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Where To Put Licenses On A Resume

How To Include Series 7 In The Certifications/skills Sections

Where to Put Training and Certificates on Your Resume

Series 7 should be written as a short bullet point in the certifications or skills section. It is not necessary to include the date unless the employer specifically asks in the job ad. Include the certifying body and label Series 7 as a license.

When including Series 7 as a skill or certification, it is recommended to move this section above the experience section.

This is because like with programming languages for a programmer, Series 7 is a necessary license for a securities representative. This section may be renamed to Relevant skills or Highlights to best fit all the relevant information in.

Be careful not to list Series 7 as a certificate or a certification. While it can be placed in the certifications section, it is technically a license and should be referred to as such in the resume.

When formatted properly, a Series 7 license will look like the following:

How To Detail Licenses On A Resume

Add pertinent license information to your resume, especially if it is relevant to the position to which you are applying. Resume formats can vary and some people like to insert licensing information under its own section, such as Licenses, or under headings like Education or Licenses and Certificates. While you have flexibility in how you format the resume and layout your information, maintain consistency when detailing information for each license included on the resume.

Locate copies of your licenses and note the exact title, date and accrediting agency for each license.

Create a subheading for the license detail on the resume, such as Licenses and Certificates or Licenses. Insert the license information under this heading.

Give each license and its details its own line.

Include the name of each license, its accrediting agency, and the date of the license on each line.

Place a comma between the name of the license and accrediting agency, and between the accrediting agency and the date of the license.

  • Dont include your drivers license number on the resume.


  • Don’t include your driver’s license number on the resume.

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Ats Ranking Systems For Nursing Resumes

Next, its possible that the ATS will score your nursing resume. The score is based on how the content of the resume matches the content that the employer programs the ATS to look for.

Then, the Applicant Tracking System might rank all the resumes from highest to lowest score. Recruiters can then start reviewing the highest-ranking resumes first.

Weve seen other articles about nursing resumes claim that these scoring systems are standard in the healthcare industry. Our experience indicates otherwise. Instead, healthcare employers often do not make use of the resume scoring features.

That said, you must still optimize your nursing resume for the employers desired content.

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Where To List Certifications

Candidates want to make certain readers can spot certification information easily on a resume. Common way to accomplish this goal include:

  • Creating a separate section on the resume entitled Certifications or Licenses and Certifications
  • Expanding the traditional Education section to a headline that reads Education and Certifications
  • Including it under additional sections such as Continuing Education or Professional Development

Hold a certification that is a vital requirement to apply for the job at hand ? Or do you possess an in-demand IT certification that may be your ticket to employment? In both cases, consider placing your credential top and center, both literally and figuratively.

For some jobs where there is one predominant certification every employer is looking for, you can consider using it as your resumes title right underneath where you put your contact information, Wang says. If you do that, its important to center it, bold it, and potentially increase its font size to make sure employers see it right away.

What Skills Do Loan Officers Need

How to state your driver

Loan Officer Skills & CompetenciesComputer proficiency: Job candidates for loan officer positions should be familiar with computers and software applications related to banking.Analytical skills and perception: Youll be required to accurately assess clients financial statements to ensure their creditworthiness.

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Honors And Awards Section Optional

Of course, Honors and Awards are what resumes are all about! If you have many to highlight, or even a couple of prestigious ones, then you may choose to include a title-heading for them. Below is an example:

DAISY Award Received over a dozen nominations. Award winner for November, 2018.

Dianne Lanham Award Winner, 2018 Recognizes the importance of leadership competencies as a component of nursing practice at the point of direct care.

Example Job Details For Nursing Resume

Provided patient care in a Cardiac ICU that took care of post-coronary intervention patients with IABPs and Impella heart pumps, and post cardiac arrest patients requiring therapeutic hypothermia.

Integral member of units Quality Assurance Team tasked with identifying and evaluating quality issues, managing patient census, and allocating staff assignments.

Selected as an original team member for the hospitals new CVICU. Assisted in developing the units policies and procedures and ensuring the units successful launch.

Implemented discharge planning and provided health care education to the patient and significant other to promote recovery.

Selected to collaborate on Patient Satisfaction Taskforce tasked with developing, testing and implementing related policies and procedures.

Achieved highest possible quality review scores for duties realted to training and educating patients and families on ESRD.

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Should I Put My Nmls Number On My Resume

These licenses are often required to qualify for the job, so theyre essential to include in your resume. If you received a license number, make sure to include that as well as the name of awarding institutions. Because certifications for loan officers tend to expire, you should also include your certification date.

Include A License In Your Professional Summary

How to Write a Pilot Resume – Resume Tips

Most resumes include a professional summary near the top. You might have previously referred to this as an objective statement or job objective. The summary is your chance to tell an employer why youre qualified for the role and to highlight some of your top experience, education and skills, including any licenses or certifications that make you a top candidate. If your license is a major qualifying factor for your job, this is another smart place you can include the information.


Licensed social worker with 10+ years of experience serving in the community. Excellent client evaluation skills and the ability to resolve conflict quickly to provide the necessary resources for clients. Proven ability to remain calm and in control when faced with difficult situations.

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Human Review Of Nursing Resume Content

More importantly, several humans review nursing resumes during the hiring process. Like the ATS, they also screen for the employers desired content.

Additionally, the humans evaluate the resume to determine if the candidate can excel at the job.

For most employers, a recruiter is the first human to review resumes. Afterwards, recruiters may or may not contact desirable candidates to ask a few questions and determine if the candidates are still interested in the job.

Once this process is complete, recruiters typically forward the best candidates to the hiring manager. Here again, the hiring manager typically reviews resumes for the desired content and judges whether the candidate can excel at the position.

Its important to note that the best resumes are almost always the ones with all the critical details the employer desires. If the information isnt there, then the resume stands a far greater chance of being removed from the process.

Formatting Tips For Your Nursing Resume

Resume formatting involves things like fonts, margins, sizing, etc. Resume formatting affects both the humans and the applicant tracking systems that read your resume.

As the study we cited above indicates, humans respond better to resumes with clean fonts and appealing white-space. Meanwhile, images and various uncommon formatting characteristics can confuse applicant tracking systems.

Follow these formatting tips to make sure your nursing resume is appealing to humans and software.

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Where To Include Certifications On A Resume

If the certification is a requirement for the position, then you want to either list it next to your name in the header or in your resume title. A hiring manager only looks at a resume for a few seconds so you need to quickly show that youâre qualified for the position.

Here is an example of a certification next to a name:

You could also list your certification in the title of your resume. Utilizing a resume title is very effective for any resume and we wrote a good post on writing a resume title and header here.

Here is an example of listing your certification in a resume title:

Radiologic Technologist Resume Examples In 2020

Licenses &  Certifications on a Resume (Sample &  Easy Tips)

Common way to accomplish this goal include: Creating a separate section on the resume entitled certifications or licenses and certifications.

77 cool photos of sample resume for social work supervisor. Adding certifications to the top of your resume immediately brings attention to them.

Alexis ixora resume template resume template resume. Another way to list your certifications is to add them to the resume certification section right after your education

Best forklift operator resume example livecareer. Certifications can be obtained in a variety of industries and offer you the chance to not only gain new skills but also.

Certifications on a resume certification on resume example. Certifications to list on a resume also include any professional licenses, courses and certificates authorized by prestigious.

Forklift operator certificate template beautiful forklift. How to include a license on your cv.

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List Of Terms From The Nursing Job Posting

As we mentioned above, one of the primary goals for our nursing resume is to make sure that it includes content that matches the job requirements. The first step toward that goal is creating a list of terms from the job posting.

Its a seemingly straightforward process. However, its tricky if you dont know what youre looking for. Lets take a look at an example.

Below is a list of terms we pulled from an actual job listing for an ER Nurse. .

Nursing Resume Content And Applicant Tracking Systems

In the vast majority of cases, you will apply for nursing jobs through an Applicant Tracking System . An ATS is a software application that helps employers manage the hiring process. If youre filling out an online job-application, then youre almost certainly using an ATS.

Its important to note that most ATSs allow healthcare employers to choose which ATS features they want to use and which they do not.

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Work History Section Required

It goes without saying that the Work History title-heading is required on your nursing resume. Throughout this article, weve offered tips on what to include in this section. Below is an example:

24 bed ICU in a 581 bed Level I trauma and academic medical center. Recipient of Magnet, Comprehensive Stroke and Comprehenesive Cardiac Center designations.

  • Patient population includes medical and trauma patients in addition to recovery of cardiac and vascularsurgical patients at nurse to patient ratio of 1:1-3 dependent on acuity
  • Specialized training includes targeted temperature management, Impella, IABP, CRRT
  • Active in unit leadership and shared governance as relief team leader, representative on unit council, unitrepresentative on hospital EMR committee, preceptor of new employees, head of unit journal club
  • Multiple Daisy award nominations and Guardian Angel award recipient
  • Cerner EMR software

Should you Highlight Job Title or Employer on Nursing Resume?

Traditionally, career advisers recommended that you prominently display the names of employers on your resume. More recently, many recommend that you prominently display the job title on your resume instead. So, what should you do?

Well, the argument for highlighting job titles asserts that job titles say more about your experience and qualifications than do employer names. However, this isnt always the case in nursing.

If The Employer Specifically Requires Certification

How to Write a Resume for an Insurance Broker

This is perhaps the most important reason you might choose to include your certification on your resume. If an employer lists a certain certification under the requirements for employees, you may not be considered for employment unless the employer knows you are sufficiently qualified. Before applying for a job, be sure to consult the company website and the job listing to find out if any certifications are necessary.

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How To Include Series 7 In The Summary Section

Series 7 should be written into the summary section as a sentence without personal pronouns. It does not need to be flourished with many details, but rather written into a sentence about your present profession, and followed by your current work or your career goals.

Do not list a date in this section.

The summary section on a resume should be as the title indicates: a short summary of your skills and who you are as a professional.

This section typically includes your career, your years of experience, and any necessary licenses for your industry.

Because the summary section is always the top section below the name and contact information, it is a good place to include such relevant information.

An employer should be able to easily find necessary information within seconds, so write it plainly and clearly.

The summary section is nearly always formatted with the header centered on the page, and the body text aligned on the left. This helps keep the sections from being too left-heavy and looking cluttered.

When formatted correctly, the summary section may look like this:


Skilled financial services professional with over 5 years in the industry of financial strategies and investment banking. FINRA Series 7 license holder and fluent Spanish/native English speaker. Working to secure the financial futures of clients by assisting them in growing their assets.

Nursing Resume Font Size

Most resume resources recommend a minimum font size of 10pt. However, its a little more complicated than that.

Different fonts have different units of measurement. Therefore, the size of Times New Roman using 10pt is much smaller than Arial using 10pt.

We agree that you should not use less than 10pt for any font type, but the minimum size for certain font types, like Times New Roman, should be 12pt. Youll need to run some comparisons between fonts to determine whether the base font size for a particular font type is small or large.

With that in mind, you also want to use different font sizes and font weights to highlight certain aspects of your nursing resume. Its good to experiment with this aspect of your resume, but the table below will help:

Nursing Resume Font Size


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You Need To Make Up For A Lack Of Work Experience

If youre looking for your first job in an industry and have no professional experience, listing the correct certification can help you get a foot in the door. If, for instance, you were trying to find your first job as a caterer, it would make your resume stronger to add food safety certifications.

Does A Series 7 License Expire

Where To Put Licenses And Certifications On Resume ...

Series 7 licenses do not expire so long as you continue to work at a FINRA member firm or a self-regulatory organization . If you leave a financial firm, you have two years to find alternate employment before the license expires.

You must also continue to satisfy the continuing education requirements while holding a Series 7 license. Every two to three years, an online training session must be completed to keep the knowledge of the securities representative current. You can read more about this requirement on the FINRA website.

In some cases, expired certifications or licenses are okay to include on a resume. Series 7 is not one of these cases, because it is an essential part of the job.

Never include an expired Series 7 license on a resume, and be honest with an employer if you do not have it.

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What Are Certifications

Certifications are documents or certificates that are awarded by accredited associations or boards. Having one of these documents proves that you possess a certain level of professional experience or are proficient in a particular skill. To obtain certification, most professionals must pay a fee, meet specific qualifications and pass some sort of exam or assessment. Because certifications are often difficult and time-consuming to earn, certified individuals are considered more qualified for competitive jobs and usually have an improved reputation in their industry.

There are many types of professional certifications. Some well-known examples include:

  • NCLEX-RN: A license offered by a states Board of Nursing that certifies registered nurses and nurse practitioners.
  • CompTIA A+: This certification is awarded to accomplished information technology professionals.
  • PMP: PMP stands for Project Manager Certification and it is given to individuals who have proved their commitment to excellence in their industry.
  • PHR: Offered by the HR Certification Institute, this credential certifies that the recipient is a master of both the technical and personal sides of human resource management

Sample Nursing Resume 1

  • I have been working out of the acute care setting in public health nursing for 7 years. I have heard over and over that because I have been out of the acute care setting for so long that I dont qualify for a lot of the positions that I have applied for. Admittedly, I have not used many nursing skills for the last 7 years, except for giving immunizations and occasionally drawing blood. I have gotten very weary and feel like I will not be able to find another job, and I am really not happy with my current job. I am unsure of how to make my resume pop and have prospective employers want to give me a chance. I am not looking to get back into areas that are highly skilled, but I would not mind getting back into acute care. Any ideas???

  • Katie

    Kurt, I am an RN at a VA hospital in cardiac telemetry. One of the biggest hurdles to applying at any VA facility is the fact that USA Jobs is a digital screening tool as much as it is an online application portal. Matching as many keywords in the functional statements for your desired role in your application can be the difference between getting an interview and being passed over. Hope this helps!

  • oksana peterson

    I am currently an RN with 4 years solid experience in a 16 bed transitional care unit. Now Im trying to move to a more challenging position. Prior to immigrating to America I was a medical doctor for 9 years in ER. Would it be wise to mention that experience? maybe describing my duties and medical college?

  • Elizabeth
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