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What Does An Actor’s Resume Look Like

Dont Forget Your Special Skills

How to Make a Beginner’s Acting Resume w/ NO Experience!

List out anything that you might deem important information for a casting director. What kinds of sports do you play? Football, soccer, basketball, track? Can you skateboard? Rollerblade? Are you proficient at any instruments like piano, guitar, ukelele, violin, bass, clarinet, etc? Are you a marathon runner? Do you hike? Are you double jointed? Can you do any impressions? Are you a cheerleader? Gymnast? Can you do any tricks?

This information is super valuable to creative teams and casting directors. Some roles can require one or more of these skills, so make sure to list them.

Dont list anything you dont feel comfortable doing if put on the spot! And definitely dont lie.;

Resume Layout And Design

As an actor, you know presentation is important in fact it’s your whole job! It comes as no surprise, then, that the layout and design of your resume format say a lot about the type of actor you are. While many actors make the mistake of thinking flashier is better, a few well-placed design elements can help a casting director take note of your resume without coming across as eccentric or unprofessional.

If you’re looking for help getting spicing up your resume layout, check out our collection of creative resume templateswhich give you a jumping off point by allowing you to customize the style to your needs.

  • Create an attractive header that highlights your name and contact information so the casting manager can schedule a callback
  • Include your professional headshot and reel when sending your resume
  • Keep a balance of white space to text to avoid overloading the reader with information.
  • Include roles that are more than 10 years old or that you performed as a child, except in special circumstances.
  • Create a resume longer than one page.
  • Go overboard with color or flashy design elements.

Only List Your Performance Credits On Your Actor Resume

Your credits as a director, choreographer, lighting designer, set designer, costume designer, stage manager, etc can go on a separate resume. The goal is to only include credits on your actor resume that involved your performance on stage. Other credits will muddy the water for casting directors.

If youre creatively involved and you are submitting yourself for a directorial position, make a new resume for that.

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How To Write A Cover Letter For An Acting Resume

Cover letters arent as common in the entertainment industry. More often, an agent or agency plays that role in introducing the job candidate.

Occasionally, there is a need or call for a cover letter. If that is the case, do some legwork up front. Reach out to the casting director of the production youre applying to be in and see if you can arrange some face-to-face interaction. If you establish name recognition, youre more likely to get your cover letter and resume considered from the hundreds that pile up in the casting directors inbox.

Scrap the generalized cover letter. It wont help you land a coveted acting role. Instead, address your cover letter to the specific casting director for each particular role. The most effective letters will grab their attention immediately. If youve met the casting director in person, even better. Mention that personal connection to remind the casting director where you two met. This personalization will show that youre invested in this particular role, not just any role in general.

Start Chipping Away At Educational And Community Theatre Credits

Acting resume

The more theatre you do, the more you will be able to include on your resume. Therefore, keep an eye out for credits you can start to take down as you continue to build your resume. Community theatre credits are only important to include for the roles you played same thing goes for educational credits from college and high school.

The more experienced you become at your craft, the less important it is to hang on to those educational credits. Start looking for ways to eliminate those credits.

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What Counts On Your Resume

When youre a beginner? EVERYTHING. Community theatre, student films, that web series shot on your iPhone… Any project that you worked on to improve your chops as an actor COUNTS to put on your resume.

There are exceptions to this rule: no background work, and no stand-in work. Thats not really acting, and it doesnt belong on your resume.

You know what else doesnt count? Projects you havent done. Do not lie on your resume. Ever. You will get caught.

Functional Format For Acting Resume

This format of resume making works best in favor of those who have gaps in their employment history or educational history.

It is a skill-based resume which highlights a person’s skills and education section the most.

For more detailed information on this format, visit our article on functional resume

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Acting Resume: Certifications Section

Step 8 is to write the certifications section.

Including certifications in your theatre resume adds more value to your acting resume. Certifications can be in fine arts, some language course, certification in psychology, etc.

You need to mention the below-given things when writing this section.

  • Certification Name
  • Dates of enrollment and completion of the course

The format to write this section is given below:

| | |

Look at the below-given sample acting resume to get more clarity on how to write this section.

Also, you can opt for an actor resume review done by industry experts at Hiration to check your theatre resume formatting ( font, margins, order of sections, etc.

The Best Resume Format For Actors

What does my UX resume look like? (tips and advice for your resume)

Acting resumes are sparer on details than most traditional resumes. And dates usually arent listed. This makes a big difference in the flexibility of how you compose your work history enabling you to customize your resume for each opportunity and feature the most impressive and relevant work first.

For example, if youre applying for a part in a Shakespeare festival, you would want to list your stage experience first, particularly your Shakespearean experience. If you are seeking a film role, youd want to highlight film experience first. Acting resumes simply have greater flexibility in listing work experience because the industry norm doesnt expect dates to be listed on the resume. So order it in the most relevant and flattering order.

The best resume format for actors includes the same sections as traditional resumes, but differs in how much information to include. You will list roles, training, and skills without the usual bulleted explanations. Well go over each section in detail, so you know just what to do.

Here are some general tips before we get into specifics:

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The Importance Of Getting It Right On Your Acting Resume

Right now, youre probably thinking, This is all a little nit-picky, isnt it? Why do all these little details matter?

Heres why – The people that you are targeting with your acting resume are industry professionals. They have the power to invite you – or NOT invite you – to work with them. And when they invite you, they are taking a risk. They are risking their money, risking their time, and most importantly – risking their reputation.

These professionals have their own language. And when you dont speak their language on your resume, you are telegraphing just how BIG of a RISK you are. When you get it wrong, the pros will say

Too risky.

No thank you.

Red flag.

But when you speak their language, you put them at ease. They feel reassured that if they invite you to audition, you are a seasoned professional who wont let them down.

BE that professional. PUT them at ease. MAKE their job easy. WIN this game.

Key Takeaways For An Actor Resume

  • Actors need resumes just like any other professionals, however the structure of their resumes can change depending on their experience and the role.
  • Your “credits” section will be at the heart of your resume so take care to organize it properly and include only the most essential information.
  • Make sure to include your union affiliation along with any prestigious schools or programs you’ve attended in your summary.
  • Tailor your skills section to the exact needs of the performance and highlight any transferrable skills if necessary.
  • Create an eye-catching layout that’s professional yet simple to increase your chances of standing out in this crowded industry.

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Acting Experience & Roles

In this section, youll list all of the acting parts youve had. Youll group them by Theatre, Film and Television. If you have Web Series credits, you can make a section for that as well.

I have 3 different resumes depending on what Im auditioning for. If Im auditioning for a role in a play, Ill bring my Theatre Resume. Same goes for a TV audition or Film Audition.

In each section, I list my most recent job first. Some list in order of their biggest role theyve had and go from there. I prefer it chronologically but either way, dont ever add the dates you worked on those roles.

If youve done a bunch of work, dont list everything youve ever been in. For example, if youre in your 30s dont put the plays in High School you performed in.


For your Theatre section, you list the Name of the Show, followed by your Role, Theatre Company and Location of the Production.

You dont have to add the director of the show unless theyre well known. If I did a show that Mike Nichols or Susan Stroman directed, you can bet Id have that on my resume in big, bold letters. But normally, you wouldnt add the director. And yes, listing Community Theater is absolutely fine!

Take a look at the examples below:

I personally use the 1st example but you can use either one.

Film, Television

For this section, youll list the Name of the Show or Film, followed by the Type of Role , Network or Production Company and Director of the Show or Film.

Training and Education

Special Skills

What Does An Actor Do

15 Examples Of Acting Resume

Actors work to portray different characters with the use of movement, language, and emotion. Actors may work for one single performance company, or more typically, take on roles with many different employers. Actors study assigned characters, and do their best to accurately portray them in a performance. They attend rehearsals, memorize lines, and collaborate with other acting professionals to make performances possible. Actors utilize acting techniques and a variety of special skills. An ideal candidate has professional training in one or more acting methods, and brings forth professional experience working as an actor.

Actors often work with otherfilm roles. Check out our costume designer resume example, cinematographer resume exampleand visual artist resume examplefor more inspiration.

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Composing Acting Resume Header

Now, that the master resume stage is over with the above-given steps, let’s proceed towards the first draft resume stage. As mentioned in the starting of the article, the first draft stage will focus on the rest of the theatre resume sections except for the summary and key skills section.

So, our Step 3 now would be to compose the header of your acting resume.

You must be thinking: What is it that makes the header an important part of the actor resume?

The answer is that it differentiates your theatre resume from being confused with someone else’s actor resume. How? Well, it consists of your name, that’s how.

The header is supposed to be the largest text in the whole of the acting resume. The font size of your header should be between 14-16 font size. Decide it whichever suits the best according to your chosen actor resume template.

Also, make sure you give a single space between your first name and your last name. If there are inconsistencies in the name like that of multiple spaces or no space at all, then it gives an impression of being careless to the recruiter.

Hiration Pro-Tip: Do not name the theatre resume as ‘Resume’. The recruiters no what kind of document they are reading when they see an actor resume. So, make sure the header is the only thing that you start your acting resume off with.

Further, there is a proper format for people who have a middle name. They should write it in the following format: ‘Kylie K. Jenner’.

If You Try To Stand Out You Will Appear Try

What does an acting resume look like. Things that typically go on the top an acting résumé are your name representation and age range. Well have no fear here are some tips from the SAG-AFTRA the official union for actors like Tom Cruise Will Smith and Brad Pitt on how to format your acting resume. Even more so than your headshot your actor resume is what shows your casting directors the seriousness that you lend to your craft.

This is up to you. Produced high quality designs to expand and define the look. But basically your resume is your first chance to tell the casting director director producer and production assistant.

An acting resume is a resume specially formatted for an actor who is seeking a role in film TV theater or another acting medium. Be creative with the font used for your name but be sure it is readable. It is very important in an actor resume to write the name of the director and the name of your character.

Let us explain this with the help of an acting resume example. It may be centered right justified or left justified. Download an Acting Resume Template Here The Basics.

In the body of the résumé goes your credits including the name of the project your character. Heres how our sample applicant listed their acting experience. So youll list those on your resume.

And no one wants to work with an amateur. The image below shows what your resume should look like. Make it look clean with a lot of white space.

Pin On Baby

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Getting Experience If Youre Just Starting Out

Theres no single path to an acting career. Some actors try to make it directly out of high school, while most hone their craft in college. Others study with private coaches. Sometimes the name recognition of a respected acting coach is enough to open doors for you, though no degree may be attached.

Regardless of your education level, the most important way to prepare yourself for the next level is through acting experience. Something as simple as a small role in a local theatre production or a college play can help you grow in your skills and confidence.

These entry-level jobs arent the most glamorous, but they provide valuable networking opportunities and help you refine your acting techniques and fill your resume. They show that you are committed to your craft, and demonstrate your exposure to the basics of acting, such as how production sets and rehearsals run.

Common introductory acting jobs include:

  • Community theatre:

    Wherever youre living, chances are there are local playhouses and theatres looking for actors to cast in their shows.

  • Local commercials:

    Small companies are always looking for new ways to promote their businesses, so be on the lookout whenever they release casting calls.

  • Content videos for brands:

    In the social media age, more and more brands are looking to advertise their company with clips that go viral. If you luck out and your video makes it big, this is a great way to get some national exposure.

Theatre Resume: Education Section

What My Software Engineer Resume Looks Like

Step 6 involves writing one of the most important sections of the acting resume, the education section. The information in this section includes the university/school from which you completed your education, their locations, dates of enrollment and graduating from them, degree pursued and CGPA acquired.

Use the format given below to make this section.

| | | &

The recruiter decides on the basis of this section whether you are eligible for the job or not.

The acting resume sample below will provide you with a better idea of how to make this section.

In addition to this, you can go for Hiration’s Online Resume Builder in which these sections come pre-arranged for a smooth resume making experience.

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Do: Put Time And Effort Into Making It Look Professional

Take the time to make your resume look put-together and professional.; Your resume is often the first thing casting looks at when deciding whether or not to bring you in for an audition.; Before you even see them in person, you want to make a good impression your resume can help you or hurt you. BIG time.;

Should You Put Extra Work On Your Acting Resume Yes Unless You Live In Los Angeles

According to Paul Weber from the Casting Society of America he argues that you Dont list extra work on your resume unless you are a regional actor in a regional market. Producers shooting in your state like to know that you have worked on a set. But, when you move to Los Angeles, drop all of your extra credits. They wont help you here.

Check out the image below to give you an idea on what your acting resume should look like.

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Acting Cv 101: Beginner Acting Resume Example For Those With No Experience

These guys offer a really good free guide for beginner actors – check it out.

Lets begin with first talking about what an acting CV or acting resume is. These two terms are interchangeable. In the UK, youll hear the word acting CV used more often, while in the US, everybody refers to it as acting resume.


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