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New Real Estate Agent Resume

Resume Education Section Checklist:

Do You Have A Real Estate Agent Resume
  • Ensure your hard skills section are exactly matching the job description.
  • Dont simply list your soft skills. Apply the show, dont tell principle – let your job achievements speak for themselves.
  • Find a way to showcase your skills beyond the skills section.
  • Your resumes skill section is important to ATS systems – so dont skip it.

Real Estate Resume: Awards & Recognition

At the end of the day, your resume is a sales pitch.

Any information that can help sell your skills to the recruiter is welcomed. If you have relevant achievements to brag about, brag about it!

Make a separate ‘Awards & Recognition’ section to talk about the ground-breaking landmarks of your career such as:

  • Best employee of the month.
  • Outstanding performer of the year.
  • Employee with maximum sales.

You can also put these under a separate “key achievements” bucket within each profile of this section.

In the meanwhile, give yourself the best shot at getting shortlisted for your target job. Make use of our Online Resume Builder now!

Commercial Real Estate Agent Resume Samples

Typically, the job description of a Commercial Real Estate Agent is different from that of a residential real estate agent, as selling and leasing commercial property takes more time and requires substantial analytical data and financial information analysis. The following are specific job duties listed on the Commercial Real Estate Agent Resume providing commercial buyers with market demographic studies, financial analysis, and environmental research cold calling business owners and managers locating new potential sales and gleaning statistical information researching and analyzing lease payments, and helping clients by determining the basic margin of safety.

This job is not everyones left-hand game, as it requires an equal combination of education, skills, and experience. The ability to work quickly and analytical skills are essential. This post will best suit those who are multitaskers who have a passion and zeal to work in a fast-paced environment. Persuasiveness, dedication to customer satisfaction, and interpersonal skills are all important. A real-estate degree program and a license to work are mandatory requirements.

  • Commercial Real Estate Agent
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    Simple Real Estate Resume Template

    CanvaCost: Free or $12.99 per month

    This real estate resume template is very well organized and shows the power of simplicity. It includes six different sections and is easily scannable for potential brokerages or clients. The organized sections even leave room for an agent headshot, and the use of a single color helps this resume stand out from others. Since this realtor resume template is from Canva, you can easily change the purple color to any color of your choice for free.

    Real Estate Agent Resume Sample Of Education Section

    Best 8+ Resume For Real Estate Agent

    Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate

    Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA

    Graduation: 2017

    Relevant Coursework: Commercial Investment Analysis, Residential Real Estate Sales and Marketing, Income Property Appraising, Brokerage Firm Operations, Real Estate Finance & Mortgage Banking, Real Estate Management, Real Estate Law, International Real Estate.

    Here are the guidelines to follow in a real estate agent resume education section:

    • If you have more than one degree , add the highest one first.
    • List the major, the school name, its location, and the year of completion.
    • Add any coursework related to real estate jobs you may have taken.
    • If you have additional educational accomplishments, such as academic awards, include them below as a subsection.
    • Dont add a high school entry if youve completed a college degree.

    Expert Hint: Writing a new real estate agent resume? If you have impressive university work but lack relevant real estate experience, switch their places. Move the education section over your work history section to give the employer the most notable things first.

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    How To Write A Summary For A Real Estate Agent

  • Mention your previous experience. Are you self-employed? How many firms have you worked for?
  • Describe your greatest strength. Are you an expert at negotiations? Do you have a talent for finding the perfect homes?
  • Quantify your experience. How many properties have you sold? What were these worth? How many clients have you helped find their dream homes?
  • If You’re New To Real Estate Highlight Other Relevant Experiences

    If you’re looking to break into the real estate industry, mention other past jobs that required you to have skills similar to that of a real estate agent. An agent needs to be great at sales, so if you had a sales role in the past, highlight that experience by sharing specifics for example, that you “increased sales by 15% in four months,” said Odo.

    Odo added it’s also OK to include volunteer work if it’s relevant to the job. “If you volunteered for the reconstruction of homes affected by a cyclone, you should mention it,” she said. “However, volunteering to raise funds for an old-age home might not be a relevant point.”

    All experts agreed it’s a good idea to show your ties to the local area. “Most owners want an agent who will blend in well with their current agents and staff someone who puts a positive impression on the community they serve,” Gassett said.

    Overall, keep your résumé simple, straightforward, and focused on your key achievements and areas of expertise.

    Here’s an example of what a real estate resume should look like, provided by Andrew Fennell of StandOut CV.

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    Examples Of Professional Experience For A Beginner Real Estate Agent

    If you dont have any work experience, highlight your internships and studies in your resume:

    Bear River Real Estate, Davenport

    Internship Real Estate Agent

    • Receive incoming contacts or customers
    • Manage appointment scheduling
    • To carry out the files owners, the contracts of sale or hiring
    • Make real estate watch online
    • Assist in prospecting campaigns with the client

    Cv Skills Example: Bullet

    Resume Tips for Real Estate Agents. #flexjobs #shorts #realestate #resume #resumetips #careeradvice

    Emphasize your professional talents and abilities with a carefully curated list. This is a great place to add those keywords to bolster your resume! Of course, you need people skills to be a salesperson of any kind. Real estate agents are selling their personalities as well as homes. You will be spending hours with clients who are making one of the biggest decisions of their lives and they will rely on your advice. Managing brokers want you to bring sales into the office, so you are selling yourself to them too. But being an agent requires a lot more than a friendly demeanor.

    To create a top-notch resume, you need to highlight the accomplishments and skills managing brokers are looking for in agents. Soft skills, or interpersonal skills, are a big part of your job, but hard skills, or technical and job-specific skills, are also required. As you begin to think about selling yourself, brainstorm a master list of all your skills, achievements, and accolades. Write down everything you can think of. Once you have it all on paper, you have the basis for your resume. According to O*NET, a U.S. work statistics database, here are some skills you will need for a real estate agent position.

    Soft skills

    • Interior and exterior home photography
    • Document preparation
    • Customer relationship management and other software competency

    Managing brokers will be looking for some or all of these skills when they scan your resume, but you have to get past the ATS first.

    • Real Estate Procedures

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    Prominently Display Contact Information

    Your contact information should clearly stand out on your resume layout. Especially because as a real estate professional, your contact information is how you build a pipeline of clients for your business. Those who are reading your real estate resume may be looking at multiple candidates, and it can be easy for them to confuse your unique qualities with someone else if your name isnt prominent on the page.

    Even though both of the resume examples above have bright colors and skimmable layouts, its difficult to find the contact information on the second resume. The contact information is separated from the other sections, but does not have a title and has a font that is far too small to catch a busy broker or clients eye. In contrast, the first resume includes the contact information at the top of the resume and draws attention to it with a clear heading and a yellow box.

    Effectiveness In Resolving Issues

    Real estate agents might also benefit from developing their problem-solving abilities. The most successful professionals devote a significant amount of their time to confronting and resolving problems. For example, if youve been trying to sell a home on the market for some time, you may have encountered some difficulties.

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    Real Estate Resume Sample

    Before we begin, take a look at our real estate resume example to learn what an ideal realtor resume should ideally look like:

    • Coordinated appointments to show homesto prospective buyers leading to increased salesby 30%
    • Conducted open houses and property tours to familiarize clients with the property leading to client conversion
    • Presented purchase offers to sellers and negotiated pricing with buyers leading to 10+ successful monthly transactions
    • Employed market research and referrals from satisfied buyers & sellers to expand client base by 50%
    • Advised prospective clients on current market activities/conditions leading to 30% improvement in client relations
    • Drafted representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds, and leases with 100% accuracy
    • Increased agency revenue from leased properties by 60% within the 1st year
    • Received the ‘Top Realtor of the Month Award’ in Jan ’17 & Jul ’18
    • Top 5 percentile of the class

    Real Estate Job Description

    Real Estate Agent Resume &  Writing Guide

    In simple words, a Real Estate Agent assists clients in buying, selling, and renting properties.

    A profession in real estate is one that is riddled in the management of property: be it pitching purchase offers to sellers or negotiating prices with potential buyers for the sales and acquisition of property.

    This job demands that you’re always on your toes.

    You need to be cut-throat and ambitious.

    But most importantly, you need to be an excellent sales tactician with the capability to sell properties to the toughest buyers!

    If this sounds anything like you, and you would want to pursue a career in real estate, then read on.

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    Write A Powerful Real Estate Agent Resume Summary Or Objective

    A resume summary is a 2-3 sentence paragraph that comes right after your contact information section and sums up the highlights of your career – preferably, in a way that will leave recruiters wanting to read more.

    The best way to do that is by including:

    • Your role and years of experience
    • 1-2 of your key achievements in the field
    • Your most relevant real estate agent skills

    Heres what an example of what an attention-grabbing real estate agent resume summary looks like:

    • Communicative realtor with 5+ years of experience in property management. Recently became an Accredited Buyers Representative, with a record of 10 closed transactions where I was the client’s sole representative. An active member of the National Association of Realtors and the Estate Buyers Agent Council.

    Now, in case you took your licensing exam only recently and your real estate agent license is still fresh in your wallet, or if youre jumping from another field to real estate, then a resume objective is more suitable for you.

    Instead of describing your professional achievements, a resume objective is a 2-3 sentence paragraph that explains how you intend to use your skills and strengths to meet your career goals.

    Heres an example of a resume objective straight out of the resume of a salesman whos making a career change:

    Learn all the essentials of writing a powerful resume profile and win hiring managers attention right from the start with our guide.

    Here Is The Real Estate Agent Resume Example:

    Real estate agents work with licensed real estate brokers to assist people in buying, selling, and renting properties. A real estate agent usually creates a description of the property, including location and features, and uses it to drive interest. He or she will negotiate an agreement between buyer and seller and ensure that the terms of the agreement are met. It is also the responsibility of the real estate agent to prepare any paperwork such as purchase agreements and deeds.

    A real estate agent resume need not dwell on education because only a high school diploma is needed. However, there are college degrees available in this field if a candidate has such a degree it would be beneficial to mention it in the resume. What is most important for the resume is prior work experience. Employers need to know that the applicant has the necessary communication and salesmanship skills to do the job. In addition, a valid license is needed for the state in which the candidate hopes to work. Below are three real estate agent resume format options that illustrate applications by candidates of various experience levels.

    Entry-Level Resume

    Alexander Linder

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    Include Your License And Certifications

    As you may well know, you need a license to become a real estate agent. The requirements are state-specific, but the document itself is more important to start a real estate career than a degree no matter where you live.

    So, before including any other sections, make sure to list your license and any other certifications youve acquired during your career.

    Heres how to list this information the right way:

    Real Estate Resume: 2022 Guide With 10+real Estate Resume Examples

    Creating A Real Estate Resume | REALTOR Success

    Dealing in properties with the flair of a titan won’t land you the real estate job that you want. But, an ATS-compliant real estate resume will.

    Gone are the days when your skills were the only thing you needed to land jobs.

    In today’s world, your resume matters because your resume has the potential to get you shortlisted. However, the need of the hour is to write an ATS-compliant resume. An average resume won’t do.

    So in this blog, we will be uncovering the tricks to writing a shortlist-worthy and ATS-compliant real estate resume.

    Heres a summary of our Real Estate Resume 2020 Blog:

    • Try to avoid using paragraphs in your resume. Stick to one-liner points to discuss the roles & responsibilities of your past profiles.
    • Use numbers to quantify your achievement wherever possible. This makes your realtor resume more relevant to the profile you’re targeting.
    • Write a real estate resume summary only if you have relevant work experience of 3 years and above. If you don’t, write a real estate resume objective.
    • Keep your real estate resume summary limited to a 3-5 lines paragraph. A longer resume summary is likely to not even get read.
    • Instead of talking about the things that you want in the job that you’re targeting, try to focus on the attributes that make you qualified for the job.

    That’s not all.

    With this blog, you will be able to write an impeccable real estate resume from scratch and you will learn:

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    Real Estate Agent Summary

    Summaries are ideal if youre making a career change, have a gap in your work experience, or simply have some other element of your resume youd like to explain. Theyre also a fantastic place to demonstrate that you can tell a compelling story that sells you as a candidate. So, for real estate agents, the bar is set quite high. Here are some examples to show you what yours should look like:

    I may not have very much experience in real estate, but the work I did in sales shows that I can excel in this career. In particular, my high sales numbers from 2018 show I understand the kind of customers you need to reach. Please review my resume and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    There are a few problems here. This summary is vague, it sounds unprofessional , and it wastes time asking the recruiter to do their job. Overall, this summary makes a poor first impression.

    4 years of experience in the top 5% of representatives selling luxury vacation packages, looking to change careers and apply those sales skills and customer knowledge to selling luxury real estate for Springfield Luxury Real Estate. Actively pursuing an RAA certification.

    Open With A Brief Summary Of Your Achievements

    Recruiters deal with a massive influx of applications for a job opening, so leading with a summary of your experience and achievements makes it easier for them to get a quick glance at your profile, said Kris Lippi, a licensed real estate broker and CEO of

    “It creates a dedicated space to highlight the information that a recruiter needs to know,” Lippi said.

    The number of years of experience you have should be included, as well as any major professional accomplishments, said Bill Gassett, the founder of Maximum Real Estate Exposure who’s been a realtor for more than 35 years. “If you’re an agent who works mostly with sellers, an owner or manager may be interested in statistics such as the average days on the market and the list-price to sale-price ratio of homes you’ve sold,” Gassett said. “These statistics speak to the agent’s success at accurately pricing a home.”

    Another headline number to highlight is your transaction count, particularly if it’s strong.”The average real estate agent closes around 10 to 12 homes a year. If you’ve averaged 25 transactions over your career, this should be emphasized,” Gassett said.

    You should also show your key area of interest or expertise. “For example, some agents excel at working with buyers, while others would rather be listing agents,” Gassett said. “Some agents have more in-depth skill sets like working with new construction homes or being a specialist in short sales.”

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