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Do You Need A Photo On Your Resume

A Job Posting Must Contain:

How to Format a Resume FAST – Example Resume Template
  • information about Your organization and its business;
  • implicit or explicit information describing how and/or why the job posting is relevant to students and/or recent graduates from a higher education;
  • what tasks the job comprises and/or what is expected from the employee;
  • necessary practical information such as working hours, start date.
  • Are Resume Photos A Good Idea

    In the right context, photos can be a fantastic way to get noticed and add personality to a personal profile.

    is a great example of a platform where a professional profile picture works.

    It is expected that a photo will be included on a profile.

    For many, the absence of a photo on a LinkedIn profile makes them, at best, lose interest, or at worst, consider the profile to be spam.

    Indeed, there are some professions where a resume picture is essential, such as actors and models.

    The introduction of a headshot does, however, immediately break down the invisible barrier protecting all parties from claims of discrimination.

    It is vital that you carry out research about the organization you are applying to to establish whether or not a resume photo is required, expected or frowned upon.

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    Conditions For Uploading Photos And Pictures

    • The photos and pictures must be free from copyrights and/or other restricted or limited use. The user must possess the complete rights to the photos and pictures that the user uploads. No third party must have the copyright or other rights to the photos or pictures that the user uploads. The people visible on the photos and pictures must have given their acceptance of public display.
    • The photos and pictures must be clear. Unclear and modified photos and pictures will be deleted.
    • The photos and pictures must not contain logos, links and references to other web pages or companies and/or their products.
    • The photos and pictures must not include violent, threatening, un-sober or sexual elements. The photos and pictures must not display weapons, money or illegal drugs.

    What To Do Instead Of Including A Photo On Your Resume

    32 Fresh Do You Need An Objective On Your Resume in 2020 ...

    If you’re tempted to include a photo on your resume because you feel that your appearance is an asset that will help you get the job, there are other more professional ways that you can supply a photo to the hiring manager.

    • Mention your professional networking profile
    • Include a business card.
    • Refer the employer to a blog or social media account.

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    Should You Include A Photo On Your Resume

    ZipJob Team

    3 min read

    As a job seeker in 2021, you’ve probably come across resume designs with lots of graphics, blocks of color, and headshots. You want to stand out as a professional applicant, so you might find yourself thinking: should I include a photo on my resume?

    No, no and no!

    You should never include a picture on a resume used to apply for jobs in the US or Canada. In fact, there are several reasons why putting a picture on your resume is possibly one of the worst mistakes you can make.

    The Middle East & Africa

    Verdict: include

    In the Middle East it is probably fine to always include a picture. A CV photo is preferred in the UAE, and there are many expat workers in Dubai especially who have attested to this.;

    Since there are no strict anti-discrimination laws in employment in the region, a picture is often appreciated.

    Africa is a large and diverse continent, so its always worth doing specific research for the particular region you are applying in. But broadly speaking it is advisable to include a profile photo with your application.

    It is not a good idea in South Africa, however, where employers prefer for your achievements, experience, and skills to speak for themselves. Photographs could potentially lead to discrimination so are firmly discouraged.

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    It Could Ruin Your Resume

    High School Resume: How To Write Your First Resume (Plus Template)

    It is well worth spending the time to get the formatting and look of your resume just right.

    However, to protect themselves from potential repercussions, many employers will have someone remove not only the photos but also the names, ages and colleges from the resumes before they are looked at.

    It is worth bearing in mind that if a photo takes up a significant amount of space on the page and it is removed by the HR team, what the employer ends up seeing can look untidy and weak.

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    Is It Finally Okay To Include A Photo In Your Resume

    In the U.S. and UK in particular there is a strong aversion to including photos in resumes. The general belief is that photos should ordinarily not be included in a resume as it will bring a focus on protected characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity etc., and increase the chance of you being discriminated against in the short-listing process. It can also bring a focus on features such as weight and attractiveness, both of which have been shown to be criteria which employers unfairly discriminate against.

    The problem is that with the rise of social media, this seemingly sensible position of withholding physical appearance from resumes is becoming increasingly nonsensical, because research from CareerBuilder shows that between 43 percent and 55 percent of employers can and do check candidates social media profiles as a matter of course, which will most likely give employers access to at least two photos of any candidate they wish to research. So, this means that in this day and age, many employers will see more than one photo of a candidate prior to short-listing whether or not the resume contains a photo.

    This task is made easier at the moment as with so many people afraid to use photos in a resume you have an opportunity to stand-out in the pile of resumes, simply because you have included a photo.

    Should You Really Put Your Photo On Your Resume

    Yes, well, maybe.

    Hows that for being definitive?

    OK, I lean towards a no on the resume photo argument.

    My hesitation is that it is still not that common to see photos on resumes in Australia.

    So if you have a photo on your resume, you do run the risk of running into someone like me. I have to confess that when I was a recruiter I used to see a photo on a resume and say hmmmm I wonder why theyve put that on their resume or thats really not a flattering colour.

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    It Can Make Recruiters Fear The Appearance Of Discrimination

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commissionthe agency that enforces federal laws barring employment discriminationrecommends that employers avoid asking candidates for photos. Requesting photos on resumes or in job applications is not wise because the photos could be used as evidence that the employer had knowledge of an applicants membership in a protected class, if an applicant or employee files a discrimination claim, the EEOC said in a statement emailed to The Muse.

    But even if a company didnt ask for photos, receiving resumes with headshots could put hiring professionals in a sticky situation. The images existence on application materials could work against the organization in a potential discrimination claim. In some cases, concerns about the appearance of discrimination might be enough that a company pulls any resumes with pictures of candidates out of the running.;;

    Weve heard firsthand from a lot of recruiters that wont even review applicants that submit a photo, Jon Shields, Marketing Manager at Jobscan, has told The Muse. They just cant make themselves more vulnerable than they already are to any possible claims of discrimination.

    How Do I Upload Or Edit My Photo To My Resume

    Belfast: Resume Template

    Most of the design templates on Resume.io have the option to include or not include your professional photo. We are also pleased to announce our latest photo update, which allows users to add different photos to different templates in the same account. Prior to this, users could only add one photo, which would be used across all templates, but now you no longer need to choose!

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    Argument: A Picture On A Resume Might Potentially Work Against You

    If you decide to include a photo on your resume, make sure its one that does you justice.;

    It should be a professional, passport-style headshot.;

    Also, photos on resumes can confuse the ATS that some companies use to filter resumes.;

    This software automatically scans and pans your resume for keywords and a photo could potentially hinder this process.;

    This might cause your resume not to be accepted. You dont want that. Be aware of this when applying for a job in large corporationsthey get hundreds of resumes daily and employ the ATS in order to speed up the process of hiring new people.;

    Christys word of advice

    In many English-speaking countries, photos should NOT be included on your resume . This is to avoid potential bias or discrimination, and ATS will remove it anyway from your candidate profile. However, things are done very differently in other countries, where a photo IS expected . While recruiters can of course check out your image on LinkedIn or social media, I advise you to follow the conventions of the country youre applying to, to show that you understand local application practices.

    Christy Morgan, Resident HR Expert

    Mention Your Professional Networking Profile

    Professional networking profiles have a designated place for photos, so it’s appropriate to include a headshot there. Including the address for your networking profile on a resume has many benefits. This profile can provide a wealth of information that would be excessive in a standard resume, such as:

    • Your connections
    • Case studies, articles or PDFs that you’ve created
    • A more in-depth work history

    These valuable inclusions give prospective employers several compelling reasons to look at your professional networking profile. Upon visiting your profile, they will also see your photo, which can help put a friendly face with the other details that you’ve provided.

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    How To Include A Photo On Your Resume

    Including a photo on a resume is an important consideration. First of all, should you include a photo on your resume?

    In some countries , you shouldnt add a photo because of anti-discrimination and labor laws. Furthermore, there is an 88% rejection rate of resumes with photos in these nations.

    However, remember that in some countries a photo is optional, while in others, its expected. Always tailor your resume for the job market youre applying within.

    If putting a photo on a resume is optional in the country where youre applying for jobs you need to weigh up the pros and cons. Images can make a resume look more attractive and it can help to market yourself. There are also certain professions for which image is important, such as salespeople, bartenders, shop assistants, and recruiters.

    However, by having a photo on your resume you may put yourself at risk of discrimination. A photo can reveal a lot of personal information about you which has no relation to your ability to do the job. Your gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and physical characteristics should be irrelevant. Photos can also take up valuable space which could be used to showcase your actual abilities.

    Whether you decide to include a photo or not, using a resume builder is a time-effective way of producing a professional-looking resume.

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    Should I Put A Photo On My Resume?

    AnnaMarie Houlis is a feminist, a freelance journalist and an adventure aficionado with an affinity for impulsive solo travel. She spends her days writing about womens empowerment from around the world. You can follow her work on her blog, HerReport.org, and follow her journeys on Instagram @her_report,;Twitter;@herreportand .


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    ‘no Photo On Your Resume’ And Other Career Advice You Should Question

    Some career experts will tell you that you should never, ever put your photo on your resume.

    In the end, deciding whether to put your photo on a resume is a symbol of larger issues that you need to figure out for yourself, rather than delegating out to know-it-alls like myself.

    Lets look at some advice that seems to typify the no photo rule for resumes.; One prominent columnist wrote last year that, if you use a photo, youll come across as naïve and unprofessional.

    Another career expert wrote a few years ago:

    Its illegal to consider factors like age, race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability status in hiring decisions. So hiring authorities prefer to not officially know whether youre a member of one of these protected classes. If you put a photo on your resume, you reveal some of these details. If the employer later interviews you but doesnt hire you, it opens the possibility of a discrimination claim. Some companies will even flat-out reject resumes with photos, just to avoid that potential accusation.

    Now lets break down the problems with this thinking, shall we?

    1.; We now live in a visual, multimedia age.

    Certainly, a resume is different from an article. But in our new day, we have all become far more visual in our communications. It allows us to match names and faces.;

    2.; Most people don’t get a great job from a front-line HR person anyway.

    The no-photo advice would be terrific advice, if we could be certain that:

    Resume Photos And Discrimination

    When a resume includes a photo of the applicant, this opens the door for discrimination based on the applicants race, gender, age, physical appearance, and ability. A resume photo allows the hiring manager to consider not just ones professional abilities but also if the applicant looks like the hiring manager.;

    This is why the EEOC is one of the most vocal opponents of this practice. Some savvy HR departments, recognizing the strong likelihood that their biases will affect hiring decisions,;may even have policies in place to reject resumes with photos. This way, the grounds for rejection are not tied to the applicants appearance, but rather to the fact that the applicant included a photo in the first place. So that cute photo might ensure you dont even have a shot!

    No matter how professional-looking that headshot is, it doesnt add belong on your resume

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    Include A Business Card

    Real Creative Marketing Resume Example

    A photo is more appropriate on a business card than on a resume. You will often hand business cards to people when you meet them. The photo then acts as a reminder of what you look like so they’ll recognize you when you meet again. Clipping a business card to your resume can provide your prospective employer with details about your webpage, social media accounts and various points of contact, so it serves another purpose besides simply showing off your photo.

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    Use A Professional Headshot

    Use a headshot taken for professional purposes rather than a selfie, snapshot or another type of photo. A good headshot has these characteristics:

    • Features only one person
    • Is taken with natural-looking makeup
    • Shows professional attire
    • Highlights a simple hairstyle, similar to what you would have for work each day
    • Has a simple background

    Is Your Picture In Your Resume

    We all want to be remembered, especially when job-hunting. Will including your picture in your resume help you attract the right attention from your future employer?

    We have Facebook and Linkedin profile pictures. Pictures of our faces are front and center on our;drivers licenses, passports, and visas. Our faces are consistently used as a way to identify who we are, so why shouldnt we include our pictures on our resume? After all, including a picture alongside our qualifications quite literally puts a face to a name.

    Not everyone agrees with this mindset. Below are a few sources that offer their own insight into this situation.


    Rob Ashgar of Forbes argues that it would be acceptable to include a picture in your resume since we live in a visual, multimedia world. Furthermore, he claims that it is hypocritical to shy away from a picture on your resume, since it is considered naïve and unprofessional if you fail to include one on your LinkedIn profile.

    Other professionals agree that it is acceptable to include a picture. ;OneShift founder Gen George said;

    Candidates that include a photo, these days, have a clear advantage over those that dont. The profiles that get the most attention from prospective employers are always the ones with professional looking photos attached, and this goes the same for your resume.


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