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How To Make Resume In Google Docs

How To Make A Professional Resume In Google Docs

How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (latest)

The internet is full of resume templates, ranging from free to professional templates with both ugly and great ones in each category. While there are also templates for Google Docs available, there is no better feeling than creating something from scratch and on your own.

Regardless of what you may have heard, Google Docs has plenty of features to make beautiful, modern documents with. It’s the perfect too to use to build your next resume with.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how make a resume in Google Docs with a professional design. We’ll make a great looking resume from scratch, and cover an easy to follow workflow from start to finish. Before we begin, you can preview the final resume design that we’ll be creating.

Do note that since Google Docs is a web app, you’ll need to be online in any modern browserI’d recommend to complete this tutorial.

+ Resume Templates For Google Docs

The problem with making a resume begins when you realize you spent hours trying to find a great looking Google Docs resume template. Our gallery eliminates this issue for good.

Stats dont lie:

Out of 4.3 billion users of the Internet worldwide, over 1.2 billion have an active Gmail account and, by extension, access to free Office Suite from Google.

One in four Internet users could be interested in using Google Docs resume templates.

Its really hard to find good quality stuff.

Thats why weve looked into every nook and cranny to bring you a selection of resume templates for Google Docs that are worth your time.

In this article youll see:

  • Simple steps to create a Resume in Google Docs
  • Handpicked selection of resume templates for Google Docs.
  • Practical tips on where to find the best ones.
  • Expert hints on resume writing and using Google Docs.

Save hours of work and get a resume like this. Pick a template, fill it in. Quick and easy. Choose from

What users say about ResumeLab:

I had an interview yesterday and the first thing they said on the phone was: Wow! I love your resume.PatrickI love the variety of templates. Good job guys, keep up the good work!Dylan My previous resume was really weak and I used to spend hours adjusting it in Word. Now, I can introduce any changes within minutes. Absolutely wonderful!George

Check Your Revision History

Along with automatically saving your progress, Google Docs enables you to check your revision history. This lets you see previous changes you made to your resume and restore previous versions if needed. To do this, select the text near the toolbar that states when the last edit that someone made to the document. Your previous revisions will open in a new window, allow you to identify the changes you and other uses made.

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Access The Google Home Page And Click On Google Docs

Using Google Docs requires accessing the internet, so ensure the device you are using, such as a laptop, desktop computer or mobile phone, has an internet connection. Access the Google home page, and select Google Docs. If you have a Google account, sign in to your account. If you do not, create a new Google account.

Creating A Great Resume

How to Make a Professional Resume in Google Docs

Google Docs has proven to be one of the best resume builder tools online. Its a free service that focuses on whats important.

The most popular resume templates it offers are exactly what a recruiter looks for when reading through many applications. Attaching a Cover Letter is a few clicks away too. Creating a resume using Google Docs allows users to focus on the content and not the layout of their job application.

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Introduction To Create A Resume In Google Docsattachment

Hi, Im Marielena, I work on Googles education team and live in Switzerland.

A resume is a valuable tool that can help you apply for jobs, internships, schools andspecial programs, or scholarships. In this activity, you will create a professionalresume. Your resume gives readers a first impressionof you and your qualifications.

It should be error-free, easy to read, and effectively provide a snapshot of whoyou are and how you spend your time.

Even if you dont plan to use a resume right away, organizing your experiences and listingyour qualifications are useful steps to prepare for any future need.

To create your resume, youll use a Google Docs template. A template is like a guidefor building your document.

Templates provide standard layout, design, and formatting elements. They provide a consistentstarting point for your projects. But your resume will be unique to you.

You will add your own background, skills, education, and experiences to highlight yourindividual strengths. Then, youll revise your resume to makeit even stronger and more interesting to a potential employer or educator.

Make sure you are signed into your Google account. If you do not have an account, signup for one now at Google.com.

Next, use the Google Apps menu to navigate to Google Drive.

Create a new, blank document.

Title your new document Resume Brainstorm.

Then, continue to the next video to begin brainstorming ideas for your resume.

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What Is A Google Docs Resume

A Google Docs resume is a professional resume created through the Google Docs platform. Google offers a free, web-based service that provides you with several resume templates to customise to your needs. The service is available to anyone with a device that has an internet connection. The templates give you a general layout that you can use to create your own resume for your professional needs.

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Designstudiotetis Resume Template On Etsy

If youre a designer or someone looking to break into a more creative field, this could be a good option. Its super easy to skim to find exactly what youre looking forand when hiring managers spend six seconds on your resume, thats crucial.

Good news: If these two Etsy templates dont do it for you, thats coolwe just chose our favorites. These sellers offer plenty of other options that might strike your fancy.

Cost: $6

Insert A Right Column For Your Education And Profile

How To Create A Resume Using Google Docs

It looks like we still a bit of work ahead, but the right side will be much quicker, as we’ll reuse some parts already created. Now select the whole left part of the table and copy it into the clipboard using the Ctrl-C shortcut.

Move the cursor into the right cell, and paste it using the Ctrl-V shortcut.

Change the label above the table to Education, and insert or type in the appropriate data. In our example, I have used only the first two rows. For that reason, I have selected the content of the other two rows, and deleted the text using the Delete key. However, the cells are still there.

Keep the rows selected, and select the Table > Delete row function.

Finally, we can copy and paste the caption above the table one more time, change it to Profile and add some plain text as shown below:

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Add A Divider On The Bottom Of The Page

The very last touch is to add a thicker divider on the bottom of the page. This time we’ll use a different method.

Select Insert > Table and select table sized 1×1 cells.

Open the table properties, set the Table border to 0 pt, Cell background color to blue and Cell padding to 0.

To change the table height, simply adjust the font size inside this table. Make it as small as possible, which is 6 pt. You may have to type 6 into the font box, since the drop-down menu options start at 8.

And that´s it! Zoom out your document to see the whole page and double check everything:

Create Your Professional Summary

Your professional summary is the section that falls right below your contact information and is the very first thing a hiring official will read so it needs to be spectacular.

In the example template, we begin with the action verbs, reliable, energetic and resourceful, from there list the exact title of the position youd like to obtain or list your current title.

Youll want to customize this section so that it is specific to you.

Mention how many years of experience you have in this industry and how your background and expertise are the ideal fit for the position. Make sure you also list how you can help the company solve their biggest problems.

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How To Export The Document As A Pdf File

Once you are satisfied with your result, name your document. Then, select File > Download as > PDF Document, and save the file to your computer.

Or, if youâd rather export in other formats, check out our tutorial:

With a professional resume design in hand, now all thatâs left is to send it off to the employer of your dreams. Good luck on landing the new position you apply to.

How To Make A Resume In Google Docs

Create a Resume in Google Docs

Here are the steps you should follow to effectively create and customize your resume with Google Docs:

  • Create a Google account or sign in to your existing one.
  • Go to Google Drive and proceed to the template gallery.
  • Choose your ideal template.
  • Fill in the template with your experience.
  • Create copies of your resume in Google Drive.
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    Insert Your Google Docs Resume Body

    Now weâll move onto the next step of how to make a resume in Google Docs and focus on the body. For the body of your resume, we also need two columns. The technique is still the sameselect Insert > Table and set it to 2Ã1 size.

    We do not want the table to affect the margins. Select Table > Table properties, and in the dialog, set the Cell padding to 0. This way we still get two columns, but no extra space around from the inside.

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    Miodocs Resume Template On Etsy

    If you want to up your game , this template has plenty of personality without being too much for the hiring manager to parse through. With its clean lines and seamless organization, you can easily highlight the stuff that matters most and make your name pop out.

    Bonus: It comes with a matching cover letter template to make your application that much more professional.

    Cost: $7

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    Does Google Have A Resume Template

    Google Docs Offers Free Templates for Resumes, Cover Letters, and More: Job seekers can use these templates as a starting point for their application materials. Templates Have a Variety of Benefits for Users: You may find it easier to get started on your documents when you have a template for a guide.

    What Are The Best Google Docs Resume Templates

    How To Make a Free Resume Template In Google Docs (2021)

    There are many resume template options in Google Docs. However, a few of them have stood out over time. Thats why they sit at the top of the resume template search in Google Docs. You can look for resume templates Coral, Modern Writer, Serif, Swiss, and Spearmint and see if any of them work for you.

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    How To Make A Resume Using Templates In Google Docs

    Google Docs provides a ready-made outline so it is easier to input your qualifications. By using a template, you do not have to worry excessively about the format and layout. All you need to do is prepare the details and make sure to keep in mind the following steps as well:

    1. Create a new document on Google Docs and click the File tab. Click New, then From template. This will bring you to the Template Gallery homepage.

    Note: You would need a Google account to take advantage of the free templates.

    2. Scroll down and you will find several templates for resumes. Choose a template to edit it.

    3. Edit the file name in the text box on the upper left. To edit the document, simply highlight the text to change the name. Add other important information including a contact number and an active email address. It is optional for security reasons, but you do have the choice to include an address as well.

    4. List your work experience in an organized manner. Arrange them in chronological order starting with the most recent one. Provide the company name and job position you held. Add in relevant skills and enumerate past awards or recognitions received.

    Tip: You cannot expect recruiters to immediately know what type of work experience you have just by the job title. It is helpful to provide a brief description below each work entry. As much as possible, use action-oriented language.

    6. Adjust the photo size and the pages spacing and margins, as you see fit.

    Who Is Zety Cv Builder For

    The Zety CV creator is a tool that anyone can use. If youre someone who is tired with formatting their application in a word processor or are pressed for time, then Zety helps cut down on how long it will take you to make a CV on your own. Weve heard success stories from job seekers in all industries. Interns, juniors, mid-level staff, all the way to c-suite executives. Even students writing CVs for college applications.

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    How To Make A Resume Using Google Docs

    Dont have Microsoft Word on your computer? Learn how to make a free resume template using Google Docs and check out the resume example!

    Additional links

    Add A Space In Between The Columns

    25+ Resume Templates for Google Docs [Free Download]

    For this step in how to make a resume in Google Docs we’ll add another section and fix a spacing issue.

    Looking at the Google Docs resume preview above, you may realize that the space between the work experience table and profile text is very small. It would be great to know this right from the beginning, but even now, the update should not take a long time.

    Place the cursor somewhere over the Experience label, and select Table > Insert column right. Warning: do not be scared, this will temporarily ruin the layout, as we’ll cover how to fix that.

    We indeed have three columns, but the middle one is too big and the other two are too small.

    Drag the borders on each side of the middle column to make it smaller, just like shown in the picture below :

    Select the work experience table, and select Table > Table properties. In here, set the Table border to 0 pt to make it invisible. Repeat the process for both the education table and the main table.

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    Rename The File And Download

    Finally, rename the file name by clicking the name of the template in the top left-hand corner. Once you’ve completed the resume and renamed the file, download it to your computer or device by selecting “File” and then “Download.” Typically, a PDF document is recommended for your resume. Refer to the employer’s preference that may be listed in the job posting before downloading your Google Doc resume and submitting it.

    Share The Link To Your Resume With Employers

    A huge benefit of using Google Docs resume templates is that you can quickly and easily with potential employers, recruiters, or friends.

    Just copy the link and paste it into an email. You can access the link sharing settings by clicking Share in the top right corner.

    Make sure that the share link is set to View Only, as you dont want the hiring manager to accidentally make an edit to your resume.

    If you plan to send the same resume to multiple companies, make sure you create separate Docs in your Google Drive. Its best practice to create a new resume for each job you apply to, plus youll avoid scenarios where multiple employers access your resume at the same time.

    When sending your resume by email, make sure to also include a strong email cover letter to maximize your chances of getting an interview.

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    Go To Google Drive And Proceed To The Template Gallery

    Once you’re logged in, click on “New” at the top left-hand corner of your screen, select Google Docs and click “From a Template.” You can also access these templates if you go straight into Google Docs. You can select “Template Gallery,” which appears near the top of the webpage once you click on the Google Docs application. Once you have access to the gallery, you can choose from a multitude of templates to personalize your resume.

    How To Use The Google Docs Rsum Template On A Mobile Device

    Creating a Resume on Google Docs

    It’s a lot more convenient to create a résumé on a computer the screen is bigger and it’s easier to enter a lot of text. But if you want or need to work on a mobile device, Google makes that easy to do.

    1. Start the Google Docs app on your phone or tablet.

    2. Tap the New Document button .

    3. In the pop-up, tap Choose template.

    4. Browse for the row marked Resumes. Here you’ll find the same five résumé formats that are available in a browser on the computer. When you find the one you want, tap it.

    Google Docs makes a copy of the résumé template and opens it as a new document titled Resume. You can now start editing and personalizing it.

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