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How To Make A Dance Resume

Dance Cv Structure & Format

How to make a Dance/Vocalist/Actor or Performers CV/Resume step by step in Pages

Unsurprisingly, dancing contracts and roles often receive;hundreds of applications.

Casting directors or recruiters will have very limited time to read through each CV, so you need to keep;their needs in mind whilst designing yours.

By using my simple formatting tricks and sticking to a clear structure,;you can make it easy for them to scan through your information and see that youre a great fit.

Take a look at my tried-and-tested methods below:

Showcase Any Relevant Special Skills

Tailor this section to the role or production to which you are applying. You can include both dance or other movement skills as well as non-dance-specific skills, such as fluency in a language or soft skills. If the production has fight scenes, for example, you might list that you have martial arts training. When including specific movement or dance skills, keep in mind that the casting director or potential employer may expect you to demonstrate your abilities.

Upload Your Dance Reel

and Vimeo are popular sites for reels. Vimeo has more of a professional feel, and it’s less distracting â there are no advertisements before the video starts! After uploading, write and proofread all your copy The rule of thumb for good copy is to keep it short, to the point, and conversational. After all this work, your reel is ready for the world to see! Link it out, embed it into your website, post clips on Instagram â however you want to showcase your work. For all you aspiring professional dancers, we hope that this was helpful in putting your reel-y awesome skills into a reel! Go get #bookedandblessed!

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What Is A Dancer Cv

It showcases your most important skills, abilities and achievements. Keep it to three sentences or bullet points. Think about it as your sales pitch. If a hiring manager reads this, it should make him or her want to know more about you. The dance CV sample shows a great example to use as a guideline.

Besides, What is a CV vs resume?

The CV presents a full history of your academic credentials, so the length of the document is variable. In contrast, a resume presents a concise picture of your skills and qualifications for a specific position, so length tends to be shorter and dictated by years of experience .

As well as What are extracurricular activities in resume? The Best Extracurricular Activities for a Resume

  • Foreign Languages. Knowledge of a foreign language can sometimes be the single thing that sets you apart from other candidates.
  • Student Council.

Furthermore How do you make your skills sound good on a resume?

Heres how to put skills on a resume:

  • Keep your resume skills relevant to the job youre targeting.
  • Include key skills in a separate skills section.
  • Add your work-related skills in the professional experience section.
  • Weave the most relevant skills into your resume profile.
  • 5. Make sure to add the most in-demand skills.
  • How do dance teachers make resumes?

    Collect Dance Clips For Your Dance Reel

    How to Create a #Fierce and Effective Dance Resume

    Dig up your old hard drive and find all your best work from the past and organize them in a folder. From that footage, trim down each clip to only its best, most relevant section. Choose solos, or the ones where you are in the center, or very easily visible. Be picky with the quality of the clips too â it’s probably best not to include the 240p video of your high school pep rally that was taken on someone’s iPhone 3. And keep ’em short. Each clip should be under 10 seconds.

    As you sort through your dance clips, plan out how you want this footage to be organized in your visual resume. You want to start out with your strongest clips; it’s easy to lose people’s attention within seconds. If you are making a dance reel for a specific audition, include the things that they are looking for

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    Do Keep Your Resume Limited To One Page

    Directors want a quick tool from which to gauge a dancers suitability for a role or position in a company, or a students ability to fit into a certain level or program. They dont want a biography. Highlight your greatest achievements and necessary skills that will make you the best fit for whatever you are applying for.

    Finding A Dance Home In Seattle

    Although Jennings believed the Joffrey would be a good long-term fit, at age 16 Ashton decided to audition for Pacific Northwest Ballet’s summer intensive. They traveled to Chicago where the Seattle-based dance company was holding a large, regional audition. PNB artistic director Peter Boal says managing director Denise Bolstad spotted Ashton before he did.

    “Her eyes got bigger, then she pointed to the name and audition number on the card.” Boal immediately saw what Bolstad had noticed in Ashton. “His lines, his energy, his placement.”

    But something even more special struck Boal: This teenager had the kind of stage presence that’s difficult to teach. “There are dancers that you just look at them, and they have their own special spotlight.”

    Boal offered Ashton a summer spot; despite their mother’s qualms about the distance from Flint to Seattle, she let her son travel west, where they fell in love with both PNB and Seattle. After the summer, Boal accepted Ashton into the company’s Professional Division training program.

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    Career Objective For A Dancer Resume

    Your dance resume format got the attention of the dance school head. Now comes the tricky part.

    If you are an experienced dancer, they would want to see your career summary or in the absence of professional experience, a career objective.;

    The career objective or summary gives a snapshot of what you can offer an employer. It tells them if you deserve their time for an interview or spend it with other applicants.;

    Highlight your best dance performance and key achievements.;

    If you are aiming for your first audition, your career objective should emphasize your dancer skills and your motivation to get hired for the job.;

    Include Any Teaching Experience

    Dance Resume Mistakes to Avoid #dancecareertips

    Here you will list places you have instructed, what style you were leading, and for how long. Maybe you havent had any professional teaching experience up to that point, but include times that you assisted a faculty instructor or choreographer. Whether you volunteered weekly at your home studio or demonstrated for a master teacher at a convention, this experience can be included on your first dance resume.

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    How Do I Write My First Cv At 16

    Heres how to write a CV for a 16-year-old:

  • Use the Best Format for Your CV for a 16-Year-Old.
  • Put Your Contact Details in Your CV Header.
  • Write a Personal Statement for a 16-Year-Old CV.
  • Include an Education Section.
  • Complete Your Work Experience Section
  • Show Off Your CV for a 16-Year-Old Skills.
  • Tailor Your Dance Resume Individually To Each Employer

    A good resume meets the requirements of a particular company. Are you going to work as a performing artist at the theatre or as a teacher at the dance studio? The way you can tailor an application always depends on the employer.

    Its also important that you share the same views of that working environment. This means recruiters not only consider your professional sides but take into account your personality traits. The last one is important when applying for a position as a dance teacher. Job hunters want pedagogues to help students with reaching their highest results – they will not hire someone just because he/she is good at dancing.

    Supposedly, you have no teaching experience or anything that shows your pedagogical expertise.

    How would you get a job?

    As long as you learn to customize a resume to each case, chances exist.

    Try from far and use a cover letter to describe your views on teaching. Tell them how you would organize the teaching process and how it may lead your students to great goals. Stay clear and concise.

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    How Do You Appreciate Any Performance

    For work completed fairly, accurately, and on timeThank you!Good work, as always.Thanks for getting this done.You are a lifesaver.Thank you for pulling everyone/everything together on such short notice.I appreciate you getting this to me so quickly so I have time to review it.Thanks for your help today.

    Whats In Your Dance Bagbased On Your Zodiac Sign


    Sometimes our dance bags feel like portals to another dimensionwe have no idea what half the stuff buried in our bags even is.

    But have you ever wondered if there’s a method to the madness? We’re pretty sure there is, and as always, we’re pretty sure it’s something to do with astrology. That’s right, your resident Dance Spirit astrologers are back with our best guess at what you keep in your dance bagbased on your zodiac sign.

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    Detail Your Dance Experience

    Your professional experience section should include any dance companies or groups you were part of and work like performances, commercials and music videos. You can also include teaching or choreography jobs you have held, but more than two or three need a separate section.

    Your performance experience should include the name of the show, the company that did it, your role and the dates. You can also choose to include the name of the show’s choreographer, especially if they are well known. If you have a large amount of performing experience, focus on featured roles. If you are at the start of your career, you can include all your performance experience thus far.

    Customize Your Dancer Resume To The Job Post

    Because dancing is such a broad career, narrow down what makes you qualified for each position you apply to. If youre applying for a dance instructor job, listing the places youve danced before doesnt tell the employer anything about your ability to teach.

    Editing your resume to be the perfect answer to the job posting is the best way to impress a hiring manager. Include information that directly addresses the requirements and preferences listed in the job ad, and omit information on experience that isnt relevant.

    The resume sample on this page is written for a position where the dancer would dance with a group. The candidates background is made clear through their work history and use of keywords like collaborate, communicate, and work with.

    If they were applying to be a choreographer instead, they would use bullet points that describe their experience in dance development and teaching.

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    How To Write An Effective Resume Objective

    Look at the following sample dance resume objective and summary

    Professional dancer with 9+ years of experience. Trained in contemporary ballet and modern dance. Played Odette in Swan Lake at the National Ballet Production. Worked as a lead dancer at the HYZ Theater. Choreographed community ballets. Seeking to be the Head Choreographer at the DEF stage.

    Professional dancer for over eight years who has played significant and featured roles in various productions. Passionate and driven to be a successful choreographer.

    If you are just starting out in the field of dance, here are examples of dance resume objectives.

    Excellent dancer trained in modern jazz and hip hop in the XYZ Academy of Dance.; Seeking to hone dance techniques and develop dance styles with ABC Dance Company. During Academy training, served as understudy to lead roles in the production of The Witch and Chicago. Top 5% in repertory and performance classes at USC.;

    Passionate modern jazz and hip-hop dancer with no professional experience. A good team player with excellent interpersonal skills and strong drive for success.

    Can you see the difference?;

    When writing a resume objective or summary, observe the following format:

  • Start with an adjective that speaks well of you as a dancer.
  • Use the word dancer.; You may add the dance styles you excel at or your dance training
  • If you have professional experience, indicate the number of years you have been; a professional dancer
  • What Are The Skills Of A Dance Teacher

    HOW TO: SUCCESSFUL College Dance Portfolio (for Stanford, Ivys, etc)

    They have excellent communication, organization, and leadership skills, which enable them to manage a classroom, organize a curriculum, and convey difficult concepts to their students. Dance teachers who run their own studios are businesspeople as well as teachers, and must possess administrative and business skills.

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    How To Write A Dance Resume

    Submitting a professional dance resume when auditioning for opportunities within the industry can help both established and new dancers to get the part. Dance resumes are different than traditional resumes, so it’s important to know what to include in order to display your best qualities. In this article, we explain what to include on a dance resume along with a template, example and steps that will help you draft your own.

    Employment History Example Sentences

    List former jobs starting with the most recent one first. Be sure to focus on positions with transferable skills for a Choreographer position. Remember to use powerful action verbs that convey your ability and talent. See example content below.

    ### What Does a Choreographer Do?

    Choreographers are people who research, practice, and plan choreographed dance routines and instruct other Dancers. They are skilled Dancers who typically specialize in one or more types of Dance. Choreographers can work to choreograph routines for private clients, small groups, or large scale performance groups. They can work in Dance Academies, Performance Theaters, Schools, or even from home. The main goal of a Choreographer is to plan fresh and interesting dance routines that entertain others.

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    Resume Template And Specifications

    Its critical that you follow our resume template. We devised this format to ensure that our faculty are able to look at all the information they need in a way thats consistent across all applicants. Plus, it takes the guess work out of it for you!

    While you might be tempted to showcase your InDesign skills, we ask that you keep it simple. There are a few other specifics to remember:

    • Use a standard font.
    • Only submit text .
    • Upload the document as a PDF.

    Essential Skills For Your Dance Cv

    Dance Instructor Resume Samples

    Every dance role or contract will require different skills and specialisms, so make sure to match your skills up to the job ad. However, dancers are generally expected to hold the following core skills:

    Knowledge of chosen dance specialisms;;Whether youre a street, ballet or ballroom dancer, youll need in-depth knowledge and a high level of skill in;your chosen dance niche.

    Core dancing skills;;General knowledge and ability of core dancing skills and principles, such as movement memory, weight transfer, floor work, movement patterns etc

    Physical fitness; Dancing is a highly physical job, so youll need a great level of fitness, stamina and endurance.

    Confidence;;This soft skill is extremely important for dancers. Performing in front of crowds takes a lot of confidence, so youll need to be able to reign in the nerves and believe in your abilities.

    Creativity; To set yourself apart as a dancer, creativity is a must; whether thats choreographing new routines or adding a;unique spin on existing work.

    Time management & organisation;Dancers often work several roles and routines at once, so you need to be able to keep on track with a potentially hectic schedule.

    Teamwork As youll likely be working as part of a dance crew, being able to listen and communicate effectively in a team is;vital.

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    Add Hard Numbers To Your Achievements

    Many of the most common measurements of success are subjective in the entertainment industry. Even facts like performed to sold-out audiences dont mean much if the theater in question seats only a handful of people.

    But if you add hard numbers to the accomplishments on your resume, everything youve achieved becomes clear. Hard numbers demonstrate what youre capable of.

    You can find hard numbers for your resume in the,

    • sizes of audiences youve performed for
    • number of dance routines youve choreographed or performed
    • amount of money earned from ticket sales for your shows
    • the speed in which you can learn a complete new routine, particularly if its a significantly faster than other dancers

    This resume sample has several examples of hard numbers in its work experience section. For instance:

    • Develop and practice new dance routines and choreographies and perform in various shows with audiences ranging from 5001500+

    This bullet point makes it clear that the candidate can both dance and choreograph, is skilled at dancing in front of live audiences, and has experience performing in front of large audiences.

    Review The Description Of The Position Or Role

    Once you have brainstormed on your dance experience, compare your list to the job posting. You will especially want to take note of specific skills or qualifications included in the description that you have. To make yourself more marketable, choose the experiences, training and qualifications from your list that are most relevant to the position.

    For example, if you are applying for a hip-hop dance role, showcase hip-hop training you have taken or your role in a hip-hop music video.

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    How To Make Your Dance Resume Standout

    Want to start landing professional dance gigs? Then you need to do more than simply practice hard and wear cute dance costumes and dance tops to auditions. You need a dance resume, one that will help you stand out from your competition vying for the same part as you. Here’s how to get one.

    Cover the Basics.

    The top of your resume should include a few key essentials related to your personal background, such as:

    • Full name
    • Weight and height
    • Union or membership affiliations

    Also, make sure that when you include an email address, it’s professional sounding. is going to leave an unfavorable impression with employers and agents. So opt instead for something more general, even if it means opening a new email account.

    Highlight Your Performance Experience.

    This section is the meat of your resume and where most employers will look first. So make it easy for them to quickly scan and get a sense of your experience and accomplishments. Also, if you have an extensive dance background, then focus on those performances and jobs that are most relevant to the role you’re currently seeking. When you’re listing out your work experience, make sure you include the name of the show in italics, as well as your role and the location. This is also a good place to list any TV spots, videos, or commercial work you’ve done.

    Talk About Your Dance Training.

    Include Awards & Accolades.

    Don’t Forget About Specialized Skills.

    General Tips for Creating a Stand-out Resume.


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