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What To Name Resume File

Save Your Resume As A Pdf:

Naming Your Resume File |

Not everyone uses the same operating system and word processor that you do. I use a Mac. I dont have Word and I dont want it. My ATS cant handle .docx files. A lot of the resumes I see come through horribly garbled. So much for that nice formatting you did . PDF, or portable document format, is a simple solution. Heres how to select a file format for your resume.

Remember or jot down the location where you saved the document, so its easy to find it and attach it to an email message or upload. Its a good idea to create a new folder for all your job search correspondence.

Which One Should You Pick

If you’re applying for a position in a larger company you should include your name and the position. For example, if the hiring manager was to search the database to fill an accounting position, they could easily locate your resume because you included “accountant”.

If it’s a smaller company, then your name and “resume” works fine.

Keep The Formatting Consistent

No matter what you choose to name your files, make sure the titles are consistent. So, if you include your first and last name in your resume name, do the same for your cover letter and vice versa. If you call your cover letter Last Name Job Title Cover Letter, then your resume should be Last Name Job Title Resume. That same goes for the contents make sure youre using consistent fonts and other formatting for all of your application documents.

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What Should You Name Your Resume File

You should name your resume file First-Name-Last-Name-Target-Job-Title-Resume. For example, Robin-Walker-Marketing-Assistant-Resume.pdf would be a good resume file name.

Using your full name and the job title separated by dashes or underscores makes your resume file immediately identifiable to the hiring manager, who may receive hundreds of applications.

Titling/naming A Resume: Writing An Effective Resume Title

My Name Resume.pdf

When you save your resume on a recruitment site you are asked to give your resume a name.The name you choose is the name that will be featured across the top of your resume so it needs to be professional and memorable most importantly, it must be easy to get retrieved from database. If you arent sure what might be a good resume title search jobs that interest you on the recruitment site and get some ideas.

The title you choose should represent why you are experienced for the position you are applying for. Different sites allow you different resume file name lengths. For example, Monster Resume Builder allows you 35 characters. Check the site you are working with to learn their specific requirements.

How to Name Your Resume: Choose a Resume Title That Works for YouYour resume title is the first thing hiring managers will see when they are searching candidates.The best resume title will use key experiences, qualifications, or the job title. It should include your resume objective, your strongest qualifications. The resume title becomes searchable in online employment databases. An example of a good resume title would be Results Driven Marketing Manager.

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Make Your Resume Stand Out

Instead, look at your resume through the eyes of a hiring manager. If you are the hiring manager and 50 people apply for the position, and 50 of them name their resume document resume, who stands out? No one.

My advice is to make sure to include your name in your resume file name. For example: Amy-Wolfgang-Resume. This is a way to brand yourself. Others choose to name their resume with their name and the companys name. This could, potentially, demonstrate to the hiring manager that you customized your resume for this position. You may decide to name your resume with your name and a description of a trait in order to draw attention to your resume:Amy_Wolfgang_Top_Sales_Producer.

At the very least, put your first and last name in the resume file name. As far as adding the company name or a personality trait, do what you feel comfortable with.

How To Name Your Resume File

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Dear Coach Wolfgang:How do you name your resume document that you send to employers?

Good question! We dont really take time to think about this question. You may be inclined to name you resume document resume. It makes sense, especially when it is kept on your computer in your job search folder. It is a name that is easy for you to find because you are only concerned with reviewing and editing your own resume.

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Good Customer Service Cover Letter

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Options For Saving Your Resume

How To Name A Resume File (How to name a resume to stand out – EXAMPLES)

Unless an employer specifies otherwise, it’s important to send or upload your resume as a PDF or a Word document. This way, the receiver will get a copy of your resume and cover letter in the original format.

In many cases, the employer will tell you how they want to receive your resume, so be sure to follow the instructions and provide what is requested.

If you don’t follow the instructions in the job posting, you may not be considered for the job.

Before you save your resume, you may want to create a new file folder so all your job application materials are in one place. This will help you keep track of different versions of your resume, your cover letter, and when you have used them to apply for jobs.

To save your resume as a Word document, click on File, Save As, and type in the file name you are giving your resume, i.e., JohnDoeResume.doc or JohnDoeResume.docx. Select the folder you’ve chosen to save it in.

To save a Google Doc resume as a Word document or PDF, click on File, Download, Microsoft Word or File, Download, PDF Document . Select a folder to save your document in.

To save your Word documents as a PDF, depending on your word processing software program, you may be able to File, Print Microsoft Print to PDF, or Print to Adobe PDF. If not, there are free programs you can use to convert a file to a PDF. Select a folder to save the PDF version of your resume in.

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Why Naming A Resume And Cover Letter Is Important

Many applicants make the mistake of applying for a position digitally with a resume or cover letter file which has a generic name, such as resume.pdf, or unprofessional like Document_1.pdf. Although what is inside the file once its opened will be more important to a hiring manager, its still important to make a strong choice when naming your resume or cover letter. Not only does a professional name reflect well on your attention to detail, but it also makes your hiring managers job easier. When many candidates all apply with generic names on files and are stored in a folder of applicants for the job, its hard to differentiate them from each other on their computer. Your professional resume name will help you stand out and make it easier for the hiring manager to stay organized.

Tips For Writing A Resume File Name

Your resume file name should include your full first and last name. If you have a common name, you could also add your middle initial.

If, as you should be, youre sending customized resumes to each position you apply for, include information such as the job title or the company name in your resume file name. Not only is this useful for your own records , it can help the person in the hiring roleparticularly in a company with more than one opening.

Including the company name can also solve the versioning problems seen above. If you use the company name in your resume file name, you wont need to tack numbers on the end to keep track of different versions and drafts.

Your resume file name wont make or break your job search. But, when writing a resume, remember that a brief and specific file name can help you stand out from the crowd submitting generic resumes.

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Example Cover Letter And Resume Name Options

If you are not sure of how to apply the above tips to your resume or cover letter name, read these example names and use them as inspiration:

  • Doug Peterson Accounting Professional Resume.pdf
  • Carl Sampson Web Developer Cover Letter.pdf
  • Melanie Scott Coding Superstar Resume.pdf
  • Stephanie_Kent_Teller_Resume.pdf

Resume File Name Tips

How to Select a Resume File Name

Before sending your resume to prospective employers it is important to be aware of the following resume file name best practices

  • Dont just name it Resume.

Every detail of your resume, including the resume file name, should help it to stand out from the rest. A generic title like resume.doc does the opposite of this. How will a potential employer be able to differentiate your resume if it has same resume file name as the others?

  • Include your name

This will ensure that the prospective employer knows the resume is yours. Each time they open, close, minimize or maximize it, the resume file name will make it clear whose resume it is. If you leave out your name, your resume may be lost in the first shuffle. Choose a resume file name which includes your name.

  • Use the word resume

Just as its important for the employer to know that it is yours, it is also important for them to know what it is. Use the word resume as well as your name. It is typical to send multiple files in a job application, make sure it is clear which file is which. If this is confusing it will be off-putting, and your resume will be dismissed.

  • Keep it professional
  • Dont include version numbers
  • Keep it short
  • Use capitals where necessary

There is no unwritten rule stating that you cant use capitals in a resume file name. Dont write the whole thing in capitals but use them as you would normally, theres no harm in capitalizing the first letter of each of your names.

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How To Name Your Resume Or Cover Letter

Once you have chosen the best file format, the next task is to decide the name for the file. You should put a clean and clear name for your document.

If it is a resume save it with the word resume followed by your first and last name. In between the names you can use underscore if you prefer. For example:

  • Jacksonsmithresume.pdf
  • Jackson_smith_resume.docx
  • JacksonResume.pdf

Similarly when you save your cover letter include at least your first name or last name as a part of the file name. See the below examples:

  • coverletterjanesmith.doc

How To Name A Resume File

These are the top 20 resources I found about how to name a resume file. I’ve created this page to highlight the most recently updated resources for “how to name a resume file”. This guide was updated: 2021-09-07. If you are searching for a job, good luck on the hunt! ~ Scott from

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How To Name Your Resume And Cover Letter

When you are applying for jobs, it’s important to give your resume a title that makes it clear that the resume is yours, not just that of any random candidate.

It is particularly important when you send employers your resume and cover letter as attachments . When the employer opens your document, he or she will see what you have named your document. You, therefore, want the title to be professional, and to state who you are clearly.

Read below for more advice on what to name your resume file and other job application documents, as well as what not to name them. Also, read below for advice on how to save your documents.

How To Choose A Good Resume File Name

Resume File Name ð? ??? What should be your resume file name.ð?

How to select a resume file name may seem like a minor consideration when writing your resume.

However, imagine youre an employer with a mountain of resumes to go through, you will be quick to judge and quick to dismiss.

Most recruiters only spend a few seconds scanning resumes so first impressions are all important. The file name for your resume is one of the very first things a prospective employer will see.

The resume file name is especially important when you send multiple attachments in an email, such as your resume, a cover letter, and a portfolio.

It is important to give your resume a name which makes it clear what it is, and that is yours. Keeping the resume file name clear and simple is just one advantage of using a resume templates.

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Include Your Name In The Title

Your name should always be in the title of your documents. If you have a particularly long one, you may opt to just include your last name thats your call. Just make sure your name is in there in some form. Thats how the hiring team will be able to match you to your application documents. If you do include your first name, put it first, rather than reversing the order.

What File Name Do You Give Your Resume And Cover Letter It Matters

Do you recognize any of these titles in your files: Resume 2020, Kims Resume, Resume 1, Resume 2, Resume Old, Resume New? Have you ever sent off a resume and put the company in the file name? They already know who they are – what they need to know is who you are, what the document is and what the document relates to.

Often, we name the file to serve our own filing purposes. When saving your resume give the file a title that matters to the reader, whether that be an ATS or a human.

There are 3 pieces of information to include in the file name:

· Your first and last name

· The type of document

· The name of the position and/or the job/ID/Req #

When titled correctly, an employer can easily match your resume to the position you are applying to. When a company is looking for several people to fill one job title, the # attached to the position may signify the location, department and/or other detail relevant to the position.

Example: Janice Smith, Program Manager #54321, Resume

Small things make a big difference! For more best practices on resume and cover letter writing, visit our Virtual Resource Room.

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First Name Or Last Name First

As we already mentioned, hiring managers use different systems to track applications. These systems may sort the files by their names and surnames. And youll never know how these systems work. Nevertheless, in English tradition, we usually use the first name at the beginning. Most of the systems are oriented on public, and most of the applicants start signing their files with their first name. This is the case when going with the crowd is better than alone.

How Do You Put Reference Name On Resume

NAME Resume.pdf

Use a separate page for your references list. Put your name and the title References on the top of the page, e.g. John Doe References. Use consistent formatting for all your references: list their full names, professional titles, companies, and contact information. Include at least three professional references.

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Rename Files And Folders With Powershell

Windows PowerShell is even more powerful and flexible than Command Prompt when it comes to renaming files and folders in a command-line environment. While well only scratch the surface of naming your files, you can do some really powerful things, including piping cmdlets together to batch replace characters in a filename.

The quickest way to open a PowerShell window at your desired location is to first open the folder in File Explorer. Once there, click File > Open Windows PowerShell, and then click Open Windows PowerShell.

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