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How To Make Hostess Sound Good On A Resume

Restaurant Host / Hostess 59th & Lex Caferesume Examples & Samples

How To Build The Ultimate Professional Resume: Video Tutorial and Template
  • Commitment to building customer relationships and loyalty through personal interaction
  • Communicates customer requests or concerns and service flow issues with servers and manager on duty
  • Demonstrate knowledge of store products and services and use this knowledge to build sales
  • Effectively manages customers and seats guest at clean tables
  • Knowledgeable of servers’ duties and responsibilities, table numbers and station assignments
  • Answers phone and records reservations
  • Follows Food Safety standards and maintains work area and equipment in accordance with Health Department standards
  • Opens and/or closes area following appropriate checklist, verifies completion with Manager on Duty prior to leaving the area
  • Enjoy meeting and interacting with customers demonstrates an energetic and positive attitude
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, handle multiple priorities and learn new procedures
  • A team player who possesses the ability to work in a learning environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively with customers, peers and management
  • Experience in the Restaurant industry preferred

How To Write An Entry Level Waiter Or Waitress Resume

There are many restaurant businesses and they are always hiring servants. In most cases, this job is on a contractual basis.

Although experience is important in many jobs, it is not a top priority. This is because all new hires will be given training by the restaurant. Keep in mind that even experienced waiters still have to learn the restaurants menu, service system, and guidelines.

So how do you make your entry-level Waitress and Waiter resume stand out?

  • Utilize the resume objectiveShare your story to the recruiter. Why do you want to become a waiter? Are you paying your way through college? Do you want to support your parents and siblings?Even recruiters love a good story.
  • Highlight your relevant soft skillsPick out 3 personality attributes that best describe you and explain why these qualities make you the ideal candidate for the job.
  • If you did volunteer workCooking and serving food in a shelter or work as a waiter in a charity event, you can cite these instances as work experience.
  • Indicate work experience

    When preparing your resume, it must be customized according to the needs of the job. Do not submit the same one to another restaurant. Your resume should speak to the restaurant owner and compel him to hire you for the job.

    How Most People Write Bullets On Their Resume:

    • Responsible for handling a high volume of inbound customer requests per day
    • Managed day to day activities and long term projects for large corporate accounts

    FYI, those points above are from an actual resume of mine when I was applying for jobs in a new city from very early in my career before I became a recruiter.

    And that resume did NOT get interviews. It was a total failure.

    The big reason why: Its not listing any accomplishments. Its just stating what I was responsible for or what my boss assigned me to do.

    And thats a sure-fire way to blend in, get your resume skipped over and NOT get the interview.

    So now lets look at how those two bullet point examples above should have been written with more data, and a focus on accomplishments/results

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    Expand On Details In A Cover Letter

    Your resume and cover letter should go hand in hand, and the cover letter serves as a tool for explaining why you are transitioning professions.


    As you will see in my resume, I spent several years in the food service industry as a professional waiter. This gave me a practical way to pursue my education in graphic arts and design with a flexible schedule. Additionally, I found working in this capacity allowed me to hone my interpersonal skills and polish my approach to customer service. I believe these traits will serve me and my future employer quite well in the future.

    If you happen to be applying for a management job in the hospitality industry, you can also use your waiter experience to demonstrate your industry knowledge.


    Working as a waiter for several years gave me a unique opportunity to view the food service and hospitality industry from multiple perspectives. I recognize the necessity of detail-oriented scheduling, vendor negotiations, food safety issues and creating a unique and pleasurable dining experience for patrons.

    Being a waiter or waitress is often a high-pressure job that requires tact, patience and solid people skills. Whatever your new path in life, be proud of your career as a waiter and in your resume, play up the skills you acquired.


    How To Write A Waitress Resume

    Restaurant Hostess Cv Sample

    Writing a waitress resume is sort of like taking the orders for a table of eight. You have to be organized and succinct meaning short yet, you cant leave out anything important.

    A waitress resume should be one page only, and it should follow this basic structure:

    The resume header The resume summary The employment history section The education section The resume skills sectionThe header is the attractively designed section at the top of the resume that includes your name, occupation, address, phone and email. It may also include your photo, and perhaps your LinkedIn profile.

    Review some of resume.ios resume templatesto find a header you like. When you find a design that suits your taste, simply click on it and replace the text with your own information, and youll have a great start on a professionally designed resume.

    Before taking you through each of the other resume sections one at a time, let’s look at some important general considerations,

    Although your neighborhood diner may not use ATSsoftware to filter resume, some larger chain restaurants certainly do, and its always best to optimize your resume to respond to these electronic gatekeepers.

    ATS screening algorithms scan each incoming resume for certain specific phrases that employers expect to see on the resume of anyone who is qualified to do the job theyre offering.

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    Top Soft Skills For Your Resume

    There are tons of soft skills that you can include in your resume, but how do you know which ones to include? Here is a quick list of important soft skills you should list on your resume.

    Problem Solving Skills

    No matter what the job is, eventually something will go wrong and employers want to know that youre capable of coming up with a quick and effective solution. In fact, there are jobs that are essentially nothing but solving problems for the company, the clients, or both.

    Critical Thinking Skills

    Being able to think rationally and thoughtfully is the basis of critical thinking. Employers want workers who can think through a problem or a project and determine the best steps needed. Critical thinkers come up with new and better ways to work, making it an invaluable skill to put on a resume.


    Many organizations and industries covet employees who are dynamic and adaptable to every situation, or who have a natural ability to use a variety of methods and approaches in different circumstances to get the best end result.

    Communication Skills

    Whether its written or verbal, being able to communicate with your boss, coworkers, and clients/customers in all situations is very valuable. The better you are at it, the better results you will generate.


    Most jobs will sometimes require you to work with other people at some point, and employers want to know that you can succeed in a team environment. Some jobs will prize this skill more than others.

    What To Write In A Hostess Resume Skills Section

    The ideal Hostess is not just one with the experience, training, expertise, technical and fundamental competencies for the job. A restaurant business is in the hospitality industry. It is highly customer driven. You must have the appropriate behavioral profile or possess the right personality for the job.

    Here are the qualifications you should have in your Hostess resume skills section:

    • Educational Attainment a college degree is not required to become a Hostess. If you are a high school degree holder, you would need to present your GED score to the prospective employer. But if you want to move up the ranks and assume a position with supervisory capacity, you should have at least an Associate Degree in a related field.
    • Certifications restaurants will always appreciate candidates who have taken the time and made the investment for additional training. It tells the restaurant that you are driven and motivated to have a career in the industry.
    • Excellent communication skills the last thing diners want is miscommunication when it comes to their reservation. Communication is a 2-way street. You must be a good listener and an articulate speaker.
    • Highly-organized a busy restaurant may receive 60 calls before a busy shift. You should be able to organize and book reservations within a reasonable time-frame because other diners need to be attended to. In addition to bookings, you will also deal with inquiries and questions from guests and phone-in diners.

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    Restaurant Hostess / Host

    • It is most important to be at the hostess station and only leave when you are seating a guest
    • Always check menus before opening and replace any that are dirty or torn
    • One to three months related experience and/or training or equivalent combination of education and experience
    • Communicates customer requests or concerns and service flow issues with servers and manager on duty
    • Answers phone and records reservations
    • Experience in the Restaurant industry preferred

    Bonus Tip: Dont Just Use These Accomplishments In Your Resume Bullet Points

    Building a Hostess Tray Car Rig: 24 Pictures a Second

    As a final tip once youve gathered your list of accomplishments for writing bullets on your resume, think about other ways to use them to your advantage, too.

    For example, you could practice incorporating one or two accomplishments into your answer to tell me about yourself in interviews.

    This is also useful for answering, what is your greatest professional achievement?

    And you could also consider putting these metrics and accomplishments on your LinkedIn, especially your headline, which can help you get more attention from employers and recruiters.

    The bottom line is: The more familiar you are with your past accomplishments, metrics, and results, the more confident and impressive youll sound.

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    Hostess Resume Description Step By Step

    • List your work experience in reverse-chronological order
    • Add between 3 and 5 bullet points under each job youve had.
    • Now, reverse engineer the job posting you are applying for andrite down the key responsibilities and skills that they are looking for.
    • Think of the way you have shown in the past that you can handle those.
    • In each bullet point under your past jobs, describe quantifiable achievements that correspond to the key responsibilities and skills from the job ad.
    • Use resume action verbs and avoid passiveness: You were not responsible for greeting and seating customers. You greeted and seated 200+ customers a night.

    This all is called targeting your resume. And it works miracles.

    Lets say the job posting describes the following responsibilities: seating, greeting, managing tables and reservations, and general dining area preparation tasks.

    Take a look at these two examples:

    Don’t Leave Gaps In Employment

    Periods of under- or unemployment are not uncommon in our current workforce, and there are several techniques to address them effectively on your resume. If you’re stumped on how to work with these gaps yourself, a professional resume writer can work to equip you with the tools you need for your specific set of circumstances.

    Click on the following link for more resume advice.

    Professional resume writers know how to make a resume that presents you at your best. Learn more about TopResume’s professional resume-writing services here.

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    Next Steps: Write Your Own Resume Bullets

    If you read this article, you now know the difference between listing responsibilities and accomplishments on your resume, and how to use those accomplishments to write great bullets that will get you a , or an invitation to interview.

    Now its time to start digging up data and updating your own resume in the same style as the bullet point examples above.

    If youre unsure about your own past accomplishments and results, talk to your former boss or coworkers and try to gather data.

    For example, you could email a former boss and say:

    Hi < Name> . Im trying to go back and review the results of the work I did at < Company Name> . Do you know how many new clients we ended up getting from that final marketing project I led? And if not, who could I speak with to get this data?

    Its absolutely worth it. Youll have those facts on your resume for your entire career now, and you can talk about it in your interview answers too.

    If you follow these steps, youll get more interviews and will likely get hired for a better job.

    Understanding How Restaurants Hire

    Restaurant Hostess Cv Sample

    Compared to employers in other industries and larger organizations that use Applicant Tracking Systems sort of like robots that read resumes looking for key job qualifications most restaurants are a bit more traditional in their hiring practices. Job applicants email their resume or perhaps drop it off in person for the hiring manager to evaluate.

    That makes it important for your waitress resume to be reader-friendly and demonstrate quickly and concisely that you have industry knowledge and a teachable spirit. A top-caliber resume also increases your chances of working in a more respected restaurant, which translates to more customers and better tips.

    According to the National Restaurant Association , one in three Americans have their first job experience in restaurants. Nearly six in 10 adults have worked in restaurants at some point. Its a great way to start your professional journey.

    If youve worked in the industry for any length of time, you know one problem all kitchens suffer from is a high turnover rate sometimes as high as 75 percent. An employer can spend thousands of dollars each year hiring and training staff. When those new employees walk out the door, the owner loses a significant investment. That means you can up your chances of landing a waitressing job by constructing a resume that demonstrates your commitment and contribution to previous positions.

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    Hostessresume Examples & Samples

    • Able to work in all areas of Food & Beverage including Bar, Restaurant, Room Service and Conference & Events
    • Take and deliver customer orders, consistently demonstrating high levels of customer service
    • Prepare set ups for tables and/or rooms
    • Previous Food & Beverage and/or industry experience
    • More than 500 locations and nearly 200,000 rooms across six continentsInnovations include: pioneering the airport hotel concept, becoming the first coast-to-coast hotel chain in the US, and the first to install televisions in Guest roomsFlagship brand of Hilton Worldwide with properties in more than 77 countriesMore than 70 world-class resorts and more nearly 200 full-service spasHarris Poll EquiTrend®, Brand of the Year – Full Service Hotel for 2010 and 2011Number one C3global brand awareness in the hospitality industry
    • Follows outlet policies, procedures and service standards
    • Adheres to hygiene and sanitation standards of the hotel
    • Focused on guest needs, attention to details, calm and courteous
    • Stay current with all hotel services as well as VIP requests and special events
    • Execute tasks as instructed by the Front Office Manager or Front Office supervisors
    • Speak/write/read Dutch & English fluently
    • Demonstrate a knowledge of external locations, attractions and landmarks in the vicinity
    • Previous experience in Business Lounge Hostess in a hotel environment
    • Multi-lingual

    Target Your Additional Skills

    Including skills like communication skills, organization skills, software/technical knowledge and language skills are all abilities that can be used in a hospitality position. Stressing teamwork and organizational skills are key for creating an attractive hospitality resume, as most positions require working closely in teams and with other associates to complete tasks and manage customers.

    Now You know you have the skills, but do you know how to present them persuasively? Read our article to learn more about skills to put on a resume.

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    Training Center Hostessresume Examples & Samples

    • Maintains a personal, active relationship with Jesus Christ and is a consistent witness for Jesus Christ
    • Faithfully upholds BGEA in prayer
    • Consistently participates in daily BGEA staff devotions
    • Demonstrates behavior aligned with BGEAs Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, Hallmarks, policies, and expectations
    • Effectively represents Jesus Christ to those within both personal and professional spheres of influence
    • Responsible for making certain that each guest/visitor is welcomed and assisted as needed
    • Responsible for the gracious hospitality of all groups and participants throughout their stay
    • Responsible for assisting in preparation of services to each meeting location including setup of water service and minor cleaning
    • Responsible for keeping rest rooms clean and stocked
    • Assisting other Guest Services staff as needed
    • Other duties as assigned by Guest Services Coordinator-Hospitality
    • High school diploma or equivalent
    • One-year restaurant experience

    Hostess / Cashierresume Examples & Samples

    How to Write Air Hostessð© Cabin Crew ðâ?âï¸?Resumeð©â?ð Malavika Anand R ð©ï¸?Aircrews Aviation Ltd
    • Work is performed in an area which may be unusually noisy, crowded and hot or cold
    • Courteously greet each and every guest and welcome them to the restaurant
    • Ensure an excellent customer service atmosphere for all guests
    • Thorough knowledge of menu items, prices and the ability to describe all specials, service and style of the restaurant
    • Thorough knowledge of the restaurant station and seating chart
    • Thorough understanding of seating rotation
    • Entering all food orders in Infogenesis system
    • Settle all customer checks in the Infogenesis system accurately
    • Properly complete all cash or credit transactions as necessary
    • Understand sequence of service
    • Assist other staff as necessary to insure pleasant guest experience
    • Provide all guests with a copy of their receipt
    • Perform necessary side work and maintain a clean and orderly work space
    • Follow departmental rules to ensure safety, cleanliness and customer satisfaction
    • Always thank guests for their patronage and invite them back
    • Maintain proper uniform attire which includes proper name tags, Circus Circus ID, and Infogenesis card
    • Perform any additional duty which the management deems necessary to ensure smooth operation of the restaurant and maximize good customer experience
    • Performs other job related duties as assigned
    • Thank guests as they depart from restaurant and invite them to return
    • Answer restaurant phones as necessary and have excellent phone etiquette
    • Be able to give directions to guest on and off property

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