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How To Send A Resume For Reference

How Many References Should I Include On My Resume

How to write a great resume – How to handle references

None would be best. But if youre going to do it anyway, three is ideal, two is too few and four is too many. So lets just say three. It all depends on the employers request and the seriousness of the position youre applying for. The rule of thumb is: think long and hard on whether you want to include references on a resume and how many to include, based on your personal circumstances.

Write A Brief Clear Subject Line

Follow any subject line formatting instructions that are given in the job description. If none are given, write a concise subject line that will let the recipient know exactly what the email is about. Here are a few examples of subject lines:

Resume Job Title Your NameResume: Your Name for Job TitleYour Name Resume: Job Title

How To Attach References To A Resume

How do you attach references to a professional resume? There are many times in your life when you might be asked to attach professional references to your resume-either at the beginning or during the application process. In either event, you need to know how to do it successfully, as it could mean the difference between getting the job and not.

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Making A Secondary Name Drop

Even if you dont have a direct reference, you can still attach yourself to people, places and things in such a way that you gain a professional boost.


I was at a chamber of commerce luncheon last week and heard your CEO Bob Puckett speak about the challenges of re-branding campaigns. He said youre always looking for innovative new minds, and as such, Im sending you a copy of my resume for consideration.

If youre including letters of reference with a cover letter rather than just indicating where you got your lead, note the fact in your verbiage and attach the letter to your email or regular paper mail. Include the simple statement, Enclosed, please find a letter of recommendation from Henrys Restaurant owner Michelle Henry.

If one of your “names” lands you a job, be sure to connect later and express your appreciation. Your gratitude and professionalism will be remembered.


How To Write A Cold Email To A Recruiter


How to reach out to a recruiter to start a conversation: Your best option for making the first contact is a cold email or cold LinkedIn message. You want to keep your message brief and direct and show that you have a specific reason for messaging this particular recruiter. This will boost your chances of getting a response.

You dont want to seem like youre cold emailing 50 different recruiters, because if thats the case, then none of them will want to put a lot of time or effort into helping you. Most recruiters in staffing agencies get paid when you accept a job, and if 50 other recruiters are submitting your resume for jobs, their odds arent very good. So theyll focus on helping someone else.

So to start, say something like,Hello NAME. I saw you recruit in the XYZ industry here in Chicago.

That way, they know its not just a cut & paste email.

Next, tell them a bit about yourself and what your background is in, and what type of move youre looking to make now.

For example, you might go on to say, Im a Sales Team Leader over at ABC Company, but I may be looking for a change in the next couple of months, so I thought to reach out to see if it made sense to work together.

Next, heres how to end your email to the recruiter:

Conclude by asking them for a time to talk, and telling them you can provide them with more info on the call. This will boost your chances of getting their attention and getting them on the phone!

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Determine How Many References To Include

The number of references you list depends on your career level. For example, if youre entering the job market for the first time, you may only need to list three references. However, if youre applying for a more senior role, you will want to consider a longer reference list with contacts from different points in your professional history. Often, employers will provide instruction on how many references theyd like to hear fromin this case, follow any guidance youre given during the hiring process.

Keep in mind that the recruiter may not contact all references on your list. In some cases, they may only call one or two. But having a selection of different types of references ensures they have plenty to choose from if one of your references is unavailable.

Use A Clear Subject Line

The;subject line;is the first thing the employer will see when deciding whether or not to open your message. Make sure your subject line clearly states the purpose of the message so that the employer does not mistake it for spam, or otherwise overlook it. The subject line should include the job title and your name and should be edited for spelling errors. For example, it might be:

  • Job Title Your Name
  • Administrative Assistant Resume – Your Name
  • Communications Director Position – Your Name

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How To Email A Resume To Get A Job

Heres the deal

Emailing a resume to the hiring manager rather than applying through online forms on job boards can put you in front of most of your competition.

There are two reasons for this:

  • An email with a resume feels personal. Hiring managers are tired of reviewing those hundreds of identical online applications.
  • It lets you escape the Applicant Tracking Software trapinstead of getting scanned by robots beforehand, your resume is delivered directly to a human being.

Follow these resume emailing steps:

Tips For Sending Your Resume To An Employer Via Email

How to write References for Resume in Free Resume Maker App #10

When applying for a job by email, double-check the instructions in the job listing to make sure youve ticked all the right boxes. Is your resume file in the correct format? Do you need to include a or can the body of your email be your cover letter? Do you need to use a specific subject line or quote a job reference number? Getting these small details right will help ensure your resume is looked at and considered for the role.

If there are no specific instructions about how to send your resume via email, stick to the following:

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What To Include In Your Email

Remember, people are busy, and most of us get tons of emails every day. Make sure the recipient knows this is a priority by utilizing the subject line of your email. Put your name and what youre asking for in the subject line of the message.

For example, Subject:;Jeff Doe Reference Request will let the reader know who the message is from and what it is about, which will increase your chances of it being opened and read in a timely manner.

Start with a greeting: Begin your request with a;salutation;and the persons name, followed by a comma or semicolon.

Request the reference: On the next line, begin the body of the letter, where you ask for the person to be a reference. This is also where you should mention the nature and duration of your relationship, especially if the contact isnt one you are frequently in touch with.

Explain the details: You should also provide some details about your job search, such as what the job is, why youre asking for their endorsement, and how this job is a good career move for you.

Mention attachments:To conclude, mention any additional materials you have attached, such as your resume and a copy of the job description or posting.

Relay your thanks: Be sure to thank them for their time and consideration.

End with a closing and your signature: Your email;closing;should be followed by your name and contact information.

Attaching Files Resume And Cover Letter

This should go without saying but, dont forget to attach your resume to the email!;

Consider whether its relevant to also attach your cover letter. When you apply for a job in bigger companies you may actually benefit from sending your cover letter as;well as your resume. Just remember not to repeat yourself too much in your email body and your cover letter.

Avoid naming the attachments generically or randomly. Names like;fghjvh.pdf;orresume2.pdf;can make it hard for the hiring manager to find these documents later.Name your attachments in a way that makes them easy to find; Name_Surname_Resume.pdf;and;Name_Surname_Cover_Letter.pdf

The best format for sending your resume and cover letter is .pdf or .doc. We suggest saving your documents as;PDFs, since its a universally accepted file format, its easy to open and will not distort the formatting of your documents.

Keep in mind that files should not be larger than 10MB. Otherwise;they might be considered suspicious.

Key takeaways:

  • Resume and cover letter need to be sent as attachments;
  • Name your attachments in a way that makes them easy to find;
  • Save documents in the PDF format;
  • Files should not be larger than 10MB.

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How To Email A Recruiter: Examples Tips Templates

If youre sending an email to a recruiter, there are some things to know if you want them to respond .

So after working for almost 5 years as a recruiter, Im going to share how to email a recruiter with email samples, examples of what not to do, and more.

What well cover:

  • How to cold email a recruiter
  • How to email a recruiter for a job posting you saw online
  • How to email your resume to a recruiter
  • How to respond to a recruiter email after they contacted you
  • How to end an email to a recruiter for best results

All with proven email templates so you can hit send worry-free.

Lets get started

When To Provide A Reference

Resume Examples References

For most jobs, a reference is a crucial aspect of the vetting process. For some, though, its not incredibly important, and theyre not very interested in checking references. Because you cant be sure which one the job youre looking for will be, have your references ready in case they ask.

A good general rule is to have your references printed out to bring to your job interview. Of course, if your potential employer asks for your references before that , you should supply it at that time.

Since the hiring process can go fast, have your references in line right away when you apply for the job. Dont wait for a potential employer to ask for it to start putting it together. Instead, follow our guide to getting killer references below.

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Whats A Personal Or Character Reference

Depending on the position youre applying for, the application or interviewer may ask for a list of personal or character references. This is just like it sayspersonal. These people should be able to speak to who you are as an individual, so they should be someone you know relatively well. You want them to be able to share your personality and character with a potential employer.;

While its a good idea to have a list of personal references just in case, you should only share them if specifically asked. Good examples include:

  • Teachers, professors or advisors

  • Neighbors;

  • Coworkers you know on a personal level

When reading an application or speaking with an interviewer, make sure you read carefully and youre clear whether they would like professional or personal references. That way you can provide them with the exact references theyre looking for, and the best ones to help you get the job. In most cases, theyll request professional references.

Should I Include References If My Resume Is Too Short

No, a short resume is not a good enough reason to start listing references on a resume. If youre just starting out in the world, like a high school or college student who hasnt even graduated yet, pump up your resume with your academic achievements, summary statement, internships, volunteer work and/or job-related skills. Tell your own story, and dont expect someone else to tell it for you via references on a resume.

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When Should You Email A Recruiter

There are a variety of situations where its appropriate to email a recruiter, and we looked at many of them above with sample emails you can send. To recap, heres a list of scenarios where you should email a recruiter:

  • You saw them post about a job that interests you
  • You saw that they recruit in your industry/city and youd like to talk about possible opportunities
  • They contacted you about an opportunity and it sounds interesting
  • Youve already spoken with them and youre waiting for feedback about a job
  • You sent them your resume and youre waiting to hear if they have any opportunities that fit your skillset
  • You spoke to the recruiter in the past, it didnt work out at the time, but youd like to reconnect to see what opportunities theyre working on

These are far from the only situations where you should send an email to a recruiter, though. So if in doubt, send that email! Theres no harm in trying, and its far worse to sit at home worrying and second-guessing yourself.

As for the best time of day to email a recruiter, its not worth stressing over. Morning or lunchtime might be best, in my experience, but many recruiters check their email throughout the evening, too. And if not, theyll see your email first thing in the morning.

So the best time of day to email a recruiter is whenever youre ready to send your message.

How Do You Choose People

Should I include references on my resume?
  • Select people who honestly know you and will speak objectively.
  • Avoid using family members or close friends as references.
  • Avoid references that may be controversial or may concern the employer. This includes clergy, counselors, or social workers, less they are relevant to the job.
  • Someone who is influential in the community or business may be an effective reference, if they can speak about you related to employment.

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Who Should You Ask To Be A Reference

Most companies will ask for two or three references from a candidate, so its always best to have at least three ready to go. Some prospective employers may request a certain mix of types of references, but generally you want to list former managers and former or current colleagues; if youre earlier in your career and dont have many former managers, you could list professors you worked closely with. If youd be leading a team, you may be asked for a reference from a former direct report. For some client-facing roles, like account management, companies might want to hear from a former client or customer, so be sure to read up on the norms for your industry.

How To Choose The Best References

You probably know many people who would be willing to act as a reference for you, and its a good idea to give some thought as to;who will be the best at endorsing you;for the position for which you’re applying. Its also important to have a;list of references;who will respond to reference requests in a responsive and timely manner.

Professional and employment references;are a good choice, mainly because they have seen you in a corporate or work environment. They can attest to your work skills, and how you interact with colleagues and supervisors. They may even have a contact at your target company.

Of course, there are times, especially when you don’t have many professional references, when using a;character or personal reference;might be a good choice. Academic references are also an option to choose.

If you dont have a lot of experience in your chosen field, or if your last supervisor wasnt your biggest fan, you may want to seek references from alternative sources. If someone you know personally has a contact at your target company, that can be very useful as well.

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How Do I Find A Hiring Manager’s Email Address

Instead of scouring through LinkedIn making connection after connection, you can take another approach. There are a variety of techniques and online applications that can give you solid guesses at an individualâs email address.

As long as you have the name of the hiring manager and the name of the company, youâll be able to make an educated guess.

How To End Your Email To A Recruiter

references page format for

The best way to end your email to a recruiter is to sign off with, Best regards or Thank you, and then your name. You can see this in the email examples above. One more note: Before ending your email, make sure you addressed everything the recruiter asked for. If they requested your resume, you should either attach it or explain why its not attached .

If youre writing a cold email to a recruiter and not responding to them, then you should make sure youve clearly and directly asked for what you want before ending your email. For example, you could say, Please let me know if it sounds like a good fit to work together, and we can set up a time to talk this week.

Thats called a Call to Action a direct request for them to reply with specific information.

When cold emailing, always end your email with a Call to Action. This improves your odds of hearing back. This is a tactic that professional marketers have used for years, and you can use it in your job search, too!

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