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How To Send Resume Through Email

Keep It Short And Straight To The Point

How to Email a Resume

No one has enough time, especially the HR manager, to battle a wall of text on your email. Thats the reason why you should be straightforward right from your opening. So no fancy narratives, and no jokes, either.

First and foremost, mention how you find the offer through someone. For example:

My dear friend Michael Frank mentioned that you have an opening in your marketing department, and he thought Id be a good match.

After that, show your interest in the position. Just because you get the job offer through someones reference doesnt mean you are the recruiters first choice. But who is the good match is the thing that matters. Prove you are!

Format Your Cover Letter And Cv

Name your files succinctly and clearly, e.g. ‘joe-bloggs-cv’ or ‘joe-bloggs-cover-letter’. This is the first time an employer will encounter you, making it important that your materials are both professional and easily identifiable.

Before choosing your file format, ensure you read the job description thoroughly to see if the employer prefers a certain file type. You should always send the format the employer asks for.

Otherwise, there is no clear-cut answer for which format is best for emailing your CV. Generally, the best format in which to send your CV is a Word document. A PDF is often acceptable, but PDF files are not always compatible with applicant tracking system software. As a result, employers using this software may not be able to properly read your CV.

Therefore, the safest and surest way to go is to save and send your CV as a Word document unless PDFs are specifically requested.

Consider Your Resume Length

Resume length is a controversial subject. Most resumeexperts agree that a resume should be kept short. Unless you’ve got many years of workexperience, one page is probably long enough.

While you may be tempted to list complete details for everyposition you’ve ever held, keep in mind that most HR professionals decide veryquickly whether to move your application forward in the hiring process. It’s inyour best interest to edit out any irrelevant details.

For a complete discussion of resume length, read this Envato Tuts+ tutorial:

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Finding Company Contacts On Linkedin

If you don’t know a contact within the company, you stillmay be able to find the name of the hiring manager on LinkedIn. Once you’ve gota name, invite them to be a connection firstthis lets them see your profileand acquaint themselves with your qualifications.

Meanwhile, apply for theposition through the conventional means, then send the hiring manager a short note mentioning your interest in working forthe company. Quickly explain that you applied for the position and why you feelyou’re qualified.

With any luck, the hiring manager will respond and start aconversation with you. If your LinkedIn profile looks good, they may search foryour resume in the pool of applicants or ask you to send it directly to them.Either way, you’ve met your goal of getting your resume in front of a real person.

For guidance on how to set up a professional LinkedInprofile, study this article:

What To Write In Your Resume Email Key Takeaways

14 Ways On How To Get The Most From This Sending Resume ...

Sending your resume attached to a well-written email can be a very effective strategy. It can help you find a way around ATS algorithms that filter out unsuitable resumes before they can even get to an HR employee for evaluation.

So how do you write one?

  • Before you start writing the email, make sure you know who to address. Knowing the hiring managers name will make the email feel more personal and decrease the chance of it being forgotten.
  • Your resume address should sound professional. Send your resume email early on a Monday morning for maximum effectiveness.
  • We have provided you with email templates. No matter which one you choose, remember keep the email short, informative and professional.
  • Attach your resume and cover letter in the PDF format and name them in a way that makes them easy to find, for example Name_Surname_Resume.pdf and Name_Surname_Cover_Letter.pdf
  • After you have written the email and attached the documents, ask someone to proofread it for you to avoid any grammar errors and typos. Lastly, send yourself a test email to check the formatting and test download the files.

After you send in your resume, cover letter and your job application, wait for a couple of days before sending a follow up email.

Christys Word of Advice

Christy Morgan, Resident HR Expert

Concluding thought even if you construct the perfect email to send with your resume, you still need to make sure you have an impressive resume and cover letter.

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Sending As Email Attachments

  • Create your resume and cover letter in a common word processing program such as Microsoft Word, or in RTF , or as a PDF.
  • Make the resume and cover letter separate attachments. Give them names the employer will associate with you once they are downloaded, for example: AustinJaneCvrLtr.doc, not CoverLetter.doc and AustinJaneResume.doc, not Resume.doc
  • Be absolutely certain that your documents are free of viruses. Send them electronically to yourself and to a friend to make sure they’re easy to open, the formatting stays correct, and they’re virus-free.
  • In the Subject line, put the name of the position for which you are applying. In your email message, briefly say why you are writing. Ask the employer to contact you about any trouble opening attachments. For example:

Dear Mr. Rogers:I am applying for the position of Grant Writer at Friends of the Earth, which I saw posted recently on I’m extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity and believe I am well qualified. My cover letter and resume appear below, and are also attached please let me know if you have any trouble opening the attachments. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely,Jane Austin

How To Email A Resume To Get A Job

Heres the deal

Emailing a resume to the hiring manager rather than applying through online forms on job boards can put you in front of most of your competition.

There are two reasons for this:

  • An email with a resume feels personal. Hiring managers are tired of reviewing those hundreds of identical online applications.
  • It lets you escape the Applicant Tracking Software trapinstead of getting scanned by robots beforehand, your resume is delivered directly to a human being.

Follow these resume emailing steps:

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How To Email A Resume: A Few Tips To Keep In Mind Before Sending The Email

Before you start writing, ask yourself this: Who is the person youre writing to?

Try to find the hiring managers contact details so you can address them by name. A slightly more personal approach can decrease the chance of your resume being forgotten or disposed of.

Remember that your email address needs to be professional. Emails like julezizcoolz@yahoo may have been cool in 2005, but not anymore. Instead, create a professional email address that consists of your first and last name.

You should also consider when to email your resume. In general, you want your email to be among the first ones they receive that day. This means you should send it very early ideally before 8am.

The same applies for days of week. The later in the week you send your email, the lower the probability that someone reviews it. This is why you should send it very early on a Monday morning.

Naturally, do not put off applying if its a first come first serve kind of job application.

Key takeaways:

  • Look up the hiring managers contact details
  • Your email address needs to be professional
  • Send it on a Monday, ideally well before 8am

Find The Hiring Managers Contact Details

Brassaii’s How to in 2 – Sending a Resume via Email

First, you need to find out who to reach:

Emailing a Resume: How to Find the Hiring Managers Contact Details

  • Start with the company website to find the name and email of the hiring manager.
  • Google Manager, for example Acme Company IT Manager.
  • If all fails, call the company and directly ask for your hiring managers contact details.
  • That doesnt work either? Go to LinkedIn to see if you can find their profile there. Send and invite saying you would like to apply for an open position with their team. Theyll most likely be happy to share their email address and even if not, at least youll no longer be anonymous.
  • Once you get the right contact details, you have the gold opportunity.

    Hi there Carrie!

    When I was a little girl and my mom used to be a subscriber of Cosmo, every month, as soon as she got her copy, Id sit down next to her, marvelling at the pictures on those magical pages. Ever since, Ive dreamed of becoming a member of your team.

    Get this:

    The email you send with your resume might reach the hiring manager in a hurry. Be prepared for that. Make your point clear from the beginning.

    The good example above? This ones going to be saved for later reading.

    The bad one? Already deleted.

    Theres personalized message and then theres creepy oversharing.

    Alright. You got their attention. Now…

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    Professional Thoughtful And Simple Ways To Get Yourresume Noticed Via Email

    Hiring Managers view the effort you put into a job application to be a direct reflection of the effort youd put into the job. If youre lazy or skip the details when it comes to sending your resume out for consideration, what other shortcuts would you take if hired?

    Here are 5 things to look out for when sending a resume via email for consideration of an open job position.

    How Do I Find My Hr Contact Information

    Do a search. Sometimes you can find a contact by searching human resources in quotes along with the name of the company. You may find the name of the HR Manager speaking in trade publications or in other articles on the web. Also, you can find valuable contacts in the marketing collateral for industry trade events.

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    Write An Effective Subject Line Its The First Thing Theyre Going To See

    Sure, the subject line is just a tiny part of the whole email. However, its also the very first thing the recruiter is going to see. Thats why you want the subject line of your resume email to be absolutely spot on.

    First of all, check the job posting for instructions regarding the submission. There may be a preferred subject format the company uses. If thats the case, then you need to stick to it.

    If there are no instructions, you should stick to the standard format for subject lines:

    • Subject: Job application Job title, Job ID Your Name
    • Example: Job application Office Manager, Job ID #1553 Ian Lumberjack
    • Example : Referral from John Wick: Job application Graphic Designer, Job ID #1554 Nina Hughes

    If someone recommended you for the job, definitely make this clear in the subject line. You can add your title or qualification if you wish but remember, keep the subject line succinct.

    Prepare Yourself Before Writing The Email

    sample email to send resume to recruiter

    Analyze the job posting.

    Make sure you have read and re-read all the job posting’s requirements and prepared the relevant documents to the hiring manager’s specifications.

    Find out the name of the hiring manager.

    If they haven’t provided the name of the hiring manager in the job posting, try contacting the company to find out who to send your resume to, or search for the HR team online.

    Sign up for a professional email address.

    If you don’t have a professional email account, consider signing up for one with your internet service provider or an online platform like G Suite.

    Be sure to select a suitable username, such as or

    Formulate an appropriate subject line.

    Write an appropriate, concise, eye-catching subject line. Hiring managers get thousands of emails, and you’ll want to make sure yours stands out.

    Address the hiring manager by name, if possible.

    Addressing the hiring manager by name is a great personal touch, and might convey that you’ve done your research.

    Keep your email brief.

    Do not include a full cover letter in the body of your email, unless instructed to do so. Simply give the hiring manager enough to want to keep reading.

    Convey your enthusiasm for the job.

    Without resorting to flattery, convey your enthusiasm for the position and the company. You can do this subtly in the way you express how you plan on adding value. Do your research and suggest ways you can use your skills to the company’s benefit.

    Be polite and concise.

    Send a test email to yourself.

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    Resume Via Email Template

    Need to apply for a job by email? Follow this email template as a starting point and be sure to tailor it to suit the job you are applying for, while also following any specific instructions in the job ad.

    Email subject:

    Email body: Dear ,

    Please find attached a copy of my resume and a cover letter for the position at , as advertised on .

    With years experience in and a proven record of , my goal is to leverage my expertise to help succeed in achieving .

    I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this exciting opportunity further.

    If you need any additional details from me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Yours sincerely,

    How To Format An Email Cover Letter

    Wondering how to format your email cover letter? Youre not alone. Once youve written your incredible cover letter providing more information on your expertise and how it relates to the job youre applying for, its vital to format it correctly before sending it to any recruiters. If it isnt formatted correctly, you could be missing out on the job opportunity.

    Regardless of the cover letter template youve chosen, make sure to include these key components when formatting your email cover letter:

    • Write a subject line that includes the position youre applying for
    • Address the company contacts name in the salutation
    • Clearly state what youre hoping to accomplish in the first few sentences
    • Summarize your strengths, skills and experience by connecting them to the job opportunity
    • Use a font thats easy to read
    • Avoid typos in your message by proofreading
    • Include a signature with your contact information
    • Always send a .pdf file rather than a word doc or other format

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    Follow The Employer’s Instructions

    When you apply for jobs via email, the employer may require you to send your resume and cover letter as an attachment to an email message. It’s important to send your attachments correctly, to include all the information you need so your email message is opened and read, and to let the receiver know how they can contact you to schedule an interview.

    What’s most important is to follow the employer’s instructions and send exactly what they have asked for in the format it’s requested. If you don’t, your message may end up in a spam or trash folder.

    Name Your Documents Appropriately

    How To Email A Resume In A Professional Way?

    Sending a resume with a generic title like Admin tellsthe hiring manager a couple of things you have a few versions of your resume and arent ashamed of it, as you shouldnt be. However, its one of those unspeakables, like when your parents assumed you did something as a kid, but you never officially talked about it. This also means you probably embellishedcertain parts of it, in this case, the administrative duties. The parenthetical could throw people offnot to mention the misspelling of ad in thefirst sentence.

    Try this: We encourage candidates to have several versionsof their resumes available to send out for specific jobs. For example, if you are an admin who did alot of office management work in addition to your admin duties, you should havetwo versions, one highlighting admin-heavy tasks and another highlightingoffice management tasks, and even a third which incorporates both. Each resume is specific to a job opening. For example, if an employer is looking for an office manager, send the resume which highlights your management experience. Renameyour resumes with something simple and generic when youre sending themout. LastName, First Name Resume works for us.

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    Mention Youve Attached Your Application Materials

    Actually writing out please find attached my resume or something similar in your email body reminds the hiring manager not to overlook your resume.

    If you use Gmail, typing attached or attachment into the body of your email causes a pop-up to appear if you forget to attach a file.

    Sending your email without attaching your application documents is embarrassing and makes you appear disorganized.

    With most hiring managers seeking employees who have great organizational skills, coming off as disorganized doesnt bode well for your chances of getting hired.

    With So Many People Looking For Jobs The Slightest Edge In Your Resume Presentation Has Potential To Make Or Break Your Chances

    How a single email can help cure your inbox bloat. When you start a new job, one of your first things you should do is build relationships with your coworkers. Skip to main content how to access multiple datasets have questions? If your video is too big to attach to an email, upload and send it from free cloud storage provided by google, microsoft, yahoo and other free email providers. The good news is that today’s technology makes faxing possible without a. These common email constructions are making you look unprofessional every day, more than 205 billion emails are sent around the world. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site. Despite how easy it is to jot off a quick note from your phone and connect with anyone instantly, there’s. However, before you read any more of this article, it must be said, in the spirit of full disclosure, that surfing the internet is one. Can you show me an example of a resume?. An official website of the united states government means it’s official. With so many people looking for jobs, the slightest edge in your resume presentation has potential to make or break your chances. There are few bigger time wasters at work than email.

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