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How To Write Academic Achievements In Resume

Where Can I Include Achievements And Awards On My Resume

Resume Writing Tips : How to Write an Academic CV

You can include your accomplishments on your resume. Your summary, talents, professional experience and dedicated accomplishments sections are the most frequent areas for you to highlight your accomplishments. Here are some examples of how you can add achievements on your resume in different sections:

Why Should I Place Accomplishments On My Resume

Accomplishments on a resume serve as an indicator to an employer that you have a particularly strong work ethic or skillset.

Including your achievements on a resume is key to showcasing your strengths and talents while also improving your likelihood of landing the job you are applying for.

There are two main ways to place accomplishments on your resume:

  • In Job Descriptions. In your work experience section, the way you describe your previous jobs matters. Job descriptions are a great place to highlight your specific achievements in this position.
  • In a Dedicated Achievements Section. Creating a dedicated section for achievements allows you to expand upon your overall accomplishments and showcase awards or other honors given to you.
  • Including accomplishments in not one, but both of these sections on a resume can help to accentuate your skills in a way that will stand out to potential employers.

    Here Are Three Things You Can Do To Make Your Achievements More Interesting On Your Cv:

  • Firstly, focus on measurable achievements. Instead of saying that you wrote some articles for a newspaper website, mention the number of words or the article title to show what theyre about and how long they would take to write. This way recruiters will have a better idea of how talented you are at writing up articles!
  • Focus on achievements that are directly connected to the job youre applying for. For example, if youre applying for a position in sales, then mention about a deal that your team closed and how much money it was worth. This way theyll have an idea of how much your contribution was worth and it will show that youre confident in your skills.
  • Add some details to what you did. Dont just say that I created a new website or I wrote some articles.
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    Achievements In Resume For Students

    Students are considering as the most enthusiastic personality on earth. They have lots of opportunities to achieve awards in various sectors as well as they have career chances in that field. In student-level achievement is related to the accomplishments are relevant honors, awards that you earned for exceeding average standards in either academics or in a work environment. Some examples of accomplishments are: Honor Roll inclusion for high grades, Scholarships, Volunteer related awards, Awards won for specific activities or subjects , Elected class representative, Fine Art Award) Perfect attendance awards, completed a 25-miles marathon for charity Inclusion in student-related achievement publications .

    Where To List Awards On Your Resume

    Accomplishments resume are indeed important part of any ...

    Employers often receive dozens to hundreds of applications for a single open position. Having awards and accomplishments on your resume is one of the ways that you can make your application stand out, but where and how do you list them? In this article, we examine the value of including awards and accomplishments on your resume, the common types of awards to include and how to include awards on your resume to impress potential employers .

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    Listing Achievements On Resume

    There are many ways of how to list achievements on resume.

    The most common way of listing accomplishments to put on a resume is by making a sub-header within the same work experiences section:

    The way to list and highlight your extra-curricular/co-curricular resume achievements is by listing them in a separate section:

    Another way of listing all your Awards & Achievements together is by… listing them together:

    The way to include professional achievements on resume for a senior profile could be by listing all your achievements together as a part of your “Career Highlights” below the “Key Skills” section:

    Where To Place Your Education Section

    Either before or after your work experience section. It depends on your resume format and where you are in your career.

    As with the rest of your resume, the rule of thumb is: always put the most important information first.

    Are you a student or fresh graduate? Then remember: your education is still one of your biggest strengths. Naturally, you should play to your strengths and put your education section in a place where recruiters can immediately see it.

    Place it near to the top of your resume just below your resume objective/profile section.

    Are you an experienced professional? Then you can place your education section anywhere on the page .

    Just remember: you should always put the most important information first. At this point in your life, your education isnt nearly as important as it used to be. Because of that, it should probably find its place near the bottom of your resume.

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    College Student Resume Example And Writing Tips

    When creating a resume as a college student, it’s important to emphasize both your work history and your education. For a student resume, you can also demonstrate your skills and abilities by including volunteer work, internships, and other extracurricular activities.

    Review what to include in your resume, tips for writing a resume that highlights your qualifications, and download a resume template you can use as a starting point for creating your own resume.

    List Awards Under The Right Sections

    Students: How to write accomplishments on your resume

    When listing your awards and accomplishments, you usually want to put them under their respective education or employment history sections. If the award is part of your education history, include it under your education summary. If it is relevant to past work experience, include it with your employment history. If the award is outside your scope of work and particularly impressive, such as an annual civic award, then include it in a separate awards section to highlight it.

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    How To Write Your Professional Achievements In Your Cv:

  • Instead of just saying that you did something or achieved a certain thing, add some extra details such as the timeline, the people involved, the benefit of it and how many people were affected:
  • If youre applying for a job where its important for them to know about your academic achievements, then include them at the bottom of your CV or in the cover letter. Dont put them in the middle of your CV as it will make it look unprofessional.
  • If youre including achievements that you want to be more specific about, then its best that you write them in the cover letter and just say For a full list of my achievements, please see my CV.
  • If your achievements are really important, then include them at the top of your CV so they dont get forgotten about by the person reading it.
  • Want to write a stand-out CV, so please check our examples of good CV template for your reference. Also, use our free CV builder.

    How To Write Achievements In Resume

    Most job-seekers underestimate the importance of writing professional accomplishments on a resume. Meanwhile, its the accomplishments that distinguish a great resume from a mediocre one. Not only they show your commercial value, but also communicate that you are result-oriented and give a glimpse of what you can accomplish for an employer if hired.

    Concentrating the resume on accomplishments rather than on typical duties for the role will give you a competitive edge over other applicants. However, simply adding figures or mentioning that you met expectations is not enough for writing achievements efficiently. Today, our team of the best online resume writers is going to share the professional secrets so you could list your accomplishments in the way that captivates the attention of a hiring person.

    Dont have time to learn resume writing rules? Get your resume written by an experienced writer of Our professionals have the expertise in creating achievement-driven resumes and will help to present your background on paper efficiently. We will also work on the writing style, keywords and design to maximize your chances for an interview.

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    Benefits Of Having Achievements On Your Cv:

    If youre thinking about adding achievements to your CV, youll need to consider the following:

  • Theyre memorable: If youve got achievements that are positive and interesting, then its likely that the person reading your CV will remember them.
  • Theyre impressive: If youve achieved something and managed to get someone else to recognise it, then this can be a great way of showing off your skills and talents.
  • Theyre a great way of showing character: Employers like to know that youre a valuable team-player, and that youre the type of person who doesnt simply work for themselves, but makes an effort to help out others.
  • Should I Place Accomplishments On My Resume

    13 Academic Resume Writing Tips to Fast

    Most candidates know to include the duties and responsibilities of their positions on their resume, but often leave out one of the most important elements of their professional history, which are their accomplishments. Including accomplishments on your resume can help illuminate your strengths, history of success and growth to potential employers.

    1. Name and contact information2. Summary or objectivec. Description of role and achievement4. Education6. Optional

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    How To List Achievements As A Student

    If youre a student or a recent graduate, you probably dont have that much work experience .

    What you can do, though, is list your achievements in several other sections, such as:

    • Education. Your achievements during your time at the university. E.g. Managed to maintain a 3.8 GPA while working and studying full-time.
    • Projects. Any type of projects youve worked on. For example, the marketing strategy you created for a class. E.g. Created a marketing strategy for Company X as part of my Marketing 101 course.
    • Volunteering Experience. E.g. Taught kids elementary mathematics as a volunteer at Saint Judes orphanage.

    Examples Of Quantitative And Qualitative Results

    • Received the Paul Dupont Scholarship for academic excellence.
    • Ranked as a finalist in three national swimming competitions.
    • Helped a team reach a deadline for a guide on the installation of new health centres.
    • Contributed to the development of a brand repositioning campaign for a cosmetics customer, generating a 10% increase in sales in under 3 months.
    • Saved 30% and raised profits by 15% by restructuring the management team.
    • Developed new marketing strategies resulting in better product visibility, and increased sales by 20% within the first six months.
    • Won 2nd place in the ABCD university competition by resolving a procurement problem.
    • Developed a training program that helped improve the teams conflict management interventions.

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    Examples Of Accomplishments To Put On A Resume: By Industry

    Here are some industry-specific examples of achievements which you can use to give you ideas and to help you write an accomplishment-based resume.

    Balanced an annual budget of over $600,000

    Saved the company 7% over a 5-year period

    Responded to over 30 emails a day and resolved customers problems

    Designed email templates, which were used throughout the department

    Operated a cash register and handled over $10,000 a week

    Assisted 20 customers a day, making tailored recommendations

    Saved the company $10,000 by implementing efficiency software

    Reduced the hours lost through IT problems by 8%

    Provided high-quality care to over 20 patients daily

    Mentored and led a team of 12 newly-qualified nurses

    Top salesperson in the team for 3 years running

    Boosted sales by over 25% in 2016

    Examples Of Professional Achievements:

    How to write Achievements on CV / Resume?
  • Technical skills:Founded a new website for my companys business, and handled all development for the site from start to completion with no technical support.Designed, implemented and maintained a complete new site for an e-commerce company that sold over $1.5M in goods online each year!
  • Sales & Marketing:Became the national sales manager of our franchised restaurant chain, resulting in us doubling our business in less than 18 months.Became a top salesman of our business-to-business service package, leading to the signing of new contracts with three new clients
  • Customer Services:Built up consumer loyalty through delivering a personal and professional touch to all of my customers, resulting in 80% of repeat business from my clients.Developed a novel technique for customer satisfaction that was later published in a leading journal.
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    Accomplishments That Reveal Sensitive Information

    Be cognizant of the details you include with your professional accomplishments. Some information may be privileged or proprietary information. Make sure to check with your current and past companies to understand what information should be kept private. If youre not sure, keep your accomplishments general.

    Why You Should List Awards And Achievements On Your Cv

    Put simply, by including achievements and awards on your CV, you’ll be positioning yourself a step ahead of other candidates and applicants, right from the start. Employers and hiring managers will see that you’ve performed well in previous roles and will therefore assume that you are likely to continue delivering results for their business.

    Awards are, in some ways, even better than achievements, as they provide third-party validation and recognition of your value. Most sales professionals will claim to have increased sales, for example, but winning the Salesperson of the Year award shows that they’ve performed beyond expectations and above their peers. If you’re looking for a way to highlight your value without sounding boastful, including awards on your CV is an excellent way to prove your worth.

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    How Do You Start An Achievement Essay

    Begin your essay by engaging opening sentences to draw the reader in.2. How to choose your accomplishment stories?

  • Am I truly proud of this accomplishment?
  • Did this accomplishment make a tangible impact on an organization or an individual?
  • Did this accomplishment help me learn a new skill I did not know before?
  • Examples Of Qualitative Accomplishment Statements:

    5 Cv Template Key Achievements
    • Entrusted to work and uphold protocol within corporate office among high-level executives.
    • Organized database to track business contacts and was commended for attention to detail and accuracy.
    • Broadened and maintained an extensive network of contacts and clients.
    • Interacted with diverse customers on a constant basis, promoting excellent communication and customer service skills.
    • Managed daily operations of upscale bar and restaurant, including opening and closing operations, inventory management, new employee training, customer service and sales.
    • Praised for the ability to solve difficult problems independently and efficiently.

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    How To List Accomplishments On Resume

    Turn your statements of responsibility into statements of impact.

    The awards in resume may exist as different functions you contributed to within your work experiences – significant to the work experience, or to the career highlights section.

    It may also exist immediately as an “Achievements” section after the work experience section.

    Structure your achievement for resume

    The STAR Resume format.

    Following the STAR resume point structure, a resume achievements section comprises 3 principle components:

    • skills and achievements on resume
    • carrying out any activity
    • Value your were you able to add

    Therefore, instead of merely stating that you were:

    • Responsible for a team of 10 people

    you can write that you:

    Led a team of 10 to generate sales of USD 3M on a yearly basis

    The Benefits Of Including Your Achievements On Your Cv

    1 Past performance can be an indication of future performance

    Your personal attainments tell prospective employers a lot about you.

    There is a well-known saying which states:

    If you want to predict someones future, look at their past.

    An employer will look at your achievements on your CV and think to themselves, Heres an individual who has achieved great things in the past they are obviously capable of accomplishing more great things in the future for us!

    2 Employers prefer candidates with accomplishment-based CVs

    You are more likely to be invited for a job interview if your CV is focused on your achievements, rather than on your duties or responsibilities.

    According to interesting research conducted by the authors of Brilliant CV: What employers want to see & how to say it, the applicants with achievement-focused CVs were three times more likely to be shortlisted for job interviews compared to candidates with duties-focused CVs!

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    Tips For Writing A College Resume

    Read below for tips on how to write a strong college resume.

    • Use action verbs. Action verbs help show your responsibility. When describing your achievements, use action words. Words like led, researched, and to portray your experiences in an energetic way. Check out a list of action words for useful examples.
    • Quantify when possible. Whenever possible, include numbers to show your achievements. For example, you might say that you worked the cash register at a store that managed $10,000 daily, or that you helped 50 – 100 customers daily at your retail job.

    Add Your Achievements To The Work Experience Section

    How to write a resume for a job-how to write an achievements based resume

    Your work experience section, where your previous jobs are listed and described, is the most important part of your job application. It is also the best place to show your achievements in your resume. Here is how you can make this section stand out:

    • Quantify your achievements where possible.
    • Make every sentence count.
    • Focus on the business outcome of your actions.
    • Use up to 6 bullets points for each job and focus only on what is relevant to the job you are applying for.
    • If possible, begin each bullet with an action verb. Action verbs include words like, “designed,””created,””engineered,” and “initiated”.

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