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How To Write Mba On Resume

Example Of How To List An Mba On A Resume

RESUME Tutorial for BBA-MBA freshers| How to Write a Resume | Selected for 8 companies

In addition to those basic guidelines, there are some other tips that can help you properly list your MBA information. For example, you should always listeducational achievements chronologically, in reverse order :

ABC University, Anytown, Anystate

Master of Business Administration , Marketing, 2012

XYZ College, Yourtown, Yourstate

Business & Marketing, 2009

And so on. If you achieved high marks, you can include your grade point average details as well â but only if you maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher. If you choose to include a GPA, place it at the end of each listing, right after the year.

You can even include coursework in your description â but only the most relevant courses. Never include courses that donât have direct relevance to the desired job. That holds true for your thesis as well. Only include information about your chosen thesis if it involved a topic relevant to the position.

You also want to ensure that you list both “Master of Business Administration” and the acronym “MBA” on your resume. This is because most companies use an ATS which is software that automatically screens your professional resume to see if you’re qualified for the position.

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Thing : Dont Get Too Creative

There are places to let your creativity shine through, but your resume isnt it. You can use some simple formatting, such as bold and italics, to make your resume easy on the eye, but this isnt the time to show off your Photoshop skills.

Leave some empty spaces, such as a line between sections to break up the page, and avoid using charts or tables. Make sure that key phrases jump out when you scan the page. If you have too much going on, it will just looked cramped and be too hard to decipher.

Tips For Creating A Standout Mba Admissions Resume

Your MBA resume is generally the first component of your application that is read by the admission committee in evaluating your candidature for their MBA program. Your MBA resume provides context to your professional achievements and in effect serves as a unifying thread in the tapestry that is your MBA application. Thus, your MBA resume must reflect both the quality of your professional experience as well as your leadership skills. In this article, we share the 10 tips that will help you improve MBA resume.

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Use Action Verbs To Describe Your Experience

Admissions departments at competitive MBA programs are always looking for candidates who are driven and focused on achieving results in their professional lives.

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate these qualities in your MBA resume is by starting each of the bullet points in your resumes experience section with a specific action verb.

In other words, avoid using words such as responsible for, collaborated with, worked with, etc. These passive phrases dont effectively communicate your skills or what youve accomplished in your career up to this point.

Instead, use words such as initiated, designed, spearheaded, led, negotiated, oversaw, etc.

Action verbs like these more accurately convey your accomplishments and show institutions that youre a passionate and motivated candidate. Additionally, admissions departments will believe that you can share concepts and ideas from your work experience and make a greater contribution to the program.

Heres an example of a passive bullet point on an MBA resume thats been improved using action verbs :

Passive Experience Bullet

  • Tasked with managing a team of 6 sales associates, teaching them company SOPs on client relationships and sales

Actionable Experience Bullet

  • Led and mentored a team of 6 sales associates, coaching and critiquing them on company SOPs on recruiting clients and sales negotiations

If youre unsure what words to include on your MBA resume, heres a list of 25 actions verbs to help you get started:

Mba Resume: Personal Information

Writing A Resume For Mba School

An ideal personal information section should contain:

  • Contact Number
  • Current Location
  • Website Links

Hiration Pro Tip: Try to avoid giving details of your marital status, religious affiliation, or political inclination in your resume unless explicitly asked for. Most countries have forbidden it by law to mention these things as it may lead to biased hiring.

Contact Number

You need to provide your contact number because there may be times when the recruiters would want to interview you over the phone or get a verbal confirmation for any likely shortlist.

Always provide only the functional and active contact number by using the correct MBA resume format given below:

  • Use your countrys ISD code as a prefix before your phone number
  • Put a plus sign before the ISD code
  • Eg: +1 37648 21511

Emails can be considered as a convenient means of communication between you and the recruiters.

Provide your email address that has your real name for any official or professional purposes.

Example: or

Strictly avoid fancy and childish made-up names in your official email IDs as it can make you seem like an immature applicant who is not serious about one’s career.

Example: or

In case you do not have an official email ID with your real name, create one right away.

Current Location

Follow the given resume rules while writing your location in your resumes for MBA application:

To know what an ideal personal information section should ideally look like, take a look at the resume sample below:

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How To Write A Winning Mba Resume 8 Top Tips

A well-designed MBA resume will help you stand out to business school admissions departments

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One of the most common mistakes business school applicants make is paying superficial attention to writing their resumes .

Although, in general, business school admission officers spend about 20 to 30 seconds looking at one resume , it does not mean that this document is not important for your application.

In fact, it works the other way around: a resume plays a pivotal role, as it helps you stand out from thousands of applicants with a similar background. That is why a well-designed resume should provide its readers with a quick and informative snapshot of who you are and highlight your key skills and experiences, telling a chronological story of your development.

Heres eight tips to writing a winning MBA resume:

1. Focus on your achievements and results, instead of job duties

In fact, throughout the years admissions officers review MBA applications, they have probably met applicants possessing background similar to yours. That is why saying that you prepared analytical reports, for example, will be simply a waste of space.

2. Use details to quantify your impact on the organizations you have worked for

3. Rank your accomplishments in order of decreasing relevance

4. Include resume extras

5. Resume design should be as important as its content

6. Never make things up

7. Do not use clichés like dynamic, self-starter, or goal-oriented

8. Proofread and edit

Thing : Start With Whats Most Relevant And Recent

In general, youll want to start off with your most recent job and work backwards, leaving your education last. This is in contrast to a job resume, which often starts off with your educational history. Your most recent job is the one thats of the most interest to the MBA committee, so it should be the one you devote the most space to.

If you have any gaps between jobs, explain them, but dont worry about covering every single job youve ever had. If you worked a summer job in college that isnt relevant to your business career, then dont bother to include it. Its ok if your resume only shows employment at 2-3 companies, so long as that makes up the bulk of your professional career.

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Tips For Writing A Successful Mba Admissions Resume

MBA applicants often spend so much time perfecting their essays, securing letters of recommendation, and filling out all the boxes of the actual application that they neglect their resume. That oversight is a serious admissions no-no. Frequently, the resume is the first application element an adcom member will review. It can determine whether the reader continues to read your application out of interest or obligation. Make sure your resume generates interest.

Here are 13 tips that will help you write a great MBA admissions resume:

  • Unless you have worked more than 10 years, keep your MBA resume to 1 page.

    Most top-tier business schools look for a 1-page resume. Follow this rule unless you have worked more than 10 years, or have a major accomplishment than needs more space.

  • Put your qualifications summary at the top of your MBA resume.

    This is the first thing the adcoms will see. Use this section to highlight your most significant experiences and accomplishments. Make your summary readable by using bullet points or bold text.

    Be sure to include:

    A short personal and/or professional record. For example, having more promotions than is the norm for a given period of time.- Highlights of your achievements. For example, a project that you introduced and subsequently successfully led.- Anything that will set you apart from others applying to the same program. For example, a volunteer position that is in sync with the philosophy of the program.

  • Mba Resume: Profile Title

    Resume: 6.2 How To Write An Effective Resume? | MBA Admissions | ReachIvy

    Profile titles can be regarded as your level of professional identity and status in a resume.

    It ideally communicates the following facts to the recruiter:

    • Your current designation.
    • Your functional industry.
    • Your level of seniority in your line of work.

    Write it as the second-largest text in your mba application resume after your resume header in the font range of 14-16 font size.

    Exaggerating your profile title will pass off as intentionally trying to cheat the recruiters hence you need to compose it accurately.

    Given below is a resume sample showcasing the ideal profile title for your mba application resume:

    In the meanwhile, we advise you to make use of our AI-powered Resume Review Service to get an in-depth and constructive analysis of your resume within minutes of uploading it on our tool!

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    Thing : Dont Lie Or Exaggerate

    It should go without saying, but dont lie or inflate your resume. Even small details such as using a higher-ranking job title or extending your dates of employment to cover up a gap can get your application rejected. Admissions officers can tell when applicants are making things up after all, they have contacts throughout the industry and can easily check up on a specific claim by calling one of your references or running a background check. An honest mistake is one thing, but an outright lie or exaggeration can damage your reputation for good.

    Career Objective For Mba Marketing

    • Searching for an entry-level opportunity in Marketing at a renowned organisation to utilise my advanced level knowledge of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing to help in expanding the global reach of the organisation. An MBA in Marketing and two internships at reputed advertising agencies and understanding of Digital Marketing tools as well.
    • Detail-oriented MBA in Marketing graduate possessing a high-level knowledge of sales and digital marketing and looking for entry-level opportunities to work at a renowned organisation.
    • A dedicated learner and an MBA scholar in Marketing from the XXX awarded with a gold medal. Waiting for an opportunity to contribute towards the growth/ making of an organization as a Marketing Lead by devising unique strategies and maximising the yearly profit by aligning the marketing strategy with the goals of the organization.
    • An MBA graduate who is success-driven with 3 years of experience in the business domain, looking for the role of a marketing manager in an organization to help them create effective campaigns that meet the organizational targets.

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    Putting It All Together

    Now, you know what structure to follow when writing your CV if you have job experience or you dont. Always remember, theres a lot you can talk about in your resume. So, never leave a blank space. Lastly, make your CV as concise as possible. One or two pages, depending on your job experience, is enough.

    Section : Professional Experience

    Mba Resume Format For Freshers : Sample Resume For Mba ...

    Your work experience should take up roughly 2/3 of your resume. This is business school, after all, and the admissions committee wants to see how you operate in a business setting.

    Work down the page chronologically, beginning with your current role. Each entry should have at least 2, and no more than 6, bullet points, and the more recent positions should hold more entries than the more distant roles, as your responsibilities and IMPACT should have grown as you progressed through your career.

    The most important point we can make about this section is that you must demonstrate growth between your career transitions. If you began as an analyst at McKinsey where you managed zero people, youll want to stress that in your next role you LED a team of five. If your first positions tasks were mostly day-to-day work, youll need to demonstrate that youve since grown into a more strategic, big-picture role.

    The resume shows your career trajectory, and that trajectory needs to portray upward momentum.

    Begin each professional entry with the company you worked for and follow it with a description of that company. If you worked at Goldman Sachs, the description is less important than had you worked for Mush Foods, but the idea is the same: you want to substantiate your place of business in the eyes of someone who might not be familiar with it. For example:

    Mush Foods Junior Strategist

    Worlds largest distributor of non-chewable digestibles.

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    How To List An Mba On Your Resume

    When searching for an executive position in the business industry, your MBA is one of the biggest assets you should show off to the hiring committee. Place it under the education header on your resume. Like work experience and job history, higher education degrees and certificates typically follow reverse-chronological order. You should list the MBA first, above your undergraduate degree. Include information on the school where you enrolled, the years you attended classes, and any specific concentration you pursued.

    Formatting Your Mba Cv Best Practices

    In many word processor programs, the blank document includes headers, footers and 2.5 cm margins. However, for an MBA CV, remove the headers and footers and resize margins to just 1.25 cm. Youll be amazed how much space this frees up!

    When it comes to font choice, keep it professional with font choices like Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica. Font sizes can reasonably range from 10-12 points as long as the words are easily legible.

    Choosing the right colors for your MBA CV is simple: black and white only! Even if purple is the cornerstone of your personal brand, black and white MBA CVs are the right answer.

    Hitting Enter or Return to start a new line takes a surprising amount of page space. Instead, eliminate these full line breaks and add 3-4 points of space after or before each paragraph. This will create the visual break thats required to show a new section without eating up page space.

    Be mindful of using bold and italic. In limited and carefully chosen applications, like the names of companies or universities, bold and italic fonts can show differentiation, new sections or call attention to information. If used too liberally, however, they become visually overwhelming and lose their power. Note how bold and italics can become distracting and difficult to read:

    Your MBA CV is not the time to show your graphic design prowess or artistic side use conservative designs and leave the progressive page layouts to other projects.

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    How To Make Your Work Experience Stand Out

    To get into a competitive MBA program, you need to show that you mean business.

    The easiest way to show this: your work experience.

    Sure, your core skills are important too, but professional experience always comes out on top. Start with your most recent/current job, and then follow it with your previous job, and so on. Heres the general structure of your work experience section:

    • Position name

    In practise, it should look this:

    Business Development Associate

    Fishing Tackle XYZ

    03/2017 – 03/2020

    • Upon hire, completed in-depth business analysis, which lead to a 28% profit increase that year .
    • Revamped UX for the website, which boosted revenue by 17%.

    You may have noticed that the above example lists the top achievements, rather than daily tasks.

    So, instead of saying:

    Revamped UX for the website, which boosted revenue by 17%

    So, whats the difference between the two?

    The second statement goes into more depth about how your responsibilities were something that helped the company. Doing this allows your resume to stand out and reveals the value you bring.

    Remember, you need to keep reminding the reader that you are the best choice, compared with other applicants with the same work duties.

    Structure For An Mba Resume With No Work History

    How to write a stellar MBA resume | #MBAWarRoom #6

    What should your CV comprise of? Highlight your:

    • Degree: mention the name of the undergraduate degree you took
    • University: give the full name of the institution where you studied
    • Major: highlight your degree major
    • Minors: give your minor courses if they apply to the program you want to enroll in
    • Date of graduation: specific the year you graduated
    • GPA: if you have a good GPA, ensure you mention it, too.

    These are not the only details you can write in the education section. You can go further and detail your favorite courses, academic accomplishments or awards won, extracurricular activities you participated in, etc. Just make sure they are relevant to the program you want to qualify for.

    If you dont have much experience, you can also create a skills section to sell yourself further. Here are some tips to help you stand out:

    • Figure out your selling qualities
    • Draw attention to the skills you gained rather than the roles you held
    • Look for skills you nurtured from your degree
    • Dont leave out your obvious talents.

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