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How To Upload My Resume In Cognizant

Q Is It Possible To Apply For More Than A Single Job Position At The Same Time With Cognizant

How to Upload Resume on LinkedIn (2020 LATEST VERSION) | LinkedIn Resume Upload

A. Yes, Cognizant allows candidates to do it as the company believes that every individual reaching them with the requirement of a job brings multiple talents and strengths that can make a difference to the customers. So, if a candidate feels himself/herself fit for multiple positions, he/she can feel free to apply to land in any position.

Resume Formatting Matters In Applicant Tracking Systems

When you upload your resume into an applicant tracking system, the recruiter wont necessarily view the file. Some ATS parse the document into a digital profile to make things uniform and searchable.

This causes big problems for job seekers.

Many ATS parsing algorithms are outdated and unintelligent, causing your resume information to get distorted or lost. This means vital keywords or details might not be imported. Imagine your most important qualification slipping through the cracks!

Modern ATS are starting to get away from this practice, but some popular systems like iCIMS still do it. In order to create an ATS-friendly resume that is parsable by these outdated systems, be sure to keep section headings simple, use consistent formatting for your work history and dates, avoid tables, and use a .docx or .pdf file format.

What Happens After Ive Submitted My Resume

  • The recruitment team reviews submitted resumes, and the shortlisted candidates are contacted for further evaluation. However, walk-in applications are welcome.
  • For Leadership and Support positions, candidates are encouraged to submit ther resumes before walking in. This is to ensure we have acitve openings, candidates who cleared the resume screening are being contacted for further evaluation.
  • An independent agency conducts a detailed educational and personal background check on candidates of interest before the offer is made.

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How Am I Evaluated For A Job At Cognizant

To ensure that we find the best applicant for each open job, we use a rigorous evaluation process during recruitment. Our team of recruiters will assess your application to determine the extent to which your references match the requirements of the job. In the event of a good match, a recruiter will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Applicant Tracking Systems Are Everywhere

Cognizant  fake offer to freshers

Most large corporations utilize applicant tracking systems. Jobscan research found that 98% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS;while a;Kelly OCG survey estimated 66% of large companies and 35% of small organizations rely on recruitment software.

There are dozens of different ATS, each with their own features, strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. Here are just a few of the top ATS:


If youre applying to a large organization, chances are youll face an ATS. If youre applying through any online form, youre applying through an ATS. Even job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn have their own built in ATS.

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What Are Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking system software provides recruiting and hiring tools for companies. Among other functions, these systems collect and sort thousands of resumes.

Read full article:What is an applicant tracking system?

When you apply for a job online, your resume isnt typically going directly to a recruiter or hiring manager. Its first being processed by an ATS. Whether that human recruiter ever sees your resume could depend on how well your resume is optimized for ATS algorithms.

Job Posting For Oracle Financials Ebs Technical Architect At Cognizant Technology Solutions

Job Duties:

  • Manage, maintain, grow and support the existing application base in accordance with controlled systems development lifecycle and global design standards
  • Create Change Control requests containing well written instructions for code migration
  • Troubleshoot and performance tune slow running software components
  • Monitor health of EBS components: Database, OAcore, Workflow engines, Concurrent managers and mailers
  • Test and modify workflow approval functions
  • Develop AME rules
  • Develop and configure concurrent programs

Job Requirements:

  • 15 years of experience in Oracle Financials modules including General Ledger, Account Payables, General Ledger
  • Ability to design and build modular, scalable, testable enterprise systems in Financial Services domain
  • Experience writing code in PL/SQL, Java, Shell Scripts, Oracle Application Framework , XML Publisher, Oracle Business Intelligence, Web Based, Oracle Workflow
  • Good knowledge in Oracle EBS technical concepts and good functional knowledge

Employee Status :Shift :Travel :Job Posting :

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How Will I Know When A Job Matching My Qualifications Becomes Available

It is essential that you keep your contact information and resume as up-to-date as possible on our website. We recommend you upload a revised resume any time your skills change. This will ensure that when a position is available that matches your background and qualifications, you will be notified immediately.

We will contact you via email or phone when a hiring manager expresses an interest in your resume or when a suitable position becomes available. You can also search through all our available positions here.

Things You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

How to upload your resume

Learn how ATS work, what they do to your resume, and how to beat ATS so that your resume gets seen by the decision makers who schedule job interviews.

What do you know about applicant tracking systems?

If you think the first obstacle to getting a job interview is a recruiters judgment, youre not seeing the whole picture. 99% of Fortune 500 companies and a growing number of small and mid-sized businesses filter resumes through an applicant tracking system before someone takes a look if they ever do.

Learn how ATS work, what they do to your resume, and how to beat ATS so that your resume gets seen by the human decision makers who schedule job interviews.

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Does Cognizant Perform Background Checks

Yes, we carry out a thorough background check with regard to education, previous positions, and references. We also check whether applicants have a criminal record. For some functions, we also check credit history. You will be informed if a verification of your credit history is required. In addition, some applicants may have to undergo a drug test.

What Opportunities Are Offered For Training And Development After I Am Hired

Training and development is strongly encouraged at Cognizant to help you grow and advance. We offer a wide spectrum of learning and development programs to help you augment and enhance your skills and capabilities, and adapt to varied business challenges. These include:

  • Specialized training programs to support the integration of all hires into our dynamic business environment.
  • Focused online and instructor-led courses to develop knowledge on domain, technical expertise and soft skills, supported by internal and external certifications.
  • Leadership development programs to build and nurture a pool of successful industry leaders.

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Beware Of Fraudulent Offers

Some job candidates have reported receiving fraudulent offers after posting their resumes on certain websites and portals from people posing as Cognizant employees. These notifications may involve promises regarding the selection process. In some cases, prospective candidates are asked for payment as a condition for consideration. The documents may appear legitimate, with our company logo or personal details taken from social networking pages. They may include a job description and salary details.

Cognizant does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process and has not authorized any agencies or partners to collect any fee for recruitment.

Our core values include integrity and transparency. We are committed to an open hiring process, and we are not connected with these types of services or individuals. We are not liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of dealing with such entities.

If you receive any offers you suspect are fraudulent, please email us at

What Happens Once I Have Submitted My Resume

  • The recruitment team evaluates the submitted resumes and contacts applicants on the shortlist for further evaluation.
  • Applicants for technical positions undergo technically oriented interviews with experts. Applicants may be invited to perform a written or online test during the assessment.
  • Before any offer is made, an independent agency carries out a detailed check on the education and personal background of potential applicants.

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How Should I Format My Resume

  • Minimize use of fancy formatting such as nested tables and headers or footers, as this will affect our systems ability to read your resume content.
  • Don’t use spaces or other characters between the letters in names and titles.
  • Don’t embed graphics or pictures.
  • Saving in .txt format is ideal.
  • Keep content in a single column.
  • Always include start and end dates for your previous work experience.
  • List skills used in each previous job under each previous job description.

What Opportunities For Training And Development Will Be Offered To Me Once I Am Employed

  • Specialized training programs for the integration of all employees in our dynamic business environment.
  • Targeted online courses with internal and external certification in which, with the help of instructors, you develop your knowledge of domains, technology and soft skills.
  • Programs for the development of leadership skills to create successful market leaders.

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For Freshers And Experienced Professionals

  • Once you submit your resume or once you apply for a job position, the recruitment team at Cognizant will review all the resumes received for the opening.
  • Then, the team will contact the shortlisted candidates for further evaluation.
  • In case, you have applied for a technical position, you will have to undergo technical interviews with technical experts at Cognizant. During the assessment, you might be asked to take an online test or written test.
  • Once you get through the interview and test, an independent agency will conduct a detailed personal and educational background check on you and other candidates, who have been selected before the company issues the offer letter.

To make sure that Cognizant hires the best candidate for each position, the recruitment team at the company adheres to a stringent evaluation process when hiring. So, the team of recruiters from this tech giant will evaluate your application to identify how closely your credentials match the need of the role for which you have applied. If it is found by the team that you are a good fit, you will be contacted by the recruitment team to take it forward.

To complete the recruitment formalities, you will have to confirm your acceptance of the job offer made by Cognizant. Once the company receives your confirmation, they will start initiating your onboarding process. On the basis of where you are located, you will be asked by the company to furnish suitable documentation before you join.

How Applicant Tracking Systems Work

How to Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn 2021

Applicant tracking systems collect and store resumes in a database for hiring professionals to access. Resumes may also be stored long after the original job you applied for is filled.;Corporate recruiters or hiring managers can then search and sort through the resumes in a number of ways, depending on the system theyre using.

Viewing Applications

Some recruiters still choose to glance at every job application that comes through their applicant tracking system. In this case, most take a quick glance at the applicants past highlights, job titles, and companies. They can make a determination about whether they want to learn more in about 6 seconds. Its important to make sure your top skills and qualifications are easily identifiable.

Automatic Rankings

Some applicant tracking systems can automatically compare your resume to the job description. For example, Taleo calls this feature Req Rank, which ranks each applicant based on how well their resume scores based on the job description.

Candidates ranked based on job requisition match in Taleo.

Instead of reviewing each and every application, the recruiter can focus squarely on candidates the ATS has identified as a great match.

With Jobscan, you can see how well your resume skills match up with the job description. Get your match report.

Keyword Searches

A common way recruiters filter resumes in an applicant tracking system is by searching for key skills and titles.

Administrative Assistant AND data entry AND payroll

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Why Employers Use Applicant Tracking Systems

Top employers hire for several jobs at a time and receive hundreds of resumes for any given opening. Because applying for a job online is easier than ever, many of these applicants are unqualified and figured it was worth a try.

Applicant tracking systems keep all these resumes in one place, helping recruiters and hiring managers stay organized as well as EEOC compliant. In theory, these systems also save time by automatically surfacing and highlighting top candidates. In reality, ATS do help hiring professionals narrow their applicant pool, but top candidates slip through the cracks.

CATSone ATS applicants

How Do I Convert My Wps Resume To Doc

  • Open your resume file. It should open in Microsoft Works Word Processor.
  • In the program window, click the File menu at the top of the screen and select Save As.
  • In the Save As pop-up window, the Save as type pull-down menu should currently display Works Document . Click on this field to bring up a menu of other format options. At the bottom of the list, select Word 97-2003 Document .
  • Now you should find a copy of your resume, saved as a Word document , in the same folder where your Works resume was saved. You should now be able to successfully upload this Word resume file.

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How To Beat Applicant Tracking Systems

There is no universal trick to beating applicant tracking systems. Getting past an ATS and landing a job interview requires a well-written resume that is mindful of ATS algorithms as well as the people pushing the buttons.

Heres our simplest advice for how to beat ATS:

  • Dont use tables or columns as they often cause major parsing errors
  • Use a traditional resume font like Helvetica, Garamond, or Georgia
  • Dont use headers or footers as the information might get lost or cause a parsing error
  • Use standard resume section headings like Work Experience rather than being cute or clever
  • Save your file as a .docx if possible

How Do I Connect With Recruiters

sol resume

Once you have submitted your resume, our sophisticated job matching software will notify our recruiters when we receive a job that is well-suited to your skills and work experience. A recruiter will then either email or call you to see if you are interested and verify that you are qualified for the position.

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How Can I Reformat My Resume Into A Txt File

These instructions are currently for PC users only.

  • Open up your resume so you can view its contents.
  • Next, click on the Edit menu again and select Copy or press Ctrl + C to copy the text.
  • Now open up Notepad by clicking on your Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad.
  • Once the program is open, click on the Edit menu and select Paste or press Ctrl + V to paste your resume text into the new, simple text document.
  • Finally, click on the File menu, select Save As, and save your resume onto your computer. Now you should be able to successfully upload this newly created text file.

Cognizant Training And Development

In their career with Cognizant, candidates are recommended to take up training and development programs. So, the company offers a wide spectrum of development and learning programs to employees to help them enhance and augment their capabilities and skills and to adapt themselves to varied business challenges. These include:

  • Leadership development programs to develop and nurture a pool of successful industry leaders.
  • Instructor-led focused online courses to develop knowledge on the specific domain, soft skills, and technical expertise. Most importantly, these initiatives are supported by external and internal certifications.
  • Specialized training programs for supporting the integration of all employees into the dynamic business environment at Cognizant.

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Does Cognizant Conduct Background Checks

Yes, we conduct a thorough background verification process for our new hires to primarily validate their educational qualifications, previous employment details and references. We also ensure that our new hires do not have a criminal history.For some positions, we also verify credit history. You will be notified if credit history verification is required. Additionally, some candidates may be required to take a pre-screening drug check.

Cognizant Off Campus Drive

How to Save Your Resume as a Microsoft Word File

Cognizant Off Campus drive will be held from time to time across the country in designated offices of Cognizant for the posts of Graduate Trainee, Programmer Analyst Trainee, and Engineer trainee for 2020 & 2021 batch of M.Tech /MCA/ B.Tech/ B.E/ M.E/ any other graduates.

Candidates must check and satisfy the eligibility criteria such as minimum pass percentage of 50% in academics from 10th to 12th and 60% in Graduation/ Post-Graduation and the gap in academics should not exceed 1 year after 12th and should possess strong oral communication and written skills.

The candidate can follow the below mentioned steps for easily applying for Off-Campus Drive, given below is the Cognizant Registration Process

  • Visit the official website
  • A screen appears, find the Cognizant Off Campus Drive
  • Open the link and go through the entire details
  • Enter the required information and apply for the nearest location possible
  • Recheck the entire details entered
  • Save the registration form safely
  • Take a print out too

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Applicant Tracking Systems Are Here To Stay

During the Great Recession, employers were flooded with applications and wanted features that discouraged and filtered out unqualified candidates. This resulted in many of the bloated application processes and indiscriminate filters found in ATS today. Unfortunately, improving unemployment rates wont mark the end of ATS.

While outdated systems are still in use at some large companies, we are seeing new ATS being developed for the modern age. As employers fight for the best talent, candidate experience is becoming more of a priority. Automation and ranking systems arent going away; theyre just becoming more technical as recruiting software begins leveraging AI.

An ATS-optimized resume is the first step to getting past the bots and face to face with an actual person.;Jobscan tests and researches common ATS to help job seekers avoid the traps of these systems, from the outdated to the cutting edge.

Scan your resume to see if it stands up against ATS:;

Versions of this article were published in 2015 and 2016 by James Hu. It was rewritten and updated for 2021.



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