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What Is On Error Resume Next In Qtp

Error Handling In Uft/qtp

39 Error handling in QTP

I’ve a framework where the methods are called inside an action from Function Libraries. I’m trying to do error handling to avoid errors thrown by code written inside the function Libraries.

Below is my action code:

on error resume nextcall TestMeif err.number Then: msgbox err.descriptionon error goto 0

And here is the function inside function library:

Function TestMe   x = 1/0End Function

When I execute my test, on error resume next doesn’t seems to be working as I get an error pop-up for division by zero inside the function TestMe.

How can I get these error handled without moving the code?

  • 3Why would you not expect an error pop-up? That’s how you have it coded. You return from the call and say “if I have an error show a message”.Jun 23 ’17 at 13:07
  • This statement works fine! Double-check your code!Jun 23 ’17 at 15:11
  • @BrianMStafford -> Error message is thrown inside the function TestMe yudi2312Jul 2 ’17 at 4:17

Surprisingly with all the time using QTP/UFT never came up against such case. Was quite intriguing as well.I Found out that the scope of on error resume next is limited to its level and couldn’t be carried over to either.

You might wanna try something like:

Action Code:

Function Library:

Function Test1      x = 1/0End FunctionFunction Test2   Call Test1   MsgBox "Test2"End FunctionFunction Test3   On Error Resume next   Call Test2   MsgBox err.DescriptionEnd Function

Another alternative is to use a flag like

Environment = True

Vbscript On Error Resume Next

In VBScript, error handling is done by using on error resume next. If you add this sentence to your code, if there are errors in other codes after this sentence, the system will ignore these errors and continue to run the latter code. At the same time, we can use the following code to catch errors

Copy code

This captures the error code and the description of the error and writes it to a log file. However, there is a problem that after we catch the error, if there is another error and you do not catch it, the code will still ignore the error and continue to run. Ignoring errors is a result we dont want to see, which will make debugging difficult. At this time, you can use the sentence on error goto 0 to terminate the previous error processing, that is, it can appear in pairs with on error resume next. This will not affect the later code.

Copy code

There are several characteristics that need to be understood,1. On error resume next if defined globally, the function is global. You use this sentence in the main program. If you call a function later, if there is an error in the function, it will also be ignored. You can also catch this error after the statement of function call in the main program. This can be verified by the following simple code:

Copy codeCopy code

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Exception Handling In Uft And Synchronization In Uft

Exceptions in UFT:

An exception is nothing but an undefined event or error. In automation testing, if any errors or events are encountered which are not handled through the automated steps, they are treated as exceptions. Exceptions can be occurred due to any of the below scenarios

Bug Any new bugs or issues in the application which are not handled properly can be the reason for an exception.

Environment Error Environment outage or network latency can create exceptions as the expected screens/pages are not available.

Test data Due to the correctness or invalid test data, an exception can occur during the test execution.

Technical issue If the test case is not designed properly, an exception can occur during the test run.

Undefined popup Any undefined popups such as Security, timeout, Information, Warning also can be the sources of exception.

The impacts of exceptions are

· Test execution failure.

· Need more effort to perform debugging/ re-execution.

· Increase the cost and maintenance efforts.

· Automation goal, i.e., ROI, can not be achieved.

Vbscript Error Handling: Vbscript On Error On Error Goto 0 On Error Resume Next

Excel VBA Error Handling

Introduction to VBScript Error Handling: Tutorial #14

In my previous tutorial, we discussed File Objects in the VBScript. In this tutorial, I will brief you on Error Handling mechanism that is used in the VBScript with methods like VBScript On Error, On Error GoTo 0, On Error Resume Next.

Error Handling is a very useful mechanism of programming languages like VBScript in order to deal with the errors and to continue the execution of the program even after the occurrence of errors inside a program.

What You Will Learn:

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Recovery Scenario In Uft:

A recovery scenario in UFT is an approach to handle unexpected events/ errors during the execution. The Recovery Scenario Manager wizard helps to manage the recovery scenarios. We can open the Recovery Scenario Manager by using the navigation Resources Recovery Scenario Manager. While creating the recovery scenario, we need to perform three configuration steps in UFT based on the requirements. Those are Triggering Event, Recovery operations, and Post-Recovery Test Run Options.

Triggering Event: It defines the unexpected events, which will call the Recovery Scenario. The different options/ events available during the creation of recovery scenario in UFT are specified below

  • Unexpected pop-up windows.
  • Errors which may appear due to Object State.
  • Errors during the Run time.
  • Application Crash.

The main usage of recovery scenario to handle different types of unexpected errors and perform some predefined steps against each types of error.

Recovery operations: Based on this configuration, UFT will perform a set of actions for recovery purposes.

Post-Recovery Test Run Options: After the recovery, we need to configure these options to execute some predefined steps which may be required.

Programming Tips & Gotchas

  • Resetting the Err object explicitly using the Clear method isnecessary when you use OnErrorResumeNext and test the valueof Err.Number repeatedly. Unless you resetthe Err object, you run the very real risk of catching the previouslyhandled error, the details of which are still lurking in the Errobjects properties.

  • The Err object is automatically reset when an OnErrorResume Next statement isexecuted.

  • It is also possible to set the Err.Number property toinstead of calling up the Err.Clear method. However, thisdoesnt reset the remaining properties of the Err object.

  • When testing the value of Err.Number, dont forget that OLE servers often return negative numbers. Actually internally theyre not really negative theyre unsigned longs, but because VBScript has …

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On Error Resume Next Explained Error Handling In Qtp

Date 2014-07-08 00:18:12
'On error resume next explained'Author: Akash Tyagi' Error is raised in fnc1call fnc3Function fnc1' Error raised' Tries to find the error handling in the function. ' Could not find any error handling in fnc1, Function ends at statment temp3=9/0. ' Statement msgbox "Inside Function 1" will not get executed' Returns to the caller function  i.e fnc2, hoping to find any error handling in fnc2.' Message "Inside Function" will not be printed.'temp3 =9/0 msgbox "Inside Function 1"End FunctionFunction fnc2'' Here also could not find any error handling. So  function ends here at call fnc1,'' returns to caller function fnc3, hoping to find any error handling there.'' Msgbox "Inside function2" will not be fnc1msgbox "Inside function2"End FunctionFunction fnc3On error resume next'' When control reaches here, it finds the error handling enabled here.'' So as error handling directs it to resume next, controls moves to the next statement'' which is msgbox err.description. So this pop ups gets executed and displayes the error message.'' SO Bottom line is, next statement is only resumed in the function in which error handling'' is enabled. In all the other function, control ends as soon as error is fnc2msgbox err.descriptionEnd Function

Purpose Of Error Handling

Better VBA 11 – How to use On Error Resume Next?

The main purpose of performing a testing activity is to find and resolve the errors. Though it is not possible to have a 100% error Free S/W, still you can take measures to bring down the error count as much as possible by making use of Error Handling Mechanism in your scripts.

Situations like issues in mathematical computations or any type of errors can be handled with the help of Error Handling.

Now, Lets see some of the methods of Error Handling in the VBScript.

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Handling Variant Return Values

For VBScript, some of the properties and methods returna VARIANT value which is supposed to contain an array of objects orStrings. If the array contains zero elements, then the VARIANT valuewould simply have a value of EMPTY. An empty value is not consideredto be an array, and if you try to iterate over something that’s notan array, it is considered a type-mismatch. You should check sucha return value with the IsEmpty or IsArray functions before applyingany array-related function on it. For example:

fieldObjs = GetInvalidFieldValues' Check the return valueIf ) Then    For Each fieldInfo In fieldObjs      fieldValue = field.GetValue      fieldName = field.GetName      currentsession.outputdebugstring "This is the fieldvalue " &  fieldvalue   NextElse      currentsession.outputdebugstring "This is not an array or it is empty" End If 

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Error Handling And Recovery Scenarios In Qtp

VBScript Error Handlers

In Part-1 we have discussed about Recovery Scenario and now we know that Recovery Scenarios are useful to continue the script execution whenever an error/exception/unexpected event interrupts the script execution. But Recovery Scenarios will not handle VBScript Errors. It can only handle QTP Errors.

What is an error in VBScript?

When working with VBScript you get two types of errors.

  • Syntax Errors
  • Runtime Errors
  • Syntax Errors:

    Syntax error is a grammatical mistake. In that case VBScript compiler doesnt understand your statement and throws an error. It can be found in compilation stage before the script has begun to be executed. Ex: calling a sub with parenthesis (.

    You can find the list of syntax errors in QTP Help File > VBScript Reference > VBScript > VBScript Language Reference > Errors > VBScript Syntax Errors

    Run Time Errors:

    Runtime Errors shows when VBScript attempts an action that the system cannot execute. Run-time errors occur in script execution time when variable expressions are being evaluated, and memory is being dynamic allocated. Ex: When calling a function which is not there/loaded, When assigning values to an array more than allocated size.

    You can find the list of syntax errors in QTP Help File > VBScript Reference > VBScript > VBScript Language Reference > Errors > VBScript Runtime Errors

    How to handle VBScript Errors?

    On Error Go to 0: This statement is used to disable On Error Resume Next.

    By Step Guide To Create A Recovery Scenario In Uft:

    Sample Resume for Qtp Automation Testing

    Now, we will learn how to create the recovery scenario in UFT based on an example.

    Example An error popup is appearing while trying to save the records intermittently. In this particular situation, we need to click on the OK button to close the error popup and re-execute the current step as a post-recovery action.

    Step1# We need to open the Recovery Scenario Manager from the navigation menu Resources Recovery Scenario Manager.

    Step2# Click on the New Scenario icon to open the wizard to create a recovery scenario in UFT and click on the Next button to select the triggering event.

    Step3# We need to select the popup window radio option as the Trigger Event of the recovery scenario and click on the Next button.

    Step4# Now, we need to click on the pointing hand icon and identify the error popup window using the mouse. UFT tries to identify the popup based on the window title and text. So, after the identification, we can use a regular expression to make it robust.

    Step5# Initially, recovery operations are not set. To define the recovery operation, we need to click Next.

    Step6# Now, based on our requirement, selecting Keyboard or mouse operation. On the next screen, select the Click button with label option using the pointer hand option and click on the Next button.

    Step7# Recovery operation is defined now. Here, after unchecking the option Add another recovery operation, we need to click on Next button to proceed.

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    Error Handling In Uft

    Error Handling in UFTFollowing are the ways in which error handling can be implemented in QTP.A.Error handling thru VB SCRIPTING A.Introduction to Error Handling using VBscript in QTP:Test Settings: Error Handling File> Settings> RunUsing On Error Statement On Error Resume Next: On Error Goto 0: Err.Number Property:Err.Description Property:Err.Clear Method: Public Function FunctEROn error resume nextLines of codeIf then Reporter.ReportEvent micFail, Func1″, Function executed End IfErr.clearEnd FunctionUsing Exit Statement: ExitAction: ExitActionIteration: ExitTest: ExitTestIteration:Recovery ScenarioSteps to create Recovery Scenario in QTP:Step #1)Step #2)Step #3)Step #4)Step #5)Step #6)Step #7)Step #8)Step #9)Step #10)Step #11)Step #12)Step #13)Step #14)

    On Error Resume Next Does Not Catch Sql Server Error In Vbscript

    I have a piece of vbscript code that I am runnning in QTP

    objRecordSet.Open "select regn_code from region where regn_code  ='" &  rCode &  "'",objConnection     On Error Resume Next     If Err.Number < >  0  Then             Reporter.ReportEvent micFail,"Error in " &  module,"" &  ErrObject.Description         End If     On error goto 0

    rCode is a numeric value in Database. When rCode value is supplied as varchar in QTP e.g ‘er’, SQL server throws me an error Invalid column name ‘er’ which stops my QTP AUT.

    I want to know why is ‘On Error Resume Next’ unable to handle this error. Any suggestions will help. As a workaround, I am simply trying to skip this sql query if rCode is non-numeric.

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    What Is: On Error Resume Next

    On Error Resume Next causes execution to continue with the statement immediately following the statement that caused the run-time error, or with the statement immediately following the most recent call out of the procedure containing the On Error Resume Next statement. This allows execution to continue despite a run-time error. You can then build the error-handling routine inline within the procedure.


    On Error Resume NextErr.Raise 6  ' Raise an overflow error.MsgBox "Error # "&  CStr & ""&  Err.DescriptionErr.Clear  ' Clear the error.

    If you want to keep track of further articles on UFT . I recommend you to subscribe by email below and have new UFT articles sent directly to your inbox.

    The On Error Resume Next Statement

    UFT Tutorial 36: Error Handling in UFT / QTP

    There are two main elements to error handling in VBScript. The firstis the OnError statement,which informs the VBScript engine of your intention to handle errorsyourself, rather than to allow the VBScript engine to display atypically uninformative error message and halt the program. This isdone by inserting a statement like the following at the start of aprocedure:

    On Error Resume Next

    This tells the VBScript engine that, should an error occur, you wantit to continue executing the program starting with the line of codewhich directly follows the line in which the error occurred. Forexample, in the simple WSH script:

    On Error Resume Nextx = 10y = 0z = x / yAlert z

    a Cannot divide by Zero error is generated on thefourth line of code because the value of yis 0. But because youve placed the On Errorstatement in line 1, program execution continues with line 5. Theproblem with this is that when an error is generated, the user isunaware of it the only indication that an error has occurred is theblank Alert box thats displayed for the user.

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    S Of Error Handling In The Vbscript

    VBScript basically supports 2 main methods to handle errors in the scripts.

    They are as follows:

    #1) On Error Resume Next

    Most of us must have come across this method in some of the other programming languages. This method, as the name itself suggests, moves the control of the cursor to the next line of the error statement.

    Which means, if any runtime error occurs at a particular line in the script then the control will move into the next line of the statement where the error has occurred.

    A Simple Example:

    In this case, the division is by 0 and if you do not want your script to get stuck due to this error then you put On Error Resume Next at the top of your script as shown below.

    On Error Resume Next Dim resultresult = 20/0 If result = 0 Then Msgbox Result is 0.End If

    #2) Err Object:

    This method is basically used to capture the details of the Error. If you want to know more about the Error like Number, description, etc., then you can do so by accessing the properties of this Object.

    As this is an intrinsic object, there is no need to create an instance of this object to access its properties i.e. you can use this directly in your scripts.

    Following is the list of properties of Err Object with their details:

    Number: This will tell you the error number i.e. the integer value of the type of the error occurred.

    Description: This will tell you about the error i.e. the description of the error.

    Raise: This will let you raise the specific error by mentioning its number.


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