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How To Write A Narrative Resume

Explain The Progress You’ve Made At Work

How to Write an FAA Federal Resume and Narrative KSAs

The section for your professional experiences and work-related job roles should directly follow your educational experience and credential section. In this section, you should highlight the progress you made in each position you have held. The most crucial component is your ability to show the reader how you approach and overcome challenges and how your performance or unique personality traits positively affect the companies you work for.

To incorporate a storytelling style, while still considering readability and visual formatting, consider describing each roll using two bullet points. You may choose to use bullet points like, challenges and outcomes, or how it started and how it ended. Whichever language you choose to use, remember that each job role you list on your resume should be formatted in the same way as the others.

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What To Include In Your Resume Summary

The summary should reflect your overall career experience, and highlight achievements that will bring added value to the company. If you can depict achievements with $ or %, even better. Employers love hiring individuals that will increase the bottom line by making them money, or saving them money, says Andrews.

Think about if you were given 30 seconds to tell someone your best career accomplishments. What would you say? Those are what should go in your summary of qualifications. Some things to include are:

  • Your years of experience
  • Your highest education or degree completed, or any certifications
  • Areas of expertise
  • Key achievements using quantifiable numbers
  • Honors or awards

How To Write A Narrative Resume

You’ve probably heard this disturbing statistic: Hiring managers tend to spend less than one minute reading your resume to decide whether to keep it or toss it. With so little time spent on the particulars, managers and recruiters tend to recommend against using the narrative resume, since it requires hiring managers to spend time reading a potentially long document instead of skimming over a list of bullet points. If you think the narrative resume is the format for you, some recruiters recommend using it as just one part of your application packet, accompanying a longer, bullet-point document that details your work experience, education and other pertinent details.

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How To Write A Resume Summary Of Qualifications

Preferred resume formats are constantly changing, and its important to stay ahead of advancements in resume style, structure, and content to earn your spot at the top of an employers callback list.

How can you be sure your resume makes an immediate, positive impression? Start by cutting out that ancient objective statement and replacing it with a well-strategized summary of qualifications.

Today, your summary of qualifications is what gets you in the door with recruiters and employers. Its a short bullet point list at the top of your resume thats meant to tell a brief narrative of your overall professional experience. Your summary of qualifications should always be altered to reflect relevant qualifications from a specific job posting.

Get Help With Your Resume

How to Write a Narrative Resume for Your Advanced Career

FlexJobs offers a resume review service for our members. Our career coaches will review your resume for structure, formatting, wording, and more to align your resume and skills with your goals. If you need help writing a summary of qualifications, or want to make sure yours is the best it can be, consider getting a resume review from FlexJobs!

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The Difference Between A Functional And Narrative Resume

Most of us have whats called a functional or traditional resume. This is a resume that follows a standard format and typically lists our name and contact information at the top followed by an objective section and maybe our skills. This is followed by jobs weve held in chronological order

For each job, weve been taught to list bullet points that contain our accomplishments or job duties for each position held. We usually put these in the past tense and keep them short and sweet while making sure theyre peppered with industry jargon and action verbs.

There isnt anything necessarily wrong with this approach. However, if youre sending a printed copy of your resume and cover letter directly to a hiring manager and you want to make a more lasting impact, this is when the narrative resume can really do the trick.

A narrative resume uses a little bit of storytelling to describe yourself upfront in a summary followed by the same for each job. The key to making it sound successful is to describe how you made a positive change in the department or company or solved a problem for them while you were there.

As an example, heres a narrative resume sample of what a marketing pro might write for one of their last held positions:

I was hired as a marketing manager for Piehole Pizza Company after a friend who worked there raved about my past marketing and PR accomplishments to the hiring manager.

Shows Your Impact In The Workplace

Your impact in the workplace represents your ability to positively affect change and get results in your environment. When writing a resume using this creative and stylistic format, you afford yourself the opportunity to describe the impact and effect you have had throughout your career. Do your best to show the reader the value you have added to the companies you have work for, and the value that your unique experiences and abilities can add to the company and job role you are applying for.

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How To Write An Executive Summary: Before & After

The narrative is a common thread that runs throughout your CV.

It however, starts in your executive summary. When I was a recruiter, I often glanced through the executive summary prior to continuing to read down the resume. Its like the cover of a book youre gonna read it!

Since the executive summary is the first thing recruiters will read, its your opportunity to start the narrative on your terms control the story!

Formatting That Stands Out

How to write a great resume – 3 simple steps! Great tricks for writing a resume that works.

While you’re writing a resume that’s decidedly a departure from the standard format, there’s no harm in adding a few elements to help the pertinent information stand out. All resumes need to include specific keywords that pertain to the job at hand particularly because a lot of companies now use automated search engines to weed out resumes that don’t contain relevant keywords. Look to the job posting to find the words managers might be looking for, and then include them where you can. For example, if a hiring manager wants someone who is independent or a self starter, definitely include the words “independent” or “self starter” in the narrative. To really make those keywords stand out, you might also opt to put them in bold type.

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Are Narrative Resumes The Future

Julie Horvath is a product and user experience designer. During a recent job search, she published a narrative resume on Mediuma move that is unusual both for the style of the resume, and the method for attracting interest from employers. It’s not something that will work for every industryor that everyone would be comfortable doingbut in Julie’s case, it seems to have paid dividends: she recently accepted a position as a Senior User Experience Designer at a company that, as yet, she has not revealed.

With Julie’s permission, I am reposting that resume below as an example of an alternative approach to a traditional resume. As you will see, it pieces together Julie’s work and educational history, personal interests and recommendations from past colleagues, and allows her personality to come through. That, combined with a well-chosen public forum makes this approach one that I would expect to see a lot more of in the future.

Hey there,;Im Julie. Friends call me Jules. My mom calls me Juliebug. And my Spanish speaking friends and family call me Julieta. If youre reading this post , its likely that Im interested in working with you.

A little about me:;Im a multi-disciplinary product designer who enjoys designing and building user interfaces that help make information accessible, consumable,;and;beautiful.

Ive had the opportunity to work for some tremendous companies doing great work in these areas. Some of them are:






Example Of A Storytelling Resume

Here is an example of a resume that includes narrative elements and storytelling:

Naomi PetersTime and experience have never jaded the evergreens.


My Career in a Nutshell

When I was a little girl, I was having a hard time reading. School was scary for me because I was afraid that I might be called on or that my classmates or teachers might not think I was smart. In the fourth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Valentine, could see the struggles I was having. She knew I was smart, and she worked with me one-on-one to help me boost my confidence and strengthen my skills. It was because of her hard work and diligence that my family and doctors eventually found out that I am dyslexic. Once we knew this, I was able to learn strategies and develop coping skills to overcome this challenge, and her hard work changed my life and set me down a path toward becoming a special education teacher.

For the last eight years, I have been dedicated to working with children with special needs and helping them discover their strengths and become more confident Learners. I am passionate about equipping families and other teachers with the information they need to best support children. I’ve Been Told throughout my career that eventually I would become jaded, and throughout the last decade, I have remained evergreen in my excitement and vigor for educating children and lifting their spirits and lighting their path towards a brighter future.

Education and Credentials

Skills and Abilities

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How Do You Write A Narrative Resume

A narrative resume is another way to write your job search tool. This has a different style and method of writing. Yes, turning away from the usual way of writing resumes might sound tricky; but its more effective than you expect.

As it ties your experiences and abilities together, recruiters will have a fuller grasp of your skills. It will also be easier for them to assess if youre the right person for the job or not. So, if you want to know how to write a narrative resume, check out these four important things to remember in writing your profile.

1. Think of it as a one-page novel of your career life.Put your qualifications and experiences into words the best way you could.

2. Keep your paragraphs short.Keep in mind to write your career journey in a manner that wouldnt bore your readers.

3. Improve your format.Make use of this format to put your best foot forward by including keywords relevant to the job post to make your resume ATS-friendly.

4. Write a striking headline.Highlight related skills as you craft an exceptional headline that will serve as your brand.

Federal Resume: Telling Stories About Your Career

How to Write a Narrative Resume for Your Advanced Career

HomeBlogFederal Resume: Telling Stories About Your Career

If you took a survey of baby boomers to ask about their all time, favorite television shows, its a good bet that M*A*S*H* would show up near the top of the list. Youd hear a few reasons for the choice the cast was perfect, the characters were seriously funny, and the series addressed important issues. More than that, though, M*A*S*H* scripts were very well-written. Each episode told a compelling and memorable story in the short 22 minute segments that were broadcast .

How do stories fit in a resume? Initially, you may not feel comfortable with the idea of resume storytelling in your KSA and federal resume writing. If you were raised in the South, you may have heard your Mama tell say something like, now boy/girl, dont you tell me a story! when she caught you in a slight reconstruction of the truth. Similarly, hyperbole is not a great resume storytelling strategy, but telling the right stories can illustrate factual capabilities and make your career narrative memorable.

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Resume Tip #: Dont Obsess Over The Dumb Stuff When You Write A Resume

My first advice is to stop obsessing over the meaningless physical details of your resume. Things like paper size, color and font. People always obsess over this stuff.


Because its simple. Most people prefer quick-and-easy tips that dont work over more challenging changes that do.

You can adjust the formatting on your resume, switch from a serif to sans serif font, and add some color. It may make you feel like you accomplished anything, but it wont impress the hiring manager.

If you want to do that, you need to think about how you sell yourself.

The German Cv Format Explained

German recruiters and companies expect a German-language resume, but there are exceptions, such as international positions and jobs that dont require German language skills. To write a successful resume in English for such an opportunity, you can then follow the German format. But what are the differences exactly?

In the English-speaking world, especially in the US, a resume denotes a one-page summary of your work experience and relevant information, while a CV is longer and includes your academic background and more details.

The Germans typically use the words CV and resume interchangeably. In Germany, prepare a summary of one or two pages that is a mix between the two. Make your document easy to scan both with the eyes and automatically in electronic format by structuring the information and including relevant keywordsabilities, skills, expertise and values recruiters are looking for in regard to the position.

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What To Do Instead

However, this doesnt mean you dont have any chance of getting an interview. All you have to do is locate the hiring managers name if possible by searching for employees with the company youve applied to on LinkedIn. Theres a chance that employee may not be using the site, but its worth the few extra minutes to double check.

Also, another option is to simply target companies making a product or service that is fascinating to you. Locate the name of the hiring manager for the appropriate department, and mail them a physical copy of your narrative resume and cover letter.

This is something that so few job candidates actually do, and you will stand out!

Ccar: How To Write Federal Resume Stories

Resume Writing Tutorial

Figuring out the most important topics and keywords to use in your federal job application isnt particularly difficult. Blending your stories into the application and resume storytelling in a way that is compelling and memorable can be more challenging. CareerPro Globals Master Resume Writers have learned to compress stories into mini-KSA statements using a format we call CCAR.; CCAR stands for challenge, context, action, and results. To learn a little more about CCAR stories, lets go back to M*A*S*H*.

In the second episode of the series, Hawkeye and Trapper John are faced with a challenge. Black marketers have stolen the hydrocortisone needed by the 4077 unit. For additional context, theres no possibility of a repeat shipment from I-Corps, but the black marketers are willing to trade for something of value Commander Henry Burns prized oak desk. Hawkeye and Trapper arrange for quick, if unorthodox, action. They take down a wall and extract the desk with a helicopter. The result is positive as hydrocortisone arrives for the wounded patients of the 4077th.

It makes a good story, doesnt it? In a similar way, we can tell a story that uses CCAR to illustrate qualifications for the Customer Service competency required for the IT position:

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Format Your Cv With These Sections

Depending on the position to which youre applying, your resume or CV might highlight different things. But the following sections are mandatory and optional when you build your resume in English for a job in Germany.

Must-have sections for your resume:

  • Personal information

Learn more about how to write your CV in English.

Highlights How You React To Challenges

The object of using a storytelling resume is to create a narrative in which you are the hero. In any good story, the hero faces challenges and overcomes them. When writing this type of resume, you need to describe the challenges you have faced professionally and explain the ways you dealt with or managed those situations. The two sections on your resume best suited for highlighting your ability to face challenge and adversity are your professional or career summary section and your work experience section.

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Narrative Statement Sample: Preparing Your Federal Ecqs

Applying for a federal job is not as easy as for private offices. To apply for a Senior Executive Service career, you must complete some items. Aside from the interview and assessment, you must also submit a narrative statement for them to know if youre qualified for the job.

A narrative statement sample is among added job application documents;used by the federal government to assess the skills of a job seeker. The Executive Core Qualifications narrative is what SES applicants prepare. And to help you write an effective ECQ, it is best that you know first what the recruitment officer wants to read from it.

Make The Most Of Your Online Profiles

Portfolio Preparation Class: Personal Narrative and Resumes

The narrative resume is just one way to make your online job profile stand out. Could you use additional help, or assistance making your online dating profile stand out from the crowd as well?

We have plenty of service for both job and relationship seekers to help them put their best foot forward online. From overhauling your LinkedIn profile to taking a professional headshot that you can use everywhere, we can help. Check out our available services today.

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