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How To Make A Fitness Resume

How Should I Include A Fitness And Nutrition Portfolio On A Resume

How to make fitness job resume for dubai and abroad jobs

The fitness and nutrition industry creates the perfect opportunity to build a portfolio that will highlight your work.

Have samples of your accomplishments on social media or online platforms.

You can be strategic and include links to your visuals on your cover letter and resume. This will direct recruiters to your work for a closer look of your methods and results.

For your resume, you could either add the link underneath your email address in the contact section, or create an online portfolio section that includes the link at the bottom of your resume.

Something that looks like this:

Strengthen your cover letter with samples of your work by including the links to your online fitness portfolio. This will allow the employer to not only read about you, but also to see results.

Fitness Instructor Cv Structure

When it comes to writing your gym instructor CV presentation is key!

If your fitness instructor CV lands on the hiring managers desk, and it doesnt have a clear structure, or they have to work to find your relevant qualifications, skills, or work experience, then chances are they wont read it.

The best CVs are those that are easy to understand, so having a good structure is essential.

You want to make it as easy possible for your potential employer to read your CV and find the information that is relevant to the job position.

Structuring your CV in clear sections is the easiest way to ensure that its easy to follow. These sections may change between individuals, but as a guide we recommend:

Fitness Coach Resume Examples

Fitness Coaches work to understand what their clients’ current level of fitness is, what their goals are, and how to help them accomplish those goals. Sample resumes for this position highlight such skills as designing and implementing fitness programs and protocols with clients, recruiting new clientele from current and new membership bases, and conducting monthly follow-ups with clients to make sure they are following their nutrition and fitness protocols. Some employers require only a high school diploma on a candidate’s resume, while others want a master’s degree in kinesiology, exercise science or physical education.

Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide.

The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes

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Write A Resume Objective

A resume objective is a brief statement, no longer than two sentences, that introduces you as a qualified candidate for consideration. Following your header, it gives a hiring manager a clear understanding of why you’re interested in their company’s opening. Successful resume objectives usually include:

  • A description of your work ethic: Resume objectives lead with one or two descriptors that represent your best professional attributes.

  • A reference to your experience: Without previous work experience, candidates applying for personal trainer positions can reference their certification or other exposure they’ve had to coaching, planning or client relations.

  • A few of your skills: Resume objectives mention a few key skills you possess that would be essential for succeeding on the job.

  • A statement of your professional goals: Resume objectives conclude by stating your professional aspirations so that they align with the employer’s. For instance, recruiting personal training clients benefits both trainers and the gym that hires them.

How To Write A Resume For A Fitness Job

Fitness Manager Resume Samples

Posted on Tuesday 7th May 2013

A polished and professional resume is the best way to land that dream fitness job. Stand out from the pack with these resume tips.

Presentation is everything in the hiring game, so make sure you not only look great in person but on paper too. To achieve a simple, uncluttered resume layout, include the following resume essentials:

  • Personal information
  • Personal Information

    A fitness resume should begin with all of your personal details and contact information, placing them right up top on the front page. Name, address, phone, email and website or Facebook page are essentials.

    Work Experience

    This section should list your work experiences in fitness chronologically, leading with your most recent fitness training involvements and working backwards, for instance you may have been a Receptionist at a gym or you may have worked in marketing or admin before doing your fitness qualifications. Provide comprehensive information by describing the details of each role, including who your employer was, your job title, dates and core responsibilities.

    Skills Set

    The skills you have gained in your experiences as a Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor/Fitness Manager will be appealing to potential employers. This section should list each of your key skills and explain how youve used these in past personal training endeavours positively. Relative skills include:

    • Communication
    • Sports conditioning.



    Final Points

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    Outline Your Academic Background

    While this information is not always relevant for a personal trainer, a relevant degree can be advantageous for supervisory or high-profile roles. As such, including your academic background on your resume is important. To outline your academic background, state the institution’s name, its location, and your period of study. Under that, you can list the name of the degree you studied. If necessary, you can create a bullet list and mention your CGPA or grade classification. You can also include relevant courses or academic projects.

    Resume Writing For Fitness Professionals

    Brian Sutton MS, MA, NASM-CPT, CES, PESStacey Penney MS, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS

    Fitness professionals need to understand the importance of a well-written resume. It doesn’t matter if youre applying at a local health club, university, or sports performance clinic, your resume may hold the key for you to land your dream job or prevent you from even being considered.

    A resume is a selling tool that outlines your education, skills and experiences so employers can see at a glance how you can contribute to their company. In other words, your resume is a brief written snapshot highlighting the qualities you possess.

    Purpose of a Resume

    A resume does its job successfully if it does not exclude you from consideration. Your resumes job is simpleto land you an interview! In many cases, it may take less than thirty seconds for employers to decide if your resume ends up in the consider or reject pile. Therefore, your resume needs to quickly capture the readers interest. Most hiring managers will not spend too much time looking through each resume, so it must promptly and accurately describe who you are, what you do best, and how you can be a benefit to their company.

    Resume Format

    1. Contact Details: Name, address, telephone, e-mail. All of your contact information should go at the top of your resume.

    Include your work experience in reverse chronological orderthat is, put your last job first and work backward to your first relevant job. Include:


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    Showcase Your Technical And Programming Knowledge

    Hiring managers are looking for personal trainers who have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of health. This includes fitness, different exercises, and the way bodies work. They also need trainers who have the ability to take this knowledge and apply it creatively to develop unique programs that help individual clients meet their health and fitness goals. Use concrete, quantifiable examples that show you have the skills to help your clients on their fitness journey.

    Example #1


    Crafted individual exercise, nutrition, and strength training plans for 50+ clients, with 92% meeting their fitness goals, including weight loss of up to 100 lbs.

    Helped personal training clients meet their health and fitness goals

    Example #2


    Used extensive fitness knowledge to craft individualized goals and plans for 35+ clients that took into account each persons fitness level, injuries, preferences, and other limitations

    Helped a diverse range of clients train, including people with exercise preferences, injuries, and other limitations

    Michael Has Career Development Experience Having Worked For Various Governmental And Business Organizations Locally And Int

    How to Make Your Resume Fit 2 Pages

    Michael has career development experience, having worked for various governmental and business organizations, locally and int. Why do you write & include a career objective on a resume?. To ease this process, this article shares inside information on effective objective statements that will result in more interviews (with video and written. Cover letters tend to get all the attention, but what about including an objective on your resume? Here’s a list of common innocent mistakes to avoid. Placed right after your heading, the o. Everyone talks about what should be on a resume, but never about what shouldn’t be there. What to look out for, what structure to use, and what common mistakes to avoid when writing a professional resume. Your resume objective can be used to convey your career ambitions as well as your skill set. How to create an objective for a resume. No longer than one sentence, you typically place it near the top of your resume, under your name and contact information. Shay banks left her teaching career and entered into two no. Although some people use their objective to summarize their education and work experience, telling a.

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    How To Write A Summary As A Fitness Instructor

  • Highlight your expertise and work experience. Have you had experience instructing in a group or one-on-one environment? Let employers know in a few sentences to hook them and give them a reason to invest time in reading your resume.
  • Strength. Show your strength as a fitness instructor. Are you flexible? Are you familiar with accommodating fitness instructions based on fitness abilities and levels?
  • What To Write And Not To Write In The Personal Trainer Resume Experience Section

    The fitness industry is always evolving. In the 1980s, gyms only provided designated areas for weight training, cardio and aerobics exercise. Today gyms are inter-changeably referred to as fitness centers and offer a wide variety of exercise programs.

    For the Personal Trainer, it is no longer enough to have one or two specializations. If you are certified in cardiovascular health, it would be to your advantage if you were certified in strength and conditioning as well.

    Thus it is very important to present your qualifications and certifications from the get-go. It will be a good idea to break down your scope of work or detailed account of your set of responsibilities. The job description of a Personal Trainer contains the usual tasks:

    • Trains clients
    • Prepares diet and nutrition plans
    • Evaluate client performance
    • Maintain equipment and gym cleanliness

    But there are other tasks which do not form part of the standard scope of work such as:

    • Trains and orients new personal trainers
    • Conducts research and creates training manuals or protocols
    • Conducts rehab work for clients

    These set you apart from other personal trainers who may be more limited in experience. You have to open your entire book on experience and include aspects which differentiate you from everyone else.

    One of the stronger points is having the experience of working in another country. This tells the gym that you can adapt to a different culture. It will work to your favor if you have mastered a foreign language.

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    Got Some Personal Training Experience

    A great resume summary statement for trainers:

    • Summarizes your training history into a brief paragraph
    • Shows the gym how your fitness history fits their employment needs
    • Gives quantifiable accomplishments to prove your fitness for the job
    • Lets the gym manager easily imagine you as their new trainer.

    Look at these personal trainer resume examples of summary statements:

    List Your Relevant Skills

    Fitness Coach Resume Samples

    Most personal trainers learn the same core exercise planning and client relations skills in their certification programs. It’s therefore important that you emphasize specific skills useful to the employer’s typical clientele. For instance, you might emphasize your knowledge of mobility training if working with an older population, or motivational skills if working with clients interested in losing weight. Skills such as speaking another language can also set you apart from candidates who otherwise share your credentials and general qualifications.

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    How To Write A Fitness Instructor Cv

    Whether youre an experienced fitness instructor looking for a new role, or youve recently qualified and are looking to secure your first role in the industry, perfecting your fitness instructor CV is essential.

    Having a good CV that effectively shows off your individual skills is key in grabbing the attention of your potential employer and securing yourself your dream role.

    Fortunately, if you need some advice when it comes to writing your fitness instructor CV, youre in the right place!

    Below, weve compiled all of the tips and tricks that weve acquired throughout our experience in the fitness industry for you to have read through.

    Were sharing our skills with you so that you can write a brilliant fitness CV and kick-start your exciting career in the industry.

    In this article youll find:

    • Fitness Instructor CV Structure
    • Top Tips and Common Mistakes
    • What to Include in Your Fitness Instructor CV?
    • Fitness Instructor CV Example Sections

    If you want to increase your opportunities, enquire online for our Level 3 personal training course or our Level 3 Sports Massage qualification and expand your range of qualifications!

    Enquire to Become A Personal Trainer

    Further Your Career With A Level 3 Qualification

    How To Write A Janitor Resume

    When applying for a janitor position, employers typically request documents to evaluate whether you’re a good fit for the role. As an application document, a resume informs hiring managers of what value you can add to an organization as a janitor. Learning to write a resume for janitors can position you as a good candidate for janitorial positions and improve your chances of getting the job you want. In this article, we define a janitor resume, explain how to write one, discuss tips for making a janitorial resume compelling, and provide examples you can use for inspiration.

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    Dont Forget To List Impressive Hard Skills

    Forgetting to list hard skills is a big no-no when it comes to creating a winning resume. You want to wow hiring managers with your impressive skill-set ranging from things like a positive attitude to Pilates and Yoga techniques. While non-technical skills like Advanced Communication skills and Leadership Ability are important, you want to separate yourself from the herd by listing your more specific and notable hard skills. Some resume examplesof some impressive hard skills are as follows: Exercise Physiology, CPR Certification, and Exercise Program Creation.

    Order Work Experience And Achievements By Relevance

    Personal Training Resume | Equinox Resume | Show Up Fitness

    Hiring managers and employers will be skimming a stack of resumes, so yours must get right to the point. Put your work experience that is most important for a particular job first and follow it with others. What is the first thing you want this employer to know about you? If the job is for nutrition coaching, dont lead with your most recent job teaching group fitness. Instead, start with your nutrition credentials and your job creating menus or working in a kitchen.

    Group fitness instruction is a unique skill. Learn how to do it right with the ISSAs Group Fitness Instructor course.

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    What Is A Personal Trainer

    A personal trainer is a certified fitness professional who advises and motivates individual clients. Personal trainers meet with new clients to learn about their physical condition, fitness goals and ideal exercise schedule. They then create a fitness plan that, with sufficient commitment, can achieve those goals while respecting clients’ limitations. During workouts, personal trainers teach clients exercises, emphasizing proper form to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury. They encourage clients to improve their performance, motivating them to work harder and remain committed to their plan.

    While primarily fitness experts, personal trainers also have sufficient knowledge about healthy lifestyles to recommend minor changes to clients’ routines or diets. They aim to increase revenues for the gyms they work in, promoting their products and services to clients.

    Personal Trainer Resume Objective

    Begin your resume with a short bio thatll make you stand out from the crowd. We recommend summarising yourself in just one concise sentence, followed by a few bullet points of your key achievements. Some people like to state their career objective here so that employers and recruiters know what theyre looking for.

    If youre applying for an advertised job, then align this with the job description. You might also want to review the . Then demonstrate how you embody their desired qualities using factual statements. Here are a few examples

    • Consistently exceeded revenue targets by 20% over the last three years
    • Planned and marketed small group PT concept resulting in 50 new clients
    • Awarded Personal Trainer Of The Year by Company XYZ

    Avoid using fluffy descriptions that arent backed up with facts or generic statements that wont set you apart Bland phrases like Im a dedicated and highly driven individual or qualified PT with a keen interest in the fitness industry wont help you stand out.

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    Beef Up Your Resume Objective

    Your resume objective is the hook that encourages gyms to take the time to read through your entire resume. It should concisely summarize how much experience you have, your skills, accomplishments, and career goals.

    Unfortunately, many job seekers dont know how to write a resume objective that makes an impact. Heres an example of how not to write your objective:

    Heres an example of an unconvincing objective:

    Personal trainer with 2 years of experience seeking a position in a gym or fitness studio.

    An objective like the one above just isnt going to cut it. Instead, personal trainers need to bulk up their introductions to include details on their skills, relevant experience, and accomplishments.

    Heres an example of a strong personal trainer resume objective:

    Personal Trainer with 9 years of health and wellness experience across fitness centers. Possess proven track record in helping clients achieve fitness goals through customized exercises programs and diet plans. Consistently improve fitness center revenue targets by developing new programs and retaining clients.

    Adding meat to your introduction like the one above will motivate employers to learn more about how you can contribute to their gym or club.

    If you have a lot of professional experience, there are other ways to start your resume you may want to try that focus heavily on your accomplishments.


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