just fine. If you need some more help coming up with some relevant activities or interests, we have a related guide about how to include hobbies and interests on a resume. Otherwise, you can definitely skip this section without fear of losing out on opportunities.

    Sell Your Skills Not Your Experience

    Create a resume without any work experience

    Take a lesson from former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson: Don’t make up experience you don’t have. Instead of being embarrassed by your empty resume, keep in mind that everyone starts somewhere.

    “My mom reminded me that everyone starts somewhere,” says Navy wife Stephanie. Stephanie married her sailor straight out of high school. By 19, she was pregnant. “It made sense to stay home with him once he was born,” she said of her son. “When he started school, I needed to go to work. And I had nothing on my resume. No job ever.”

    The good news is this: Stephanie is happily employed today at a Hampton Roads hotel. She works the front desk and is being tracked for management. “They hired me because I had all the skills they needed even if I had no experience,” she says.

    What does a skill-based resume look like? has a very helpful example resume that lists skills in its own section near the top of the resume.

    If you have fewer marketable skills than these, think in broader terms. You are probably proficient at various software products that would be useful in an office environment. Maybe you have strong social media skills, have taken on leadership roles in volunteer or extracurricular organizations, or perhaps you have great people skills.

    No one expects you to have a professional history to match these when you are straight out of school, but they do expect you to tell them what skills you offer and how you have honed them.

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    Put On More Information About Your Education

    When graduates start their job searches, they usually have a lack of experience to put on their resumes. So, if you dont have enough practice, your task is to persuade a recruiter that you know enough theory.

    Mention all courses youve finished during your years at university. You can also write the topic of your last thesis or dissertation, and do not forget to mention any languages you speak.


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