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Where Does An Internship Go On A Resume

When Not To Include Internships On Your Resume

How To Write A Resume With Little or No Work Experience – Resume Template

Although internships can play a crucial role in advancing your career, they are not as valuable as full-time jobs. If you have gained enough experience in paid positions, adding an internship to your resume may not be advantageous.

Posting internships on a resume is only helpful if youre in your first or second job in the relevant industry. If you have more experience than this you shouldnt keep them on your resume unless it is particularly impressive.

For example, you can add an internship to a developed resume, if you did an internship at Apple, Google, or the White House.

If you have enough experience, and the internship doesnt have the wow-factor, youre better off using the space on your professional resume for sharing your employment history.

How To Ask For A Reference

Now that you’ve created a list of people to ask for a reference, how do you go about it? Check out this sample e-mail:

how to ask for an internship resume reference:

Dear Prof. Smith,I was hoping that you’d be so kind as to write me a brief internship reference. I am applying for the position of and given that I’ve taken two semesters of Investment Economics with you, I believe that you can give an honest opinion about my work ethic and skills.It would be much appreciated.

Please find a description of the internship position attached.

Thank you,

John Doe

What we have here is a brief and clear note to the professor. Make it easy for them and say what you have to say in as few words as possible. Professors are busy people.

The student mentions the following:

  • What position they are applying for
  • What class they’ve taken with the professor and its duration
  • A brief description of the intern position

Why is this important?

First of all, you have to mention what position you’re applying for. Otherwise, the professor won’t know what you’re trying to showcase. In that case, the reference may end up being too general which you don’t want.

Secondly, the student includes what class they’ve taken with the professor. Chances are that professors write at least a couple resumes per week, so don’t take it personally if they can’t recall their relationship to you.

Yes, references just like resumes get tailored. You want to be as specific and as relevant as possible.

How Should You Include Internships On Your Resume

Okay, you have a pretty good idea which internships youd like to list on your resume. But where do you put them? And what do you actually say about your internship?

In general, you should treat your internships just like any other work experience, which means youd list them under the section labeled Work Experience or Professional Experience or Experience, and fit them right in where they go chronologically.

The format should be the same, too. In the first line, include:

  • Title: Try to go beyond Intern and be specific here. Was it Graphic Design Intern or Copywriting Intern or Business Development Intern? If you had a title that didnt explicitly include the word intern, you can put it in parentheses if you want, as in Crime Reporter .
  • Company
  • Location: Write , as in Toledo, OH.
  • Dates: When did your internship take place? You can put or , as in JuneAugust 2019 or Summer 2019.

Below that, youll want to include a description, most likely in bullet point formatagain, just as you would for any other work experience. Start with an action verb thats relevant to the industry, try to include numbers as well as any achievements or accomplishments, and incorporate keywords from the job description for the role youre applying for, if possible. Focus on your most substantial projects and assignments rather than on busywork you mightve done. In other words, talk about the detailed event plan you put together more so than the photocopies you made.

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Where To Put Internships

Work Experience Section: Because internships provide important work experience, you should include your internships in the Work Experience or Work History section of your resume, along with other jobs you have held.

Internships Section: If you have held multiple internships, you can include a separate Internships section on your resume. Put this section towards the top of your resume. Put your Internships section above your Work History section if your internships are particularly relevant to the job you are applying for.

Whatever you do, dont put your internships at the bottom of your resume or in the Education section. Internships are real-world experiences, and should be given as much weight as a job.

It Intern Resume: Header

Skills To Put On Resume For Retail Job

Here’s a list of the tips you can follow to perfect your IT internship resume header:

  • Write your real full name on the extreme top part of your resume.
  • Write it in the largest font size, approximately 16-20 points to ensure that the recruiter instantly knows that the resume belongs to you.
  • If you have a middle name, write your first name, followed by the first initial of your middle name in capital letters, followed by your last name.
  • Example: If your name is Jada Pinkett Smith, formulate your resume header along these lines: ‘Jada Pinkett Smith’.

Read our Resume Header Guide to get an in-depth understanding of this section and to learn how to perfect it.

Here’s a classic IT intern resume sample showcasing a correctly written resume header:

This is a snapshot of the header of an IT internship resume template that we have made using our Online Resume Builder.

For more section-wise IT intern resume examples, read on.

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Tips For Adding Internships To Your Resume

Here are some tips for you to consider when you add your internships to your resume:

  • Make sure your resume format is consistent. Use consistent formatting throughout your resume and refrain from changing the font style or size for your internship experience.
  • Highlight responsibilities. Include only your most noteworthy responsibilities as an intern.
  • Write short sentences with action verbs. Your experience should be explained using action verbs in clear and concise sentences.
  • Quantify achievements if you can. If you achieved something important such as exceeding quarter for sales goals, then you should add it to your internship experiences.
  • List internship in the correct place. Your internship should be listed under work experience or in its own subheading if the internship experience is more recent and valuable than your paid work experience.

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Write A Strong Objective Statement

An impressive objective statement takes the needs of the employer into account. Read through a few internship descriptions from different companies that you would work for and take note of the common denominators. These are the skills they tend to ask for and the key terms and phrases they use to describe the role.

As you write your objective statement, make sure it touches on those same key phrases and skills. Ultimately, you want to write one to three sentences that describe who you are in terms of what main strengths you have to offer and what your career goals are.

The goal of your objective statement is to summarize your value in clear, memorable terms so that employers can easily get a sense of what you have to offer. For added impact, consider adapting your objective statement for each application you send. This kind of customization and attention to detail is especially beneficial for applications where you don’t have the opportunity to send a cover letter.

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It Intern Resume: Profile Title

A profile title is important because it communicates the following information about you to a recruiter:

  • Your current professional status. Could be IT Intern or simply XYZ Graduate.
  • Your functional industry. Here, it is obvious that you are in the IT industry.
  • Your seniority level. Internships are entry-level jobs.

Given the importance of your profile title, a recruiter should be able to identify it instantly. So write your profile title in the second-largest font range of 14-16 points.

Since you’re applying for an IT Internship, you can frame your profile title in the following ways:

  • If you’re a CS Graduate hoping to land their first internship, you can formulate your profile title like this: ‘Computer Science Graduate’
  • If you’re a CS Graduate with an internship experience in IT, you can frame your profile title along these lines: ‘Computer Science Graduate & Former IT Intern’.

Here’s an IT intern resume sample showcasing a well-composed profile title:

For more section-wise IT intern resume examples, read on.

Moving on, get your existing IT intern resume reviewed by our industry experts at Hiration. Get hands-on advice and resume recommendations from our resume tacticians with our Resume Review Service.

Does An Internship Open You Up To Potential Bias

How to Format Your Resume for an Internship (10 Quick Tips A Checklist) | The Intern Hustle

If you worked at an organization with a certain political affiliation, for example, or interned with a hot-button advocacy group, and are concerned that a prospective employer might judge you unfairly , you might decide not to include that particular internship on your resume.

Its up to you, of course. While you might not even want to work at a company where this would give a recruiter or hiring manager pause, not everyone has the financial freedom to be open and unapologetic in their application materials.

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Sample Internship Experience On A College Grad Resume

In the example below, Nicholas’ internships include detailed information about his position, such as the company he worked for, his dates of employment, the location, the responsibilities he held, and a couple bullets highlighting how he helped add value to the company and its clients. Click on the following link to view Nicholas’ recent college graduate resume in its entirety.

If your internships aren’t as noteworthy as the ones held by Nicholas, you can follow the sample format we used for Shane’s internship experience, where we stuck to using a series of bullets to quantify his responsibilities.

Internship Summary Resume Example: Start With A Bang

Your summary is the perfect opportunity to show you have the right combination of knowledge, drive, and personality to succeed in the internship. Your resume may look similar to many other internship applicants, but your profileis yours alone. This is your chance to get a little creative and give potential employers insight into who you are and why youre the best candidate for the internship. This isnt easy you have two or three sentences to differentiate yourself and show your knowledge of your chosen field, but never fear, the following strategies will get you there.

Also known as a summary or personal statement, your profile allows your resume to stand out from the crowd of other internship candidates. The top of your resume is prime real estate. Heres how to grab recruiters attention:

OK, so now you know what a resume profile is, but what does one look like for an internship candidate with little or no experience in the field? Check out the sample below for an example of how to write your own resume summary.

Hardworking and enthusiastic college student working towards a B.S. in marketing. Seeking to use my superior knowledge of social media marketing and my advanced communication skills to effectively serve your company in an internship position. Dedicated, hardworking and committed to becoming a dependable and valuable team member.

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Choosing The Correct Cv Format And Resume Template

When it comes to choosing a resume template and CV format, youll want to keep it clean and simple, without sacrificing the look of your internship resume. After putting time and effort into crafting the text of your resume, your resume format ensures that the document is easy to read. HR personnel take at most 35 seconds for a first look at a resume, according to Purdue Owl. Make the most of that time. Use these sample ideas along with Resume.ios templates to create an artistic yet legible CV format.

  • Try the quadrant test to make sure the text is well-balanced. Split your resume into four quadrants, by dividing it horizontally and vertically. Text should be almost evenly spread among the quadrants .
  • Choose fonts wisely. Use boldface, type size, and fonts to draw recruiters eyes to the most important information on the resume.

Use color sparingly. A splash of color is fine, but too much is distracting and looks unprofessional. Choose one of Resume.ios four resume format categoriesModern, Professional, Simple, or Creative. Or, personalize the internship resume example at the top of this guide.

Tips For Adding Your Resume Experience

Where Do Internships Go On A Resume for California college ...

Focus on the most impressive, most relevant aspects of your internship position. Even if you spent most of the time making photocopies or fetching coffee, only include the parts of the internship that are relevant to the position youre applying for.

  • It is important to tailor each section of your resume to each job you apply for. Internships on resumes are no exception to this.
  • Make a list of every responsibility you had during your internship. This will enable you to add or delete the responsibilities depending on their relevance to the job.

This approach will widen your appeal from the perspective of employers, making you a stronger candidate for a broader range of jobs.

  • When applying for a job, read the job description and highlight the key words relating to skills and experience. Include these keywords, or synonyms in your internship description.

By matching the experience you gained in your internship, to that needed in the prospective job, you will greatly improve your chances of making it through to the first interview stage.

Using an online resume maker is an effective tool which allows you to quickly chop and change your resume for each position.

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Find Out How To Get A Head Start And Stand Out From The Crowd

The Science Internship Program offers students in the Faculty of Science the opportunity to participate in 8 to 16 consecutive months of work experience. Work must be full time and paid. Internship is an academic program, successful completion of this program leads to the Science Internship Designation, which appears on your academic transcript and degree parchment.

Did Something Go Wrong At The Internship

Hopefully, this isnt an issue for you. But in the rare case that there was some extremely difficult situation or even a legal issue during your internship, Wasserman says, you may decide to leave it off. You dont want to run the risk of the recruiter or hiring manager reaching out to someone thereand hearing only negative things about you.

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Ensure The Formatting Matches The Rest Of Your Resume And Work Experience

As you build your resume, review the formatting and ensure it matches well. Since your internship experience should be in the same section as your work experience, you will want it all to be equally formatted. For example, if you list the job responsibilities under your work experience in 12-point font, you should apply the same font to the job responsibilities listed under your internship.

When To Leave Internships Out Of Your Resume

8 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume

Internships are not required to remain on your resume for a long period of time. Here are situations when you may leave internships out of your resume:

  • When you have developed enough work experience in your career field. For instance, 5 years of experience or more.
  • If your internship is unrelated to the job you are applying for

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Use The Right Structure For Your Internship

Since many companies consider an internship like work experience, you should present it in the same manner on your resume.

  • Create a special heading for the section such as âInternship Programâ.
  • Identify the name of the company you interned at.
  • Use the same title or designation that the company gave you.
  • Indicate the inclusive period of the internship.
  • List down 5 to 8 duties or responsibilities that were assigned to you.

Again, these duties and responsibilities should be relevant to the job position you are applying for. In our previous example, the right structure for your internship details will be as follows:

Internship Program

01 June 2018 to 31 December 2018

Duties and Duties and Responsibilities

  • Worked closely with the QA supervisor and officers in identifying and qualifying completed output of semiconductor units.
  • Cross-referenced completed semiconductor units with specific product details outlined in the companyâs standards and guidelines.
  • Assessed and analyzed the quality of output in order to establish the equilibrium point of the current production schedule.
  • Prepared detailed reports using the Lean Machine software program for distribution and discussion with the operations and inventory management groups.

Internship Resume Education Example: Mine Your Classes For Discrete Skills

Classes in your chosen field have already given you both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. In this section, you have the opportunity to explain how your educationmakes you a great candidate for an internship.

College classes in your major are the perfect preparation for internships. Look through your course descriptions and syllabi for examples of transferrable lessons or skills. Then, highlight keywords and projects you have completed that are directly related to the internship you seek. Your academics are your current career, so treat them as such. Analyze the internship description for skills and highlight keywords you will strive to include on your resume.

Focus on tangible results of your studies. Check out the example below for some sample sentences you may be able to adapt to your own internship resume.

  • Use active verbs and details.
  • Say this: Wrote research paper including surveying 50 students and analyzing data to test my hypothesis that too much outside work drives down student grades.
  • Instead of: Did a research project on how work affects student grades.
  • Use specific language and spell out acronyms the first time you use them. For example, remember that ATS may be searching for the words search engine optimization and not the acronym SEO.
  • Heres a basic example you can use as a starting point for your internship resume.

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