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Resume Writing Services For Executives

What To Look For When Researching Executive Resume Writing Services

Best Resume Writing Services – Toronto, ON

Executive resume services know that their clientele will not be concerned by the price. Instead, they will be more focused on the quality of service and the caliber of the final written document.

If you are looking for an executive resume service, it may be the first time that you’ve used a professional in this manner. Therefore, you may need to consider the following issues as part of your due diligence:

How To Find The Top Executive Resume Writers

Building a top-quality executive resume is a comprehensive, sophisticated, and strategic endeavor this is why top executive resume writers are those who offer decades of experience including a combination of executive resume writing, career marketing, and business success.

The top executive resume writing services work with top C-suite and senior executives in various industries, helping global executives overcome a wide range of self-marketing challenges.

  • Are you an executive who has worked for the same employer for more than 10 years?
  • Perhaps you are an executive who has been working as a consultant, and now you wish to find a permanent home?
  • Maybe your executive resume doesnt reflect the level of your leadership seniority?
  • Are you ready to take your career to the next level, but you dont know how to focus your executive resume on the right value-add message?

Whatever the challenge you are having in positioning yourself as the best candidate for that coveted executive position, an expert executive resume writing service is worth the investment.

Top executive resume writers are excellent resume branding partners. They will bring to the writing of your executive resume what you are unable to .


You are looking for a top executive resume writing service, but there are many services online. With hundreds of top executive resume writers on the web, how do you determine who is the best?

Executive Level Resume Writing Services

We write research-based, strategically designed executive and senior-level resumes to get the most impactful professional bio and resume that can help you in perfect onboarding at a higher level. We work as a team to build your resume that highlights your unique professional experiences and skills, proving you an expert in the field. Executive level resume must have a professional font, the best suitable format, highest compatibility with ATS tools, and it must have few pages executive-level carries a lot of responsibility so its important to add valuable data and information on a resume. Need to present the best-drafted format in front of the hiring manager or decision-makers of companies as this hiring is done on multiple levels.

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How Do Resume Writing Services Work For Executives

Executive resume writers start with a detailed interview process and questionnaire to understand every skill, accomplishment, and goal of an executive looking for a new position. From there, they build a professional resume targeted to the clients career goals to help them rise above the competition and land more interviews.

Because most resumes are pre-screened by ATS software, the best executive resume services know how to create resumes that are liked by both machines and humans, giving them the best chance of being received and read. Many extend their services by offering to optimize their clients LinkedIn profiles and create professional executive bios. Additionally, some services go further, offering career coaching and interview training.

How To Research And Review Executive Resume Writing Services

VP Medical Affairs Resume

If youre just beginning your quest for an executive resume writer or thinking about hiring an executive resume writing services company, Ive written this article to help guide you and make you an informed buyer.

The #1 question I hear on a daily basis is: I need to hire an executive resume writer, but how do I know which writer to hire because there are so many to choose from?

I always recommend speaking to multiple executive resume writers before making the investment in hiring one as its a decision that should not be taken lightly. Dont be afraid to ask the hard-pressing questions about the writers credentials and qualifications, analyze if your personalities match up, and decide who you want to share the intimate details of your career with.

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Five Great Reasons To Hire Careerpropluscom

  • Higher Response Rates A full 85% of our clients using our resume preparation services report receiving a higher response rate than they anticipatedreceiving their first calls followed by interviews within weeks of sending their accomplishment-focused executive resume to prospective employers.
  • More Targeted and Rewarding Positions/Offers More than 78% of our executive resume preparation clients report that their new positions are providing them with a much greater sense of responsibility, autonomy, and job satisfaction than they had expected.
  • Higher Salaries Nine out of ten of our executive resume writing clients, including those overcoming specific concerns, such as age or periods of unemployment, report having achieved their salary goals, while many indicate they have actually surpassed their expectations.
  • Higher Satisfaction Rate 99.6% of CareerProPlus clients report they are extremely happy with our services.
  • Quality You Can Count On CareerProPlus has an internal quality management system, which demonstrates our commitment to quality. Were the first and only career management service to earn this distinction.
  • How To Find A Top Executive Resume Writing Service In 2022

    Knowing about the best executive resume writing services in the USA is one thing and finding the right one is another. Many job seekers continue to fall into the trap of con writing sites that only siphon them of their remaining little cash. However, we will help you discover professional resume writing services through the criteria listed below:

  • Explore the job vacancy at length: Every job opening requires a specific set of skills and expertise. You might be the right candidate, but failing to present the required preferences in your resume may throw you out. You need to identify which specifications a recruiter is looking for before selecting a resume writing service.
  • Have a list of reputable reviews: The internet has made it possible for thousands of reviews to be published online. Therefore, it is advisable to check these reviews and determine some of the highly-rated executive resume writing services. Always remember to be cautious about the review site you choose to use since some of them will only drum up support for particular services.
  • Find out about the credibility of the writing service you choose: Nowadays, anyone can create a website and name it anything. That is why you should scrutinize the website by understanding everything about it. The SSL certificate, which shows that a website is secure and the sites general appearance, can be a good start for you when ensuring the companys authenticity.
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    Best Executive Resume Writing Service : Virginia Franco Resumes

    Virginia Franco offers certified professional resume writing for professionals with a higher budget

    She also writes LinkedIn profiles, cover letters and professional bios.

    Wed recommend her for job seekers with a large budget , which we realize is *not* most people.

    However, if youre an Executive or very experienced professional who needs a resume, LinkedIn, or professional bio written, then Virginia Franco is a great choice.

    At this level, its worth paying a premium for a Certified Professional Resume Writer who is accustomed to working with high-level professionals.

    View rates and services here

    Best Value: Capstone Resume Services

    Best Resume Writing Services – Atlanta GA


    Capstone Resume Services was created by Amy Gies who has written resumes for and coached over 7,000 clients worldwide. The company offers one-on-one consultation to ensure that its clients resumes match their target jobs. We chose it as the best value since it offers basic and affordable resume writing with add-on services to suit the needs of any client.

    Rather than starting with a questionnaire like many other services do, Capstone offers each client a one-on-one personal consultation to discuss career goals, work experience, and achievements. From there, a certified professional resume writer will work to create a custom, targeted, keyword-optimized resume that will get the attention of ATS, hiring managers, and recruiters.

    Rather than offering tiered pricing packages, Capstone keeps things simple and relatively affordable. Clients can choose to start with just a consultation and resume and add cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, resume distribution, and executive bios. The typical turnaround time for an executive resume is three to four business days and includes two revisions if necessary.

    Executive Resume Writing

    • Delivery within three to four business days of consultation
    • Deliverable documents in editable Microsoft Word and PDF formats

    Add-on Services

    • LinkedIn profile and cover letter
    • Resume distribution service
    • Executive biography

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    How Is An Executive Resume Writing Service Different Than Other Resume Writing Services

    The difference in the service is the same as the difference in the level of employment. Executive resumes are more expensive because they are written by professional writers with more experience who are abiding by certain rules that make your resume ATS friendly, while at the same time conveying qualities of leadership and value that would seemingly make you invaluable to the company youre applying to. Some of the rules are that your resume should be no longer than two pages, represent no more than 15 years of experience, and highlight any unique attributes which would separate you from other candidates.

    What To Look For In A Top Executive Resume Writer

    While you must consider executive resume writing qualifications, experience, and accolades when searching for thetop 10 resume writers for executives, you must also make a personal connection with your professional executive resume writer.

    What are you looking for from your executive resume writing partner? The same way corporate executives identify, vet, and select ideal companies for corporate mergers & acquisitions finding the best executive resume writer requires due diligence.

    You must ensure that the executive resume service you choose will add value to what you already bring to the table in the development of your executive resume and career marketing tools.

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    Capstone Resume Services Executive Resume

    Founder Amy Gies leads a lean team of five professional resume writers at Capstone, where, like Resume Spice, a variety of different services are offered in addition to the executive resume. Amy has helped over 7,000 clients worldwide, and along the way has gained intuitive insight into developing optimal presentations in the ever-evolving job market. Her team is equally experienced, and each writer possesses a diverse background, so you are sure to be matched accordingly no matter what your industry or goals are. Theyre also all Certified Professional Resume Writers.

    Where It Excels

    At Capstone it all starts with the consultation, after which a two to three-day turnaround will produce your executive resume. The document is shared in both word and PDF formats, and you are allowed up to one revision, if necessary. As with other services, keywords and ATS are taken into consideration. With more importance placed on the consultation, the sites executive page talks about going beyond the mere listing skills, and the importance of developing a personal brand within your resume.

    The team is quite responsive to correspondence and does their best to deliver a product youre happy with, promptly and accurately. The service is moderately priced compared to other services, and they have a seemingly endless amount of positive reviews on their website.

    Where It Falls Short


    • Resume Distribution Service: $175

    Best Customer Service: Topresume

    Resume Writer for CFOs. Executive Resume Service for CFO Candidates

    Founded in 2014, TopResume boasts a network of over 1,200 writers, certified career coaches, recruiters, and experienced hiring professionals with experience in over 65 industries. We chose it as the best customer service because it offers a free resume review and a free rewrite of resumes it creates that dont generate twice the number of job interviews.

    TopResume uses a unique approach to the resume writing process, combining the knowledge of its resume writers with feedback from resume-scanning software that filters applicants based on keywords. This dual approach ensures that resumes created by the company satisfy both humans and the machines that sift through resumes before passing them on.

    TopResumes certified resume writers collaborate with each client to deliver the first draft of a resume within about a week. Clients have another week to offer feedback to the writer and receive up to two rounds of revisions. The entire process normally takes one to two weeks.

    In addition to its paid resume writing services, TopResume lets users upload a copy of their resume for a free review that includes feedback on the layout, how the resume communicates skills and expertise, and personalized recommendations for improvement. The company will also rewrite a clients resume if it doesnt double the number of interviews within 60 days.

    Professional Growth Package

    • All Career Evolution Package features
    • LinkedIn makeover

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    How We Help Professionals Like You

    We work exclusively with executive-level professionals like you. By leveraging our decades of experience and our proven process, our clients get hired faster and negotiate higher compensation packages. Our approach is to uncover your unique talent brand, the things that truly make you the best candidate for an executive position.

    Resume Writing

    • Sets you apart from other candidates
    • Shows why you are the right person for the job

    Interview Prep

    • Position you for interview success
    • What to look for

    The Risks Of Going With Ultra

    We included some budget-friendly resume writing services above, and were confident in recommending them because they have a great process, good writers, and good management/leadership with the necessary experience to deliver the best resume possible.

    However, if you do enough searching online, you can find even cheaper professional writers sometimes for $50 or less and while it can be tempting to pay to get a new resume for less than a night out at a restaurant, we dont recommend it.

    The problem is: These resume services cant spend much time or effort on your resume if youre paying so little.

    So the resume service is going to do the minimum amount of work possible, and their resume writers are likely being paid very little .

    They may lack the expertise to write a resume that gets past applicant tracking systems or gives hiring managers what they really want. .

    So while you may save $50-100, your new resume wont get you interviews, which defeats the purpose.

    Once you find a new job, youll be making thousands of dollars. So I recommend viewing it as an investment rather than lost money when you pay to have a professional resume done.

    When you pay for a resume , you should be doing so because its going to help you find a better job or advance your career.

    So keep that end goal in mind, follow the tips above, and choose the best resume writer for your career level, situation, and budget!

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    Mary Elizabeth Bradford Executive Resume Writer

    • Pricing: $2,600 â $11,000

    • Turnaround: 14 to 30 days

    • Writers: 1, with a team to expedite services

    • Industries: All industries with a focus on fast-growing industries, startups, financial services, small business, non-profits, and healthcare

    This service is VERY comprehensive, and casts a wide net of services and products that are specific to an executive and the opportunities they have to brand/market themselves. The Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CERM, CMRW, CARW, MCD, NCOPE Top Executive Resume Writer / C-Level Executive Resume Writer is one-on-one and includes multiple phone calls, emails, and follow-up communications to guarantee all your questions are answered and needs are met.

    Do Professional Resume Writers Really Help

    10 Best Executive Resume Writers in America (Reviews)

    If you are not confident in your current resume, experiencing writer’s block, or simply in a time crunch, a professional resume writer will listen to your story, ask relevant questions, and craft your document in a manner that appeals to executive recruiters.

    Resume writers prepare job application materials that clearly and concisely articulate your work history and accomplishments, not only easing the burden of applying for new roles but also improving your chances of securing interviews.

    In addition to preparing your resume, professional resume writers will help you:

    Understand your value-add to differentiate you from similar applicants

    One of the main advantages of working with a resume writer is that they will pinpoint exactly how you add value to an organization from a third-party perspective.

    Instead of preparing a resume that simply outlines your day-to-day responsibilities , resume writers prepare an achievement-driven document that helps you stand out by asking detailed questions to tease out your skills and examples of your contributions.Your writer will also identify key metrics and accomplishments that you may not have thought to incorporate on your own.

    Present your experience from the strongest angle possible

    Executive resume writers tailor your documents to present your experience in a manner that strongly positions you for your target roles.

    Prepare for interviews

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    Tip #: Be Wary Of Deceptive Marketing Or Advertising In The Resume Services World

    Executive resume writers often refer to themselves as the best or #1 in their marketing collateral, but you should always ask yourself: whats that ranking based on and can it be verified or substantiated? Referring to yourself as the #1 resume writer or the best resume writing service should always come with factual support of outside articles, awards, and other third-party qualifying criteria.

    Ive been placed on multiple top and best executive resume writing services lists through the years and Ive also received awards deeming me as such. Candidly, they are great marketing for my business and I use them fully to my advantage when they play by the rules. Important to note, Ive never paid to be on a top 10 list or paid for an award. Placement on these lists and any awards Ive received have been a result of my stature in the resume writing industry and commitment to the craft, not based on a following on social media.


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