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What Else To Put On A Resume

What Not To Include On A Resume

High School Resume: How To Write Your First Resume (Plus Template)

Now lets talk about what not to put on your resume.

Resume writing is a study in succinctness where were challenged to summarize our entire careers in less than two pages. Theres no room for extraneous details. But brevitys not the only reason to leave off many of the items listed below. Some things, like unprofessional email addresses or resume objectives, can turn off recruiters and hurt your chances of landing a job.

Does your resume include anything on this list? If so, consider replacing it with measurable results and keyword-rich text.

Hard Skills Vs Soft Skills

There are two basic types of skill-sets that a job seeker can have and include on their resume, and those are either hard skills or soft skills.

Hard skills are the skills or abilities for a resume that are easily quantifiablethat can be learned through classroom work, apprenticeships or other forms of learning. These include things like operating tools, computer programming, speaking foreign languages or typing.

Soft skills are more subjective and harder to quantify, and are often grouped together by what we know as people skills. Some examples of soft skills include communication, relationship building, self-awareness and patience.

Resume Summary Or Objective

Your resume summary or objective should be a short, one to two sentence section that briefly explains who you are and why youre qualified. Carefully review the job posting for clues on which of your technical and soft skills will be most important and relevant.

Resume summaries and objectives are slightly different, and you should choose to include one or both depending on your background and the position youre seeking. A resume summary will describe your work experience, while a resume objective will state your short-term goals.

A summary is good if you have at least some work experience that can be quickly summarized. An objective statement, however, is better suited for those who have recently graduated from high school or college, or who otherwise have limited job experience.

Your resume summary could say:

Thoughtful construction laborer with over five years of experience helping manage teams toward successful and safe completion of housing projects.

Your resume objective could say:

Recent graduate eagerly looking to expand construction labor experience with a growing contractor.

In both your resume section and your summary, its important to avoid talking about topics more suited to a job interview, such as how much youre hoping to earn.


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Personal Hobbies And Interests

Skiing, cooking, knitting, which of these isn’t suggestedfor writing a resume?

All of them.

Listing creative hobbies and interests in your resume is a gambleif theyre not directly related to your job. These interests could be goodconversation starters, or they could offend the recruiter if they think its odd oragainst their personal beliefs.

If you’ve got enough skill, achievements, or work experience toeasily fill a one-page resume then theres no need to beef it up with hobbiesor interests.

Guidelines For What To Include In A Resume

Resume Photo: Should You Put Your Picture on Your Resume?

When you are writing a resume, there are a number of resume formats you can choose, including chronological, functional, and targeted resumes. However, regardless of the format you select, there are certain guidelines that most resumes should follow.

Here’s information on what to include in your resume, as well as what shouldn’t be listed on your resume. There are also guidelines for resume length, font, and page margins.

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What If You Dont Have Any Relevant Bar Experience

Maybe youre still at university, and looking for your first bartender job?

Or maybe, you have experience with serving customers, but never in a bar?

Whatever the situation, the hiring manager needs someone they can trust.

With that said, just because youve never worked as a bartender, doesnt mean you lack the relevant skills and experiences to be a bartender!

You just need to show that you have the bar skills and that youre keen to learn.

For example, if youve worked as a barista in a coffee shop, you can talk about any crossover skills and experiences. Just like a bartender, you would need to be able to deal with groups of people, operate a cash machine, and have a positive attitude.

Make Your Cover Letter And Resume Match

Your resume and cover letter are important, as they’re often your very first impression. In 2020, it’s increasingly popular to make your cover letter and resume matchand it’s easy to see why.

Visual consistency makes for a professional presentation. Both should reflect your professional brand, making this a trend worth holding on to for a long time.

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How To Write A Convincing Cover Letter

Every job application consists of 2 parts – the resume and the cover letter. Now that weve covered the first, lets briefly explain the latter.

Most job-seekers flinch when they hear that they have to write a cover letter. What do you even mention in a cover letter, anyway? If you were good at writing cover letters, youd be applying for a writing job!

In reality, though, writing a cover letter is pretty simple, if you know its purpose.

You should think of a cover letter as a direct message to the hiring manager. You get to briefly explain why youre such an awesome fit for the position. When we put it that way, it doesnt sound as hard, does it?

Heres a format you could follow:

  • Introduce yourself – As a start, give a brief run-down on your work experience and mention why youre interested in working for the company youre applying for. You can also mention 1-2 of your top professional achievements to leave a good first impression.
  • Explain how youd excel at the job – Identify the top 3 requirements in the job ad. Then, dedicate one paragraph to explaining how you fulfil each requirement. So for example, if the requirement is Facebook Advertising Experience, mention how you have done Facebook ads in the past and how youve excelled at it.
  • Wrap it up and say thanks – Thank the reader for reading your cover letter and propose the next steps. For example, If youd like to know more about my experience with Project XYZ, Id love to chat!

Things You Should Always Include In A Cv

Should Copied Projects Be On Your Resume?

Nine essential CV details and some that should be removed.

So, you’re looking for a job and want to know how to write a CV? Take a look at the top nine things you should always include in your CV plus what details you should remove to ensure your job applications impress every employer.

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Nine Phrases You Should Never Put On Your Resume

Nine Phrases You Should Never Put on Your Resume

Since most recruiters and hiring managers receive far more resumes than they have time to review carefully, theyre forced to find shortcuts that will allow them to quickly sort resumes into “yes,””maybe” and “no” piles.

There are lots of ways to get into the “yes” pile — customizing your resume, using strong verbs, giving concrete examples of past accomplishments and showing your value, for example.

But there are also many ways to get your resume immediately consigned to the “no” pile. One way is to use the wrong words or phrases — often, empty clichés, annoying jargon or recycled buzzwords. In a recent article, Avoid These 10 Resume Mistakes, we highlighted some of the worst. That article really got people talking, so we asked some recruiting experts to share more of these detestable resume terms:

1. Job Duties

Heather Huhman, career expert and founder of content marketing and digital PR consultancy Come Recommended, says the term job duties is not convincing on a resume.

List job duties under each position at your own risk, she says. Instead, focus on your accomplishments. Ideally, you should be able to use the S-A-R method: Situation, Action, Results. Include up to three bullets per position, and as as one.

Keep in mind that your job duties are something that happened to you, not something you achieved — and your resume should tell a story of achievement.

2. “Related Coursework”

3. Proven Ability

How To Write Your Work Experience To Stand Out

This is the CORE section of your resume.

Here is where you get to advertise yourself by listing past responsibilities and achievements on a job.

Whether you do this right or not is the main deciding factor between your Plan A job and your Plan D.

You could have an outstanding history of professional experience. But if you dont word it the right way, someone else might snatch away your dream job .

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Computer Skills For A Resume In 2022

Everybody knows that putting computer skills on a resume is a must these days. But very few know how to put them to good use on their resumes. Do you?

Lets face it

In this day and age, computer skills are expected of you regardless of the position youre seeking.

So the question isnt whether or not you should put computer skills on your resume, but rather which ones to pick, and how to make the most of them on your resume.

Well, this is exactly what youre about to learn.

In this guide:

  • Comprehensive computer skills list for any job seeker.
  • Which computer skills are best for your resume and how to make the most of them.
  • How you can improve your computer skills.

Save hours of work and get a resume like this. Pick a template, fill it in. Quick and easy. Choose from

What users say about ResumeLab:

I had an interview yesterday and the first thing they said on the phone was: Wow! I love your resume.PatrickI love the variety of templates. Good job guys, keep up the good work!Dylan My previous resume was really weak and I used to spend hours adjusting it in Word. Now, I can introduce any changes within minutes. Absolutely wonderful!George

If youre looking for advice on how to describe computer skills for a particular profession, we have a selection of resume writing guides for various IT specialties:

A Note About Sending Cover Letters

How To Write Professional Summary For Resume / Cv Template ...
  • E-mail

    Most of the time, you will be sending cover letters by e-mail. When submitting a letter or application in this manner, put your cover letter in the body of the e-mail and attach your resume as a .pdf document. Be sure to follow an employers instructions when filling in the subject line. If an employer does not specify subject line instructions for submitting applications, write the word Application, the position you are applying for/inquiring about, a dash – and your name.

    Subj: Application: Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative Kang

    The subject line is extremely important when sending a job application or prospecting letter through e-mail. The subject line determines whether your e-mail will be opened and ultimately, considered. Be sure to follow employer guidelines exactly where specified.

  • Print/Mail

    When sending a cover letter by mail, affix a hand written signature above your printed name. Be sure the letter is postmarked before any application dates. Note the differences in formatting in the Cover Letter format page. Be sure to include all necessary documents in your envelope. It is recommended that you print your resume and cover letter on professional resume paper .

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Mine The Job Descriptions For Must

The next step is take a look at the job description for the position you are applying for and make a list of the required skills that are listed. Are any of the skills on both of the lists you just created? If so, these are must-haves for your resume.

Now notice if there are any skills on the job description that you dont have. If there arent any, great!

But if there aredont panic. You just need to dig a little deeper into your past in order to demonstrate that you have the skill more on that in a minute.

Here is a link to a ton of job descriptions that can give you an idea of the skills needed take a look and find the position you are interviewing for!

How To Ace Your Next Interview

Youve perfected both your resume & cover letter. Now, its time for the next step – the dreaded job interview.

Whether youre an extrovert or an introvert, you probably hate the interviewing process. After all, sitting there while someones prodding into your past experiences and judging the hell out of you isnt the most fun experience.

Did you know, though, that most interviewers ask the same questions? Yep – all you have to do is learn how to answer some of the most common interview questions, and youll be an interview away from landing your dream job!

Want to learn more? Check out our complete guide to Job Interview Questions and Answers.

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+ Things You Should Not Include In Your Resume

What NOT to Include in the Contact Info Section

  • Date of Birth – Age should not matter to a hiring manager. Its not important for their decision-making, and at worst, it might lead to age-based discrimination.
  • – Especially in the US and in the UK . Hiring managers dont need to know your appearance to evaluate your resume and application overall.
  • Your exact address – very few businesses use mailing services nowadays to communicate with potential hires. Its inefficient, and its simply safer to use your email.

What NOT to Include in the Resume Summary or Objective Section

  • If you have a few years of related work experience, then you should not include a resume objective.
  • Your resume summary or objective should also not include any requests, demands, or salary requirements.

What NOT to Put in the Work Experience Section

  • Jobs that arent even remotely relevant to the position you are applying for. No one cares about your experience as a cashier if youre applying for a designer gig
  • Fluff that doesnt say anything. This is a lot more common than youd think. Make sure all your duties and activities listed are practical
  • Jobs that you had for a short time period . This shows that youre a job hopper and unlikely to stick around for job .
  • Any illegal jobs

What NOT to Add to the Skills Section

What NOT to Include in the Education Section

  • Your GPA
  • Your high school degree
  • The entire list of all the courses you attended in college


Mention All Your Achievements

How To: Resume for High School Students

You shouldnt be too arrogant or boastful when you write a resume, but this doesnt mean you should hide information about your achievements and positive traits.

Mention that you have a driving license for example, write about your readiness to learn something new and improve your skills, hint about your leadership qualities and ability to find an approach to different people. What traits do you have that could help you in your career? Are you communicative, open minded, stress resistant, ready for constant deadlines? Put them on your resume when you build it.

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Create A Master List Of Your Computer Skills

Go through each category and create a master list of each and every computer skill you have in your toolbox. When creating your master list, write every skill, no matter how obvious it may seem. Although some computer skills might seem obvious given your profession, many hiring managers still want to see these skills listed.

The important thing is to never write a computer skill that you arent comfortable with. If you include it, hiring managers will expect you can deliver. If you are ever worried about a hiring manager over or underestimating your level of proficiency, add fundamental, basic, intermediate, or advanced in parentheses next to the skill listed.

Job post example :

Include Dates Hours Level Of Experience And Examples For Each Work Experience

For each work experience you list, make sure you include:

  • Start and end dates .
  • The number of hours you worked per week.
  • The level and amount of experiencefor instance, whether you served as a project manager or a team member helps to illustrate your level of experience.
  • Examples of relevant experiences and accomplishments that prove you can perform the tasks at the level required for the job as stated in the job announcement. Your experience needs to address every required qualification.


  • Experience/Accomplishment

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Use Similar Terms And Address Every Required Qualification

Your experience needs to address every required qualification in the job announcement. Hiring agencies will look for specific terms in your resume to make sure you have the experience theyre seeking.

For example, if the qualifications section says you need experience with MS Project you need to use the words MS Project in your resume.

Don’t Wait For Your References To Be Called

500+ Free Professional Resume Examples and Samples for 2020

Every time we suggest that you include written references with a resume or job application, someone cringes — and in their defense, it is not typical job seeker behavior.

But for military spouses constantly on the move, juggling the demands of military life, and in many cases starting their careers afresh at a new duty station, those references are absolutely critical. If you lack professional experience, you can play up extracurricular experience that your references can actually support. Instead of just saying yourself that you are a good leader, you prove that someone else thinks you are a good leader, too, by including letters of reference.

But without a strong job history, who can you turn to for those references? Look to former academic advisers, teachers or club supervisors. If you have strong volunteer experience, ask the people in charge to write letters on your behalf that support the skills you claim to have. Each reference should be able to speak to a different skill set you have mastered or volunteer experience that lends itself to job readiness.

While that seems easy enough in theory, these references can be difficult to ask for in real life. Be straightforward with people: The people you might ask to be references are people who also believe in you and your potential.

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