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How To List Side Projects On Resume

Reasons To List Projects On A Resume

How to Build Your Resume As a Computer Science Student (without job experience) 2019 – Part 1

The main reason for listing projects on resumes is to show employers your skills, experiences, and professional achievements that fit into their role. It provides hiring managers with examples of actual projects where you used your knowledge and expertise to achieve results and move the organization towards its goals. Describing your projects can also show employers whether your personality traits are compatible with their company culture.

Project highlights also help you demonstrate leadership skills, ability to take initiative, and project management expertise. It shows you have a proven track record of success and allows employers to picture you in a position that requires the skill set used in past projects.

Personal Programming Projects You Can Start This Weekend

Okay! With that out of the way, here are ten projects you can keep small and probably do over a weekend. But each can then be a platform for adding to later, if needed. Ive also included the skills that each project demonstrates and some possibilities for expansion. Keep in mind that you have a choice for the platform these run on. For instance, your weather app could be a mobile app or a web app.

Include Your Side Hustle In A Separate Section

If you are concerned about misrepresenting yourself, you could title the main employment history section of your resume Relevant Experience, Professional Experience, or only Experience. It’s one of the best ways to include anything from your background that doesn’t fall under the more traditional Work Experience or Work History including volunteering, internships, placements, and side hustles.

Alternatively, you could create a new standalone section thats separate from your main employment history. That way, it’s clear that this experience is unique.

You can call this new section whichever variation of the following fits best:

  • Professional Accomplishments
  • Relevant Projects
  • External Projects

The important thing is to keep it simple and easy for a recruiter to understand whats distinct about this resume section.

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How Does Your Side Hustle Make You A Better Candidate

If you dont take anything else away from this article, this is the most important thing to consider when it comes to including your side hustle on your resume.

Your resume has to target the specific job or type of job for which youre applying. That includes your work experience, education, skills, and anything extra, like side hustles and volunteering.

Take some time and think about how your side hustle relates to the job vacancy.

  • How does it make you a better candidate?
  • Are there skills that you have developed or used in your side hustle that match the job?
  • What can your side hustle add to your resume that isnt already there?
  • What do you want the recruiter to learn about you and your side hustle experience and accomplishments?

Some side hustles are going to be more appropriate and professional to include on your resume than others. But there are numerous scenarios where it makes sense to include your side hustle, and there are many different ways to do so.

S To Do User Research In An Effective Way

American Resume Writing Guide

There are a few steps to take, which can be used to ensure that user research is done efficiently and effectively

Step 1: Formulate the questions you are finding answers to

Step 2: List down the hypotheses and things you already know about the answer

Step 3: Fill gaps with market trends and do a comprehensive research on the competition

Step 4: Collect data and use insights to identify the user needs and expectations.

Keeping these things in mind will always keep you one step ahead of the planned objectives, and ensure the success of your side project. It will also ensure that your side project fulfils the main goal of communicating your product management skills to the recruiters.

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How To Craft A Skilled Trades Resume

You would expect someone toiling in marketing, communications or academia to possess a resume steeped in five-dollar words and fanciful descriptions of past experience.

But what about tradespeople whose claim to fame is the work they do with their hands: carpenters, electricians, plumbers, machinists, stonemasons, and the tool belt-wearing militia boosting modern construction sites? How can you write a skilled trades resume highlighting the information most valuable to employers while teeing yourself up as the candidate to beat? Especially in an employment arena where things like word-of-mouth and personal references are highly prized?

I certainly look for previous work skills, candidates that have done something similar. And that they would be able to make an easy transition into my company, says Ryan Kobelka, president and founder of Torontos RNW Electrical Systems who started working as an electrician out of high school at age 19 and is now 41.

Asked what he looks for in a resume, Kobelka says, Its mostly to do with skill sets and the type of work someone has done. If they list that and capture the terminology correctly, you can determine they know what theyre talking about.

That statement is seconded by Bruno Rossi, professional engineer and co-owner/operator of Gimco Limited, self-described as Mechanical contractors for the institutional, commercial and industrial markets.

There are exceptions, of course.

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  • A proven track record with 11+ years of leadership experience with continuous improvement, process reengineering, and process reviews
  • Extensive knowledge of Lean concepts and tools, Lean Six Sigma Certification preferred
  • Must have high-level thinking, exceptional analytical skills, combined with an ability to deliver analyses in a concise and logical manner
  • Ability to see the big picture without losing attention to details
  • Extensive experience with project and program management
  • Exceptional organizational skills with the ability to work under pressure and rapidly react to changes of focus and/or priority
  • Strong oral and written communication, presentation and meeting facilitation skills

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Process Improvement Specialist Black Beltresume Examples & Samples

  • Cooperate with Engineering Operations team in mapping out a new structure for Engineering procedures, and maintaining / improving the structure which is compatible with local GE Quality Management System – which covers the required engineering tasks from regulatory and operations perspective
  • Maintain new template for procedures, where possible make the procedures common with US procedures and Aviation handbook
  • Produce guidelines for procedures to ensure common approach
  • Ensure the relevant Engineering Departments produce effective procedures compliant with overall map and guidelines
  • Ensure continual review and improvement of procedures
  • Initially assist the role of Chief of ISM, and potentially fulfill that role
  • Ensure compliance with procedures by auditing of the procedures
  • As much possible ensure compatibility with local GE procedures and NPI project
  • Cooperate with Operations led Process Improvements to Engineering Quality Management System
  • Graduate of Engineering, Process/Information Management or related field
  • An ability to build and understand cross-company business processes
  • Experience in implementation of Process Improvement concepts
  • Project Management and team organization experience will be a key differentiator for the successful
  • Candidate

Things You Shouldn’t Include On Your Resume

Product Manager side projects and portfolio – Do you need one?

Space is at a premium when writing your resume, so make room for the things that you want a hiring manager to know about you by prioritizing items that can improve your chances of getting hired. By leaving off the things that hiring managers dont need to know, your resume should present you as a compelling applicant. In this article, well discuss what to leave out when editing your existing resume or to help you if youre writing a new one.

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Importance Of Side Projects To Learn Technical Skills

Side projects can also be a great way to get proficient in technical skills. By doing side projects that require you to learn various technical skills along the way, you get the much-required practice for the skill not to mention the experience that helps you land a product manager position. Here is how you can use a side project to develop technical skills.

  • Side Projects – The Perfect Way to Build Technical FluencyLearning a specific programming language or a tool to learn more technical skills might not be the most ideal learning mechanism for you. Learning programming languages or other development tools separately can leave crevices in your technical skills. Doing side projects is a more effective learning mechanism as you learn the end-to-end development of a product rather than learning in a disconnected and un-organized way.Side projects also ensure a learning mechanism in which you apply the key development and design principles in the side project rather than learning in a theoretical way. This ensures a deeper understanding and helps in building a strong technical fluency.Although you wont be expected to code as a product manager, learning technical skills through side projects gives you an understanding of how the technical layers fit together to complete the development cycle. This helps you ensure better collaboration and communication within your cross-functional teams.
  • What You Need To Know About Including Projects On Your Resume

    There is a place for both personal and educational projects on your resume. Educational projects might include projects you completed at university, during further education, or as part of a professional or career change program. It doesnt include regular coursework, unless it was particularly outstanding .

    Personal projects can be anything youve completed in your own time, as part of a side venture, or during the course of volunteer work. If youve completed a large number of projects for example, running your own freelance or consulting venture you might want to consider including that in your work experience section.

    If you choose to include projects on your resume, they should be formatted like your regular work experience. Use bullet points to emphasize your skills and accomplishments using action verbs and quantifiable metrics.

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    Public Sector Process Improvement Associateresume Examples & Samples

    • Developing an understanding of PwC?s services, interacting with client counterparts in an organized and knowledgeable manner, and building solid relationships with clients
    • Collecting and organizing data effectively and performing basic analysis, such as benchmarking reports, and financial, market, and operational analyses
    • Structuring approaches to solving discrete problems, delivering clear requests for information, and demonstrating flexibility in prioritizing and completing tasks
    • Conveying ideas clearly in an oral and written manner, both one-on-one and in small groups
    • Applying research and analytical skills to support thought leadership and intellectual property development. Proven track record of some success as a team member
    • Contributing to a positive work environment by building solid relationships with colleagues
    • Understanding individual and team roles
    • Seeking guidance, clarification, and feedback when necessary

    Machine Learning Resume Format

    Kill Your Resume: Why Professional Side Projects Are the ...

    Expert Hint:;How to write a resume fast? Tailor it to the job description. Consult the job ad at every step of the process. Include only those things that are relevant to the job.

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    Process Improvement Leaderresume Examples & Samples

    • Ability to negotiate and influence key personnel across multiple business units and geographies, while influencing positive change through awareness, understanding, acceptance and engagement
    • Experience deploying Lean and/or Six Sigma process improvement methodologies via tangible work experience
    • Excellent analytical skills with a strong working knowledge of problem solving, root cause analysis, and associated solution implementation
    • Ability to operate independently; a self-starter who can define and manage their specific day-to-day work efforts
    • Works effectively with diverse, cross-functional and multicultural teams
    • Strong facilitation, oral communication, and written communication skills
    • PC proficiency in Microsoft Office

    Process Improvement Associateresume Examples & Samples

    • Promote more effective use of existing tools and processes
    • Identify and develop metrics to best manage the organization
    • Identify process risks and controls necessary to mitigate them
    • Proficient in MS Visio
    • Experience with Business Process Management Tools preferred
    • Expereince with business simulation or modeling a plus
    • Experience with, or knowledge of, implementing effective control and quality environments

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    How To Include Work Projects On Your Resume

    On my CV, my projects are listed under my employer in the work experience section.

    I use the traditional way of listing employers in chronological order. Underneath each company name, I talk about the projects I lead while I was there, during the time period that I held any particular job title.

    As an example, for each project I list:

    • A simplified version of what the project delivered. Mostly, projects are complicated with a lot of internal jargon . Hiring managers donât understand that and recruitment tools wonât give you extra credit for terms they canât understand. If you installed software across 30 offices, say that.

    An exception to this rule is if you are going for a job that requires you to run projects that are identical to what you have done in the past. If the job description talks about SAP deployment, and youâve done that, absolutely name drop SAP in your application.

    • The number of people in the team
    • The project budget
    • The outcome

    Hereâs an example from my real CV:

    Program Manager: leading a business and technical team to implement digital radiology software across a network of 36 independent hospitals. I managed a capital budget of £8.6m and a team of 6 project managers, managing multiple projects.; The team won several internal awards for this transformational program.

    It talks about the scale of the project, what it did and what my role was, plus a bit about the outcome .

    What Information Should I List

    Top 5 Beginner SIDE PROJECTS that will get you HIRED

    On your resume, treat your side gigs just like your regular jobs. If you dont use a specific required skill in your current or previous roles, you can demonstrate your experience and expertise in that area as part of your side project. Be sure to include important details like company name and title and list out project details, your specific contributions, and measurable results. If you have a significant amount of side jobs or clients, consider listing them under one company name or category to keep your resume streamlined and uncluttered.

    Side projects are a great way to round out your skillset and give you an advantage with employers. Be sure to follow the above tips to properly position them on your resume and stand out from the crowd!

    Looking to take your career to the next level? View our available job opportunities and apply online today.

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    Benefits Of Side Projects For Launching Your Product Management Career

    An impressive side project makes your resume stand apart for the recruiter from the big pile of mundane resumes. Big enough as it is, this is not the only benefit side projects have in launching your career as a product manager. Lets take a look at some of the other benefits of gaining experience through side projects.

    1. Develop Execution SkillsA study on product managers showed that less than a third of a product manager’s time is spent on product strategy. The rest? Implementation, execution and management. A career as a product manager doesnt just require you to be an empowered decision-maker, but also an excellent manager.Doing a side project helps you develop managerial skills and makes you aware of the challenging aspects of resource, team, and time management. This is especially beneficial for those who are making the transition from a technical discipline into a career in product management.

    Doing a side project helps you develop managerial skills and makes you aware of the challenging aspects of resource, team, and time management.

    Negative Comments About A Former Employer

    When writing your resume, omit any details about why you left a job or, if still employed, why youre dissatisfied with your current position. You might include a statement about the kind of role you are looking for, but keep it positive. Similarly, when describing your experience, you should focus on the objective facts relating to your achievements in the role. Its fine to highlight some challenges you faced and describe how you overcame them, but avoid speaking negatively about other organizations.;

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    You Have To Bring Attention To Your Side Project

    Even if your side project adheres to these 3 principles, it means nothing if your side project goes unnoticed by whomever is reviewing your resume or interviewing you.

    If you think your side project is going to really help your application, make it obvious in your resume. List it near the top of your resume. Be thoughtful about how you describe what it is and how you produced it to give this experience weight. If youre able, provide credibility indicators, such as metrics or achievements e.g. number of users, App Store ratings, publication features.

    In addition, whatever your side project is, document the process you took to make it in a publicly accessible post e.g. your personal blog or Medium and include the link in your resume.

    In the post, reflect on what you learned, what went well, and what challenges you faced while working on your side project. Also, showcase your project with screenshots, demo videos, or other relevant highlights. Make sure to include the link in all of your digital profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

    You spent a lot of your time working on this side project, time you could have spent in a million other ways, show that youre proud of your work!


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