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How To Explain Leadership Skills On Resume

What Are Examples Of Soft Skills For A Resume

20 Leadership qualities that you should know | How do you describe leadership skills on a resume?

Make no mistake, the soft skills on your resume can be of as much interest to a hiring manager as the technical skills you offer. Smart managers know that an experienced, highly trained new hire who doesnt fit into the office culture, communicates poorly with clients and colleagues, or freezes under deadline pressures can take a heavy toll on the workplace. Your resume and, later, how you present at the interview should assure the employer that you not only can do the job, but youll help the team thrive.

Unsure which soft skills can send that message? Remember, every job application should get a tailored resume. So review the duties of the position youre applying for, and determine which of your personal strengths would help you be a success at the job and in the work environment.

Consider these 15 soft skills and personal attributes, and why employers value them:

  • Adaptability Whether youre a new hire learning the ropes, a long-time staff member adjusting to shifting company priorities, or a manager adopting transformative technologies in the workplace, youre going to face some disruption in your career. Companies want employees who can quickly acclimate to different environments and are open to new processes and technologies.
  • Customer service A companys prosperity and an employees career prospects is tied to good customer service. Employers want staff to be dedicated to meeting the expectations of both internal stakeholders and external clients.
  • Ways To Prove Leadership Skills On Your Resume

    If youre a young professional, you may be at a place in your career where youve started to think about your future. For many, this may mean taking on a leadership role. However, it can be difficult to navigate this important career step without any formal leadership experience. The good news? It isnt impossible! Even if you dont have a leadership title on your resume, you can still prove you have the potential to be successful in this type of role by highlighting leadership skills on your resume.

    Here are 4 ways to show that you have the leadership skills necessary for success, regardless of whether or not you have had a leadership title in the past:

    Address What The Company Is Looking For

    When applying for a new role, you want to edit your resume with an ask and you shall receive mentality. In other words, you want the skills you put on your resume to match up with the skills the company listed in the job posting. This is particularly important to do with your soft skills. For example, if the company is looking for someone with excellent communication skills, place emphasis on work experiences that show youre an effective communicator. A great way of doing this is by giving examples of experiences where youve needed to negotiate or collaborate with others in order to reach your goals.

    Highlight Past Projects And Results

    Emphasize Teamwork Skills

    How To Identify Your Leadership Style

    While you will use different styles of leadership for different occasions, identifying your leadership style can help you refine specific skills that will be effective for your team or project. You might use your team or project goals to help identify what leadership styles will be most effective for you.

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    Full Example Answers For What Are Your Leadership Experiences

    Now that you know what to include in your answer, lets look at a few examples.

    Ill give an example for a recent graduate without work experience, and then for somebody who has work experience already.

    Example answer if you have no work experience:

    I just finished my degree in Finance, and most of my classes during my final year involved teamwork. I try to step up as a leader whenever possible, because it allows me to develop skills in communication, delegation, and managing multiple tasks and deadlines. In a senior-level Accounting class, we were broken off into teams of four and had to complete a large project throughout the entire semester. My team ended up getting the highest grade in the class because I set a schedule early in the project and delegated tasks to people based on their strengths. I enjoy leading and delegating, and I hope to continue leading in my professional career now.

    Example answer if you do *not* have work experience:

    Leadership Skills For Resume

    The Death Of Leadership

    The two sections where you can include your leadership skills on your resume or Indeed Resume are your skills section and the achievements section.

    Key leadership skills to include on your resume

    The skills section can include leadership skills that you believe any of your professional references can verify on your behalf. Heres how you can communicate your leadership skills on your resume:

    *Skills: Leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, mentoring, communication*

    Or if you prefer more detail in your skills section, use this format:


    • *Leadership | Lead, mentored, delegated and managed a team of 50 employees to execute and troubleshoot short- and long-term goals for the company. Hired and encouraged a team to consistently meet and then exceed goals every month.*

    Meanwhile, your achievements list can include awards or honors that reflect leadership. A good example for listing a leadership achievement might look like this:


    • Achieved a 40% production rate above goal
    • Won Company Leader and Mentor Award

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    Focus On Specific Skill Areas

    If there are specific areas of leadership that you feel need improvement, focus on them. For example, you can request more responsibility in particular areas, so you have real-life practice with those skills.

    Having a mentor can be helpful in this regard, as they can shadow you at work and monitor you to identify specific areas that may be causing you to struggle. For instance, if youve heard from employees that theyre sometimes confused about instructions, you may struggle with communication. A mentor could sit in on a conversation with a team member to get a sense of your conversation style and work with you to create a plan of action to improve.

    Once youve worked to develop and improve your leadership skills, how do you share this when seeking out job opportunities? Your resume.

    What To Do Next:

    Now you need to come up with your own examples of leadership experience to share in the interview.

    Think about where youve led, what youve learned, and which story will be most relevant to the employer.

    Remember the first thing we discussed: Your example of leadership experience should be as relevant as possible, somewhat recent, and impressive overall.

    If that doesnt sound familiar, go back to the first half of the article where this is mentioned.

    And whatever example of past leadership experience you choose to share, be ready to get specific and share real results. What was the outcome and what did you learn?

    Any time an interviewer is asking this, theres a good chance they want to hire a strong leader.

    So you need to sound like you enjoy leading and are comfortable doing more of this in the future!

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    Tell The Recruiters What They Want To Hear

    Recruiters lay out what they want from their candidates in the job description of every job posting.

    So, if you have been using the same generic resume to apply to every job, you will not get the job, let alone get shortlisted for one. Take this amazing opportunity of using the job description to customize your resume according to the job you are applying for.

    The recruiters have laid out what they want to hear. Now, how do you use this information without being deceptive? Its simple! Go through the job description with a fine-toothed comb.

    Find out keywords and phrases that apply to you. Discard any mentioned skill that you do not possess, however tempting it might be to pick it up. Now, replicate these keywords and phrases in the same language in your resume.

    Highlight them in the Key Skills section and sprinkle them in the other sections of your resume as well. And there you have it! Not only will this resume be cleared by the Applicant Tracking System but recruiters will take one look and identify you as the perfect candidate.

    Customizing your resume shows that you are highly organized and a person of action.;

    Leading A Project Or Task In School

    Resume Builder Step 3: Writing Your Skills Summary

    This can be any level of school. Choose whatever you completed most recently. If youre a college graduate, pick a project from the last one or two years of college.

    If you just graduated high school, choose something from your senior year.;

    Taking a lead role in a school project is a great example of leadership experience. If you delegated tasks, chose the overall strategy for the project, or anything like that, thats leadership!

    Organizing a team presentation can also be considered leadership.

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    Conclude With A Summary That Highlights Your Leadership Qualities

    A good leader instills courage and passion in their fellow employees. Not only do they seamlessly communicate with the people they are responsible for but also smooth out the differences between different departments of a company.

    A leader is someone who can effectively communicate with both their inferiors and superiors effectively. Calling special attention to this trait will make your application better.

    But most importantly, a leader is one who can inspire professionals to work better and more effectively without burning them out.;

    These are leadership qualities that you need to effortlessly communicate in your resume. A summary is a great place to communicate your leadership qualities.

    Heres an example of a summary on resume that effectively articulates your leadership skills:

    As you can see, by phrasing your summary in the manner stated above, you are highlighting leadership qualities through proven facts. For example, being awarded the Best Manager Award attests to your managerial skills.;

    Moreover, highlighting your experience in successfully managing teams with over 10 people automatically shows your credibility and experience in handling and managing people.

    And Finally Choose An Example Thats Impressive Overall

    Along with thinking about which of your experiences are most relevant and recent, you need to think about how impressive something is overall.

    Leading a large number of people is impressive.

    Managing people directly is more impressive than just leading people on a quick project

    Leading a complex project is impressive.

    Handling multiple projects is impressive.

    You get the point. So also think about the scale of your past leadership, and the challenges involved, and try to share examples that are most challenging and have a wow factor.

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    Examples Of Organizational Skills In A Resume

    To better help you develop your resume, weâve included some examples of how you can list organizational skills in your resume. You can modify them to meet your unique needs. Just remember to rely on our key tips to ensure that your skill descriptions are as powerful and attractive as possible.

    While at ABC Corp, I led the effort to enhance our organizational efficiency as part of a broader initiative to enhance productivity. Coordinated the team that reordered company communications, redesigned shift-schedule management and customer service protocols, and established new goal-setting and benchmark processes. Our efforts were credited for a 32% increase in overall productivity over two quarters, and a 32% reduction in customer attrition.

    Organizational skills are one of those skill sets that can help you to achieve at just about any job you seek. Employers know that as well, so it is vitally important for you to convey those skills in your resume. When you do, you will find that your resume is more compelling than ever â and that will increase your odds of landing the interview and job you need.

    Example : Volunteering & Extracurricular Activities

    Photo : Business Skills Resume Images

    Job situation: Data Scientist & a program manager showing non-university courses on their resumes

    Job situation: A volunteer whoâs applying for a paid job

    You donât have to do any of the above to succeed in life, itâs what those applicants chose to do.

    But the extracurricular activities show you can take up initiative and youâre willing to go the extra mile to get better at what you do.

    This only proves your attitude towards your employment, and your strong work ethic.

    Since volunteering is not a paid job, the only motivation that drives you is that you can build relationships, and add value to yourself and others around you.

    Whatâs more, taking additional courses prove you aim to demonstrate professionalism and make the right decisions.

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    Communication Skills Resume Sample

    The following example can help you see how your finished resume could look. Use this sample resume as you create your own:

    Hannah Lee;212-555-9797;


    Highly motivated communications specialist with five years of experience in communications and public relations. Tech-savvy professional seeking a rewarding digital communications manager position for a mission-driven organization.


    Communications Specialist, Edison Communications: 2017-present

    • Write scripts and direct videos for Instagram and Facebook
    • Manage press releases for 15 clients
    • Oversee a team of three employees
    • Developed social media strategy for five clients, leading to a 25% increase in social media traffic

    Communications Assistant, Miller & Miller: 2015-2017

    • Contributed to a 15% increase in ROI for three clients
    • *Managed Facebook profiles for 10 clients
    • Wrote weekly email newsletters for five clients

    Communications Intern, Miller & Miller: 2014-2015

    • Assist with writing posts and sourcing images for clients social media pages
    • Perform preliminary research and write drafts for clients press releases


    Example : Experience Bullet Points

    Job situation: Product support specialist applying for the role of a Product manager

    The action verbs used by this product support specialist prove their strong work ethic and professionalism. They streamlined processes in post-sales that shows they understand the needs of different departments and demonstrate their ability to take initiative.

    They integrated a completely new reporting system and included a tangible positive outcome for their sales department –a 23% increase in post-meeting inquiries.

    They also proved their teamwork skills time and time again by organizing and leading strategic discussions throughout departments, showing they can be trusted with multiple responsibilities.

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    How To Say You Have Leadership Skills On A Resume

    They say actions speak louder than words, and in the case of writing your leadership skills on resume, it has as much sense. The thing is, recruiters are less receptive to adjectives than to action verbs. And they love to see the results as it is a small preview of what the company should expect from having you onboard. The tips below will explain how to describe leadership skills on a resume in the most efficient way.

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    Power Phrases For Your Relationship Management Skills On Resume

    3 Tips to Improve your Leadership Skills in 2020
    • Acted as a main point of contact of merchant partners and maintained strong profitable business relationships.
    • Negotiated a contract and onboarded 100 clients in 1 year.
    • Increased client retention rate by 50%.
    • Assisted business development in forging beneficial contracts between clients and businesses.
    • Assisted clients in resolving service process conflicts.

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    How Can You Identify Your Organizational Skills

    Before you can properly include organizational skills in your resume, you need to be able to identify your unique skill set. And that means recognizing them for what they are. So, what are some of the organizational skills that employers look for?

    Organizational skills can include any skills that make you a more efficient and focused employee. For example:

    • The ability to plan effectively

    • Proper time management

    • The ability to meet deadlines

    • Multitasking

    Key Leadership Skills For A Resume

    Find My Profession

    Find My Profession is your one-stop shop for all the latest career advice. Browse hundreds of articles and get ahead in your career!

    What are leadership skills and why do you need to include them on your resume?

    The answer to this question is simple. You need to show your potential employers that you can manage a team and get results.

    Companies like Amazon are very serious about leadership skills.

    They won’t hire you if you don’t have them.

    This is true even if you are applying to non-leadership positions!

    In this article, we will explain the 9;most important leadership skills for your resume.

    We will also share 45 leadership skill synonyms that you can sprinkle in your resume.

    Lets define leadership and get a deeper look into the nature and reality of leadership itself.

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    Talk About Them In Your Cover Letter

    Spend a little time looking over;examples of strong cover letters, and youll see they outline some relevant personal details, experience, and skills that make the applicant an ideal fit for the job. When applying for any sort of executive, management, or another supervisory role,;address your leadership experience and qualities concisely in the cover letter.;

    This may be your only chance to convince the employer that you understand what it takes to be a successful leader and that youve filled that role in the past. That may mean in a previous or current position, in a volunteer capacity, in a school or sports organization, or elsewhere.

    Any opportunity to highlight proven leadership abilities especially recent and relevant experience is worth briefly discussing in a cover letter.

    How To Emphasize Leadership Skills On Your Resume

    Production Team Leader Resume Writing Guide â Resumeviking.com

    by Laura Garbers | Nov 17, 2020 | Career Development |

    Creating a resume is never an easy process as you need to show your best skills and qualifications for the recruiters to say Welcome to the team. While you may not have issues listing your former jobs and educational background, youll likely find it challenging describing leadership skills on a resume.

    Is it even necessary? youd ask. Well, any business environment needs effective leaders, even if were talking about non-managerial positions. A good headhunter will always notice leadership traits in a resume.

    So what are some leadership skills to put on a resume and how can you list them? And what do you need to write for the recipient to recognize a leader in you?

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