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What Does Objective Mean On A Resume

When To Use An Objective Statement

Resume Objectives: Resume Objective Statements Explained

You should use an objective statement:

  • if you havent had a lot of work experience or
  • havent performed the role youre applying for

Its ideal for first-time job applicants because it shifts from your lack of experience to the companys goals.

If you are fresh out of school, you can rely on the objective statement because it focuses on your career goals, not your experience.

Its also a great fit for job seekers returning to the workforce or applying for a promotion or to a higher-level job. Objective statements are ideal for this type of transition because it shows recruiters why youre interested and how your past skills can transfer to the new role.

However, if youre not new to the workforce or a role, you shouldnt use an objective statement!

If you have had a few different jobs or performed the role youre applying to, you should use a professional summary.

A professional summary can be a bit stronger because it shows that you can already perform and succeed in the role rather than just tell the employer what you want to achieve.

Like an objective statement, the professional summary will live at the top of your resume, but its usually a tad longer than an objective statement, in the two to five-sentence range.

Well make the difference and approach between the two crystal clear in the next section.

General Resume Objective Examples

The following 10 resume objective statements are all examples of how to write a career objective if you have 2+ years of experience in your profession:

Civil Engineer Resume Objective

A registered member of ICE and CIOB and a Civil Engineer with 4+ years of experience. Capable of working independently with minimum supervision, and committed to providing high-quality service to every project, with a focus on health, safety, and environmental issues. Professional, capable, and motivated individual who consistently performs in challenging environments. Also possess a BS in Architecture.

Related resume samples:

Elementary Teacher Resume Objective

Elementary School Teacher with 6+ years of experience managing classrooms of 20-25 students. Adept at using positive reinforcement teaching techniques to encourage student behavior and growth. Licensed teacher in state of Texas, with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies and Special Education certificate. Looking to leverage my creativity and teaching experience to engage at-risk students.

Related resume samples:

Medical Assistant Resume Objective

Related resume samples:

Nursing Resume Objective

Related resume samples:

Retail Manager Resume Objective

Related resume samples:

Sales Resume Objective

Related resume samples:

Security Guard Resume Objective

Other Outdated Sections To Leave Off Your Resume

Hopefully Ive now convinced you that you dont need an objective section on your resume. So while were here, there are a couple of other things you should leave off your resume.

First, dont put references directly on your resume. Make employers ask you for references, and ideally wait until youve spoken with them and know theyre interested. Offering up references before even talking to an employer signals to them that youre either desperate to find a job or very old-fashioned/outdated. Or both.

Next, leave off hobbies and interests unrelated to your work, as well as personal information like height, weight, etc.

None of these will help you land the interview.

And unless youre in the EU, dont put a photo on your resume, either. I know this is customary in many countries in the EU, but if youre a job seeker in North America, your resume shouldnt have a photo of you. Let hiring managers go to your if they want to see a photo.

If you follow the advice above and stop putting an objective on your resume, youll get more interviews and have a more modern-looking resume.

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Accounting Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Detail-oriented accountant seeks a similar position at ABC Company to further enhance my knowledge of tax and accounting software, computation, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

Example 2:

Seeking a position of accountant in your organization to utilize my educational qualification, bookkeeping, and analytical skills for mutual growth and success.

Graphic Designer Resume Objective

How To Write A Resume Objectives How I Successfuly ...

Innovative and creative graphic designer seeking a position in an agency setting to apply unique ideas when creating and developing visually appealing productions that align with client goals and resonate with viewers and potential customers.

Creative and knowledgeable graphic designer looking for a position in a positive and team-based work atmosphere to develop and refine graphics, documents and digital renderings that meet client expectations while achieving goals related to customer interaction.

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Executive Assistant Resume Objective

Looking to work in a fast-paced and challenging executive assistant role that allows for the application of strong organizational, support, coordination, scheduling and communication skills.

To obtain a position as an executive assistant to provide outstanding support to executive-level professionals by coordinating schedules, meeting deadlines, working effectively as part of the team, managing communications and overcoming all challenges.

Information Technology Support Technician

Reliable, personable digital support technician with over 15 years experience seeking a management position in MS State University computer lab. Previous experience managing IT staff for a telecom company, improving customer satisfaction by 23% while reducing callbacks. Managed six-month IT project, upgrading area hotels network and data security.

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When To Include A Resume Objective

A resume objective statement is a great way to help your resume stand out no matter your professional level or background. However, there are a few cases when including an objective is particularly helpful:

  • If you are new to the job market. If youre a new graduate with little to no previous experience or entering the job market for the first time, including an objective helps the hiring manager understand how your career plans align with their job opening.

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  • If you are moving to a new geographic area. If youre planning a move to a new city, your current address may confuse the hiring manager. By noting your plans in your resume objective, you can avoid being disqualified for living out-of-town.

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Going On And On And On And On And Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Objective meaning | Objective pronunciation with examples

Mistake number four is being too long. This isnt a novel. Its a quick little blurb to catch their attention so they can bring you in for an interviewthen you can get into more detail!

EXAMPLE: Not going to put one here. Why? Because the example we were going to do was going to be so long and ridiculous that you and everyone else reading this post would just get bored and move onto another article. Just remember, its all about short and sweet. Anything over a sentence or two is TOO LONG. Remember that.

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Finally What About Someone With A Ton Of Experience Looking To Target Their Resume To A Specific Position

Objective for Resume: To obtain the position of ONLINE ESL INSTRUCTOR with where I can apply my education, fifteen years of teaching experience and native linguistic skills and provide clients with a high quality language instruction experience.

Wow. Talk about dead on! This statement is everything a good resume objective statement needs to be! Direct, targeted, specifically tailored to fit the position and concise!

Heres a tip. After you have carefully studied the examples we gave you above, you can find more resume objective examples from our friends over at Resume Genius. Head over there to check them out, but dont forget to use all of the strategies weve taught you in this article when you start writing yours!

Supply Chain/logistics Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

A dedicated Supply Chain Analyst with extensive experience of 8 years in purchasing quality raw materials and making timely transportation arrangements. Strong emphasis on factors like Freight Optimization, Trade Compliance, and Cost Avoidance. Looking for a similar job role in an MNC.

Example 2:

Deadline-driven Warehouse Manager with 5 years of experience. Proven track record in maintaining ideal inventory levels and managing capital and expense budget at different distribution warehouses. Looking for a similar job role in a reputed logistic company.

Example 3:

Professional Logistics Coordinator with proven expertise in Data Management, Contract Negotiation, and ensuring a smooth shipper and carrier communication. Looking to obtain Managerial position with ABC company.

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What Is A Good Objective For An Entry

A good objective will convince recruiters that you know what you want and that you have the passion and dedication they need to succeed in the job at hand.

In one-to-three sentences, introduce yourself and explain what they can expect from you and what you hope to accomplish.

Go straight to explaining your career goals and how you can contribute to the company. For example:

A results-driven worker seeking an entry-level position in marketing where I can contribute to the successful operations of the company with my solid computer skills and sales tactics.

When Should You Nix The Resume Objective

Downloadable Career Objective Meaning Define Career ...

Its important not to waste space on a resume. Since keeping your resume to one page should be your goal, everything you include needs to work for you. In many cases, an objective is nonessential, which makes it little more than filler.

Recruiters and hiring managers are more likely to focus on your education and relevant experience than anything else on your resume. If space is at a premium, its almost always safe to forego the objective statement and make sure your relevant work experience shines instead.

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Resume Objectives Examples: Camp 1

Lets learn by looking at what not to do. Pretend youre applying to work at an insurance company. Whats wrong with these objectives?

  • To obtain a position as an engineering specialist in the field of maintenance.

  • To obtain a part-time tutoring position in Chemistry or Mathematics.

  • To obtain a position as a food server.

  • To continue my career as a veterinary assistant.

  • To get a position as an oilfield rig hand.

  • Seeking a challenging Architectural Design/Drafter position.

  • To re-enter the Beauty Industry.

  • To obtain a long-term position as an Estate Manager for a celebrity.

If you answered Everything, you are correct. And believe it or not, while some of these might seem out of left field, theyre all real. Genuine objectives appearing on resumes submitted to an insurance position.

Now, part of this points to a clear lack of care from the applicants. Either they completely forgot to update their resumes or were mass applying to positions. Both are major no-nos.

Its disrespectful to even submit a resume with one of the above objectives if its entirely unrelated to the job. And its a surefire way to land your credentials in the trashcan.

Why You Might Include A Resume Objective

Some argue that including a resume objective is outdated and no longer necessary. It’s worth considering though, if you want to show your potential employer that you are ambitious and aspire to promotion.

Equally, emphasizing that your skills are relevant to the role is important including a resume objective is a strong yet subtle way of doing so. If youre able to show an employer that you are the right fit within the first few lines of your application, you’re at an advantage.

A resume objective is particularly useful if you are looking at changing careers. If your previous experience doesn’t match well to the position applied for, the objective can give your potential employer information as to the other skills that make you a good candidate.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of experience then a resume objective could be used to set you apart from other applicants, by showing what additional skills you possess.

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Heres Another Good Resume Objective For A Career Path Change:

Objective: To leverage my 5+ years of client-facing experience, public speaking skills, and expertise in the health care industry into a public relations role with Happy Tree Educational Animations.

Again, short, sweet and to the point. This individual outlines their past in the health care industry and manages to make their skills and experience relate to animation!

Geographical Change Or Career Gap

Resume Tips – Objective Statement – A MUST

Use the following format:

  • Include your job title and reference the date of your relocation, or
  • Include your job title and reference returning to the job market after # time.
  • Describe your overall goal with reference to the companys goals.

For example: Detail-oriented administration professional relocating to Perth in August. Seeking employment as an office manager in a medical clinic. I bring 10 years experience, strong organisational skills, and social media management experience, and am looking to provide support to staff in a healthcare facility.

Another example: Results-oriented certified accountant returning to the workforce after maternity leave. Analytical and a strong problem-solver, I am seeking a position in a boutique firm as a senior accountant.

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Using Data To Make A Resume Objective Stand Out

If you can say that you have ten years experience in a field, then do so within your resume objective.

In the same way, if you have improved a key metric by a particular percentage, then use this to show that you can bring significant value to the company.

Using proven skills to support your application further down in your resume leads on from this elaborating on those skills by demonstrating how you used them at your previous place of work.

Recruitment/hr Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Human Resource Management Professional seeks an opportunity where experience in staffing, employee relations, project management, and superior communication skills will enhance overall strategic plan and direction of an organization.

Example 2:

Desire an HR coordinator position to put my experience and knowledge of negotiation, HR policy-making, and conflict resolution in use at ABC company.

Example 3:

A recent graduate in Human Resource Management, looking for an Entry Level Human Resource Administration position with XYZ Company to utilize high-level communication skills, leadership abilities, clerical skills, and knowledge of the domain.

Example 4:

Secure a responsible position in the HR department, sharing my 4 years of experience in end-to-end recruitment and sourcing, performance management and employee engagement framework, along with interpersonal skills and an ability to work across multiple stakeholders to further the growth of the company.

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Education/teacher Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

To further the cause of education by implementing successful teaching practices learned over the past 5 years of working as a pre-school teacher with students of different backgrounds and cultures.

Example 2:

Seeking the position of Elementary English Teacher in a progressive institution to apply my strong knowledge of the subject and help students attain their highest potential.

Example 3:

Highly energetic and committed professional teacher with strong academic background and practical experience in modern and innovative teaching techniques seeks to provide top quality knowledge to students.

Example 4:

An organized professional teacher with strong subject knowledge, classroom management skills, and practical experience seeks to provide high-level teaching lessons to students.

Example 5:

A highly passionate and motivated Math teacher with seven years of teaching experience in prestigious private schools seeks a permanent teaching position at ABC School.

When Should You Use A Resume Objective

Objective In A Resume Aa8f4e3497b751e4a80ffe197f1f4698

Are you relatively new to the job search market or lack work experience?

Are you changing industries?

Are you targeting a specific job or position?

If you answered YES to any of these above questions, then the resume objective is perfect for you!

If you answered NO to all of the above questions, you might not need to have an objective on your resume and can consider trying out the alternative Resume Summary Statement.

Remember, more on that laterbut keep reading anywaynot only is this article well written, snappy, and occasionally funny, you might just learn something that can help you with your resume regardless of your experience level.

For those of you in the middle of a career change or who might just be starting out, a resume objective statement allows you to define your goal to a potential employersomething that your work history might not otherwise be able to do for you.

Makes sense, right?

Imagine how confused a hiring manager would be if they were looking for candidates to fill an office coordinator position and you sent in a resume with 10 years of experience in marketing.

Without an objective statement, the hiring manager might just assume your resume has been accidentally sent to them and simply discard it.

An objective statement on a resume being submitted for a career changing position can only help you.

Overall, and most importantly, the biggest reason to put an objective on your resume isits better than having nothing.

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Bpo/ites Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Project Manager with 6 years of experience in handling multiple projects in the BFSI domain right from quality training to operations division. Possess a knack of applying analytical and problem-solving skills to meet clientsâ varied demands within strict deadlines. Ensures timely completion of identified goals.

Example 2:

Highly responsible Training Manager focused on developing and conducting unique training sessions for a better understanding of telecom companyâs products and processes. Handled team of 25 trainers and conducted various leadership and motivational training materials for organizing company-wide training workshops.

Example 3:

An accomplished Team Leader with 3 years of experience in designing and managing Customer Service strategies & ensuring timely resolution of customersâ queries. Helped call centers in retaining the existing customers & increasing revenues by X% with a remarkable FCR ratio.


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