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How To Make A Resume As A High Schooler

High School Student Skills For A Resume

High School Resume: How To Write Your First Resume (Plus Template)

Dont forgetyour high school student resume should be packed with useful keywords. Its one way your resume will pass the ATS resume-scanning test.

Waitwhats this ATS Im referring to?

Its a software tracking system that recruiters use to weed out applicants whose resumes dont match for the position they are applying to. If you dont have the right keywords for the position, then youll likely to land in the reject pile automatically.

Use the skills section as a way to bypass the ATS software. Its a great place to match these resume keywords. But dont forget to do the same in other sections as well.

Follow these simple steps to ensure youre using the proper resume keywords:

Find resume keywords from the job listing and sprinkle them in your skills section. If youre applying for a receptionist position, then use resume keywords like: MS Office, typing speed, and multi-tasking.

Use 25-30 resume keywords. Dont overload your resume with them.

Expert Hint: Make the skills section read like its a one-page summary of a Tolstoy novel. No need to add all the fluff list only those skills which are relevant to the job ad.

Turn Blah Education To A Reason To Hire You

Youve been in the halls of a school your entire life.

Its where youve achieved some of your greatest accomplishments, whether its acing your AP or Honors courses, heading the debate club, or earning a high GPA.

The education section on your high school resume is where you can show this off.

Start by listing your school name and expected graduation date.

Highlight your biggest achievements as a high school student.

List any AP or Honors courses you attended under relevant courseworkextra brownie points if it connects with the position youre applying to.

Put your GPA on your resume since this is the first job youre applying for or if youve recently graduated.

And dont forget about your memberships, especially if they were academic-centered.

Take a look at how this candidate made her education section on her high school resume shine with her biggest achievementsand one that is just blah:

High School Graduate Resume Example

Its time to leap into the unknown and start your life for real. Build yourself a solid pair of wings and nail the interview with this on-point high school graduate resume sample.

Here comes a job-winning resume for a high-school graduate. But first

You have to impress the recruiter.

One false move can ruin your career plans.

Next thing you know youre working in a dead-end job and wondering what hit you.

We cant let that happen.

Your high school graduate resume has to land you a job youve dreamed of.

  • A high school graduate resume template better than most.
  • How to write a resume for high school graduates that get interviews.
  • What to put in a recent high school grad resume so they cant ignore you.
  • How to format your high school graduate resume perfectly.

Save hours of work and get a resume like this. Pick a template, fill it in. Quick and easy. Choose from

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Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check all our Resume Samples.

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Cv Layout Design And Formatting: Simple Wins

Are you itching to show off your artistic bent here? You may be tempted to try standing out from the crowd with a strikingly colorful high school student CV design. But unless you are applying for a graphic design job or other position in a creative field, it’s in your best interest to keep the look of your resume simple, streamlined and polished. Strive for a first impression that’s as legible and inviting to read as it is eye-catching.

But simple doesn’t rule out creative choices when it comes to the layout, design and formatting of your high school student CV.

Focus On The Length Of Commitment

High school resume

Because it’s ideal to keep your resume to one or two pages, it’s important to choose just one or two key experiences you participated in over a longer period. For example, instead of talking about all the clubs and sports you participated in, choose just one or two and go into greater detail about your involvement with that organization. If you didn’t participate in clubs or sports but held an after-school job instead, focus more on work responsibilities, training, mentoring and on-the-job skills.

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What Should I Put On My Resume For Graduate School

If you are applying to graduate school, your graduate school resume should include more information, such as your GPA, the title of your undergraduate thesis , any honors or awards you have received, classes you have taken that are relevant to the program you are applying to, and relevant skills you have learned while in school.

Links To Your Online Presence

Your online presence can be a double-edged sword, but hopefully you have mindfully built your social media presence with some consideration for the future. You never know when a potential boss, supervisor, mentor, or even college admissions officer will decide to look you up online. When this happens, your own posts and those of your friends or acquaintances can come up. For more about building an online presence in high school, see these posts:

Because it is easy enough for anyone to look you up online these days, it is sometimes helpful to provide a direct link to some examples of your online presence. If you are applying for a program in the arts, computer science, or a similar field, you can create an online portfolio of your work using sites like Weebly and Crevado.

Even if you dont have online portfolio, LinkedIn can be a great way to highlight your skills and accomplishments. Providing a LinkedIn profile link shows that you have taken some initiative in planning for your professional future and that you take your work seriously. For more about building a LinkedIn profile, see these posts:

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Keep Your Contact Information Up

Include your contact information so that the employer can contact you to set up an interview or even offer you the job. This information should include:

  • full name – first and last name

  • address – your current mailing address

  • phone number – your personal cell phone number

  • professional-sounding email address – for example, is much more likely to get a follow-up than

How To Write An Objective Statement For A High School Resume


The objective statement on your high school resume is quite literally answering the question, What is the purpose or objective of this resume? While on the surface it may seem obviousyou want to get hired for a specific job or accepted to a specific collegeyoull need to dig deeper in order to write an impressive objective statement.

Your objective statement should provide three important pieces of information:

  • Why do you want this specific job or why do you want to attend this specific college?

  • What makes you the best candidate for this position or school?

  • How can this company or college help you reach your larger goals?

Oh, and you only have one or two sentences to share this important information. Piece of cake, right? Dont worry, its easier than you think if you use a specific formula for writing your objective statement:

student seeking to with gained from .

Youll understand this formula best if we use an example. Lets say youre applying to a graphic design internship at your local newspaper. You have a keen eye for detail, your goal is to tell impactful digital stories, youre already skilled at using Adobe to create page layouts, and you have design experience from working on your school yearbook. Heres an example objective statement for your high school resume:

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High School Resumeexamples And 25+ Writing Tips

Youre a high school student who wants to land your first job or internship. Show managers and coordinators how valuable you are with this great high school resume sample.

You read Catch-22 in English class last yearnow youre living it.


Youre writing a high school resume to land your first job or internshipbut dont have any experience to show.

The main point:

Your high school resume should wow recruiters and prove youll succeed at the jobeven without any work experience.

Whether youre a high school student or a high school graduate, youre about to learn how to make a high school resume so good theyll think youre the valedictorian.

  • A high school resume sample to land your first job.
  • How to use a high school resume template to perfect yours.
  • How to write a high school resume that gets interviews.
  • What skills you need to list.

Create a job-winning resume with little effort. Hack your way through ATS software with our 18 beautiful templatesgive our builder a try!

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check all our Resume Examples.

Why Is A High School Resume Template Important

Since you have limited work experience as a high school student, a high school resume template can help you put together a resume that is effective and more likely to catch the attention of the supervisor reviewing applications. Here are some specific reasons why a high school resume template is beneficial:

  • Keeps your resume organized
  • Helps you make a great first impression
  • Saves time

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Resume Education Example: Your Real Experience Lies Here

Think of it this way: your career right now is your experience as a high school student. It’s probably more important than your employment history, if you have any work experience at all, so treat the education section of your high school student resume as a higher priority. Place it higher up on the page, and include more than just dates and the name of your high school.

Expand on your high school “career” achievements and focuses, starting with a list of classes that are relevant to the job you seek. Looking to work with children? Highlight your early childhood education class.

Also mention any accolades and honors, or even your grade point average if it shines. You can also use the education section to describe projects you are proud of and how they reflect your skills.

Your resume sections do not have to be in the same order as they are listed in this high school student resume sample. Put the section you think is most important and impressive first and go from there. Just remember, the summary must remain at the top.

What Should Go On A College Resume

High School Resume: How to Write the Best One (Multiple ...

Any of the sections below could appear on your resume for college applications. Pick an assortment that works for you!

  • Heading with your name, address, and e-mail
  • High school information with your graduation date, GPA , class rank, and SAT/ACT scores
  • Academic awards, publications, honors, and other achievements
  • Coursework

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Keeps Your Resume Organized

Using a high school resume template helps you keep your resume organized and ensures that you fill in the information in the appropriate places. It also helps ensure all information that should be included in your resume is there. Using a template helps you organize your thoughts and helps your resume look more professional.

S To Write A Great Resume For High School Students

Heres a breakdown of how to make a resume for a high school student. High school resume skills will be useful for college and beyond. If you develop skills for high school resumes, applying for jobs and prestigious positions will only be easier in the future.

Step 1: Create the outline of your high school resume.

Start with basic parts of your resume the header and body. Your header will consist of your name and contact information. It is standard to have your name stand out in some way . Your name should be clearly visible upon skimming the resume but try not to take up too much space.

You should then outline the body of the resume by creating headings to organize your resume items. Again, you would want the headings to stand out to make the structure clear to the reader. As you begin including items into your resume, you can then decide if some headings make more sense than others. For example, some students group their volunteering experience under the same heading as their work experience, and others might include under the same heading as their extracurriculars. There is no standard just be consistent.

Step 2: Develop a master resume.

Having a masters resume may also help with your recommendation letters. If your recommender asks for a resume, it may be better to give them something with more material, since they already have an idea of who you are.

Step 3: Add bullet-point explanations.

  • Cleaned litter at for 5 hours a week.

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Provide Detail Whenever Possible

The details are what set a resume apart from a list of extracurriculars on a standard college application. For example, when describing your involvement in the French Club make sure to include:

  • your role
  • school years/hours per week you participated
  • specific contributions
  • leadership roles
  • unique details that will make you stand out

Work Solo Or As A Team

How To: Resume for High School Students

Whether youre on your own or part of a small, big, local or global team, get all your work and communication done here, on-brand every time.

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Moving Forward: Upgrading The Resume

Over the years, you should update your resume. Spend 30 minutes every few months adding experiences and job duties that will help you attain your next opportunity.

  • As you grow older, your resume will need to be more specialized.

This means youll need to add more experiences, duties, qualifications, skills, and credentials that relate to your industry and desired position.

Between senior year of high school and college, your resume will look completely different.

  • In order to ensure youre updating you resume correctly, use the notepad in your smartphone to record your job tasks and duties.
  • If you were asked to do something new, expand your skill set, or develop talents, you need to add these in your resume.
  • The notepad in your smartphone will be a useful resource for when you sit down to upgrade your resume it will keep your memory fresh and prevent you from hitting writers block.

As an exercise, spend a few minutes every year perusing your notepad, witnessing your professional growth.

What Is A High School Resume & Why Do You Need It

A resume for high school student comprises of all the voluntary work that one has done and the skills which one has which enables a recruiter or college admissions person to decide if one is skilled and experienced enough to be called up for an interview.

The present trend which is being followed to hire a person for a part-time job or to give someone admission in the college, people first ask to see a person’s resume. Having a high school student resume increases your chances of getting a part-time job or admission in a college by multi-folds.

Having a resume for high school student reflects to the recruiters of the part-time jobs that you have professionalism in you and it conveys to the admissions professional that you are ambitious enough to make a bright career for yourself.

Now let’s talk about the salary which you are supposed to get while working part-time.

Now you must be thinking:

How are your part-time job’s salary and high school student resume connected to each other?

Since your high school resume will have all the previous volunteer work you did and your other extra-curricular activities and achievements, it will help the recruiter to get an idea of how skilled you are and then he/she will decide your salary accordingly.

So, now do you understand how important it is to have a good resume for high school student?

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Choose The Best Format For A High School Student Resume

Think of writing your resume like a take-home test:

The standards for getting an A are higher

You need to do your research, use powerful language, and customize your resume for the job you want to land.

It wont be easyyou only have 7 seconds to not flunk off the bat.

Thats how long it takes recruiters to scan your resume and decide whether they should invest more time on your application.

To pass the eye test, make sure your resume isnt cluttered.

Heres how to make your resume format crystal clear.

  • Pick a visually appealing resume template or a .
  • Go with the standard reverse-chronological format. Its the standard format all recruiters favor.
  • This resume format highlights your experience or key achievements by listing your latest position at the top and the others below.
  • Choose resume fonts like Cambria or Times New Roman in 10-12 pt. You want to come across as professional and show youve done this before.
  • Embrace white space by using 1-inch margins.
  • Dont overwhelm the recruiter with information not targeted to the position youre applying for. Do so by limiting your resume lengthto one page.
  • Go with: Header, Summary, Experience, Education, Skills, and Additional.

Expert Hint:Dont save your resume as a Word doc. Convert it to PDF to ensure your layout works on all software and devices.


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