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How To Make An Acting Resume With Little Experience

Tips For Writing Your Resume

How to Make an Acting Resume w/ NO EXPERIENCE!

You can also use the following tips to further guide you when you write your resume:

  • Under your acting experience and work history, only list the name of the production, your role and the production company. You can leave out your job responsibilities, as these can seem evident in your portrayal of your character roles.
  • Create a resume for specific roles. For instance, if you are looking for a role in stage acting, format your resume to highlight your theater experience and skills.
  • Keep your resume one page in length, and consider sticking with a professional font like Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri.

To upload the template into Google Docs, go to File > Open > and select the correct downloaded file.

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How To Make A Resume With No Experience

Writing a resume for your first job or simply applying somewhere with no experience can be a scary prospect. You may have no idea how to start your resume, the best way to list your job skills, or even which resume format to choose.

Additionally, work experience is often considered the meat of a resume, and you likely dont have much at this point.

But we all have to start somewhere, and employers know it. This post provides guidelines for making your resume effective even if you have no experience.

Include Your Relevant Non

Job hunting can feel like an uphill task when you dont have work experience. How are you supposed to write an entire one-page resume with no experience?

Fortunately, many recruiters are looking for more than just formal work experience. Other things you can put on your resume to help you land work include relevant skills, life experiences , and your educational background. A combination of these elements can help you demonstrate how youre still an excellent fit for the job.

While these experiences and skills arent tied to your work experience , they still help you demonstrate what you have to offer a company if hired. Some professional abilities you may have honed in your life include:

  • Managing or directing
  • Research

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Showcase Your Relevant Skills

Writing a strong resume skills section will set you apart in your job search and increase your chances of landing an interview. However, if youre like most no-experience job-seekers, your technical skills may be limited.

In this case, use your resume to highlight the soft skills youve acquired throughout your life. Soft skills are applicable for nearly any industry, and are valued by employers.

Here are some examples of soft skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Positive attitude
  • Assertiveness

Additionally, listing foreign language skills on your resume is a great way to stand out from other applicants and fill out your skills section.

Make The Most Of Your Cover Letter

How Do I Write an Acting Resume with Little Experience?

The cover letter that accompanies your resume is the place to highlight your passion, your drive and your dedication to succeed in an acting role. A well-written piece can help compensate for your lack of experience. Example:

Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to gain experience in front of the camera, I have extensive training in action films and period pieces. Additionally, Im passionate about historic bio-pics, and I’m willing to work my way up with bit parts.

When you tailor your resume or cover letter to the specifics of the roles youre seeking, you’re more likely to catch a casting director’s eye.


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Highlight Your Unique Skills

After you list your education and training, highlight the unique skill sets that set you apart from other candidates. For instance, if you have experience and skills with choreographing and executing stunt scenes, showcase that on your resume. The more unique and specialized your skill sets are, the more likely you are to be chosen for your desired role.

Outside The Industry Strategy #: Manipulate Your Resume Strategically

Les MiserablesRegionalOff-Broadway

  • Push Certain Roles Higher: If you want more Film/TV roles, move those types of credits higher on your resume. Minimize your theater credits and mention even;the smallest of the small film credits you’ve done just to give the impression that you have as much experience as possible in Film and Television.
  • Customize;the;Special Skills;section of your resume:;To show how qualified you are for a role,;move to the;beginning or bold your most relevant special skills so the casting director notices them!
  • Create separate resumes for each type of work you do: Eventually as you build up your credits, you can;make separate resumes for separate types of work. Most actors know they can have;a;Film/TV Resume, a Theater Resume, and a Voiceover Resume, but an “outside the industry” way of thinking is this: create separate resumes for your different “types.” If you are submitting for a cop role, create a resume specifically focused on all the cop and detective roles you’ve played. This will show casting directors you’re super experienced in playing that kind of character!

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What Counts On Your Resume

When youre a beginner? EVERYTHING. Community theatre, student films, that web series shot on your iPhone… Any project that you worked on to improve your chops as an actor COUNTS to put on your resume.

There are exceptions to this rule: no background work, and no stand-in work. Thats not really acting, and it doesnt belong on your resume.

You know what else doesnt count? Projects you havent done. Do not lie on your resume. Ever. You will get caught.

Tips For Writing An Acting Resume With No Experience

How to Make a Beginner’s Acting Resume With No Experience | How To Get Experience Easily

Here are tips you can use to help you write your acting resume:

  • Add a headshot: When you bring your resume to auditions, you can staple an 8-inch by 10-inch headshot to the back of your resume so casting directors can reference it after your audition.
  • Be truthful: You can communicate your personal integrity by being truthful on your acting resume at every opportunity. This can help you build a career on your true accomplishments.
  • Get a second opinion: When you’re writing your first acting resume, it can help to get an opinion from someone in the industry about the strength of your resume. An agent, for example, may have insights on what to include or cut from your resume as you develop your acting career.
  • Avoid including extra roles: Work as an extra in the background of a film or TV show isn’t considered acting for the purposes of your resume.
  • Convert your resume to a PDF: Converting your acting resume to a PDF will make it easier to send and ensure your formatting stays intact when you use it to audition for parts.

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How To Include Education On A Resume With No Experience

When youre creating your first resume, its important to highlight your education. This will show employers youre able to overcome challenges, stick to your commitments and learn new things. You can also take this opportunity to share coursework youve completed that are relevant to the job.

For example, if youre applying to a retail associate position, heres how you might highlight your high school experience:

Graduation Date: June 20XXRelevant coursework: Introduction to Fashion Merchandising, Consumer and Business MathematicsClubs: Fashion Club, Young Entrepreneurs Association

And here is how you might highlight your college experience if youre applying for a role as a receptionist at a spa:

New York UniversityMajor: Pre-Med with a Concentration in Holistic HealthExpected Graduation Date: May 20XXGPA: 3.7Relevant coursework: Customer Discovery & Development, Introduction to Interpersonal CommunicationAwards and Honors: Deans List Fall 20XX through Spring 20XXClubs: Women in Business, Center for Holistic Healing

Do Not Be Shy About Including Awards

If you have a Drama Desk, Drama League, Obie, Lucille Lortel or even a Golden Globe, that is fantastic. Definitely feature these on any acting resume.

However, do not forget smaller, less well-known awards. They are just as legitimate.

For example, you may have been awarded best actor by a prestigious director on a film or production.

You can also use this section to name-drop people you have worked with.

Perhaps Barry Jenkins highlighted you as the hardest working extra on Moonlight or Ryan Coogler awarded you Toughest Stunt Double on Black Panther.

Awards are important to include as they show others have already appreciated and acknowledged specific sections of your skill set.

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Sample Of Actor Resume

Are you deal with the first-time confusion while making your actor resume? No more worries, just take a look of this actor resume example of a theatre actress.

Stephanie Williams

James Taylor;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Director of Late Bloomers

Adam Smith;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Professor in Performance Theatre Dept. Lost Angelica Public University

Anna James;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Voice instructor

Sample Acting Resume Example/template

77 Cool Collection Of Sample Resume for Highschool ...

The way your acting CV is actually structured depends on your own preferences. For example, if you Google acting CV and go to Images, youll see that none of them are exactly the same, but they follow a certain pattern.

US market acting resume example

Heres the order of things you can use on your resume:

  • Your professional name
  • Training
  • Any specific skills
  • Always keep numbers 1-3 at the top in this order, and you can switch 4-6 around .

    UK market acting CV;template

    On the right side,;you can use the US industry;standard acting resume example. This type of acting resume template is the one that;I recommend;because its less complicated and easy for agents and CDs to scan.

    Below is the;UKs market acting CV example structure, where they use a small headshot in the corner. Frankly, I dont see the point of including a headshot in the corner since youre sending your full-sized headshot alongside your acting CV;anyway .

    Ultimately, they both get the job done in the UK industry. In the US, only the US type of acting resume is acceptable; the UK version will appear;odd to agents and CDs.

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    Acting Experience & Roles

    In this section, youll list all of the acting parts youve had. Youll group them by Theatre, Film and Television. If you have Web Series credits, you can make a section for that as well.

    I have 3 different resumes depending on what Im auditioning for. If Im auditioning for a role in a play, Ill bring my Theatre Resume. Same goes for a TV audition or Film Audition.

    In each section, I list my most recent job first. Some list in order of their biggest role theyve had and go from there. I prefer it chronologically but either way, dont ever add the dates you worked on those roles.

    If youve done a bunch of work, dont list everything youve ever been in. For example, if youre in your 30s dont put the plays in High School you performed in.


    For your Theatre section, you list the Name of the Show, followed by your Role, Theatre Company and Location of the Production.

    You dont have to add the director of the show unless theyre well known. If I did a show that Mike Nichols or Susan Stroman directed, you can bet Id have that on my resume in big, bold letters. But normally, you wouldnt add the director. And yes, listing Community Theater is absolutely fine!

    Take a look at the examples below:

    I personally use the 1st example but you can use either one.

    Film, Television

    For this section, youll list the Name of the Show or Film, followed by the Type of Role , Network or Production Company and Director of the Show or Film.

    Training and Education

    Special Skills

    What Is An Actors Resume

    Along with an actors headshot, an acting resume or actors resume is your ticket to closing a project and, eventually, to stardom. Aside from your experience and past works, it also shows off the education, training, and special skills you have under your belt.

    But if you lack experience, what else can you flaunt? How do you make an actor resume? Before we can answer these questions, we first need to establish why you would need one.

    For actors with a lesser experience like you, your resumes purpose is to show that youre serious about your craft and youre a capable actor. If you havent had your acting break yet, then you can focus more on your experience in student films, theater, workshops, and acting classes. Doing this will let agents and casting directors see that youve been acting for years now and youre not a complete rookie.

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    List Acting Roles In Reverse

    Then, list your acting experience in reverse-chronological order, starting with your most recent or current acting role. Typically, it can be acceptable to include up to 10 years of acting experience, especially if you have had a long-standing role in a recurring series. If you are just entering your acting career, you might list the roles you have taken on in community theater projects, as part of your training or any other acting or stage work you have professional experience in. Additionally, your resume should leave out the dates of your past roles.

    Section : Personal Information

    How to Make a Beginner’s Acting Resume w/ NO Experience!
    • Your name, phone number, email address , and website. Make sure your email address is professional, meaning something like or Avoid unprofessional email addresses like Having a website is not mandatory but can definitely make;you appear;more established.
    • If you have an agent or manager, list their contact information. Some may prefer you to hide your own contact information and only list theirs, but you can speak with them about it.
    • Include your;height, weight, hair and eye color. If you’re in the US, be sure to use inches and;feet, and if you’re;outside the United States;use the metric system. Do not include your age unless you are under 18.
    • Include a headshot to fill up space. Although it’s true that you’ll have your headshot stapled to the back of your resume, you can also include a different one printed on the front as a way to fill up some of the white space .
    • Include vocal;type or range if you sing. An example would be Tenor, or Low E-Flat to High D.
    • Include union affiliations. If you’re just starting out, chances are you’re not a part of a union yet, so you should write “Non-Union.” Otherwise you can write;SAG-AFTRA or Equity/AEA. Some people include SAG-AFTRA Eligible if they are eligible to join the union.

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    Whats An Acting Resume And Why Do You Need One

    Im sure everybody;knows;what a CV is. Its that piece of paper that people use to show to their potential employers.

    Surprise surprise, an actors resume is the exact same thing that you use when theyre looking to book acting auditions in LA. It serves the same purpose, and is even structured similarly.

    Alongside your headshot, an acting resume is one of the most important actors marketing tools that every aspiring thespian;needs to have. Its your calling card. You will list all of your acting experience, education, acting training and special skills that you have alongside your contact information, and a few physical stats.

    Look to the right. This is what a Los Angeles based working actors resume looks like. I removed the name and contact info.

    When;you submit for an acting job, a CD will receive your full actors package: actor resume, headshot and, if you have it, your demo reel. The CD will look at your headshot first and if you look the part, they will turn it over to see your acting resume on the other side. Theyll scan through your physical stats, your credits and, sometimes, your special skills if that applies.

    Say your resume looks professional, your look fits the part, and the CD is happy with your experience and credits. In this case,;youre going to get a call about an audition. Congratulations! You just got your first audition. Now back to the real world

    List Any Sort Of Acting Experience

    List your film and screen experience to date. Label the experience section based on experience type. For instance, if your experience is in television, label the section Film/Television. For commercials, label the section Commercials. It is possible to have more than one label in the experience section. If your experience was in a play, label the section Theatre. Include the name of the project, your role and the production company’s name. No experience is too small to list. If your only theater experience was in a high school play, list it. If your only film experience was as a movie extra, list it.


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    Put Skills On An Acting Resume

    Actors resumes should contain a list of skills for them to be compatible with ATS. The system filters candidates who donât qualify for the role automatically. Thus, for your resume to get through, you need to include as many acting skills as possible.

    However, donât be dishonest. The idea is to describe your unique skill set, not to create a false image. Great actor bios are usually those where skills are used as keywords and are logically incorporated into a text.

    For example, you can mention such skills as communication; good screen, stage, and vocal presence; excellent memory; creative insight; the ability to switch characters quickly; and many others in your resume. You can find lots of options online, so you only need to select the ones you need.

    Yet, try to insert them throughout the entire resume instead of putting them as a list. Use the skills to prove your competence in a certain project while describing your duties and achievements.

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