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How To Write A Resume For College Internship

Education On Internship Resumeexample

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out for Internships | The Intern Hustle

The internship wants skills in: programming hardware knowledge mobile computing

B.S. in Computer Science, John Carroll University20142018

  • Pursued a passion for programming and software development classes.
  • Member, Student Chapter, Association for Computing Machinery
  • Received Robert B. Carver Senior Award for computer science excellence.
  • My podcast on mobile computing was downloaded 1,800 times.

That college internship resume sample nails it. The achievements show youre just short of prodigy status.

Expert Hint: Is your college internship resume experience still learning its ABCs? List education accomplishments like clubs, groups, and projects as if theyre jobs.

What To Include In Your Resume

Here’s information on what to include when you’re writing your resume as a college student or recent graduate.

  • Focus on education. Emphasize your academic history. Along with the name of your school and degree, include any achievements, such as a high GPA or any academic awards. If you have taken courses related to the job youre applying for, list those as well.
  • Include relevant jobs. Think about the skills and experiences required for the job you want. Include any internships or jobs where you developed these qualities. Even if your work experiences arent directly related, think of ways to highlight experiences you had that are relevant to the job you want. For example, you might include a former job as a cashier if it helped you develop customer service or leadership skills.
  • Include extracurricular activities. Because you likely have limited work experience, emphasize any non-work activities. These might include clubs, sports, babysitting, volunteer work, or community service. All of these activities can show your skills and abilities.
  • Include leadership experience. Have you held a position in a club, or been a captain on a sports team? Have you had any leadership responsibilities at your previous jobs? Be sure to list these experiences, as they show your ability to lead a team.

If You Havent Had A Job Before

Let us take a look at this from a different perspective. As a student, you may not have formal work experience, but you have probably worked on some projects during the course of your studies.

You may change the title of this section to Major Achievements or Major Projects and fill it with the projects you have done or participated in as part of your courses.

You may think that these projects should be written in the education section.

Thematically, yes.

However, if you do not have any work experience whatsoever, extracting pieces of information about university projects to a separate section will create an impression of you having experience in the field of interest.

This may be a trick that will grant you the desired internship.

If you want to add more detail here, you may include special information about each project, such as your role and duties, the results and achievements that concluded the project, and any other relevant information.

Take a look at one example:

Heritage High Newspaper

Reporter | May 2016 May 2017

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How To Write A Resume For A College Internship: 7 Best Practices

You are about to graduate from college and are looking for internships to gain some real-world experience. You search for roles and finally find an internship that matches all your requirements and gives you an opportunity to grow.

Bingo! Thats exactly what you needed.

But wait, they need you to submit a resume. Now youre thinking, I hardly have any experience. How do I write a resume for college internships?.

Well, here we are.

Original: In this article, we will tell you how to write a resume for a college internship and increase your chances of getting that interview call.

Responsibilities For Winter Accounting Internship Resume

Internship Resume Samples &  Writing Guide
  • Fully proficient in oral and written English, functional French
  • Intermediate MS Excel and MS Word required, MS Access knowledge is an asset
  • Maintain and record business transactions
  • Balance ledgers and prepare reports
  • Perform bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Analyze transactions and make necessary adjustments

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Focus On Staying Positive

It can be hard to keep your chin up during your job search when weeks turn into months. And, when the competition is fierce, its easy to believe that as a new college graduate you have less to offer. Johnson reminds recent grads to try to remain positive and stay focused on what they do have to offer. Comparison is the thief of joy after all and, in Johnsons own words, no one is unemployable.

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Need help with building your personal brand? Check out our step-by-step guide on personal branding.

How To Write A Compelling Objective Statement

The secret of writing a great career objective statement for a resume is to understand what is important to the employer.

You need to know the major qualities, skills, expertise, education, background, knowledge, etc. that the employer is expecting from the intern they are looking for.

You can get this information from the job description which the employer published along with the job advert.

Knowing this fact will help you to highlight the appropriate qualities and skills that you have in your objective to immediately get the employers attention when they start reading your resume.

To help you better and quickly learn how to make an effective objective statement for your internship resume or cv, here are 22 examples you can study and apply:

1. Flexible individual with good knowledge of marketing strategies and procedures. Looking to obtain an internship position with Baggin Groups to add to this knowledge and to gain experience.

2. Forward-thinking individual with refined interpersonal and multitasking skills. Looking to join a progressive organization as an intern to provide assistance in marketing activities.

3. Seeking an entry-level internship position with Merry Inc. Bringing outstanding dedication to the organizations affairs while gaining experience on the field.

5. Self-motivated student seeking an internship position in a good organization where my potentials will be fully discovered while working for the company dedicatedly.

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Write About Your Achievements

Dont forget to write about the certificates, awards, and recognition you have been awarded during your school and college years. It shows your employer that you are sincere, dedicated, and motivated in your career pursuits. Include your academic achievements, projects including competitions such as inter-college sports, quiz or debate, etc., and detail how you participated in these competitions.

Some career coaches believe that you should emphasize your academic skills, suggesting that you put your educational qualifications in a separate section so that the employer notices them. They also suggest that achievements such as high GPA and academic awards such as Best Student, Academic Excellence Certificate, or Merit Certificate should be highlighted in this section.

Fill Out Your Education Section With Extra Details

How To Make an Internship Resume Example | Microsoft Word

For jobseekers with work experience, a resume education section would normally be placed near the bottom of their resume and include only basic information.

However, because youre writing a student resume for an internship, your educational experience is likely greater than your relevant work experience at this point in your life.

The education section of your internship resume should highlight the following information:

  • GPA: Including your hard-earned GPA tells the manager that you can be trusted to produce quality work on a deadline.
  • Relevant Coursework: Listing your relevant coursework gives employers a better idea of your existing knowledge and skill set. Remember to only list classes relevant to the internship youre applying for.
  • Honors & Awards: Adding academic-related awards shows hiring managers that other professionals have recognized your hard work and accomplishments in the past. For example, you can include Deans list on your resume if you made it multiple times.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Including extracurricular activities on your resume like clubs and sports showcases additional skills you may have, like leadership and communication.

Details about your education should be the focus of your student internship resume. Because you lack professional experience, fill out your education section with as much information as you can thats relevant to the internship you want.

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Experience For Accounting Internship January Resume

  • Learn about relevant financial assertions of balance sheet accounts while assisting in the preparation of account reconciliations
  • Gain meaningful exposure to the production of internal and external financial reporting
  • Support financial auditors in requests for accounting documents
  • Passion for finance or accounting areas
  • International mindset approac and team working attitude
  • Present enrollment in an accredited 4-year accounting program
  • Completion of the Intermediate Accounting sequence or its equivalent
  • Top 100 CPA Firms in the United States Accounting Today
  • Track record of contributing to your teams success

Resume For Internship With No Experience

Summary Statement

Creative college graduate with BA in Communications seeking internship in marketing and design firm. Interested in refining social media management and video production capabilities in a productive cooperate environment to garner professional experience. Thoughtful, ambitious, and eager to grow in professional field as a team player.


American Bistro Bar & Grill, Oberlin, OH

Prepared drinks for patrons with courtesy and engaged service Crafted and named signature cocktail specials Expedited drink orders at server station Increased sales 15% over four months by upselling clients with premium spirits and local craft beer Designed sandwich board and menu graphics, increasing foot traffic Increased social media presence and followers with photos of new menu items and special event promotion Facilitated in new employee training, including bar and server staff, including menu items, POS protocol, and client interaction Participated in weekly staff meetings to discuss new menu items and promotional events to encourage stronger sales

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College Student Resume Formats

One of the hardest parts of building your resume as a college student is the phase where you’re staring at a blank screen. The “getting started” part can be so overwhelming because you’re not sure what your resume should look like, let alone what should be in it!

When it comes to formatting your resume, the best advice is to keep it simple. You need to use the resume format that will most convincingly make the case that you deserve an interview for the role you’re applying to.

In short, your resume should likely contain the following sections:

  • Header: This is your name and job title. Have your job title match the title of the job you’re applying to.
  • Resume objective: We talked about this above, a quick summary of your skills and what you’re looking for.
  • Education: As a college student this should clearly include your anticipated graduation date, your field of study, and relevant classes.
  • Skills: List 5-8 technical skills relevant to your career.
  • Work experience: If you have any relevant internships or part-time jobs, mention them here.
  • Projects: Did you do any side-projects or projects for class that demonstrate your competency? Include them here.

Not all of these sections need to be included on your resume. Your resume should focus on your strengths.

If you don’t have much relevant work experience then you can omit that section in favor of talking in more detail about your projects or your classwork.

Formatting guidelines for your resume

Impress Hirers With Your Achievements

Internship Resume: Examples, Template, &  How to Write Your Own

An effective way to compensate for your lack of experience is by highlighting your achievements in school or in other outside endeavours. These could be academic distinctions, awards won in or outside school, contests you may have joined, or projects you were involved in. Make sure to cite concrete achievements.


1st Place Winner, Malaysian Poetry Week logo design contest

Directed and edited graduation video for James Institute class of 2020

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Education On An Accounting Internship Resume

Make sure to make education a priority on your accounting internship resume.If youve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your accounting internship experience.For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master’s in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Besides the doctorate, Masters degrees go next, followed by Bachelors and finally, Associates degree.

Additional details to include:

  • Year of graduation
  • Location of school

These are the four additional pieces of information you should mention when listing your education on your resume.

Ow To Write A Resume Without Work Experience

I need a job to get experience, but I need experience to get a job. This vicious circle often scares students and graduates. How do I start the job search? Start with the best resume possible!

This guide will show you:

  • How to create a perfect resume without work experience?
  • How to decide which information to include in your resume
  • Great samples to use if you are a student or just are looking for your first job and have no work experience
  • Magic tips to succeed at this task
  • Learn how to format that resume with no work experience

Dozens of people apply for the job you want to get. They have professional skills and achievements. 65% of employers are looking for experienced candidates.

What if you are a student? You may have an empty space in the section on experience. We dont want empty white space so keep reading! You may find out you do have experience after all.

If you are a college graduate and/or have an advanced degree, your resume for a college graduate with no official work experience can still look very impressive!

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Keep It Short And Simple

In internship resumes, brevity is important. Employers do not expect lengthy resumes from internship applicants. What they do expect is clarity of passion and purpose.

Limit your resume to one page and make sure every important detail is included. This restriction will not only make it easier for employers to assess your resume, but will also help you in narrowing everything down to the most important details. This guarantees that you will only include the best facts about yourself, which makes your resume optimal.

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Key Takeaways For An Internship Resume

How to Make a Resume with Little or No Experience | College High School Student Resume Tips
  • You have more experience than you realize, and that can lead to a great resume.
  • Internships are the first step to the career of your dreams, and a great resume will help you get there.
  • will help you craft a great resume that gets you past ATS software.
  • Think carefully about the order of your resume sections and put your most impressive or important ones first.
  • Some sample experiences for a student or intern can include volunteer work and personal projects.
  • If you’re a college student, highlight your outstanding classwork and achievements in the education resume section.
  • Tailor the skills section to each internship and give examples for vague skills like great communication.
  • Use templates and design principles to create a clean, professional-looking resume format.
  • Save yourself time and take the margin of error out of your resume creation with the builder tool and expertly designed resume templates.

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    What Is A Student Internship Resume

    A student internship Resume is a resume that is a 1-2 pages document written by students with the sole purpose of securing internships in their area of study and choice to gain real-life experience. The internship resume highlights the knowledge, skills, and achievements to market the student, edge out the competition and ensure that the student receives an interview call.

    The internship resume should contain a brief summary of your qualifications, experiences, skills, and other relevant details, which will assist the recruiter in selecting you as the most suitable candidate for the internship position. Always ask yourself before you include any detail will this help me get the interview call?

    Responsibilities For Accounting Internship January Resume

    • Evaluates adherence to Companys objectives, policies and procedures, and compliance with governmental laws and regulations
    • Create and document current business processes
    • Support the preparation of various statutory filings
    • Assist in the preparation of internal reports for management
    • Assist external and internal auditors
    • Assist Accounts Payable team with backlog
    • Assist with financial report package preparation
    • Perform tasks necessary to prepare for audit

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    Include Any Extracurricular Activities Or Volunteer Work

    When surveyed, the majority of employers say that they take volunteer experience listed on your resume, such as being a soup kitchen volunteer, into consideration alongside paid work experience. So any volunteer work that highlights your talents or where you learned a new skill should be put on your resume. Only include extracurricular activities and hobbies if they are relevant to the position and have equipped you with transferable skills that would be useful for the job role.

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    At The Front Of Your Brain: Keywords And Ats

    Intern Resume &  Writing Guide

    Your first hurdle is passing the test of the applicant tracking systems. These computerized systems scan your resume for keywords employers have highlighted as most important. Because of the ease of applying for jobs and internships by simply uploading your resume, companies have found ways to narrow the applicant pool.

    Most companies of large or medium size use ATS as a first line of defense in the hiring process, even for internships. You must make it past ATS if you want an actual human recruiter to see your internship resume. ATS software uses an algorithm to give your resume a score and rank it compared to other internship applicants.

    Make sure to use keywords that you find by analyzing the job description. Use them liberally . Most keywords will be directly related to a hard skill, which is a specific quantifiable skill such as accounting, that is necessary for a job or internship. And remember to use technology to your advantage by grammar- and spell-checking your resume. There’s no excuse for typos even as an internship candidate.

    According to Capterra data, more than 75% of large corporate employers use ATS. Some other sources indicate even higher percentages . The industries that turn to this software most frequently are: health care, education, technical services, scientific services, retail manufacturing and professional services.

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