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How To Write A Research Assistant Resume Summary Or Objective


Heres a fact for you – recruiters read each resume for less than 6 seconds.

With hundreds of resumes to review, recruiters simply glance over the page looking for relevant information. As such, you need to hook the recruiter to make them keep reading.

The best way to do this is via a resume summary or objective, both of which are small pieces of content that go on top of your resume.

Their purpose is to highlight why you are perfect candidate for the research position job. They can be thought as small previews to the rest of your resume.

The main difference between the 2 sections is that.

A resume summary is a 2-4 sentence summary of your relevant work experiences.

  • With 5+ years of experience in updating records, handling samples, and supervising technicians, Im a research assistant with a strong background. Passionate about working in a clinical research laboratory, as that involves supporting work that makes a difference.

A resume objective is a 2-4 sentence overview of what you want to achieve.

  • Motivated biomedicine student looking for an entry-level job at Company X. Im passionate about supporting clinical trials in the biology field. Experience working with confidential information and working with vulnerable patients as a student at University X. Skilled in NIHR research processes, submitting sensitive information, database software, and more.

Both work, but which is best?

Tip : Show How You Contributed To The Research Process

It’s not easy to show a concrete proof of your work as a research assistant thus, when you’re filling out your experience section, you want to make sure you state how you’ve contributed to the research process instead of merely listing your responsibilities.

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Computer Skills And Certifications

You might see a research assistant resume example with the certifications added in the education section. However, this is not the best idea because it makes it hard for the hiring manager to see them. You can consider using a research assistant resume template if you are unsure about how to add your computer skills and certifications in this section.

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Resume Examples & Samples

  • Prepare expense reports using web-based reporting system
  • Update and maintain client contacts in database
  • Creation, editing and formatting of PowerPoint Presentations, correspondence and reports for internal and external clients, will require high level of comfort and skill with Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Production duties include: printing, binding and photocopying
  • Maintain and improve filing system
  • Coordinate marketing activities including travel arrangements, marketing materials and marketing schedules
  • Organize meetings, conference calls and luncheons internally and externally
  • Various general administrative duties
  • Other administrative duties include: expense reports, booking of travel, organizing conference calls, filing, sorting mail and other assigned duties
  • Proficiency in computer applications and platforms
  • Solid command of Raiser’s Edge
  • Dedicated and detail-oriented

Experience For Core Humanities Undergraduate Student Research Assistant Resume

Sample Resume For Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Writing paragraphs relating the findings and the original question and preparing them for the conclusion of the paper
  • Developing experiment materials including English experimental stimuli and graphical image stimuli,
  • Generating test reports for families of participating children
  • Computing procedural and scoring reliability
  • Reading and coding interview data in the form of transcripts
  • Helping to create our external and internal reports and publications, including background statistical analysis

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Research Assistant Resume: Certifications

When you apply for a job, everything matters.

The certifications you have done are just as important as the rest of the sections of your resume. It gives you an extra edge over others who may not have done the same certifications as you.

Recruiters are always on the lookout for talented people who go the extra mile to build credibility.

Certifications are a great way of proving your credibility.

Mentioned below is a list of what you should write in the certifications section of your research assistant resume:

  • Name of the certification
  • Name of the institution of affiliation
  • Location of the certifying body
  • Enrollment and completion date in the month and year format

Arrange these points in the format that we have mentioned below:

| | |

Learn more about the certification sections and how to put research on resume by reading all about it on Hiration’s Guide on listing certifications on a resume to learn the art of perfecting this section.

Senior Administrative Research Assistantresume Examples & Samples

  • Undertake, under the supervision of the Eastern Europe Regional Economist, qualitative and quantitative analysis on Eastern Europe economies
  • Undertake economic modelling and statistical analysis applying sound economic judgment
  • Contribute to written publications and presentations on the Eastern Europe region
  • Monitor data releases and market-relevant developments in the Eastern Europe region
  • Provide support for any other internal and external data or information request or project on the Eastern Europe region

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Research Assistant Resume Key Skills Sections

The key skills section of your resume can make or break your job application.

Do it perfectly, and youll have the world to your name.

Recruiters tend to scan through the key skills section of your resume to look for target qualities and skills in a job applicant.

Perfecting this section at all costs is the need of the hour.

Heres what you can do to perfect this section:

  • Go through your professional experience section, identify your core skills and list them down in the key skills section of your research assistant resume in not more than 2 3 words
  • Highlight your key skills in bold
  • Analyze the keywords used by the recruiter in your target job listing, then replicate them in the key skills section of your resume if it matches your work responsibilities in the past

Perfecting the key skills section of your research assistant resume is the best thing that you can do to get closer to getting shortlisted for your target job.

Learn how to put research on resume in the key skills section with Hiration’s Guide on what skills to put on a resume.

In the meanwhile, use Hirations Online Resume Builder to write an impeccable research assistant resume without going through the trouble of having to perfect each section.

Given below is a research assistant resume example showcasing what an ideal skills section for research resumes should ideally look like:

> What Are Most Important Points To Be Kept In Mind While Writing A Research Assistant Resume

Day 2: Fresh Grad Research Assistant || Resume Template Series

Writing a resume that is acceptable to employers needs great attention. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind so that you dont commit any mistake that can hinder the path of your dream job. You may also see Resume Template for Fresher.

  • Always lead your resume with your education qualification as it matters the most for deciding your eligibility.
  • Describe your previous research and experience as it is most probable that an employer will be interested in a candidate with a demonstrated research experience.
  • Emphasize your reputation as research related professional like contributions to scientific journals, teaching assistant, teaching classes and similar because work history as a candidate will be more accountable to a research assistance position.
  • Be specific with your words, avoid using highly technical language or jargon.

Research assistant position is a job filled with high responsibility and therefore, an employer will always be looking for a candidate with a desperate interest in doing research. In order to get your research skills highlighted, make use of the research or administrative assistant resume templates and let the employers identify your capabilities and expertise.

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Keep The Language Simple

Using simple language can help you write concisely and submit content that’s understandable to different readers, including recruiters and human resources departments. It may also be helpful to include minimal field-based jargon and use universal language choices instead. Consider using simple sentence structures and proper grammar, then proofreading the document after completing a draft.

Essential Skills For Your Research Assistant Cv

Remember to tailor your research assistant skills to the specific roles youre applying for however, some of the core skills necessary include:

Subject knowledge Strong knowledge and a passion for your specific subject area.

Lab techniques Knowledge and familiarity with the required scientific methods, lab techniques and equipment used.

Report writing Preparing and writing reports to present findings.

Data analysis Collecting, processing and analysing project data.

Numerical skills Advanced mathematical ability.

Health + safety Ability to adhere to health and safety + infection control regulations.

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Administrative Assistant Oculus Researchresume Examples & Samples

  • Perform administrative tasks including: complex calendar management for internal and external meetings, manage domestic and international travel arrangements, and complete expense reports
  • Support the Sausalito office with facilities and vendor management
  • Manage team meeting schedule, structure, agenda and follow-up
  • Project manage all logistics for team off-sites
  • Assist in the preparation of presentations and data collection
  • Build cross-functional relationships with key partners in other offices
  • 3+ years of experience providing direct administrative support to 1 or more executives
  • 3+ years of experience coordinating domestic and international travel logistics on behalf of 1 or more executives
  • 3+ years of direct calendar management and expense report management for 1 or more executives
  • Experience in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Experience juggling projects simultaneously

Work Experience In Your Student Research Assistant Resume

Research Assistant Job Description: Salary, Skills, &  More

The section work experience is an essential part of your student research assistant resume. Its the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to.This section, however, is not just a list of your previous student research assistant responsibilities. It’s meant to present you as a wholesome candidate by showcasing your relevant accomplishments and should be tailored specifically to the particular student research assistant position you’re applying to.The work experience section should be the detailed summary of your latest 3 or 4 positions.

Representative Student Research Assistant resume experience can include:

  • Strong communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to juggle multiple tasks are essential
  • Strong verbal skills and clear explanation of technical approaches
  • Skills in collecting, analyzing, verifying, and manipulating research data
  • Prior experience growing cancer cells in a course or laboratory setting would be highly beneficial
  • Computer competency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as demonstrated by experience and application materials
  • Proficient language skills in German and English

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Research Assistant Resume Format

In research, its all about what you can do to help the company stay ahead in the information highway. Use the reverse chronological as your Research Assistant resume format to place your experience dead center in the Hiring Managers crosshair.

Why is the reverse chronological effective in emphasizing your work experience? First you start out with your most recent employment. Hiring managers dont spend too much time reviewing resumes. As a matter of fact, studies show they only scan it for 6 to 10 seconds.

With such a tiny window of opportunity, you should get your latest experience front and center so the potential employer can immediately see what you can do for the company and if it is relevant to their current needs.

Sections Of A Research Assistant Resume

The sections on your resume should be in the order of what is most relevant. If most of your recent experience is in the academic realm, then the education section should come first. If, however, you have been working for a few years in relevant jobs, the work experience should be at the top of the resume. Regardless, most resumes should include a robust skills section where you can highlight the specific skills which match the job description.

One section of the resume that often gets overlooked but can be helpful for a hiring manager is the resume objective statement. This is especially helpful for candidates who have a more education-focused background, or who are just starting out in their formal career. This allows you to introduce yourself on the resume and present a cohesive picture of who you are as a candidate. It is your opportunity to craft your own narrative and highlight the strengths which the future employer is looking for.

For a research assistant position, the following sections are standard:

  • Contact information
  • Volunteer experience

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Choosing The Best Resume Format For A Research Assistant

The most commonly used chronological format may or may not be best suited to your research assistant resume. It depends on the specific position in relation to your background in particular, how much directly applicable job experience and skills you have.

For entry-level job seekers, or those whose job history does not follow a linear path of employee positions, there are other options. A functional resume format may be suitable for research assistants who have worked independently as consultants. Relevant qualifications are presented in relation to projects, clients or specialized skills. Hybrid resume formats offer versatility by including both chronological and functional elements.

Applying to work at a postsecondary learning institution? For ideas to help write your research assistant resume, check out these examples and writing guides in our educationcategory:

Examples Of Work Experience For Senior Research Assistant

How to Make Your FIRST UX Research Resume STAND OUT | UX Researcher Resume

Here is an example

    Developed new system applications that improved the functionality of operations and support mechanisms.

    Completed various projects simultaneously within restricted budgets.

    Accurately determined specifications of materials and equipment needed and submitted the request to the purchasing department.

    Assisted with supervising technicians working in the school lab.

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Research Assistant Resume: Profile Title

You should follow the guidelines that we have mentioned below to write your profile title with perfection:

  • Write your resume title in the size range of 14-16 font size.
  • Your resume title is the second-largest text in your resume after your resume header.
  • For example: If you are a research assistant, your profile title should be written as Research Assistant in 14-16 font size.

Research resumes with impeccable profile titles should look this:

Economic Research Assistant Resume

Objective : A research analyst with 1 year of experience in data management. Proven to be a responsible individual with excellent written and verbal communication skills, as evidenced by 4 years of effective communication to an array of audiences varying from constituents to management. Versatile team player, as demonstrated by the successful employment in academia, public, and private sectors.

Skills : GIS, French, Data Management, Quality Assurance, Excel, Salesforce, Database Management, Data Analysis.

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Write A Cover Letter That Goes With Your Research Assistant Resume

Cover letters are not always a requirement, but it is essential to accompany your resume with one for your application to stand out. A cover letter allows you to express your passion for the job and describe some of your achievements. The perfect cover letter template can help you write a cover letter that stands out and enables you to get the job.

Open With A Strong Research Assistant Resume Summary

Research Assistant Resume Sample

If youre applying for a senior or mid-level research assistant position, the hiring manager will want to see more than just your degree.

To get the best chance of being hired, you need to make a great impression as quickly as possible. The most effective way to do this is to start your resume with a convincing resume summary.

A resume summary puts your key accomplishments and skills front-and-center, making it especially valuable for anyone applying for jobs as a research assistant. In a few short bullet points, you can convey to the hiring manager or professor what your key strengths are, what kind of experience you have, and why youre suited to the position.

For reference, heres the summary that our sample candidate used to introduce their biology research assistant resume:

Knowledgeable: Over 3 years of experience in the field of molecular biology.

Diligent: Observed and analyzed cell changes with 99% accuracy.

Innovative: Developed a research proposal to measure mutagenic effects of toxicants, securing $30,000 in grant funding.

When writing your resume summary, make it concise and highlight a few of your most impressive accomplishments to convince the hiring manager to continue reading.

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How To Make Your Research Assistant Work Experience Stand Out

For any research assistant job, being able to show relevant work experience is the most aspect of your resume.

Your studies are important, but nothing shows off your talents and builds confidence like in-depth experience in the field. Heres how to structure your work experience section:

  • Managed four successful clinical trials with 50+ participants
  • Used Word, Excel and PowerPoint to input and store data

Try to talk about your achievements stuff that makes you stand out from the other applicants.


Managed four successful clinical trials with 50+ participants


Clinical trial manager

You see, the first tells the recruiter exactly what you did. They will see the clear benefits to hiring you, instead of someone else.

Student Research Assistant Resume Sample

  • Developing AR prototypes for design education modules
  • Interviewing and developing narratives on emerging cross-industry trends
  • Media content production on the research topics
  • Research on quantitive relationships between investment and social impact
  • Event production management
  • Conducting library, internet and archival research
  • Researching best practices at other universities concerning teaching equivalencies and the creation of teaching portfolios
  • Be able to perform well in teams
  • Complete research tasks as assigned
  • GIS and remote sensing skills
  • Bachelors in Psychology or Related Field
  • Experience working with Young Children and Adolescents
  • Experience with Computer software
  • Flexibility in schedule for research visits
  • Creating maps using GIS skills in ArcMap
  • Recording rangeland data in Excel and creating tables and figures

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