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How To Put Degree On Resume

Other Details You Can Add:


Other aspects of your educational career that you can add to your education section include any honors societies or Greek organizations, for example, that you may have been a part of. Likewise, if you completed an important and relevant project that seriously demonstrates your skills and abilities, you can mention that project and the role you played in it. Again, these are only to be included if you just recently graduated and do not have much experience to include on the rest of your resume.

What about education you’re still working on? How do you include education you havent completed? You can write the name of your school and the degree toward which you’re working, as well as you’re anticipated graduation date.

Now that you know what to include in your education section, where does it go? Do you start with your education section or do you end with it and how exactly do you format it all?

“If you have more than five years of work experience, dont lead with the education section of your resume,” according to Live Career. “Hiring managers will be more interested in your work history and your accomplishments in your career than in your degree.”

Here are some tips for writing your education section on your resume.

Large Gap In Employment History

The most important question for this scenario is whether or not filling your education out on your resume would leave a large gap in your resume.

No gap, no problem.

But if you have a big empty space in the middle of your resume, you should absolutely draw the recruiters attention toward your education and the fact that you were doing something productive instead of working.

Some might worry But my education has absolutely nothing to do with the position Im applying for.

Dont fall into that problems trap. Any gaps in your resume are always a red flag for any potential employer.

Even if there are no applicable courses in your education, its better to include your incomplete degree, rather than leave a gap in your resume.

How To List Incomplete Or In

In-progress educationIf youre not finished with your degree, you can still include work youve done and when you plan to graduate. Employers are interested in what youre studying and any specific coursework or special recognitions relevant to the job. If youre still a student, place the education section just below your contact information and summary statement.

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Name of institution

If appropriate, consider adding these pieces of optional information:

  • Honors or other academic achievements
  • Your GPA, if its a 3.4 or above
  • Relevant coursework
  • Extracurricular activities or organizations

Here are a couple of examples of high school and college student education sections for reference if this is applicable for your situation:

Waters High School | Waters, VAExpected Diploma, 2019 National Honor Society, Vice President

University of Kentucky | Lexington, KYB.A. in Accounting candidate | Diploma expected 2019Prominent Coursework: Intro to Risk Management, Actuary SciencesHonors: Member, Phi Mu EpsilonJohnson Academic Achievement Scholarship

University of Alabama | Birmingham, AlabamaCompleted Coursework: Calculus, Accounting for Nonprofits, Finance 101 & 102

General Education Development CertificateCertification in Grant Writing, Notre Dame Online

Valley High School | Valley, MaineProfessional Development: Online Coursework on Photography Basics, Advanced Photography, Photography in History

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Kicks Two Cents: How To Make Your Education Section Stand Out

  • Consider adding subsections. If you have a lot of information to include in the education section, consider dividing it into subsections. You can divide it into Basic information , Awards and Honours, Certifications, School Organizations or Volunteer Work.
  • Keep ATS in mind. ATS normally uses school rankings to assess candidates. If youre still at school and have your university email address, use it to associate yourself with the schools reputation. Make sure to include the full name of the school together with its abbreviation, e.g. Massachusetts Institute of Technology .
  • Get certificates. If your academic background is not something you can be really proud of, get an online certificate from one of the top universities like Harvard or Yale. Then youll be able to use the schools name to your advantage.
  • Tell the truth. Its very easy for hiring managers to confirm whether your education is true or not. Also be honest about your grades. If youre not happy with your GPA, instead of making it up, rather leave it completely out of your resume.
  • How To List Degree On Resume

    Download How To Put Bachelor Degree On Resume Pictures

    Now that you know where to place education see how listing education on resumes works.

    The below provides the needed components to complete your sample resume education section. Include:

    • Type of degree granted
    • Field of study this may include your major and a minor. Some universities do not offer minors.
    • School, college or universitys name
    • Location consider omitting the location if the schools name contains it, or if you completed an online degree. If earned online, include the area of the main campus or office.
    • Graduation date or pending graduation date

    An optional category relates to your grade point average. Use the below guidelines to see if you should include a GPA:

    • If you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and you finished your degree within the last three years, but no more than five years ago, include it.
    • Include it if required by the industry, though some fields require a GPA of at least 3.4.

    Resumesbot Advice:

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    Should I Include My Gpa

    If you’re wondering when should you put your GPA on a resume, you shouldn’t typically include it unless you’ve just recently graduated and don’t have much experience to show.

    “If you earned your degree twenty years ago, it’s expected that you’ve done plenty in the meantime to demonstrate your relevance in the workplace and that your GPA is pretty much a defunct measure of your abilities. If you earned your degree recently, however, including your GPA can be a great move, but only if it is 3.0 or higher. You also can put down your major specific GPA if that was higher than you overall GPA . A lot of employers don’t actually care about your GPA, though there are some who will only consider you if you exceeded a certain level.”

    How To List Completed Education

    Recent Graduate If youve recently graduated, place your education section before or in line with your work experience. Your schooling is likely the most prominent piece of your resume, so it is acceptable to make this one of the first sections for employers to see. You can also include your attendance dates, any honors received and GPA if above 3.4. If you attended multiple schools, include the most prominent one where you were most involved. Heres an example:

    University of Hawaii, 20112016Bachelor of Arts in PsychologyBusiness Essentials CertificateTerry Scholar

    Experienced Professional If youve been in the workforce for several years, move your education section below your professional experience. Your interviewers will be more interested in what youve achieved in recent years rather than in your academic career. You can also remove more specific details of your education section like attendance dates and GPA if youd like. The more you can create interest around your work experience, the better. If you have advanced degrees like your masters or PhD, include those in rank order of level . In this example, the candidate included two diplomas:

    Atlanta Graduate School of Management | Atlanta, GAMasters of Business Administration Masters of Science in Information Systems

    University of Georgia | Athens, GABachelors of Accountancy

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    Option : Describe Projects

    Yet another possibility is to actually describe any course projects which are related to your target job. This can be a good approach for candidates who don’t possess much or any related work experience.

    For example, a person who is aiming for a job with a focus on information technology might describe a programming project which involved the creation of a complex Excel database. If you received any recognition for the project, or an outstanding grade, you could also mention those.

    Coursework in Information Technology

    Casleton High School, Castleton, VAHigh School Diploma, May 2019GPA 3.9, Honor Roll Each Semester

    It Aligns With The Position Youre Applying For

    How to show an in-progress degree on your resume.

    If your degree is relevant to the field or specific position youre applying for, its a good idea to list it on your resume even if its unfinished. This is more true the less experience you have in that field if your coursework, projects, or other degree-related activities highlight technical skills and experience recruiters are looking for, then its adding value to your resume and should be listed.

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    About The Authormatt Glodz

    Matt Glodz is the Founder and Managing Partner of Resume Pilots and a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

    After studying business communication at Cornell University, Matt worked within Fortune 500 companies, where he noted that qualified candidates were frequently denied interview opportunities due to poorly written documents.

    At Resume Pilots, Matt combines his business and writing background – which includes prior work for a Chicago Tribune publication – to craft resumes that give his clients the best chance of landing interviews. He works with clients ranging from CEOs to recent graduates and has been writing resumes for over eight years.

    How To List Degree On Resume With Minor On Resume

    Lets recap how to list a degree on your resume, including minor on resume. Below is a list of all the information you need to include when you list education on your resume.

    Key information:

    • Year and month of graduation
    • Major
    • Minor
    • Grade Point Average
    • Relevant courses
    • Relevant activities

    Investment Banking ResumeInvestment banking resume template. Learn how to write an investment banking resume with CFI’s free guide and resume template. The IB resume is unique. Its important to tailor your resume to the industry standard to avoid being immediately deleted

    Image from CFIs Free Resume TemplateInvestment Banking ResumeInvestment banking resume template. Learn how to write an investment banking resume with CFI’s free guide and resume template. The IB resume is unique. Its important to tailor your resume to the industry standard to avoid being immediately deleted.

    Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind when preparing your job application:

    • Run spellcheck and proofread it several times
    • Ask a friend or colleague to read over it and get their feedback
    • Keep formatting clean, organized, and professional
    • Use the same font and styling throughout
    • Provide enough detail about your education, but dont overdo it
    • Always tailor the information you include to match the specific job opportunity

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    Outdated Education On A Resume

    You should remove the year you graduated from most resumes to avoid age discrimination, but you should consider removing your older degrees for similar reasons. Even though it’s illegal to discriminate based on age at any stage of employment, your age will have an impact on your job search.

    Examples of outdated education:

    Some degrees are in programs that have been discontinued by the school, so you might be giving away more information than you think. Without much detective work, a hiring manager is likely to assume your age if you list a degree in an outdated field like radio advertising or home economics.

    Instead, list just the level of the degree and the institution. You do not need to include the year.

    Review Your Resume Carefully

    How to Update A Resume Free Download 55 Picture

    Once you are done with the initial writing, change gears for a while and then sit down to review your resume once again. Specifically, look for any gaps or vagueness that may leave the employer wondering about your expertise.

    Sprinkle in additional power words and keywords . Beef up your accomplishments and duties and re-check the texts for any grammar and formatting mistakes.

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    You Started College At One Place But Finished Somewhere Else

    If you attended college at one institution perhaps a community college and then completed your education in another place, you only need to list the university where you completed your degree. All the employer wants to know is which college supplied you with your degree at the end of your education they don’t necessarily care or need to know how you arrived at this place. Save that resume space for more important information.

    Keep The Focus On Your Accomplishments And Experience

    In the chronological resume format, the Work Experience section comes first. Thus, youll have plenty of room to make a solid impression before the HR scans to the bottom education part. Make this section the focal point of your resume. Speak to your accomplishments at every position you have held, quantifying them with relevant numbers whenever possible. Showcase that you have solid hard and soft skills, highly relevant to the announced position. Prove that you are a solid performer that can bring a tangible impact to the new organization.

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    How To Include A Double Major On A Resume: Steps And Examples

    If you achieved a double major while in college, it is often a good idea to include this on your resume when applying to jobs. A double major can highlight your knowledge and skills in the areas of concentration and can also help you stand out from other job applicants. In this article, we will discuss what a double major is, how to include a double major on your resume and templates and examples you can use as a guide.

    What’s The Purpose Of A Resume

    Resume Tips: Your Education Section

    If you are wondering whether you should include in your resume an MA degree you are still working on, or one you started working on some time ago and discontinued, it helps to think of a resume’s purpose.

    Your resume should put your best foot forward by presenting a concise summary of skills you have and things that you have accomplished that may be of value to your employer. The idea is not to provide a minibiography but to help your employer understand why it is in her best interests to hire you for the available job.

    You surely want to avoid claiming a degree you don’t have the news accounts of various high-profile individuals who have been caught out doing that make clear why that’s a terrible idea. So be sure, when you list your degree in progress that you make clear it is something you are working on or worked on some time ago but have not yet received_._

    On the other hand, you are trying to put your best foot forward. If you are presently working on an MA, you have already gained knowledge and skills that can benefit your employer. Even if you started an MA sometime in the past and quit before earning the degree, the coursework you completed or the work you began on your thesis gives you a knowledge-and-skills advantage over another applicant without any graduate-student credentials at all_._ You should include that graduate work in your resume.

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    How To List A Minor On Your Resume

    If your minor relates directly to the job youre applying for, it may be worth including on your resume. Listing your minor can help highlight relevant skills that can set you ahead of the competition.

    You should list your minor on your resume just beside your major. For example:

    DePaul University, Chicago, IL, December 2009-March 2013

    Bachelor of Arts, Major English Composition, Minor Journalism

    If you are including your GPA, it can go at the very end, beside the minor, like this:

    DePaul University, Chicago, IL, December 2009-March 2013

    Bachelor of Arts, Major English Composition, Minor Journalism

    How To List Education On A Resume

    Education is one of a few key sections employers look for on resumes. This information will inform interviewers of your background, which can be a helpful way to understand more about your fit for the role. If your education is particularly relevant to the position or includes any credentials that are required for the job, this section may quickly set you apart from other candidates.

    1. Name and contact information2. Summary or objectivec. Description of role and achievement4. Education5. Skills6. Optional

    You have several options when it comes to choosing where and how you list education on your resume. You can identify the best place to put your education on your resume by carefully reading job descriptions. This will often help you understand whether certain levels of education are essential, nice-to-have or unnecessary for each role.

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    Tips For Listing A Double Major On A Resume

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when including your double major on your resume:

    • Only list additional educational information, such as certifications or coursework, that are relevant to the position.
    • If you are new to the workforce, list your education first on your resume. This helps to emphasize your education and the knowledge obtained through it rather than highlight the fact that you have little to no work experience.
    • Be sure to preface your double majors with a signifier such as “double major in” to ensure the reader can clearly understand that you are listed two separate majors.

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    If Its Relevant To The Position

    Two Master

    If your unfinished degree is relevant to the job youre applying for, include details that show your hiring manager the experience and knowledge youve gained from your education.

    Include any relevant coursework or the number of credits completed in your education section. You should also include any academic achievements that demonstrate excellence in your field of study.

    Heres an example of how to list unfinished college on your resume if its highly relevant to the job:

    UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Ann Arbor, Michigan2018-2020, GPA: 3.8/4.0Completed 75 credits towards a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a specialization in Urban Planning

    • Awarded the Abrams Family Internship Scholarship for my internship at Ann Arbor City Government Planning and Development Department.

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