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Resume Examples Of Education

Start Setting Up Your Classroom

How to Write a Resume Summary – Plus 5 Strong Examples | Indeed Career Tips

Go ahead and celebrate because if you’ve made it this far, you’re well on your way to that A+ resume! By spending more time throughout each phase of the writing process, you’re vaulting yourself closer to your next teaching job. It’ll be time to start setting up your new classroom and preparing lesson plans before you know it!

If you’re not quite satisfied with your current resume, upload your resume to our resume checker for our AI-powered tips. If it’s time to start from scratch, use our resume builder to work with our AI from the ground up. We can’t wait to see you land your next teaching role!

How To List High School Education & Geds On Your Resume

If youre a student in high school, the chance is you probably have some volunteer work and extracurriculars under your belt. If these aspects are relevant to the job you are applying for, you can put them before the education section.

In all other cases, the education section would take the upper hand, and would look something like this:


3,56 GPA

Courses: AP Science, Mathematics, Advanced Chemistry

If youre still in high school, you can list it in your resume by omitting the finishing year


2017 – Present

3,56 GPA

If you were homeschooled or havent graduated high school but still received a General Education Development certificate, you can mention that in your resume in the following way:


Durham Literacy Center


Note here that you can also add relevant courses or the location of your high school or GED center if you see it fit and you have enough space.

Education For A Recent Graduate

If you graduated less than five years ago, put your education section below or in line with work experience. Give your work experience a prominent position on the resume to show your readiness for the demands of a professional environment. Include your schools, attendance dates, awards and honors, and your GPA , but keep it short.

Example of the education section for a recent graduate:

Michigan State University, Michigan 2012-2017

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics

Statistical Analysis Certificate

Sloane Scholar

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Layout And Design: Your Resume Bulletin Board

All school teachers know they should have the classroom display looking great by parent open house night. Well, the layout and design of your resume serve the same purpose: To make a great first visual impression!

You may be tempted to make it cute, especially if you are an elementary school teacher. Give yourself a little leeway in that case, but unless you are an art teacher showing off your work, keep your resume free of flash. Why? Because you want it to look professional, and you want it to be legible.

To those ends, leave the margins at least ¾-inches and vary your line lengths to leave a feeling of airiness. Use bold, standard headings for your sections to break up the type and double-check to make sure your grammar and spelling are perfect

If youd prefer to focus on the writing without worrying about the formatting, you may consider using a resume template. These professionally-designed layouts allow you to add your own information and customize them for your personal taste all while making sure the page looks great.

High School Teacher Resume

How to List Education on a Resume: Section Examples &  Tips

Why this resume works

  • The “Education” section of your high school math teacher resume should list clearly and separately the different degrees you’ve earned. No need to list high school education on your resume unless you lack any time spent in college.
  • Focus your high school teacher resume on your accomplishments instead of your responsibilities.
  • For example, instead of saying “Prepared students for standardized exams,” say “Helped improve standardized testing performance by 3%.”
  • For each of the skills you mention on your resume, you should be able to show an example of when you demonstrated that skill in practice.
  • For example, if you mention “Conviction,” you should be able to demonstrate a time when you wielded conviction in the face of adversity.
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    Teacher Resume Examples That Worked In 2022

    Teachers are the backbone of society. You spend more time with the children you educate than their parents do!

    An effective teacher is compassionate, intelligent, and organized, among hundreds of other things.

    It can be difficult to highlight all your experience and skills on your teacher resume, and you’ll want to save the best details for your teacher cover letter.

    These 11 teacher resume examples have helped teachers and teacher’s assistants with varying levels and types of experience land jobs in 2022. They’re a great place for you to get started building or updating your resume.

    Please note that this guide is geared toward educators in the K-12 space. If you’re applying to teach at the college level, you’ll likely need to write a CV.

    Resume Examples

    Why this resume works

    • Most, if not all, teachers have some form of student teaching experience during their education. No matter your experience level, you can include this experience on your teacher resume!
    • When including your student teaching experience, focus on what you contributed instead of your responsibilities.
  • Administrators reviewing your resume want to quickly understand the types of classes and grade levels you have experience teaching.
  • Since you want to make the experience of the person reviewing your resume as pleasant as possible, clearly state the subject and grades you taught as a resume bullet.
  • How To Format Education On A Resume

    While people have different education backgrounds, employers expect that education on a resume be formatted in a readable way.

    Follow these steps to format education on a resume:

  • First, list school or education providers name, type of school and location
  • Second, list the time period that you attended or date that you graduated, making sure it is clear whether this education is completed, ongoing or unfinished
  • Third, include the specialization, degree, certification or diploma, if applicable
  • Fourth, list the field of study, major and/or minor, if applicable
  • Lastly, list your GPA if this would be helpful and relevant to include on your resume
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    How To List Education On A Resume In 2022

    Not sure what degree to list? If you should include a GPA? It just so happens that there’s a variety of ways to effectively list your eduction.

    The education section of a resume may not always be the star of the document but knowing how to properly list your education can be essential for advancing into the next phase of the hiring process.

    In this guide, we will cover all the ins and outs of crafting an education section for your resume.

    We’ll cover the following:

    Adding High School And Ged On Resume

    Resume Pro Breaks Down a PERFECT Sales Resume With Examples | Indeed Career Tips
    • If your highest level of education is a high school diploma or a GED, this should still be included as there are many jobs that are open to high school graduates as well as college graduates.
    • Generally, this type of education section should be kept short and sweet. Listing that you have received either a diploma or a GED should be sufficient.
    • If you have recently graduated high school or received your GED, including additional high school-related achievements may be beneficial

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    Use What You’ve Learned To Your Advantage Learn How And Where To Include Your Education On Your Resume

    Include your education background on your resume.

    Your resume education section seems like it should be the easiest thing to writejust list your school, program of study, degree, and date, and youre done. However, its not so straightforward for many job seekers. Unsure about the best way to present your education? On resume templates, youll find a few ways to best display your credentials. We laid out some common scenarios, examples, and strategies below to help you determine the best way to look smart.

    Write An Education Resume Objective Or Summary

    Heres the bad news:

    The hiring official wont read your education resume.

    Shell glance at it.

    To do it, write a grabby career objective or career summary.

    Its a quick rundown of why you fit the job.

  • Years of experience
  • Who/how youll help
  • Best education moments
  • A couple skills
  • Hint: write it last to sink your stress.

    These education resume examples show the lesson plan:

    Lets say the online job ad stresses standardized test scores.

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    Writing A Resume With No Education

    Listen, you might think that you do not have an education because you did not attend college or university, but even if you did not finish high school there are many roles that are looking for other aspects of life learning than grades and certifications. Adding “education” on your resume might not be as hard as you think:

    • List incomplete educational qualifications and even mediocre high school results
    • What online learning have you been able to take on board?
    • What lessons have you learned in your non-working life that might help?

    Education comes at you every minute of every day. If you have not been a hit in the classroom, think hard about what skills you will need on the job and where you may have picked up those skills before. Don’t be embarrassed – it won’t seem desperate and you are simply demonstrating creativity. It will give you an advantage over those people who leave the education section empty.

    Take a good look at the sorts of jobs that you are applying to. More of them than you think will be open to employing someone who doesn’t have a stellar education but does have the right attitude. If they do not demand certain educational qualifications in the job description, then you are likely to have some wiggle room.

    Education & Training Managerresume Examples & Samples

    Education Resume Examples
    • Lectures and demonstrates procedures, using motion picture, VCRs and charts uses outside consultants/speakers when possible
    • Schedules nursing home tours and addresses by administrative staff to acquaint new personnel with overall operation and interrelationships of the facility
    • Develops recruitment strategies for nursing positions
    • Assists with selection of nursing positions
    • Follows through with new employees at regular intervals to determine need for additional training and support
    • Communicates department needs to D.O.N. and coordinates services within department need, scheduling and budget
    • Gives input to D.O.N. regarding budget needs
    • Coordinates employee service awards and recognition programs
    • Monitors safe working practices provides education and coordinates with Safely Committee for corrective/preventive actions
    • Maintaining effective communication with residents, families and facility staff
    • Assists with development of procedures using job analysis techniques
    • Administers, manages, and monitors Silverchair compliance
    • Other duties as assigned by D.O.N
    • A preference for activities dealing with the communication of technical ideas and concepts
    • A preference for people and communication of ideas to instruct trainees and to communicate with fellow staff members
    • Teaching/instructional experience preferred

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    What To Include In The Education Section Of Your Resume

    Here’s an overview of what to include when you’re adding education to your resume.

    School and degree. The essential information to include in the education section are your degree and the schools you attended.

    Major and minor. You can also give more specific information, including your major and minor, as well as the year you graduated, although the latter is not required.

    Your GPA. Include your grade-point average if you’re currently a student or are 1-2 years out of school and your GPA is strong . You may also want to consider including your in-major GPA if it’s higher than your overall GPA.

    Honors and awards. Include any honors or awards you have received in school. These can range from Latin honors to deans list and other awards.

    You can also include extracurricular clubs, charitable groups, or Greek organizations where you were active and/or held a leadership role.

    Certifications, continuing education, and professional development. Include any professional development courses and certifications. You can list any licenses you have unless you have a separate section of your resume where you include this information.

    Where To List Your Education In A Resume

    The ideal location of the education section depends on your academic achievements and experience. If you are in college or graduated one or two years ago, its better to highlight your education at the top of the resume. This will show the interviewer your academic achievements relevant to the role, even if you have limited work experience.

    If you have enough work experience to impress the employer, consider putting the education section at the lower part of your resume.

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    How To List Undergraduate Education On Your Resume

    We already gave you an example of how to list a Bachelors Degree in the previous section.

    Heres how you would, for example, list an engineering degree in three different cases.

    If you have already finished university and have gotten the degree, list it according to the following template:


    If you obtained a double major, you would write it down as:


    B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering

    University of California, Berkeley

    2002 – 2006

    3,90 GPA

    Keep in mind, though, If you have two or more majors, you would want to list the major that is most relevant to the job you are applying to.

    If youre still attending college, though, you omit the finishing year, by adding Present instead:


    B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering

    University of California, Berkeley

    You can use other words & phrases instead of Present, as well, such as:

    • Expected Graduation + year
    • In progress
    • To be Completed + year.

    And if you did go to university but realized frozen pizzas and ramen noodles werent your thing and dropped out, you can still list your unfinished education in your resume:


    34 credits completed towards B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

    2018 – 2019

    Tips For Listing Degrees

    How To Write An INCREDIBLE Resume: 2022 TEMPLATE INCLUDED!

    The readability of a resume can be the defining factor of whether or not a job recruiter or potential employer moves the candidate into the next phase of the hiring process.

    As such, using clear and concise wording and formatting is essential for not just the education section, but for all sections.

    Here are a few tips for different formatting options depending on the level and type of education you have completed.

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    Sales Education Training Managerresume Examples & Samples

    • Design and develop training objectives, program agendas, and lesson plans for sales & product training. Specific training will be Reconstructive Products Courses, E-Learning and product launches
    • Facilitate training courses and workshops based on sound adult learning principles
    • Evaluate the quality of the Reconstructive Training program and partner with the Sales Education and Marketing teams to build upon and continuously improve
    • Deliver effective facilitation, presentation and coaching skills to Sales Representatives throughout training courses
    • Assure Sales teams are able to clearly articulate/demonstrate product and business knowledge
    • Translate business needs into clinical training programs
    • Maintain and increase awareness of competitor offerings and communicate those across the Sales Education organization
    • Conduct ongoing assessment of the Sales Reps and provide coaching and feedback as a result
    • 3+ years successful medical device sales or marketing experience is highly preferred as is experience with reconstructive products
    • 2 3 years sales training experience
    • Demonstrated in group facilitation and group learning exercises
    • Demonstrated adult learning, presentation and meeting facilitation skills
    • Demonstrated expertise in relevant products, disease states, human anatomy and biomechanics
    • Ability to understand and embrace new technologies
    • Demonstrated organizational and planning skills

    Education Section Resume Example: Academics On Display

    Its not surprising that educators value education, so move this section above your skills section . List all your degrees and your GPAs, if they are at least a 3.0. Be aware that many schools require your academic transcripts and GPA, so you may as well add your GPA to this section as well.

    If you have participated in seminars or training classes that add to your expertise, list those here as well.

    If you have presented at conferences, published articles or actively participate in educational organizations, you should consider adding a Professional Activities section to accommodate this valuable information.

    Below you will find an education section resume sample as a formatting guide.

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    Ensure The Ats And Employers Can Read Your Resume

    To ensure your resume reaches principals and department heads, you’ll need to pass muster with the ATS. The good news is formatting for the ATS also results in a resume easy to read by employers.

    Some resume tips to steer you onto the right path:

  • One page: Not only is a one-page resume faster for recruiters and ATS to scan, but it forces you to be concise and include only what’s relevant.
  • File type: Most ATS don’t recognize documents in Open Office, Adobe Pages, HTML, or even a PDF . The wisest option is to submit your resume as a .docx file and as a PDF to give employers options if one doesn’t work.
  • Font sizes: The standard 1012-point-font is the best readability range for employers and ATS.
  • Fonts: Even at a reasonable size, some fonts are hard to read, unprofessional-appearing, and most aren’t ATS-friendly. Stick to standard sans-serif fonts like Helvetica or Arial.
  • : One-inch margins are standard, but you can be flexible. Although, avoid going any smaller than a half-inch or larger than one inch to keep your teacher resume professional and tidy.
  • Header names: If you have odd header titles, you’ll confuse the ATS and the employer. Use standardized language instead to make each section easy to find .
  • Skills: ATS use keywords to determine candidate eligibility, including skills matching those in the job description.
  • The Guide To Resume Tailoring

    Special Education Teacher Resume Sample 2021

    Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the educational assistant job. Its actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

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