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How To Make A Two Column Resume In Word

Simple Creative Resume Word Template

Multiple Columns in your Word Resume

Make your name, experience, and skills stand out with this professional resume template Word file! The template features readable typography and headlines to break up a viewers reading cadence. It allows all professionals to customize their presentations to potential clients and employers.

This allows you to be quick on your feet and apply for a vast range of possible job opportunities. This polished resume templates document set features 18 files in all:

  • 6 Word files

Clean And Modern Word Resume / Cv

This is one of the best resume templates for Word for when you need a professional design. Its a simple template CV with Word, AI, and PSD files inside.

It includes all the sections you need within an organized, customizable design. Add your information, polish your wording, and set your typography and color scheme. There are few resume templates for Word that are better than this one.

Simple Word Resume Landscape Bundle

Show potential employers something different with this clean resume and cover letter template. This MS Word resume template features a unique landscape design and comes with two color versions. Variety is a major plus for professional CV template Word files.

Know that youre always in control of this template due to its customizable and editable options. Even beginners can edit this simple CV template for Word like the pros can!

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Best Resume Templates 2021

Below are 35 resume templates in Microsoft Word DOC format from Envato Market.

Note: If you need one in another format, such as Photoshop or InDesign , some of these resume templates would work as well.

Grab one of the best resume templates in Word format. Customize it to your personal brand and work history. You’ll get your application in front of potential employers quickly. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when applying to a new job:

Professional Ms Word Resume Template

Dalston Free Resume Template Microsoft Word

If you want clean lines and neat design, then you cant go wrong with this professional resume template for Word. Use it to impress potential employers or anyone else you want to work with on a professional project.

The 54-file template chunks information into digestible paragraphs and snippets. Your most important details will jump out at potential employers or clients. It comes with Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign files.

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Insert Linked Text Boxes

  • First off, open a new document.
  • Then click Insert and click Blank Page to insert a new page.
  • Now go back to the first page and click Text Box under Insert tab.
  • Choose Draw Text Box.
  • Next draw 2 text boxes on the first page, with one on the left and another on the right. Here we just name them A1 and B1.
  • Repeat step 2 to insert another new page that is page 3. This is to guarantee that you can always to insert a new page on a blank page without cut the link between text boxes.
  • On page 2, draw 2 text boxes. Here we name them A2 and B2.
  • Make sure all text boxes are empty. Now click on text box A1 and then click Create Link under Format tab.
  • You shall observe that the cursor changes to a shape like teapot. Go to click on the text box you want to link. In this case, its text box A2. And then use the same way to link text boxes on the other side, such as B1 and B2. When the first text box is full, contents will automatically flow to the linked one.
  • To remove box lines, you can right click on text box line and choose Format Shape. Then choose No line under Line Color and close the Format Shape dialog box.
  • Diamond Word Resume Template

    This premium CV template makes use of geometric shapes to keep your resume cutting-edge. It comes in four colors, but you can also customize it with unlimited color options. The template supports both MS Word 97-2003 DOC and MS Word DOCX. In its package, you can find fonts and two sets of icons, one for social media and contact icons and another one for interests and hobbies.

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    Other Problems Caused By Tables And Columns In Ats

    When an ATS bulldozes through your table or columns, the good news is that the text will typically still be searchable. That said, if your parsed resume doesnt make any sense, a recruiter might just move on to one of the dozens or hundreds of other applicants rather than try to sort out your garbled resume.

    Some other issues that can be caused by poorly parsed tables and columns include missing sections or unsearchable resume keywords. For instance, a keyword could get merged with another word or a multi-word keyword like customer service could get split up.

    Simple Word Resume Design: With Clean Typography

    How to Create Skill Columns in Your Resume Using Word

    This is one of the best Microsoft Word resume templates on GraphicRiver. It comes with professional MS Word files in DOCX format, as well as other popular file types, like PSD, EPS, and INDD. They’re ready to work with quickly and edit to your needs.

    This multi-column resume template features sections for your summary statement, experience, and more. Grab this simple, professional resume design and use it to land the next job you apply to!

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    When Columns Are Only Part Of Your Document

    But what if only part of your document consists of multiple columns?

    If you go back to the Columns dialog box , you’ll notice a drop-down at the bottom of the box:

    If you choose This Point Forward, that will allow you to insert columns at the point your cursor is sitting in. Once you’ve inserted your columnar data, then go back to the Format Columns dialog box and choose the One Column format , and your document will return to the single-column format without disturbing the multi-column insertion you’ve just worked so hard on.

    But what if you want to insert a two- or three- column block of text into the middle of a one-column, normal document?

    You may want to use a slightly different procedure, depending on whether you’re creating a brand-new document or you’re inserting a multi-column layout into the middle of an existing single-column document. You’re using the same dialog box, but if you’re editing an existing document and placing a multi-column layout in the middle, you’ll need to take a couple of extra precautions to ensure you don’t inadvertently create a formatting nightmare.

    Professional Modern Resume Template For Word

    This modern Word template is notable for a visual distinction between different resume sections. Its header and sidebar are designed in beige and gray colors, while the main area is snow white. With this freebie, you can create a two-page resume in US Letter and A4 sizes, depending on your needs. All the headings, sections, colors, body text, fonts, and icons are fully editable.

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    Column Skills Resume Description

    File name: 3_Column_Skills_Resume.docx

    Total downloads: 925

    This resume template has 3 columns plenty of space to list all your skills.

    The resume is great for people with a lot of technical skills that are specific needs the employer has.

    Any job in a trade type of industry would benefit from using this resume.

    If your education is a bit more extensive, dont be afraid to take away some work experience to expand on your schooling.

    What Is A Two

    Two Column Resume Template Word ~ Addictionary

    A two-column resume is a resume format where you present all of your information in two columns. This is a helpful format for people who want to fit all their information on one page. The way you set up your two-column resume can vary based on the resume template you choose. Those using this format typically put their summary, skills and awards in the left column and their professional experience and education on the right side. The way you format a two-column resume is completely up to your personal preference.

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    How Do I Write In Two Three Or More Columns In Word Documents

    Do you need to write documents in Microsoft Word and want to split all or just some of your text into separate columns? You do not know how to write text in two columns? Or maybe you’d like to have three or even more columns in your Word document? What if you want to choose where a column begins, and the other ones end so that the text doesn’t just flow from one column to another? If these are your questions, read this guide. We have the answers.

    NOTE: We wrote this article using the Word app from Microsoft Office 365, version 1907. However, the instructions apply to Word from Microsoft Office Professional too. If you want to know which version you are using, read: 5 ways to find the exact version of Microsoft Office that you are using.

    Resume/cv Bundle 3 In 1

    Cut your search for the best resume templates for Word short thanks to this option. Use the Resume/CV Bundle 3 in 1 in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator. This two-column resume template is fully editable. The Resume/CV Bundle 3 in 1 includes three resumes that you can choose between. All the professional resume templates for Word come with a matching cover letter.

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    How To Quickly Customize A Professional Resume In Word

    Once youve picked out a CV template Word file, its time to customize it. You can use resume templates Word to make great impressions with future employers. With a resume format Word file, you simply fill in the blanks.

    For this mini-tutorial, well use the Resume Word template from Envato Elements.

    Its a compelling, modern set of resume templates Word that helps your record shine. Let’s get started:

    What Sections Should I Include In My Cv

    Office 2016 Video #07: Create a Resume in Word

    As a bare minimum, we would expect to see the following sections on your curriculum vitae:

    • Contact info
    • Work experience
    • Qualifications

    However, the above leaves a lot of questions for your would-be employers and doesnt sell you to your full potential. The following sections add a lot of value to your curriculum vitae and increase your prospects of getting the job substantially, if you get them right:

    • Objective statement
    • Skills
    • Interests and hobbies

    There are a number of other sections that you can optionally include we would suggest these are used as appropriate. These include for example Awards, Professional Memberships and Achievements.

    If youd like a step by step guide to a typical CV format, read our article: What is the best CV format?

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    Modern Cv Template Word

    Use this download template CV in Word, Photoshop or Illustrator. Easily add images to your resume by dropping your photos into the image placeholder. This two-column resume template comes with an icon pack to make your resume stand out. Modern CV Template for Word has a modern landscape design. It’s also got a skills section to show the hiring manager your skills. Plus, there’s a reference section. Try it out and see if it’s the best CV template Word download for you.

    Where To Find The Best Ms Word Resume Templates

    We’ve just shown you two lists of the best professional resume templates for Word. One from Envato Elements and another from GraphicRiver. Which source should you use for your resume?

    That depends.

    If you think you’ve found the perfect resume template for the job you’re targeting, then you’ll have to buy it where it’s available. While some items may be on both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, this isn’t always the case.

    If you’re not attached to any particular resume template design, then your decision will boil down to two options:

    • Pay a flat fee for unlimited downloads.
    • Pay for individual items a la carte.

    Envato Elements makes sense for you if you think you’ll be using several Microsoft Word resume templates. You’re also better off if you want to use premium fonts, images, and icons other than the ones already included in the template. If that’s the case, then Envato Elements is your most cost-effective option.

    A few other benefits of using Envato Elements include:

  • You arent limited to a single design as you can download as many resumes or CV templates for Word as you need and use a different one for each job application.
  • Easily customize the templates to your liking with other creative assets from Envato Elements. For example, you can easily download a beautiful and elegant or modern font to use with your resume or CV.
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    Black & Green Modules

    This free Microsoft Word resume template makes good use of the resume section headings. .

    This free resume template for Word is divided into easy-to-navigate sections. Plus, your skills are displayed in a nice manner. .

    Expert Hint: Your skills could easily set you apart from the rest of the candidates. Learn what skills to put on a resume.

    Clean Microsoft Word Cv / Resume Template

    Should Your Resume Have Columns? (+ Examples)

    This is a professional MS resume template Word design, which is easily editable. This professional CV format Word DOC has a clean look and includes a useful cover letter template. Extras like cover letters you’ll find only in premium designs show the value over CV template Word free downloads.

    At the top, it features a placeholder for your photo and text for your summary statement. This highly effective two-column resume template is also print-ready for immediate use. It makes for one of the best resume templates for Word.

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    What Should I Never Include In My Cv

    When it comes to writing your curriculum vitae, you need to avoid these common faux pas:

    An Australian study of 40,000 CVs submitted as part of real job applications, has revealed that two thirds of jobseekers cut their chances of impressing potential employers due to sloppy spelling. The research, conducted by job search website Adzuna and featured on, showed that 67 per cent of the CVs submitted contained at least one spelling error and 50 per cent had four or more. A simple typo might be enough to blow your chances.

    Save The Finished File

    Once youve finished making edits to your resume templates Word file, its time to save it. Here, you’ve got two options:

  • You can use the default Word format.
  • You can save the file as a PDF to enable viewing on more devices.
  • From Words File dropdown, click Save As. Give your resume a name, and choose either .pdf or .docx from the File Format dropdown. Finally, click Save. Your resume is ready to help you land your dream job!

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    Should You Have A Two

    When creating your resume, there are countless formats to consider using. While you may be familiar with the one-column format where everything reads like a list, there are more unique ways to present your qualifications. People who are design savvy may feel more inclined to use a two-column format for their resume. In this article, we explain what a two-column resume is and then share the pros and cons of using this format vs. a one-column resume.

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    Free Word Resume Template With Cover Letter

    Creating a 3-Column Header in a Resume

    This free CV template for Word is designed in the formal tone. Timelines, horizontal bars, and neutral color accents bring a sense of order to the layout. The free fonts used in this resume are Athene, Open Sans, Nevis, and Quilline Script Thin. In its package, you can also access a free cover letter.

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    Modern Cv Template For Word

    Modern CV Template has a nice pop of color to make your resume stand out in the resume pile. This format CV for Word comes with a matching cover letter. The resume and cover letter templates can be completely edited. Edit this template in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator. This professional resume format DOC also has a well-designed skills section.

    Resume Tips To Keep In Mind

    Before creating your resume, here are some tips to remember:

  • Leave Out ObjectiveIn todayâs world, most companies donât want to know what they can do for you but what you can do for them. Leave out the objective or replace it with information on how your skills and knowledge can help them achieve their business goals and why you are the perfect candidate.
  • Be VisualFilling out your details and using a plain-looking template is no longer enough. Nowadays, when majority of content we consume is visual, your resume needs to adapt as well. Use colors, timelines, skill bars or circles to show your background in a more visual way and stand out among other applicants.
  • Make Sure the Header Is ImpressiveThe header of your resume is the first thing recruiters see. Make sure itâs eye-catching and includes a design element that demands attention. Itâs also a good idea to list your LinkedIn profile or your website so they can see samples of your work.
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    It Won’t Help You Stand Out

    A common reason to use a two-column resume is because the applicant wants to stand out, or look more modern. As we explained above, these formats can actually make it hardly to digitally or visually scan, so it’s not a good way to stand out.

    Using a two-column resume format also runs the risk of running out of space for all your content. If you spend too much of your two-page resume on lines, columns, and white space, you won’t be able to fit in all the keywords and information you need to land the interview.


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