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How To Make A Resume For Flight Attendant Position

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How to Make Your Resume Great? Flight Attendant Resume TIPS by Misskaykrizz

Your;resume;needs to take very seriously because it is your only chance to make a great first impression. Make an impression that lasts, one that shows you are serious about;becoming;a;flight;attendant. A;resume;is your first step in the interview process. Make it count.

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Include Only Relevant Details

The resume objective is your chance to pull the most pertinent details found throughout your resume into a statement that is both concise and impactful. Most flight attendant resume objectives are no more than two sentences long. Aside from keeping it short, you can help focus the reader’s attention on the most important information by trying to remove any unnecessary filler words, like “a,””the” and “like.”

Add Relevant Flight Attendant Skills And Knowledge

Youve got flight attendant skills.

Theyre looking for flight attendant skills.

However, you should list only about 4-6 abilities in your resume skills section.

How do you find the right flight attendant skills to put on a resume?

First, go back to the original flight attendant job description.

Heres a sample job ad from United Airlines:

  • Flight attendants at United are expected to display exceptional interpersonal skills, exercise good judgment, and be able to resolve conflicts with grace.
  • Caring happens regardless of our customers dispositions or challenges. There will be moments where you are expected to remain calm and positive even when our customers are not.


Remember to include a good mix of relevant hard skills and soft skills for flight attendants.

Soft skills are those that are picked up throughout life, like communication and positivity.

Hard skills are more quantifiable and can be learned in a class, like aircraft safety training or how to operate an aircrafts intercom system

Expert Hint: If theres a flight attendant ability thats super important, bolster it by proving it in your resume work history section. For example, if they want friendliness, mention your customer happiness award in your key achievements.

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Including The Right Skills And Certifications

There are some skills and certifications that every flight attendant resume should add or demonstrate. Below are the most important abilities that airlines look for in flight attendants:

  • In-depth knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations
  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • Hospitality: ensuring passengers have a comfortable flight
  • Conflict resolution: settling disputes and complaints politely
  • Time management: adhering to flight itineraries
  • Fluency in a foreign language

Flight Attendant Resume Summary Examples

Flight Attendant Resume Samples and Templates

That second one is just a list of flight attendant duties. But HR managers need to know how well you performed, not what you did.

In the first example, you give them numbers and specifics. Theyre already imagining you with their wings on your lapel!

Expert Hint: The resume intro goes at the top and theyll read it first, but you dont have to write it first. Save it for the end to give yourself a stronger foundation on which to write.

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Resume Writing Tips For Flight Attendant

A Flight Attendant hardly rests her feet. She is always on the move. You should always use action words or verbs in your Flight Attendant resume. You will notice we used a good number of the most sought- after action words in our Flight Attendant resume sample. These include:

  • Attends
  • Provides
  • Arranges

In your Flight Attendant resume experience section, try to be as detailed as possible. Include responsibilities which are considered traditional work for Flight Attendants such as greeting passengers, serving food and demonstrating safety equipment.

But also include responsibilities that may not be automatically associated with Flight Attendants. As we indicated in our Flight Attendant resume sample, these responsibilities could include reassuring passengers on safety during times of turbulence. This is usually the job of the pilot who does the assurance through the airplane communication system. Another one would be checking inventory of supplies and equipment.

You should also include work experience in related occupations. The job of a Flight Attendant requires plenty of passenger engagement. If you have had previous work as a hotel receptionist, customer service agent or ticketing agent, you should indicate these jobs in your Flight Attendant resume.

Can You Be A Flight Attendant With No Work Experience

Absolutely! As an;entry-level;flight;attendant,;no experience is required.

An;airline;is looking for;relevant;skillsets;for the industry, and thankfully you can glean those skills from almost anywhere.

Were you involved in any clubs or organizations that helped you gain leadership experience? Those skills translate to;being;a;flight;attendant.

A;flight;attendant;has to command an entire;aircraft;full of passengers. What day-to-day experience do you have that can translate to;flight;attendant;experience?

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Emphasize Customer Service Skills

At its bare bones, working as an attendant is a customer service job. Airlines are looking for candidates who can handle an array of passengers and situations that may occur in flight, so its important to emphasize your customer service qualifications in your resume.

For those with no experience in the airline industry, frame your work history to focus on customer service. You can draw parallels between your past customer service jobs as a server or a sales associate and how you will provide excellent service and placate unhappy customers on the airplane as well.

Attendants with experience should give;specific examples;of ways they interact with and serve the passengers. Rather than writing, assisted passengers, solidify your bullet points by explaining to hiring managers exactly how you were of help to passengers. This candidate lists several of his duties in the sample resume:

  • Ensure satisfactory flight experience through;serving food and beverages,;answering passenger questions,;and;attending to passengers in distress or requiring special assistance

Youll notice that this sample resume also provides the candidates satisfaction survey feedback:

  • Provided quality customer service including food and beverage service, and consistently scored above;93% on passenger satisfaction surveys

What Really Is The Job Description Of A Flight Attendant

How to write flight attendant resume for the cabin crew job position in airlines?

The flight attendant is usually briefed by the captain at least one hour earlier before each flight on important things like coordination of the crew, the duration of the flight, the weather conditions that are expected and emergency evacuation procedures. As a flight attendant, you are tasked with ensuring that first aid kits and all other emergency equipment are on the plane and in good working shape and that the passenger cabin is well maintained with enough food, beverage, blankets and food supplies. Before a plane takes off, the flight attendants skillfully instruct passengers on the use of the emergency equipment and check to see that all the seat belts are well fastened and that the seat backs are in upright positions.

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The Profile Summary: More Than Just A Pretty Face

Use your profile summary to give recruiters the short-haul version of your personality, experience and skills. Theres an old joke among flight attendants: We love people, we love to travel. The joke being, of course, that everyone got into the industry for those two reasons. Heres the truth the job requires you to be patient, truly adaptable and sociable. The ability to stay energetic and motivated during long flights and keeping your composure with passengers – this is what employers are looking for. Punctuality is even more vital than in other industries.;Otherwise, a recruiter knows you like traveling and people, and its a smart idea to craft a profile summary that gives a more unique picture of who you are and your capabilities for the job.

In the early days, flight attendants were mostly young, unmarried women. Now the average age of a flight attendant is 46 and there are considerably more men in the field, indications that the role can be seen as a long term career.

Courteous and detail oriented flight attendant with 4 years of experience on commercial and charter flights. Fluent in English, French and Spanish and particularly attentive to the needs of children and elderly passengers. Calm and patient. Recognized for outstanding customer service during my first year with XYZ Airline.

Get Specific About Your Knowledge

Following safety procedures and company regulations is extremely important for cabin crew. While different airlines may have slightly different training and policies, you must hold a valid;certificate of demonstrated proficiency;from the FAA .

Its best to include this certification in the;skills section of your resume certificates are obtained after completion of a carriers training program, so employers will assume you are certified if you have worked for other airlines before. If you have not worked as an attendant before, just leave it out you will undergo training and certification after you land the job.

First aid, CPR, AED, and any other emergency health response training are pertinent if you have them and can also be included in the Additional Skills section.

This candidate also detailed the types of aircraft he worked on. Including specific models give airline employers a better picture of the type of aircraft and number of passengers you have worked with, as well as the carrier specific training you have completed.

  • Pass annual;United Airlines;aircraft qualification training;on mainline United Airlines aircraft including;Boeing 787-8, 747-400, 777-200, 757-300, Airbus 319, 320

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Should I List My Reference Information On My Resume For Flight Attendant Jobs

Don’t waste space on your resume indicating your references’ contact information or saying something like “References available upon request.” Checking references is an important part of almost every single job application process these days. Hiring managers will assume that you have references to contact, and they’ll reach out to you for that information when they need it .

How To Write A Great Resume Objective Statement For A Flight Attendant Job Without Any Experience

Flight Attendant Resume Sample 2021

If you are looking to earn a job as a flight attendant with no experience, then you must focus more on skills you picked up from varied sources like your education, internships, projects, or even volunteer work.

You must emphasize these skills in your resume objective statement to show to the recruiter that you are bringing valuable qualities to the organization that can make up for the experience you dont have yet.

Also, if your major in school has some relevance to the job, then you should go ahead to mention it, as well as an impressive GPA point.

If there is any additional strength that you bring to the position, then add it to what you already have in your flight attendant resume objective.

For example, if the flight attendant job requires good understanding of multiple languages and you have this ability, then thats a strength you can add to your objective statement and you will get the recruiters attention.

Now, lets look at some good examples of flight attendant career objective statements with no experience that you can apply in your resume:

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Showcase Your Relevant Abilities

When transitioning to the new role, you can showcase your current skill set to show employers that you can learn how to be a flight attendant. Using the job description, select qualities that you have and incorporate them into your resume. Here are some examples of skills that flight attendants use:

Best 20 Examples Of Flight Attendant Objective Statements With No Experience

  • Warm, trustworthy professional in search for an Entry Level Flight Attendant position at Etihad Airline where exceptional hospitality and customer service skills will be applied to the benefit of clients.
  • Desiring to gain an Entry Level Flight Attendant position with WOW Airways, to execute an optimistic and customer-centered practice, thereby contributing positively to the brand experience.
  • Accountable individual hoping to fill the post of an Entry Level Flight Attendant with XYZ Airline. Keen on learning and willing to work hard to attain a top-rated customer satisfaction status by employing lively and amiable personality, as well as providing extraordinary customer service protocols.
  • Coming to contribute best efforts in an Entry Level Flight Attendant position at SafeRide Airline where customers can get the best service from warm and accommodating personality.
  • Charming aviation professional searching for an Entry Level Flight Attendant position with ABC Global Airlines, to ensure each passengers needs are met and their experience is satisfactory while building upon knowledge of customer service and the airline industry.
  • A dependable and dynamic CPR Certified individual seeks an Entry Level Flight Attendant position with Air Master Airways. Looking forward to enhance customers satisfaction by employing unique customer service along with safety and comfort protocols.
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    Ability To Lead In Adversity

    Flight attendant jobs may seem glamorous, but they can be extremely challenging. You’ll have to deal with angry customers every day, as well as with potentially dangerous situations. Airlines want to know that you’re able to keep your cool when times get rough and that you’ll be able to act as a leader in such times. Flight attendants are responsible for not only providing great customer service, but also for keeping order in the cabin. They need to be able to calm down passengers that are violent and recognize dangerous behavior. They’ll also need to be able to be leaders in the event of an emergency.

    Have you led a team of workers at a retail shop at Black Friday? Or dealt with the Friday night dinner rush? Or maybe you have led a group of teenagers in a volunteer situation? Show that you’ve acted as a leader and dealt with difficult situations.

    Education: Your Brain Boost

    How to Create the Best Flight Attendant Resume ~part 1

    A flight attendants training is the knowledge theyll use day-in and day-out. Unlike in other industries, a flight attendants biggest educational experience comes after theyve landed the job. An airlines flight attendant training program lasts several weeks and covers all the necessary information to start working in the field. Flight attendants are also routinely required to update their knowledge and skills in the form of additional training.

    So what do you put in your education section before youve ever held the position? Your high school diploma is the minimum requirement to be considered as a candidate. Even if youve completed some semesters of college, or a degree, its a good idea to include your high school years. Some airlines will not hire candidates who are younger than 21, and this information helps give an idea of your personal details.;

    Passengers only see a small percentage of the training a flight attendant receives during their thousands of hours of bootcamp. Skills like CPR and emergency management are just as essential to the job, but hopefully rarely used.

    If you already have some training for emergency situations, medical care or safety drills – make sure to note these on your resume in the Education section to up your chances of getting into that flight attendant program!

    • 2018 2019: Delta Flight Attendant Training Academy, Houston, TX

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    Read The Job Description

    It seems so simple, but a close reading can help you pick up on details others might have missed. Then start to research the company. Are they a major international carrier or do they make mostly short haul trips? Do they present a youthful, fun image or are they geared towards seasoned business travelers? Are they a low-cost carrier that flies to a lot of budget vacation destinations?;

    This image of the airline will affect everything from the tone you use when writing your profile summary to the layout you choose to convey the right level of professionalism. And dont forget that a flight attendant is far from just a smiling face with a steaming cup of coffee. Their primary job is the safety and comfort of passengers. That means learning a lot about dealing with difficult customers, handling emergencies and preparing all aspects of the cabin. Your charming personality is a big factor, but dont forget to give the impression that you are ready to make safety a priority.

    Entry Level Flight Attendant Resume No Experience

    Entry-level flight attendants often find it difficult to write a compelling resume due to a lack of relevant experience.

    As a matter of fact, resumes of experienced flight attendants rely on experience. On the other hand, a resume for an entry-level flight attendant focuses more on transferable skills gained through education, projects, internships as well as real-life experiences.

    Below are three golden rules to follow when it comes to entry-level flight attendant resume writing.

    1. Employer-centered Objective/Profile Statement

    Start your resume with a targeted;flight attendant objective;or a flight attendant profile statement;that communicates what you offer regarding onboard services.

    2. Transferable Skills and Qualifications

    These are some standard skills people possess that can come in handy in a flight attendant role. Identify your transferable skills as a flight attendant, and mention the same in the qualifications section of your resume.

    3. Additional Strengths

    This section is for miscellaneous skills. For instance, knowledge of FAA guidelines, familiarity with the hospitality industry, and command of other languages are assets worth mentioning under this section.

    Below is an entry-level flight attendant resume sample for job seekers who have no experience in hand.

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    Create A Resume Objective

    Your resume objective can help you introduce yourself to the hiring manager and encourage them to read the rest of your resume. This statement should be no longer than three sentences, and you can incorporate your relevant skills and the name of the company you’re applying to.

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    Should Your Flight Attendant Resume Be Different Than Your Resume For Other Jobs

    Flight Attendant Resume: 2019 Guide with Hostess Resume ...

    One of the most common questions about flight attendant resumes is whether a flight attendant resume needs to be different than a resume for other jobs.

    In general, the answer is noyou don’t have to drastically re-write or re-format your resume to apply for a flight attendant job. However, you may need to change the language in your resume to highlight specific skills and experiences that airline hiring managers value.

    Flight attendant jobs require special skills, like impeccable customer service and flexibility. You’ll want to make sure a hiring manager can look at your resume and clearly see that you have these types of skills. That may mean re-writing your resume to show you have those abilities.

    Say, for instance, that you previously worked as a secretary. When applying for other secretarial jobs, you highlighted your ability to use programs such as Microsoft Office. However, when applying for a flight attendant job, you’ll want to highlight a different aspect of your previous experience as a secretary. You’ll want to talk about how you interacted with customers or guests who visited your place of work. That’ll show airline hiring managers that you have experience working with people.

    In the next section, I’ll tell you the three main skills flight attendant hiring managers are looking for, so you know which skills to demonstrate on your resume.

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