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How To Add Qr Code To Resume

How Is A Qr Code Different From A Barcode

How to Add QR Code In Resume | #funvlog

Even though a QR code is sometimes referred to as a barcode, they are different from traditional barcodes. There is use for both, though, depending on your industry. Traditional barcodes are mainly used for product inventory and to provide a way for inventory systems to identify how much of an item still exists. Checkout counters scan barcodes that are coded with pricing and item details. Explore these other differences:

  • Shape: Barcodes are usually rectangular, although there are traditional barcodes that are square just like QR codes. A barcode displays data horizontally, whereas QR codes may display its data horizontally or vertically.
  • Data storage: QR codes can hold more data than traditional barcodes. You can embed more than 7,000 encrypted characters in a QR code.
  • Stored information: In addition to holding more data, the data points included in QR codes differ from those found in barcodes. Because of this, you can do a lot more with QR codes than you can with barcodes, but as each holds such unique information, they overlap little in their usage.

What Happens If Account Validity Is Expired

Once validity on your account is expired, your data will be retained for up to 30 days.

If you do not extend validity by upgrading your account within this grace period, all your data will be removed permanently from our servers. Any CV Link assigned will be released from your account and used for other users.

We suggest retain your your domain name even after a year as it can be used for your next job search.

Link Additional Information Through A Qr Code

QR codes on resume give the employer quick access and directly link to them the resume page that features your portfolio projects and other professionals, relevant information about you.

It could be a direct link to your LinkedIn Profile and other social media platforms that will make them get to know you more even better.

Moreover, it could also contain video presentations that showcase your skills and experiences, full job history, or to any related job position youre applying for to further your chances of getting hired by bringing them to the forefront!

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Why Is It Better To Generate Your Qr Code In A Dynamic Mode Instead Of Static

There are two types of QR codes: Static and dynamic. Static QR code is different from the dynamic QR code.;

While;static QR codes are free to create,;however, they;dont allow you to change the data behind your resume;and redirect it to a different landing page.

Furthermore, it;does not allow you to track the scans of your QR code resume.;

On the other hand, when you generate your;resume QR code in a dynamic mode,;you can;edit the information behind your resume QR code;and redirect it to a new or upgraded CV without having to produce another QR code again.

This saves you time and money in the long run as you dont need to print and generate another QR code for your resume again.;

Moreover, using a Dynamic QR code, you can;track who actually read and scanned your QR code.;This will give you an idea of who is your prospective manager or employer in the future!;

A How To Create Qr Code For Word Document


Now the question ishow do I create a QR Code for word document? Well, obviously, youll first need a QR Code generator to do that. But how do you find the best-suited one for your use case?

If you do a quick Google search, you will end up with multiple options. How would you then decide the best one for your use case? The answer is simpleby comparing them. But will you visit each one of them to do this?

Dont worry. You dont really need to do that. Heres a detailed comparison chart of the top QR Code generators online. You can go through it to decide on the one that suits your needs.

Once you decide on a QR Code generator, the next step isto create a QR Code for your word document. And you can do it in four different ways:

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How To Create A Qr Code For Your Linkedin Profile

Find the book in your business & the business in your book. Coach | Trainer | Mentor

One of the first things that I check when I review someones LinkedIn profile is whether or not they have personalised their LinkedIn URL. One of the reasons for this, is that if someone were to Google your details, for example a potential employer, then what you really need is your LinkedIn account to be shown higher than your other social media accounts. Google doesnt rank generic LinkedIn URLs, but it does place personalised ones at the top of search results. The other reason is that having a personalised URL is essential when you want to create a QR code for your LinkedIn profile.

How Do I Know My Qr Code

How to determine the QR code size

  • Determine the version. Select a version according to data contents, character type and error correction rate.
  • Determine the module size. Determine the module size considering the resolution of the printer, and the performance of the scanner.
  • The QR code size is determined.
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    Will A Screenshot Of A Qr Code Work

    You should actually be able to take a screenshot of the QR code and text it to the other members of your party. Just make sure that the QR codes arent rotating every minute or so. If that is the case, you will all want to attend together to avoid issues scanning in. If the image is static, screenshots should suffice.

    Pros Of Using Qr Codes On Resumes

    QR Code On Resume: Make Your Resume Stand Out| How to add QR Code in resume |
    • It’s an eye-catcher: It’s not everyday a hiring manager comes across a QR code on a resume, so it could potentially help you stand out from the crowd. It’s also a smart way to show off your skills if applicable to your industry.

    • It’s a space-saver: Resumes are tricky because you only get one to two pages to show off who you are and all your accomplishments. With a QR code, you have the opportunity to build out a more robust profile online, so you feel less strapped to include every single detail on your resume.

    • It’s insightful: Depending on what tool you’re using to generate your QR code, you can sign up to receive alerts when someone scans it, giving you insights into whether or not people are engaging with it and where they’re located.

    • It’s targeted: If you have a common name, it might be difficult for employers to do a quick Google search and find your website, LinkedIn profile, or online portfolio. With a QR code, you know you’re sending them directly to the real you.

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    How To Use Qr Codes For Your Own Personal Things

    Now, my main intention of this post is to share;some very simple tips for using QR codes in your everyday life.

    Each of the links below shows you how to create your own custom QR code for a very specific purpose.

    TIP: While some of the following links describe fun QR-coded stuff that you can buy ;if you have your own blog or website , then you dont necessarily have to buy anything to make the following ideas work for you. Just follow these;4 steps to create custom QR codes using;one of the;best free online QR code generators.;Then, instead of using someone elses professional space online to store and update the information associated with your custom QR codes, ;store that information at your own personal online space! That said, some companies may actually provide cooler tags, cards, or products than you could create yourself so at least youve got options.

    Qr Codes Embedded Video Hyperlinks: How To Create An Awesome Online Resume

    I once lost out in a job competition to a candidate who had a personal website that included links to her twitter page, LinkedIn profile, had a blog,; and most impressivelyher resume. I know this because a month after I lost out in the interview I snooped around the company website to find out who was hired. Creepy? Maybe, but its good to know your competition. It was also a valuable learning experience.; Id lost the job to a candidate who had been much more competent at demonstrating her social media and online skills than me.

    It pays to have a savvy online resume in the world of applicant tracking systems, and employers seeking candidates with advanced social media and web technology skills; or candidates who can, at the very least, prove they know how it all works. I have to admit that I was even impressed with my competitions online website and resume. If I were doing the hiring, I would have picked her too.

    This is not to say that the traditional, and classic resume is passé. Its still going strong, but employers, recruiters and candidates are increasingly looking for and creating online resumes that provide greater insight into skills and experience.

    Once this is achieved the real fun begins.

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    E How Helpful Is This Practice

    Now, you know the various ways in which you can use a QR Code on your resume. Here is how a QR Code can optimize the printed form of your resume:

    1. A QR Code will make your resume actionable and interactive. All that the recruiter needs to do is scan it via their smartphone and see the target content.

    This way, your hiring manager will effortlessly be able to get additional information about you. And the chances that your resume will be fully screened will increase.

    2. With a QR Code, you can make your resume more comprehensive. You can pack more information about yourself within a limited space without making your resume look congested.

    3. By adding a QR Code, you can make your resume trackable. That is, you can actually check whos checking you out. As mentioned, with Dynamic QR Code, you can actually track the number of scans and the geographical location of each scan.

    Hence, a QR Code will help to keep your resume short and sweet without populating it with many words.

    You Can Do All This And Much More By Using A Qr Code For Your Resume

    4 Ways to Add a QR Code to Your Resume

    A QR code is an advanced barcode that a smartphone camera can scan to share URLs, documents and profiles. It can provide unlimited information, including images, videos, audio files and portfolios. No matter how much data you encode in a QR code, it won’t expand; it will only become denser.

    Customize your resume anytime

    With a dynamic QR code for your resume, you can tweak information depending on the company/industry of the employer you’re sending the resume to. The flexibility especially helps when you’re applying to multiple prospects.

    Flaunt your art or logo

    Creative professionals like graphic designers can opt for an artistic QR code for their resume . One can choose from various colors, shapes, images, personalized logos and themes in QR codes. How about using one of your drawings as a background image?

    Track scanning details

    You can trace the scanning details to be more responsive at the right time. Isn’t it great to get details like the date and city in which the QR code on your resume was scanned!

    Look good on their phones

    Most of the online searches these days originate from a mobile device. Being able to direct a prospective employer through a QR code anywhere you want quickly and easily has added advantages.

    Give the employers a glimpse of your personality
    Rebrand your resume

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    Track Your Qr Code’s Performance

    Especially if you’re using a QR code as part of a larger marketing campaign, check out how your QR code performed. You can look into how many people spanned your code and then how many of those took action beyond scanning. See whether they redeemed your offer and made a purchase on your website or if they ended up sending a text message after the code prompted them to.

    If you create multiple QR codes, you may want to analyze the performance of each to determine if there is a type of messaging that works best or if there is a color that stands out and translates well to the user.

    Upload Document To Cloud Server And Create A Url Qr Code

    Sounds easy, right? As users scan this QR Code, they will be able to download the QR Code on their phones. However, depending on the mobile browser, it may or may not be possible to open the document just for viewing.

    Heres how you can create the QR Code with your word document:

    a. First, create a word document with all the details you want to share and finalize it

    b. Next, upload this document to a cloud storage site such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or OneDrive

    c. Once you upload it, copy the shareable link to this file. Also, make sure that the document access permissions are set to Public. This will ensure that anyone with the QR Code can view and download the document

    d. Now, head on to your QR Code generator and create a Website URL QR Code

    Wonderinghow to create one? Simply select the Website URL QR Code category and paste the public shareable link to the file. Next, proceed ahead to design the QR Code and download it. That simple!

    Here is a detailed guide on how you can convert a website link into an actionable QR Code.

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    Reasons To Use A Qr Code On Your Resume

    Here’s more on using QR codes on your resume or;business card;to stand out from the crowd with a QR code on your resume from James Alexander, former Chief Executive Officer,;Vizibility, Inc.

  • To Catch an Eye: QR codes are widely used on everything from movie posters to fast food placemats, but they’re still relatively novel on resumes. It can work in your favor, especially if you’re applying for a job with a large pool of applicants. The QR code may help you attract the hiring manager’s attention, which is the crucial first step in getting hired.
  • Botox for Your Resume: QR codes have a definite coolness factor, and their use instantly brands you as tech-savvyas someone who embraces emerging technology. If you’re an older job applicant, QR codes can help inoculate you;against age discrimination;by underscoring that you’re open to innovation.
  • Help Hiring Managers Find the Real You: QR codes are a great way to direct hiring managers to a site containing relevant links that showcase your thought leadership, career accomplishments, online;portfolio, or your profile;on;.
  • A New Way to Look Good on the Small Screen: These days, more than half of all online searches originate from a mobile device. QR codes are designed to be scanned with a mobile device, and there are free and affordable services that can enable you to quickly and conveniently build a mobile mini-site to showcase your talents and achievements. QR codes can serve as a gateway to your mobile-optimized site.
  • B Why Add A Qr Code On Resume

    QR Code On Resume: Make Your Resume Stand Out

    Adding a QR Code to the resume is not only a new trend, but also helps you differentiate yourselves from the competition. You can add a QR Code on resume to:

    1. Attract attention: A QR Code on your resume might probably attract a second glance from the hiring manager. Furthermore, it can favor you if you are applying for a job with a large pool of applicants

    2. Appear tech-savvy: The addition of a QR Code to the resume shows that you are aware of the ever-evolving tech world. These days employers look for candidates who are aware of cutting-edge technologies.

    Hence, a QR Code on resume will give an impression that you are open to innovation. This will definitely create a positive impact on recruiters.

    3. Present additional work: Link the QR Code to your creative work such as mobile apps, project documents, designs, or articles.

    But remember to add a caption, explaining what the QR Code links to. This will act as a CTA element and prompt recruiters to scan.

    For example, say you are a content writer and have linked one of your articles in the QR Code. A simple help note such as Scan to read my article will help.

    A QR Code on the resume doesnt guarantee the job. But it will be a noteworthy point for the hiring manager. And if you can make your resume stick in the mind of the recruiter, you should seize the opportunity. It might increase your chances of being hired.

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    Use A Qr Code To Stand Out From The Rest Of The Applicants

    A resume printed with a QR Code surely adds a swag factor to your resume. It also gives life to that piece of paper and will highlight your tech-savvy side, especially if youre applying for a marketing position and technology-related companies! It increases your desirability as a job applicant!

    Make yourself a good impression that kills right away!

    Using Responsivecv To Create Resume With Qr Code

    The above method works only if you already have an online version of resume hosted somewhere and have a permanent link to it to access it. Also online version of resume doesnt load well on mobile devices.

    An unique mobile version of resume with dedicated Call Me&Email Me buttons is good to display to your recruiters like the following.

    To have such resume you can simply;create resume with ResponsiveCV and such mobile version will be automatically created to you along with online version such as the following

    The beauty is the QR code for the mobile version of resume is automatically added to the online verison of resume.

    Youll also get an unique shortlink such as; to access your online version of resume.

    If you have linkedIN profile you can import it in just a few clicks. You get a good starting point to fine tune your resume.

    Adding a QR code to your resume is fairly simple if you use ResponsiveCV online resume creation service.;Its even simpler if you import your linkedin profile. You can get going in few seconds.

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