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Marketing Director Resume Examples

Growth Marketing Manager Resume

How To Make a Resume For Digital Marketing Managers (2022) | Resume Example

Why this resume works

  • Whenever possible, its important to quantify the impact you’ve had in your previous roles as a growth marketing manager. For instance, how many qualitative and quantitative datasets did you process and evaluate? How accurate were your KPI reporting dashboards?
  • Example: Processed, reviewed, and interpreted 60+ qualitative and quantitative datasets on customer usage patterns to uncover new product insights
  • Example: Collaborated with 3 Data Analytics teams to develop dashboards for 100% accurate metrics and key KPIs
  • In addition to highlighting a comprehensive list of skills in your growth marketing manager resume, be sure to emphasize their applicability by working them into quantitative examples.
  • Example Skill: Excellent written and oral communication Helped manage campaign set-up, activation, and daily client communication
  • Remember that growth is literally written in the title. Even if the overall experience is limited, focusing on quantifiable results can further plot your career growth over time and even over differing industries, if necessary.
  • Showcase Your Marketing Skills

    The hiring process is a mystery, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s what you need to know about the hiring process after you’ve submitted your resume:

  • Companies use an Automated Tracking System to filter out resumes based on certain keywords.
  • The hiring manager or HR manager reviews your resume and determines whether you get an initial interview or not.
  • This means before a human ever looks at your marketing application, you need to get past the automated filter.

    But how can you be sure you’ll get past this filter? Simple: include the relevant skills that are mentioned in the , of course!

    In your resume’s skills section, try to include at least 90 percent technical skills if you can. ATS filters don’t screen for soft skills like “communication” or “leadership.” Hiring managers like to see soft skills, but to pass the ATS, you will need primarily hard skills.

    So what skills should you include? We’ve compiled a list of useful marketing skills that you can include on your resume. Remember, only include skills you’d be comfortable explaining in an interview.

    Skills to include on your marketing resume

    The skills you include on your resume should vary based on the kind of job you’re seeking. For example, if you’re applying for an organic marketing role, then you’ll expand on your SEO skillset instead of your social media skillset.

    For marketers, it’s much more important to be an expert in a few skills than have knowledge of a lot of skills.

    Step : Craft A Professional Resume Summary

    The next step is to further explain your experience and skills in a short paragraph. The best marketing resume summary is concise, relevant, and provides quantifiable results.

    This crucial paragraph determines whether recruiters would continue to read your marketing director resume. Make sure to include your greatest achievements.

    Digital marketing director resume summary examples:

    • Data-driven marketing director skilled in branding, SEO, SEM, and paid advertising. Developed and launched marketing campaigns that increased web traffic by 120% and social media followers by 72% in 6 months.

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    Does A Marketing Director Resume Need An Education Section

    Because a marketing director needs to work their way up the ladder, its unlikely that youve just graduated from college. While its important to include some basic information about your highest degree, its not necessary to say much more than that.

    Under your education section, include the following information:

    • Degree type,
    • Certified Project Management Professional ®

    How To Showcase Your Professional Experience In A Marketing Director Resume

    Director Of Marketing

    Professional experience can be a game-changer in your selection process if shown appropriately. Due to the huge number of applicants these days, it is better to showcase your professional experience in one-liner bullet points rather than in lengthy paragraphs.

    Bullet points will enhance the readability and make your marketing director resume look organized. To improve the effectiveness of your professional experience bullet points, you can follow the following points while making them:

    • Start your bullet points with a power verb
    • Address every point in STAR format
    • Quantify your information wherever possible
    • Highlight essential metrics, skills, and technical keywords
    • Club similar points under one heading
    • Do not stick to showcasing only paid experience
    • Emphasize mentioning profile-relevant experience
    • Mention your previous profile titles and company names
    • Connect your actions and operations with the required skills
    • Eliminate grammatical mistakes

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    Programming & Marketing Director Iberiaresume Examples & Samples

    • Define & lead scheduling strategies in line with business objectives, local quotas obligations and affiliate requirements
    • Define and lead programming acquisitions strategies to ensure that the channels air the best available programming at the most competitive market prices and within budget
    • Analyze the TV market, programming/marketing trends and competitors in order to create strong competitive pay-tv channels
    • Define & lead the editorial strategy for present and future channels and concepts, ensuring that all channels and content are in-brand, complementary and market-friendly
    • Define and lead, if any, the local production strategy
    • Define and lead marketing & on air strategy including: On Air promos & packages, Off Air media buy campaigns, Press Operations, Public Relationships, Digital & Affiliate partnerships
    • Elaborate winning programming, marketing and on-air strategies, in terms of ratings and brand-appeal
    • Attend, if necessary, national and international TV markets and/or upfronts
    • Manage acquisitions, marketing and on-air budgets, following the companys short and long term strategies
    • Follow central guidelines and/or recommendations in terms of brand marketing and content acquisitions

    Formatting Tips For Your Marketing Manager Resume

    Formatting your marketing manager resume is relatively straightforward. In short, here is what you should strive for:

    • Keep it to one page.
    • Keep your resume layout simple. Dont include any images or graphics and choose a layout thats easy to read.
    • Dont have any spelling or grammar errors! Dont let this be the reason you dont get an interview. Triple check and have a friend review your resume as well.
    • When talking about your work experience, make your bullet points short and self-contained. The hiring manager will only skim over paragraphs of text.
    • More likely than not, you dont need to include a resume objective or resume summary. Well talk more about that later.

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    Customizing Your Resume For Each Marketing Manager Role

    Because marketing is such a broad, all-encompassing term youre much more likely to get an interview if you tailor your resume for each job you apply to.

    Only 5% of applicants customize their resumes for each application. By taking the time to do so, youll really help yourself stand out.

    How do you actually go about customizing your resume for a specific marketing manager role? Its easier than you think.

  • Read over the job description. What are they looking for? A digital marketing expert who specializes in SEO? A marketing director who has experience leading large teams? A paid acquisition expert?
  • Be sure to mention any work experience you have that is related to the role. Include the relevant skills theyre looking for in your skills section if you know them.
  • Thats it, not so bad, right? For example, if for a given marketing manager role they want someone with extensive experience in paid ads then that should be the primary focus of your work experience.

    Lets walk through a concrete example.

    At the time of this writing, the company Qapital is hiring a senior performance marketing manager. Here are the job responsibilities.

    Example marketing manager job responsibilities

    About the Role – Qapital Performance Marketing Manager

    As a Senior Manager, Performance Marketing at Qapital, you will help to ensure that our investments in marketing pay off in the form of user and revenue growth. Reporting directly to the Chief Marketing Officer, you will:

    Writing A Marketing Manager Resume That Will Get You Interviews

    Video Resume – Joshua Fiorillo | Product Manager & Marketing Professional | Best Video CV

    When writing your resume always keep in mind your goal: to get that initial interview. All of the tips weve given in this guide are in service of that mission.

    Heres a quick recap of those tips:

    • Use one of the proven resume templates at the top of this guide so youre not starting from zero .
    • Keep your resume to one page.
    • Quantify the impact youve had in your past marketing roles.
    • Include only hard skills in your skills section. For marketing roles, its better to be a master of a few skills than a jack of all trades on your resume.
    • Customize your resume for each marketing manager role you apply to. Read the job description and demonstrate you can handle the major responsibilities of the role.
    • Only include a resume objective if youre going to customize it for each job you apply to.

    Applying to new marketing jobs can be soul-draining. It can seem like youre applying into a void. Try to keep your head up! Give yourself a high-five for completing one of the most annoying parts of the application process, your resume.

    Before you know it youll have more interviews than you can manage. You got this!

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    Highlighting Your Marketing Skills

    Before your resume is ever reviewed by a hiring manager, companies utilize an Applicants Tracking System to automatically filter out resumes based on whether they contain certain keywords.

    How can you be sure that your marketing manager resume will get past this filter? By including the relevant skills on your resume that are mentioned in the job description.

    In your skills section, only include hard technical skills that you have. ATS filters are not screening for soft skills. Including soft skills also wont help you impress the hiring manager.

    When youre reviewing the resume of a marketing associate is your decision impacted by whether they include a word like communication in their skills section? Soft skills listed without context dont really convey meaningful information about your qualifications.

    So what skills should you include? Here are common skills to include in your marketing manager resume.

    You dont list all of these skills. Only include the ones youd be comfortable being interviewed on.

    Skills to include in your marketing manager resume

    The skills youll include on your resume should vary based on the kind of job youre applying to. If youre applying for a digital marketing manager role then you should focus less on events and more on paid ads.

    If youre applying for a marketing director role that focuses primarily on SEO then youll expand on that as an area of focus in your skills section at the expense of, say, your social media skill set.

    Microsoft Word Or Pages:

    Basic tools like Microsoft Word and Pages are useful to build simple templates. Start by listing all the sections you need and use H1 and H2 tags for the section headlines.

    Determine a consistent set of fonts and font sizes for each section. Finally, use bullet points and bold texts to organize your marketing director resume content.

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    Employment History Example: Experience Counts

    Your employment history section is the best place to explain how you develop, implement, and execute marketing strategies to retain current customers and attract new ones. In the experience section, offer examples of times when you increased public awareness regarding the company and its mission, and deployed marketing campaigns to drive their efforts.

    Your employment history section is the spot to detail those skills. This is a section in which to stick to the script: organize it in reverse chronological order and use bullet items.

    Consider using the CAR method to drive your points home. Tell of a Challenge you faced, the Action you took to resolve it, and the Results of your action. Be sure to use data and details wherever possible.

    But how do you keep this highly formatted section from sounding stale?

    First, make sure all your bullet points contain active verbs and descriptors. Thats the easy part. You know how to use a thesaurus!

    The real challenge is to create a story out of your work experience. You started at point A, perhaps as a marketing intern or assistant. As you progressed, you took on bigger challenges, successfully solved problems, and created campaigns that brought your company higher market share.

    Director Of Marketing And Communications Resume

    Resume Examples by Real People: Marketing Director Resume Sample ...

    Summary : Innovative, senior marketing professional with broad B2B and B2C experience encompassing strategic planning, brand definition, social media, digital and traditional placements, media planning and buying, qualitative/quantitative research, partnership and sales promotion development, visual merchandising, and new product introduction.

    Skills : Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communications, Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Microsoft Office, Advertising, Client Relations, Client Management, Client Relationship Management, Client Services, Client Service, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Digital Strategy

    Description :

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    Writing A Resume Summary


    As you can see, the above applicant built out the summary section. They included more information regarding interpersonal, or soft skills, and how their personality helped them achieve their goals.


    While this is a decent objective section, the writer doesnt tell the hiring professional anything about their personality. Give HR representatives the opportunity to picture you working at their company.

    Digital Marketing Team Lead Resume

    Use this template

    Why this resume works

    • Your digital marketing team lead resume works by passing keyword tracking systems, like the ATS, while remaining visually appealing and easy to read.
    • You can design your resume with a specific target role in mind. By knowing precisely what a company is buying , you can reciprocate by selling exactly what they want. This process guarantees success by illustrating exact skills, KPIs, and qualification preferences.
  • Digital marketing is about hooking customers’ attention and driving results. Dont be afraid to spice up a monotonous resume with a respectably colorful template like you’ll find in our resume examples.
  • This means adding graphics or images. Use a color palette that enhances your professional style.
  • Your resume is a digital marketing piece designed to persuade and inform its reader. According to several corporate marketing studies, emboldening certain KPIs can enhance recognition and remembrance dont be afraid to A/B test and find what works for you.
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    Highlight Your Marketing Skills

    It is essential to understand that you also need to be promoting yourself while writing about your past work experiences. This can be done by stating numerical and statistical examples of your achievements and explaining how your work affected your employer and peers. As an aspiring marketing manager, it is crucial to know how to successfully present and .

    A pro tip for writing your resume, dont just describe your work process. Explain how your work created more value and profit for the company. Describe how your services increased profit or implemented a logistical improvement inside the organization. This will further highlight your skills as a marketer.

    Since marketing is closely related to sales, a good example would be stating the following:

    Assisted clients increasing gross monthly sales from $10,000 to $20,000 in five months.

    Everything You Need To Write Your Director Of Marketing Resume

    How to create a Product Manager Resume

    Now that youâve seen an example of a job winning Director of Marketing resume, here are some tips to help you write your own. You should always begin with a summary section. Remember to use basic formatting with clear section headings and a traditional layout. Finally, be sure to include top skills throughout your resume. Weâve included several examples common for Director of Marketing below.

    Letâs start with your resume summary section.

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    Tailoring Your Resume For Each Marketing Role

    Because “marketing” is such a broad term, you’re much more likely to get an interview if you tailor your resume for each job to which you apply.

    Tailoring your resume tells hiring managers that you’re detail-oriented and committed to the company. Remember, you’ll be competing with many other marketers for the role, so take advantage of any opportunity you can to impress the hiring manager.

    Start customizing your marketing resume by following these steps:

  • Read the job description thoroughly. As you read it, think of any past experience you’ve held that matches what you’re reading.
  • On the first draft of your resume, list any work experience you have that is related to the role. Include the skills they’re looking for and specific responsibilities.
  • Let’s walk through a concrete example.

    Let’s say the company Qapital is hiring a senior performance marketer. Here are the job responsibilities:

    Example marketing job responsibilities

    About the Role

    As a Senior Performance Marketer, you will help to ensure that our investments in marketing pay off in the form of user and revenue growth. Reporting directly to the Chief Marketing Officer, you will:

    Essentially, they’re looking for someone to take ownership of overpaid media and all the responsibilities that come with it, from budgeting to measuring performance. The highlighted keywords and concepts are those you might be able to incorporate into your resume.

    Example – customizing your work experience for a given role

    Use Hard Numbers To Quantify Your Marketing Manager Resume:

    As a marketing manager, youre aware that to get customers to buy a product or service, youll have to make them trust in its value. The same principles apply to writing a great marketing manager resume. The best way to make hiring managers trust your marketing experience is by showing them the kind of value you can bring to their company. The best way to do this? By providing detailed descriptions of your marketing successes backed up by hard numbers.

    Whether youve launched products, created effective marketing material, or managed efficient teams, youll need to show what you were able to accomplish with hard numbers.

    Additionally, when detailing your marketing experience, look for ways to discuss how you:

    • Produced new leads

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