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Where To Post Resume Online

Fiverr: Projects Starting At $5 Per Task

Should I Post my Resume on an Online Job Board

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces for all kinds of businesses. With Fiverr, you can post open freelance jobs for free. Youll also be able to find top talent and high-quality services at every price point within minutes. Fiverr freelancers are paid per project, not per hour. Once the project is completed, youll pay a percentage rate to Fiverr in addition to paying the freelancer who will send you an invoice.

National Labor Exchange: Post Your Open Job Free To State Workforce Systems

The National Labor Exchange is a government-run job site that lets anyone post a job for free to state workforce systems. The NLx collects and distributes job openings from pre-vetted companies career websites, state job banks, and federal jobs portals. Job feeds are refreshed daily and cross-posted on over 1,000 job boards if you provide a city and state location in your job post. NLx aims to help workers who were recently laid off and maybe desperate to find work before their unemployment benefits run out. It provides great exposure for your open job roles without having to pay for anything.

Submitting Your Resume Directly

You can also submit your resume directly to the companys website. Under this option, though, youre basically thrown in with the masses. Your resume will be entered into a database with possibly dozens of other resumes for the same open job requisition. Its quite possible that your resume wont be viewed at all. And if your resume is viewed, it will really need to stand out for you to get picked for an interview.

At the end of the day, posting your resume to an online job board may be the worst of all the options. In addition to privacy risks, it invites a ton of spam and distracts you with jobs that dont meet your requirements. So take a sniper approach, not a shotgun approach. Dont just post your resume online and wait for companies to come to you. Be more proactive. Find companies that meet your requirements, then go after them!


Baron Fendler has 25 years of IT experience as a hiring manager, project leader, consultant, and mentor. His book, How to Write an Amazing IT Resume, can be purchased on .

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Is Resume A Library

Resume-Library is one of the leading U.S. job boards, ready to assist with every aspect of your job hunt. Upload your resume and use our advanced searching tool to browse jobs, from over 50 different industries. Our Career Advice, written by industry experts, will support you from job search, to interview, and beyond.

When Should You Post Your Resume Online

How to Post Your Resume Online: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...

Post your resume online when you are confident it is well-designed and of high quality. When posting your resume online, the quality of your resume is more important than the quantity of websites you post it to. In today’s online job search atmosphere, it is the well-written and highly optimized resumes that are more likely to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, regardless of the number of job websites they are on. Take the time to improve your resume by reviewing resume writing tips, considering a resume writing service and proofreading like a professional before posting it online.

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Benefits Of Using Our Online Resume Maker

During a job interview, a resume is the first thing that a recruiter goes through. A recruiter takesan average of six seconds to accept or reject a resume. A poorly made resume creates a badimpression and lowers your chance of getting selected in the interview. You should make surethat you have the right elements in your resume that recruiters often look for. A well-organizedand well-formatted resume is a must to grab the attention of the hiring managers. helps you create a perfect resume with the desired elements required in aresume. This online resume maker is free for freshers, professionals, and every other jobaspirant. Years of experience has helped us to know what recruiters generally look for in aresume. Our CV and resume builder is designed on the latest software technology that instantlygenerates a well-formatted resume for you to download. In short, you can make a resume and download it for free. Here are some other benefits that this online resume builder offers:

  • Easy to use platform for resume building.
  • Mobile compatible resume maker.
  • More than 50 pre-built resume templates for students, freshers, and experienced.
  • Easy to customize templates.

Learn4good: Find College Students For Up To Six Months Free

Learn4Good is an educational website that offers job opportunities for students. It has a Free Job Plan that allows you to have 20 free job listing credits that you can use over a six-month period and receive emails and phone calls from applicants. You can also view college student resumes for free. This is helpful when youre searching for your next hire in fields like engineering, cybersecurity, logistics, or SEO marketing. If you want to increase the number of job postings and get your company to be featured, you may choose Learn4Goods paid plans that range from $59 to $199 for six months.

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Where To Post Your Resume Online

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One site you don’t see on this list is LinkedIn. There are a number of reasons for that, outlined in our LinkedIn-specific guide:

Before you use your resume online, remember that your resume should be optimized for the ATS . In 2021, resumes should be written concisely and effectively to impress an employer. Ensure that you have the proper keywords for your job target within your resume so that your resume appears when a recruiter or hiring manager searches a database.

You can use ZipJob’s free resume review service to check how your resume looks to an ATS.

Join more than 1 million people who have already received our complimentary resume review.

In 48 hours, you will know how your resume compares. Weâll show you whatâs working–and what you should fix.

Angellist: The Linkedin Of The Tech World With Free Unlimited Postings

How to upload your resume

With 27,054 startup and tech companies as members, AngelList is fast becoming a popular hiring platform for the tech startup world. It has around 2.5 million active and passive candidates, including developers and designers that can be part of your team. You can sign up for a seven-day free Pro access once you create an account with AngelList Recruit. After that, you can choose among its three tiers depending on your location, budget, and hiring needs.

  • Starter : Unlimited job listings, and youll get limited access to 2.3 million candidates and resume views
  • Pro: : Unlimited job postings and access to advanced filters and 2.5 million active and passive candidates
  • Team : Access to curated candidates, vetted and qualified by the AngelList team, and a dedicated account manager

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The Best Sites To Post A Resume Or Candidate Profile In 2021

LinkedIn was created in 2003 and has become the largest professional networking platform. We chose LinkedIn as the best site to post your resume because its size, reputation, and unmatched networking capabilities make it the best place to get in front of recruiters and start a powerful dialogue.

function as public digital resumes in nearly every industry, which is why its important to invest the time and effort to make sure its detailed, accurate, and optimized for search. Once youve filled out your LinkedIn profile, recruiters will be able to discover it when searching for candidates. If theyre interested in learning more about you, they can send you a message directly from the platform to discuss opportunities.

Not only is your LinkedIn profile great for getting discovered by recruiters, but you can also use your account and profile to actively network with others. You can send connection requests to people within three degrees of separation and start conversations with people youre interested in working with or for. Anyone you network with will be able to easily see your qualifications, interests, and mutual connections through your profile.

Best For Creative Jobs: Behance


Part of the Adobe family, Behance launched in 2006 as an online portfolio site for creatives . With millions of members, Behance is the largest community of creative professionals to network and showcase their work, so we selected it as the best site to post a profile for creative jobs.;

On your Behance profile, you can fill out your basic contact information and current work title, add links to your other online profiles, upload a downloadable resume, and insert links to any press your work has been featured in. You can also add custom sections for any awards youve won or any other relevant information. If your company, co-workers, or team currently uses Behance, you can link to your team through your profile as well.

Under the Work tab, you can showcase photo files, videos, and other media that youve made and add tags to make them more discoverable. By completing your profile and tagging your work samples, employers will be able to find your information when browsing the site. To network, you can follow other profiles, leave comments on other peoples work, and send messages.

Its free to showcase your work and network on Behance, and there is no limit to how many pieces of work you can add.

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Do Employers Look At Resumes On Indeed

If youve applied to an Employers job on Indeed, they will be able to view: Your resume If youre using your Indeed generated resume, the Employer will be able to see any information that you include on your resume, plus the scores of any assessments youve taken and chosen to make public on your profile.

Best For Freelance Work: Upwork

How to Post Your Resume Online: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...


Founded in 2014, Upwork is the largest site that connects freelancers with businesses. We chose Upwork as the best place to post a profile for freelance work because the gigs tend to be of higher quality than on other freelance job sites.

Candidates in dozens of industries can find clients on Upwork, including consulting, customer service, data science, engineering, digital marketing, translation, and web development. Its completely free to create a profile on the site, and you can populate your profile with your rates, work samples, resume, case studies, and personal statement.

If your profile is approved, recruiters will be able to find you and message you by searching the keywords or categories youve listed. Upwork has no upfront costs but takes a percentage of your earnings once you lock in a client. This is Upworks current fee structure:

  • 20% for the first $500 billed to a client
  • 10% for lifetime billings with a client between $500.01 and $10,000
  • 5% for lifetime billings with a client that exceed $10,000

Upwork must approve your profile before you can start applying for projects. If your skills dont meet their standards, your application may be rejected. For this reason, Upwork is best for mid-level to higher-level candidates.

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Benefits Of Posting Your Resume Online

Posting your resume online increases the chances of a recruiter or hiring manger finding you. While applying for jobs online is a strong start, your completed job application often only reaches the one hiring manager for that specific position. Alternatively, when you post your resume online, multiple hiring managers may browse your resume as they search for potential applicants. Most companies have moved their hiring process online and search large databases on job websites for prospective candidates. As virtual networking and remote work become increasingly popular, posting your resume online helps employers contact you directly about job opportunities.

Should I Post My Resume Online

You may be wondering if you should post your resume on some of the information technology job boards out there. This could make potential employers come to you. Proponents say this increases your exposure, giving you instant access to hundreds of available jobs. This might sound great, but posting your resume to a job board also exposes your resume to all kinds of people that you dont personally know or trust.

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Make Sure Your Resume Is In The Correct Format

The website you upload to might change the organization of your resume if you do not submit your resume in the correct format. Select the resume format that the employer asks for. If they do not specify, choose the format that works best with your resume to ensure the formatting such as font, bullet points or margins don’t change. Uploading your resume in the right format helps maintain the readability of your resume for hiring managers and recruiters.

Finding A Jobs Online Is One Click Away Do You Really Think Having Interview Means You Got Job

Should I Post My Resume Online?

Finding a jobs online is one click away! Do you really think having interview means you got job?Did you ever thought about internet will be way to find the jobs for people.; I did not even think years ago that Tesco, ASDA going to deliver potatoes, vegetables, bread online to your doors. Look what happened now.; If you still follow the traditional papers and recruitment agency than it time to explore the job websites in the internet.

If you are equipped with the good knowledge in your profession and willing to put your effort jobs are click away from you. In fact you decide you want to find the jobs or let the jobs find you. What I mean is posting 1 page good resumecv of your online which will summarize your expertise can bring the jobs on your plate. Believe me there are many employers looking for good employees. Whether you are marketing expert, Sales executive, Human Resource Manager, Project Manger, IT Engineer, IT manager etc. uploading you resume online can generate phone calls to you.

I have couple of trick which I would like to share with you about the employment. Here are the few things.

Firstly you must know Google and of course one email to receive jobs. I recommend you

Secondly Jobs and Resume; website which will allow you to post CV online for free.I recommend you to use:

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How To Create A New Resume On Indeedcom:

1. Register or sign in on Indeed if you already have an account.

2. Click on Build Your Resume.

3. Make sure that you have your education, work history, and contact information ready. Enter these in the Profile, Work, and Education fields.

4. When youre done filling out these sections, you can edit it anytime. The site enables you to edit certain sections of your resume or remove them if you need to.

5. Fill out other sections on your resume, such as Skills, Awards, and more, if these apply to you.

6. Click View Resume to proofread the final version of your resume.

You can choose to make your resume viewable to the public on Theres also the option of keeping it private; although both have their own benefits.

If your resume is public, anyone can view it including potential employers. Visitors who see your public resume can download, save, and even forward it to someone else. Only your street address is kept private, viewable only by you. When you apply for a job, this is the only time that your email address and phone number will be seen by the employer or recruiter.

Most job applicants find that keeping their Indeed resume on public settings is better than keeping them private. When your profile is public, recruiters and employers can easily find and contact you. Keeping your Indeed profile public is recommended if you are unemployed and looking for work.

Here is Carly explaining more about the privacy settings of

How To Upload Your Resume In 5 Steps:

Step OneRegister your account by answering the questions asked on the site. Or simply sign up with your Facebook account. If you already have an account, then sign in by entering your username and password.

Step TwoUpload your resume on the site with the recommended file formats: Word, PDF, RTF, or TXT.

Step ThreeSave your resume using any of these formats on Indeed as well as a backup on your own computer.

Step FourOnce the upload process has been completed, you can view and edit your resume anytime. You can also add sections later on if needed. For example, if youve recently just received a certification, you can update your Indeed Resume with this information.

Step FiveClick on the View Resume button before sending it to any potential employer. This enables you to proofread and check for any errors. Its important to see what the final copy of your resume will look like before employers do.

If you want to delete your resume and start from scratch, click on Remove Your Resume.

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Homebase: Free Job Posting And Applicant Tracking

Homebase is an all-in-one HR platform that makes it easy to set up your hourly job postings for roles like waitstaff and retail clerks to leading job board sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. It also takes care of onboarding, scheduling, applicant monitoring, and time tracking to help small businesses manage hourly workers.

It gives you a career page for your website, and its mobile app makes candidate communication a lot easier for you. Pricing for Homebase covers four basic tiers:

  • Basic: Free for one location, unlimited employees
  • Essentials: $19.95 per month, per location
  • Plus: $49.95 per month, per location
  • All-in-One: $99.95 per month, per location

To reach a larger or more targeted pool of applicants by promoting your job openings on Craigslist and ZipRecruiter, Homebase offers job posting boosts starting at $79 per post.


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