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How To Mention Programming Languages In Resume

What Are The Must

Should you mention your niche programming skills in your resume?

Probability and Statistics

The theories of probability are the mainstays of the most machine learning algorithm. Being familiar with probability enables you to deal with the uncertainty of data. Getting a grasp of the probability theories like;Python, Gaussian Mixture Models, and Hidden Markov Models; is a must if you want to be considered for a machine learning job that centers around model building and evaluation.

Closely linked to probability is statistics. It provides the measures, distribution and analysis methods required for building and validating models. It also provides the tools and techniques for the creation of models and hypothesis testing.Together, they make the framework of the ML model building. This is the first thing to consider when building your machine learning resume.

Computer Science and Data Structures

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Programming Languages R, Python, Java

To apply for a job in Machine learning, you are required to learn some of the commonly used programming languages. It implements any language with the essential components and features, even though it is largely bound by concept and theory. Some programming languages are considered especially suited to complex machine learning projects. So, working knowledge of these programming languages adds value to your machine learning resume.

Dev Resume Dont: Drown Hiring Managers In Your Details

Attention to detail is an essential trait for programmers, but its best not to overdo it on your resume.

This year, I have seen multiple candidates with resumes over 10 pages long that are filled with technical details. Those resumes take a lot of work to understand. Unfortunately, some candidates list every technology they have ever interacted with on their resume, explains Brandon Vince, who works on strategic talent acquisition at Cisco.

In addition to losing hiring managers in your details, you also risk coming off as someone who cant weigh the importance of your own worka nonstarter for companies looking for programmers who can make a difference in prioritizing business goals. Your resume is meant to present you in the best light, not serve as a comprehensive transcript.

Java Web Programmer / Developerresume Examples & Samples

  • Analyze business requirements, and create technical design documents that are in accordance with the companys architecture standards
  • Assist in project scoping and sizing by identifying, documenting, and estimating technical tasks for projects of varying sizes and levels of complexity
  • Analyze and review other peer code and recommend improvements when necessary
  • Participate in resolving application and production defects and supporting testing efforts
  • Must have 2+ years work experience
  • Must have technical application development experience working on high volume transactional internet websites/web services
  • Experience with GitHub and Cloud Foundry is a plus
  • Flexibility and adaptive of change

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How To List Languages On Your Resume

So how do you list languages in your CV? There are several ways to include your language skills. Some of them depend on which of the three formatsof resumes you choose.;

1. Language Sidebar. Information on a resume sidebar catches the eye, making the reader feel like its in a special spot for a reason. If the position specifically calls for language proficiencyand you meet the mentioned proficiency levelconsider listing your languages in the sidebar.

In many of our resume templates, you can listskills and languages above the level of proficiency through the use of icons or bars. Either choose to create a full list of languagesif you speak multiple onesor meld skills and language list into one sidebar display.

In this case, it may look something like this:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

2. Within work experience. As you detail your skills and responsibilities underneath each job title, include a bullet point about your language use throughout the position. As always, stay honestif a past employer ends up as a reference, language use could come up.

If language is a large part of the job requirements, place it toward the top of your responsibility list. Hiring managers may be looking for keywords as they make their initial pass over your resume, and including these phrases prove you understand the level of language proficiency theyre looking for.

For example:

Product Manager, Super Solutions January 2014-January 2018

For example:

For example:

Do Not Lie On Your Resume About Your Language Ability

How should I list my programming skills in a resume?

Dont include language skills in a resume if you dont have them! If the required language is important for the job youre applying for, the interview or at least part of it is likely to be in that language. It could be incredibly awkward and embarrassing!

Even if you were to get away with it at the interview stage, you would be expected to be able to speak the language when you start the job. Once they discover that you cant and that you lied on your resume, you could be sacked.

Secondly, if it is not an important element for the job, it wont help your resume to stand out so it wouldnt be of any help to you. Dont lie on your resume!

If you have limited experience it can be tempting to lie. Dont. Knowing how to write an entry-level resume will help you to highlight your strengths and get to the interview stage.

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Dev Resume Do: Reflect

The most effective resumes convey a career plan. When putting together your resume, its important to reflect on your career progression and whether you are meeting your needs so that you can tailor your resume toward getting to your next step.

Here, having a goal that goes beyond a job description is essential, whether its to move to a management role, to go deeper in a more technical position, or to shift to a new domain, industry, or profession.

Once you have a sense of your path, tap your network to find friends or colleagues in roles similar to your target. Their tales of how they came to be where they are will provide insights as to how you should polish your resume in service of your goal.

How Do You List A Programming Language Certification On A Resume

If you went the extra mile and got a certification in a programming language, it is best to keep this in the certifications section. Include the certifying body, and list the date acquired.;

The relevant skills section should still include your years of experience with the programming language, but the certifications section will include a bit more detailed information about your certification.;

It is not necessary to list a programming language proficiency in both sections, but it is recommended to do so if one of the main criteria for a job involves said language.

This is to express both certified skills by an educational body, and applicable skills by a company or other professional body.;;

You may use an abbreviation for the month, or list it as a full word. When listed in the certifications section, proficiency in a programming language should look as follows:

  • Certified Associate in Python ProgrammingPython Institute ;
  • C++ Certified Professional ProgrammerC++ Institute

The last place you may put a programming language on a resume is in the experience section. This should only be done if you used that language in the specific job you are listing. Lets look at how this can be done:

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Approach #3: Splitting Out Not

The downside of having a list of languages and technologies is that it does not differentiate between ones that you are hands-on with, and ones where you would need a refresher. In this case, adding technologies that you are a bit more rusty withbut differentiating thesecan be an option.

Heres an example of this, where a person is applying for a position for a company that is heavy on Ruby. Theyve done this in the past and wouldnt mind picking it up again, but their Ruby knowledge is not on the same level as JavaScript and Java, which they both use day-to-day.

Languages and Technologies

  • Languages: JavaScript, Java, HTML/CSS, SQL
  • Technologies: React.js, Bootstrap, AWS

Languages On Your Resume As A Career Tool

How to Make an AMAZING Software Development Resume – Reviewing your submissions

How valuable are language skills on your resume?

As our world connects more and more every day, communicating with one another is becoming a higher priority. If youre already ahead of the game with fluency in a second or third language and it’s relevant to the position, this is a competitive advantage and you should consider including languages on your resume in the most effective way possible.

Consider this: Since February 2020, when the global pandemic began, FlexJob listings for remote jobs requiring bilingual workers have jumped 30%, according to TechRepublic.;

Being able to call attention to your language skills on your resume may just get you the opportunity youve been looking for.

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Statistical Analysis And Data Mining

According to statistics, by the end of 2017, there were 2.7 zettabytes of data in the digital universe. And by the end of 2020, 1.7 megabytes of data will be created per second per person on the planet.

Just to put things in perspective, there are 31,536,000 seconds in a year, and more than 7.5 billion people on the Earth.

The amount of data is gigantic, and there arent enough skilled people on the planet to take advantage of it.

Modern techniques like data mining, text mining, sentiment analysis, and statistical analysis are becoming popular to make use of the enormous amount of data available.

You can use data mining and statistics for so many essential things, including:

  • Analyze data and current trends
  • Study customer mindset
  • Take the right decisions for the business

Dev Resume Do: Consider Getting Certified

Formal education and certifications play a role in setting your resume apart, and sometimes that means broadening your scope.

If a software engineer is looking to work on Ciscos security products, it helps to have Cisco certifications, explains Vince. Certifications of note include the CCNA and CCNP. If a developer has the CCIE certification, thats amazing, Vince adds. Beyond Cisco certifications, I also take note of Network+ and Security+ certifications to demonstrate industry knowledge, he adds.

While its still under debate whether dev-specific certifications will give you an edge, if you are looking to work within a specific industry, going the extra mile to prove your interest and acumen can be worthwhile.

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Do An Administered Or Self

Depending on your level of skill and what the job requirements are, you should have some kind of objective gauge of your skill level.

The American Council on the Teaching for Foreign Languages offers proctored exams resulting in a recognized certification. This test is used by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, so whatever certification you get will be widely recognized. This test and certification doesnt come cheap, however.

If resources are an issue, you can do a self-assessment through the Interagency Language Roundtable , a service set up among U.S. federal government agencies to keep abreast of the progress and implementation of techniques and technology for language learning, language use, language testing and other language related activities.

The site hosts three test forms, one for spoken proficiency, reading proficiency and listening/comprehension proficiency:

This will let you list your language skill level with a precision many other candidates probably wont bother to the tests generate standardized designations 0-5 with a + added if youre in between skill level tiers.

Foreign Language Teaching Jobs

Programmer Resume Examples (Template & Guide)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were approximately 27,240 foreign language teachers in the American workforce in 2017.;Colleges and universities, junior colleges, and local governments are the leading employers of foreign language teachers.

Required proficiency framework: TheAmerican Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages; has created a series of guidelines used to evaluate ones functional language ability. This scale, commonly used both by teachers and employers to assess foreign language competency, analyzes proficiency in speaking, writing, listening, and reading.;

Heres an example:;

  • Foreign Languages: English ; Spanish

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Write About Your Professional Experience

Focus on your computer programming work history.

Focus on the jobs that relate to computer programming, as well as those that required transferable skills relevant to programming. List your experience in reverse chronological order, and include the dates of employment, location, and business name. To help your resume stand out, be sure to mention your experience working with Java, C++, SQL, C#, and HTML.

List your qualifications in reverse chronological order.

Your qualifications should be listed in reverse chronological order with the date of attendance, location, and full course name. Candidates that are still in the process of studying should omit the dates and replace them with “in progress.” A computer programmer is typically required to possess a bachelor’s degree in computer programming or computer science.

Focus on certificates in the field of computer programming.

Have you completed additional training courses? If so, add this to your resume to show screeners and employers that you’re always open to learning more and developing your skills. There are a variety of two to six-month courses available that focus on programming, coding, and SQL.

Where To Look For Certifications To Include On Your Resume

As with most skills on your resume, the best place to start looking is the job description itself. If you have any of the qualifications mentioned, list them clearly and prominently.

Our comprehensive database of skills and keywords allows you to search for a specific job and instantly pull up the skills you should be listing on your resume, including common certifications.

Network! The most reliable source of information is usually other people working in the industry. If youre new to the field or changing careers, this step is extra important our tips on how to ask for an informational interview will help you get started.

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From The Inside Out: What Recruiters Typically Look For In A Resume

Victoria Farelly, who recruited for Uber,, and ING explains how what recruiters typically look for in a resume is usually an extension of what the hiring manager asked them to screen for:

A hiring manager will often say to you, as a recruiter: I want these five things, and if a person doesnt have these five things, Im not hiring them. If youre a good recruiter, youre there to advise them on the market and advise them that we have enough resources to take someone who only has three or four of those five things. Perhaps we have the resources to train or mentor them. Or perhaps they’ll just pick it up in the first month.

When the hiring manager is more flexible on the must-have things, you then look at if people have worked in similar environments, or on similar problems. For example, when hiring for Uber, you might look for signs that this person worked on something at scale. Did they work in multidisciplinary teams? What technologies have they been working with? And Id look at not just your work projects, but also your personal ones. For example, if youve worked extensively with .NET at work, and knowing Java or Go is a must-have for the role, Id expect to see some of those languages somewhere else, like in the projects or technologies section.

For an actionable way to tailor your resume for a position, see the Keyword Check for That Position section within the Exercises to Polish your Resume section.

Language Skills Section Example

How to Make a Computer Science Resume (TIPS FROM FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE EMPLOYEES!)

Another good way to showcase your language skills is to set them off in a dedicated Language Skills section or table. This should be placed either directly after your summary of qualifications or at the end of the resume following the description of your education and training.

Foreign Language Competencies

  • English: Native
  • German: Professional Working Proficiency
  • Dutch: Professional Working Proficiency ;

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How Do You Put Programming Languages On A Resume


  • In the skills section.
  • Mention your stellar coding skills in one or two languages in the resume summary on top
  • Highlight those skills in the work experience section when discussing your achievements and responsibilities.
  • There actually are simple In the skills section. Mention your stellar coding skills in one or two languages in the resume summary on top Highlight those skills in the work experience section when discussing your achievements and responsibilities.

    Furthermore, is SQL a programming language resume? If you can list programming languages SQL, Java and Python on your CV, you’re laughing this year. Once again, it is SQL that’s proving the most called-for programming language in 2017, showing up in nearly 50,000 more Indeed job descriptions than last year.

    Thereof, how do you list programming skills on a resume?

    You can mention your programming skills in Skills section of the resume. If you want to more attention of the recipient, you should use proficiency level along with each programming language. Generally there are 3 levels- Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

    How do you put SQL on a resume?

    Follow these important steps to write a SQL developer resume that gets you a job:

  • Bind your SQL resume to the job. Read the job ad carefully.
  • Summarize your best accomplishments up top.
  • Add “other” sections that show you live and breathe SQL.
  • Tie up loose ends in your cover letter.
  • Right now, we have identified beginner programming skills as:

    What Employers Look For On An Ml Resume

    Apart from the must-have particulars, here is a basic checklist that can enhance your resume.;

    • A Bachelors degree in either computer science or in a related field.
    • A good amount of prior experience with GPU computing and data mining.
    • A general background in NLP and deep learning, along with their corresponding tools and techniques.
    • Basic experience with agile software development practices.

    And finally, some character traits that are looked out for also include:

    • Analytical and critical thinkers;
    • Clear communicators to translate and understand complex information
    • Problem solvers and innovators

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