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How To Make Resume On Photoshop

Kelly Hensley: Resume Design For Medical Workers

How to Create a CV/RESUME template in Photoshop : Photoshop Tutorial

If youre willing to show that youre a professional even before the face-to-face meeting with your employer, youll need this nurse CV template with premium design. It goes in all popular resume formats and lets you change it up to your liking. Needless to say, the resume template includes sections covering your educational background, professional experience, skills and interests. So, with this theme, you get all you need to get the position of your dreams in medical institutions.


Monochrome Psd Resume Template

Next up, we have a versatile and intuitively designed resume and cover letter duo thats sure to impress even the most prestigious companies. It offers a customizable layout featuring a professional use of monochromatic graphic elements, and also includes space for a portfolio to showcase your work.

Add Photos If Necessary

As a general rule, your profile photo isn’t really necessary. Certain countries don’t require a candidate’s photo. However, if you want to make an impression, go ahead and add that.

As for other use of images, you can add a background photo to spice up your resume on Photoshop. The trick here is to make sure that it won’t be distracting. It should complement your design and still should make your content the focal point of your Photoshop resume.

For instance, lets customize this CV PSD template by changing the image. Simply open layer Objects and scroll down until you find IMAGE smart object layer. Double click on the layer. A .psh window will appear. Paste your image here. Save and close the smart object .psb.

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Simple Psd Resume Template

Looking for a classic, minimalist resume layout with professional and modern design elements? This fully customizable template is perfect it offers fully organized layers, a simple design, and strong, modern typography, and is compatible with Adobe Photoshop versions CS4 and later. It also features prominent use of images, ideal if you want to include a photo.

Free High School Teacher Resume

Resume Template 001 for Photoshop By NM

Isnt being a teacher a hot profession? How awesome would it be to get a ready-made resume design template which is custom-made for teachers?

This;resume template PSD file;comes with a cover letter, apart from the regular resume template, of course. You can start by writing a personal summary and contact details. Then, theres space for filling in your work experience, the skills you know, and the languages you have mastered.

The second page includes details like your educational qualifications, achievements, and your hobbies. The download is free, and the file is fully customizable. You can change the existing color scheme and use anything of your choice, as well. It works with MS Word as well, apart from Adobe Photoshop.

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Mike Hunt: Hospitality Resume Template

Are you a professional housekeeper or guest service representative seeking a position in the hotel business? The Mike Hunt resume theme is one that duly presents your qualifications and working experience. With this template, you experience the full freedom of customization using the software with which you feel most comfortable. Youll get the resume theme in four formats, such as .pdf, .psd, .eps and .ai. Consequently, you can customize the template on the fly and send it over to the attention of your employers.


A Bit Of Breathing Space

Put yourself into the readers shoesafter sifting through dozens of resumes, would you want to be faced with an overcrowded page? Nope, what youd really like to see is a calming, balanced page which puts you in a really good mood for reading the content.

It can be seriously tempting to cram that one-page resume with everything youve ever done… ever! But dont fall into the trap of showcasing everything about what youve doneafter all, youre going to want to hold some things back for the interview stage. Allow the very best of what youve done to shine on the page.;

In terms of the design of the resume, this is also a wise move. Less text content means you can afford to have more white space on the page, promoting a sense of calm and serenity. This will not only make the page look much more attractive, but it will also make the reader feel more at ease. A minimal resume design makes you appear confident and self-assured, which communicates to the interviewer that youll be a well-organized and decisive member of their team.;

As well as generous portions of white space, you should also allow for wide margins on your resume, which always look much nicer than tight, restricted margins. You can set up wide margins from the New Document window in InDesign, or head up to Layout > Margins and Columns at the top of the workspace to tweak your margins while you work.;

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Check For Missing Information

Check your resume for missing information such as dates for work history and education, or city of employment. Also, make sure that your resume has the basics like title, location, company and a short description of job duties. For education, you don’t have to include a description of the degree or program is self-explanatory. If your resume is less than one page, include optional sections such as volunteer positions, hobbies and internships.

Including quantitative metrics in your resume is a beneficial way to show the hiring manager how you will help the company based on a track record of measurable impacts. For instance, instead of saying something general like “Increased sales through the use of social marketing techniques,” you could say “Increased sales by 50% in one month with social media advertising.”

Watercolour Psd Resume Template

How to Create a CV/RESUME template in Photoshop : Photoshop Tutorial

The first of our Photoshop resumes to be featured is a stunning premium template from Envato Elements that offers elegant watercolor-inspired design elements and a beautifully cohesive color scheme. It includes a matching cover letter template and a range of pixel-perfect vector shapes to help you customize.

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College 2020 Resume Template

A resume is evaluated in terms of its integrity: how it looks, how logical and correct it is made. That is, there should be a logical connection between what the applicant wants, what he claims, and what he possesses.

Each method has its own icon:

  • if it is an email, then you will see an envelope for writing;
  • if it is a phone number, then it will be an image of an iPhone;
  • if it is a social network, then there will be a globe in the picture.

After downloading the template, you will receive a file in the PSD format. Open it in Photoshop and change each position by entering your data. You can change it beyond recognition. Now you think that a resume can only be gray-yellow, but it is not. Choose from 5 primary colors: gray, red, blue or yellow. Be sure to describe all your achievements, including awards and trophies.

Now that your personal document is ready, print it out and proudly send it to college.


Want An Attractive Resume Tips To Consider

The majority of job vacancies receive a multitude of applicants. The quantity is often much more than any reviewer can take. If you want your resume to land you the job interview, what should be done to ensure that youll get a call?

Here are three handy tips which you should keep in mind while planning the content of your resume:

1) Craft Your Experience

Read the description of the job youre applying for exceptionally carefully. Once you are through, update your experience emphasizing the skills required for the job youre aiming to crack. Doing this, you would come across as a suitable candidate.

2) Go the Extra Mile with Added Documents

Just like a cover letter or portfolio page, building documents is a step that many applicants simply skip. This is reasoning enough for you to make sure you do not skip, as it will increase your chances of making it through the system.

3) Be Personal, But Professional

You need to make sure that your resume presents you as a thorough professional. However, do not hesitate or think twice before incorporating those personal details that will make you look exciting or memorable to the reader. For example, listing some hobbies and other stuff you love, you do often help in breaking the ice during the interview process.

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Monochrome Photoshop Resume Template

One of the most creative resume templates available for free, the Monochrome template design, uses the white space very efficiently to highlight crucial information. Therefore, it is effortless for the reader to quickly go through the finished version of your resume and extract important details.

However, if you think this light and breezy approach doesnt suit your style, you can always add some color to your PSD file. It gives four color options and works with Illustrator and MS Word, apart from Photoshop. This modern, clean, and professional-looking resume design template also comes with cover pages.

Isnt A Portfolio Enough For A Professional Photographer

Resume Template for Photoshop

Unless you are a freelance photographer, you need a resume to represent you and your skills if youre looking for a traditional job at a company. For sure, your portfolio is more important as it showcases your skill. However, your portfolio wont tell a word about your background.

Some more reasons why you need a resume as a photographer:

  • A resume tells about your experience before you get invited to an interview. Your education/courses/classes, your employment history everything is important to create your professional image.
  • Its an opportunity to make an artists statement. Creative resumes often require an artists statement or a brief look at your unique story as a photographer. This statement is important for your representation as a professional photographer.
  • Its another opportunity to make an impression as a creative person. Jared Polin, a professional photographer and YouTuber, in his video about photographers resumes, states that he wouldnt hire a person with a boring resume printed on a white paper. Thus, he says that a resume is a great opportunity to show creativity and step outside the box.

Now, lets take a look at how to create a photographer resume that stands out.

  • Follow Jared Polins Advice
  • Since the structure of a resume with all its traditional elements stays the same, lets talk more about the format of your resume.

    Image credit: Creative Booster

  • Stress Your Technical Expertise and Skills
    • Problem sensitivity, etc.

    Image credit:

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    Fiteen Psd Resume Template

    Fiteen is a beautiful geometrically inspired Photoshop resume template set thats ideal for anyone in the fashion or design industries. It comes with a CV, cover letter, portfolio, and business card design, all featuring an elegant combination of neutral colors and classic typography for a highly professional look.

    Great Job Youve Finished Your Photoshop Resume Template

    In this tutorial, you learned how to make a professional resume template in Photoshop. You mastered important tools that will help you edit your free resume template and use it multiple times. Today, you learned to:

    • set up a ready-to-print Photoshop file
    • add margins and column guides
    • use Paragraph Styles to format typography
    • use the line tool
    • export a PDF file

    Take advantage of this tutorial and download the free resume templateit’s ready to be used!;

    If you are new to Photoshop and need;simple resume templates;or professional resume templates right away, head over to Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Weve got many options to explore!;

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    Symmetrical Psd Resume Template

    For a stunning symmetrical design with a greyscale color scheme and small profile photo featured at the top, consider this PSD resume template offering a matching cover letter, simple customization and editing options, vector shapes, and pixel-perfect graphics. All elements are able to be adjusted to suit your style.

    Elegant Psd Resume Template

    How to Create a Resume Template in Photoshop | In-Depth Tutorial | PE35

    If youre after a beautifully designed resume or CV template with a matching business card to help you make connections and generate job leads, look no further! This elegant and ultra-modern design can be adapted to fit any industry and features a visually appealing structure, perfectly combined graphic elements, and full layering for simple customization.

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    Get To Know The Establishment

    For you to create a resume that doesn’t sound generic, you should always get to know the company that you’re planning to apply in. This way, you’ll have more knowledge of the nature of the business, specific traits required for the position, and details regarding the business’ mission and vision. While you won’t be writing all that information in your one-page resume, it can help you tailor the contents.

    Design Is Not Everything

    Boasting of an;extraordinary and well-designed resume is an ideal step to ensure that you crack a good job. But, it is just the first step in the right direction. The content of your CV is what will make you stand out from the crowd. This will stem from having some excellent qualifications giving you an edge over the others, working on various creatively exciting projects, and mastering your niche.

    Having said that, the list of creative resume templates;that weve put up is sure to make your resume different from your competitors. Therefore, the job application will help you in quickly getting a step closer to cracking your dream job.

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    Pairing Fonts And Sizing Elements

    Its time to add text to your online CV. If you dont want your Photoshop resume to be trite, jump back over to Google Chrome and go to a free font repository Needless to say, this is a great website with lots of high-quality free fonts.

    Pick a couple of fonts that work well together. For example, we gonna go for Novocento and Libre Baskerville, the two fonts that of complement each other.

    Small tip: Make your header text three times larger than the headline below. We also make it twice as large as the sub-header text . Moreover, make the body text five times smaller than the headline text. This being said, keep in mind that youre more than welcome to play with font sizes and find the ratio that works best for you.

    Select The Right Color Palette

    Resume Template for Photoshop By NM

    Traditional resumes are generally just plain black and white. With a modern and creative resume in Photoshop, you wont shy away from using color to make your resume pop even more.

    Finding the right color palette for your resume should depend on how you want to project yourself. In color psychology, certain colors reflect a certain personality. In marketing, colors are used to evoke a certain emotion. For example, blue is the preferred color for tech companies like IBM and HP because it signifies professionalism.

    Based on the main color that you want to use, you can now create a color palette for your resume.

    For example, go to the;Adobe Color;tool to pick a palette that’ll blend well with your main color.

    Lets say, you want to use blue as the main color of your resume. Just click on the color wheel and choose a color harmony rule;on the left of your screen:

    Click the preferred color palette and then click Save to archive it on your Creative Cloud library. When you go back to Photoshop, open Window > Libraries panel > Color Schemes, and youll see the color palette youve chosen.

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    Why Design Your Resume With Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark offers a range of free resume templates to get you started. This is great if youre struggling for inspiration. Use a template as the basis for your design, and make as many changes as you wish.

    Dont pay exorbitant fees to design agencies. Create a slick, professional resume from the comfort of your own home. Adobe Spark offers a range of free design options, so you can create something very special on a shoestring.

    Lets face it: a resume is a very personal document. If you feel uncomfortable sharing facts about your professional life, you may not want a stranger to take control of the design process. With Adobe Spark, you never have to relinquish control, as the entire system can be navigated with a mouse and absolutely no formal design skills.

    Give your career a boost by showcasing your talents with resume templates from Adobe Spark.

    Free 2 Page Resume Template

    The first page of this design template is extremely useful for anyone who is looking forward to filling up a fair amount of information while applying for a job. However, we do not like the portfolio page much. It is very cluttered. If you know Photoshop well, you should be able to make a few amends and simplify it.

    The main resume page is nicely designed, though. On the left column, you add your picture, contact details, personal skills, and professional skills. On the right side, you start by writing about yourself, followed by details about your education and work experience.

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    Free Psd Resume Templates To Help Yours Stand Out

    Devan Ciccarelli

    Be honest. When was the last time you updated your resume?

    You do have one, right?

    Whether yours needs a fresh facelift or youre just starting out, you can save yourself a world of time by using a template instead. Were showcasing 10 free PSD resume templates guaranteed to help yours stand out from the stack in todays guide.

    That’s right, these creative templates are free to use! Simply download them at the end of this guide and youll have 10 brand new templates to show off your skills with.

    You can jump to the sections you’re interested in below, or check each one out to see what youre missing.

    To help you get started on the right path, lets talk about how to use these templates first.

    Get your free resume templates

    Get one step closer to the ‘yes’ pile with these eye-catching resume templates.


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