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How To Update My Resume

Update Your Resume To Speak To Your Intended Audience

How to Update Your Resume

First, identify your audience. What position are you applying for, and what does the company youre applying to do? Review the job listing carefully, and research the company on Glassdoor. Once you know more about the position and the company, you should tailor your resume accordingly. If the position you are applying for is in sales at a tech company, you should emphasize your great closing percentage selling a similar technical product, as that will be of major interest to the company you are applying to. By targeting your story throughout your resume directly to your audiences needs, you will supply potential employers with a solid, competitive resume that will get their attention.

Second Locate And Add Keywords From The Job Posting

As you build your resume, consistently review the job posting and identify the preferred qualifications the employer mentions. Use these as keywords and feature them throughout your resume. In the experience section of your resume, explain how you currently apply specific skills. This demonstrates how you plan to use them in this role. Employers are regularly searching for keywords in their job posting. Including keywords throughout your resume increases the likelihood of being asked to interview.

Listing Github On The Project Section

You can also mention the link to your GitHub on the project section of your resume.

Once you list the details of your projects simply add a link to your GitHub profile.

However, providing the URL of your profile alone may not be enough so you can add your project details along with the GitHub URL of your project.

GitHub on Resume Example 2:

Project Name: GitHub on Resume ProjectThe project code can be accessed from this link: …

The current job market is filled with the best of the best professionals and one needs to try and stay on top of the ladder to be recognized as the most suitable applicant.

Build a good rapport with hiring managers by letting them know that you have what it takes to deserve the job profile that you are targeting.

And the best way to do so is by making them see your involvement in relevant projects or work related to your targeted profile.

Check out the given snapshot to see where you can add project URL in resume:

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How To Add Your Resume To Linkedin

If, after you consider all the pros and cons of adding your resume to your LinkedIn profile, you still want to do it, here is how to upload your resume.

Before, you used to be able to add your resume to the summary section of your LinkedIn profile. Now the layout has changed, and you have to add your resume to the Featured section to have it displayed on your profile.

  • On your profile, either scroll down to the Featured section or tap the Add profile section button.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose Media.
  • Find your latest resume on your computer, and select Open. Make sure your document has a clear name like your name + resume.
  • After you click save, your resume will be featured on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Resume Tip #: There Is No Need To Include All Jobs

    resume update

    The most frequent question I receive from clients is how far back to go on their resume. Should they include that first job from 1985? The answer is no. Typically, resume writers will recommend only including the relevant past positions within the last 15 years of employment.

    If you really have trouble killing some of your career darlings, you can include your older job positions in a Career Note at the end of your professional history just be sure to omit any dates.

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    Sixth List Any Additional Education Or Certifications Youve Received

    Add other qualifications youve gained since you last updated your resume. This can include degrees or courses youve taken to advance your knowledge and skillset. If you previously included your high school diploma, you can now remove it. Most employers are more interested in degrees received from colleges or trade schools.

    Include any certifications youve received that are listed as requirements in the job posting or may enhance your performance in the role. For example, if youre applying for a position in marketing and have received training and certifications for a popular marketing software, you can highlight them in your certifications section.

    Technology Skills Are Organized Into Clear Categories

    Professionals who work in nontechnical roles typically have a small section toward the end of their résumés that summarizes the types of platforms and tools they’re comfortable using in their fields. However, tech professionals like Jones should prominently display their technology skills in the top portion of their résumé. Jones technical proficiencies are neatly categorized so that a recruiter can understand the extent of his expertise in one quick glance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Updating Your Resume

    It’s important to update your resume when you take on new responsibilities, get promoted, earn a degree, or learn an industry-specific skill. Additionally, update it when you move or get a new phone number or email address.

    Periodically review your resume at least once a year to ensure it’s current. Updating the format and design will help keep it fresh. It’ll also be easier to prepare when you’re searching for work.

    If you’re looking for employment, check your resume to ensure your experience fits the job description. Scan the job listing and employer website for target keywords. You might want to update your resume to address specifics in the listing.

    Yes. Most hiring managers look at your LinkedIn profile. Adding the URL to your resume makes their job easier. It also allows you to add endorsements and recommendations, images, and links to projects and websites.

    Make sure the dates and information match with and expand on the information in your resume. In other words, proofread and polish it before you add the URL to your resume. A good tip is to include your private URL on your resume.

    You can to stand out. Think of it as an opportunity for personal branding, and customize it to make it easy to remember. Once it’s ready, add your LinkedIn profile URL as a hyperlink in the resume’s contact section.

    As you update your resume, it’s essential to know that an ATS is likely filtering applicants.

    What Is The Shortest A Resume Should Be

    How to update your resume in 5 steps

    An entire job document could fit into a single page. Broadly speaking, one-page resumes tend to be more impactful. But, that doesnât mean you should barely touch your resume and send it with pretty much nothing there.

    If itâs literally empty and doesnât have much content, it suggests to employers the following:

    • You didnât take the time to create a proper resume
    • You donât have much to talk about

    And if you donât have much to talk about at all, then itâs an indication that youâre not qualified for the role. Even if you have no experience, thereâs a good chance that there are different things you can talk about.

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    New Careers Are A Real Opportunity

    Have you always wanted to change careers? This may be the time. If you have the skills that can transfer from one kind of job to another, your résumé can easily highlight those skills.

    When you dont quite meet a jobs desired qualifications 100%, you can show how the skills you already have would help you succeed in a new role. Make your transferable skills more compelling by including specific results you have achieved with them using real examples. Emphasize your success, past performance, and proven results.

    How To Update Your Old Resume In 4 Steps

    Jamie Birt is a career coach with 4+ years of experience helping job seekers navigate the job search through one-to-one coaching, webinars and events. Shes motivated by the mission to help people find fulfillment and belonging in their careers.

    Updating your resume can feel intimidating if you’re starting a new job search after working at the same company for several years, or perhaps re-entering the workforce. However, there are indeed several simple steps you can take to make your new resume stand out to employers and secure the job you want.

    In this article, we’ll outline the most impactful changes you can make to your resume when updating it for your job search, including examples of a great modern resume.

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    Are You Still Using Your Resume From Four Years Ago A Monster Poll Found That Nearly 10% Of Job Seekers Likely Are And If Thats You Then Follow These Five Tips For A Comprehensive Resume Update

    Is it time to spring clean your resume? Update it now.

    When was the last time you took the time to update your resume? Was it a different season? A different decade? Not sure? You’re not alone. According to a recent Monster poll, 8% of U.S. respondents cant even remember the last time they touched their resumeand thats not good for your job search or your career.

    While you probably dont need to update your resume every day, or every time you get a new assignment at worklike the combined 15% of our more meticulous respondentsyou should, however, make it a habit to refresh your resume on a regular basis.

    How often should you update your resume? Monster career expert Vicki Salemi says, You should update your resume every six to 12 months to add new skills and experiences. Thats when a combined 37% of our respondents last updated their resume, meaning its about time to bust out that old resume once again.

    But the truth of the matter is, as the poll results found, most people shelve their CVs once they’re comfortably employed, letting them gather dust. If this is you, it’s safe to say you need an updated resume in order to be a top contender in your quest for a sweet new job.

    Now is a great time to reflect on your recent accomplishments and add them to your resume. These five quick spring cleaning resume tips help ensure that you will be a strong contender when your resume is reviewed by a recruiter, and better yet, a hiring manager.

    Research The Role And Company

    Updated resume 2019 (1).pdf

    Before deciding what information to add to or remove from your resume, first research the role youre interested in and what employers hiring for these positions may be looking for. This will help you determine the content of your resume. Take time to read at least five to six job descriptions for the role you want at the type of company youre interested in.

    If its been a while since youve searched for a job, you may find that employers are seeking different skills, certifications and/or experience since you last applied.

    In this case, translate your background and experience so its relevant to the job posting, showcase your transferable skills, and/or consider investing in ongoing education through online upskilling courses and certifications. If you decide to start a course or certification, add it to your resume with your expected completion date.

    In addition to looking at job descriptions, reach out to individuals in your desired field. These individuals can be former co-workers, acquaintances or new connections you find on networking sites. Ask them if they could spend five to 10 minutes on a phone call or video chat for an informational interview. Not only will this help you gather more information about whats new and relevant in the field, but it puts you in a position to network and understand what opportunities may exist at their company.

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    Update Your Resume When You Gain A New Experience Or Title

    File this tip away for next time! A good rule of thumb is to update your resume in real time as you get a new promotion or gain new skills. Regardless of how much or how little time you may have been in a position, you constantly are gaining new experience. Waiting too long between updates can lead to forgetting to add that experience. By keeping your resume current, you will be less harried the next time this happens.

    Once your resume is ready, and upload your resume to Glassdoor to apply to jobs quickly and easily.

    Dont Edit Out Too Much Previous Experience When Updating Your Resume

    Dont worry about the length of their resume, and leave out important, relevant information. The number of pages of your resume has no impact on employers looking to fill a position. The key is making sure the information is clear, targeted to the right audience and lines up with the needs of those hiring. No one is going to turn away a job seeker because their resume was too long, especially if it proves they are the best qualified candidate for the job.

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    The Rsum Is No More Than Two Pages

    Studies have found that the average recruiter spends less than 10 seconds reviewing each job application before deciding if a candidate receives further consideration or is immediately eliminated from the pile. With so little time to make the right impression, it’s important to streamline your résumé to two pages. Use that valuable space to emphasize recent work experience that supports your current career goals and pare down the information that is not as relevant to your job search.

    How Can I Update My Resume

    3 Steps To Update Your Resume

    Heres how you can update your resume:

    • Refresh your resume design with a new template
    • List your newest relevant skills
    • Remove old or less relevant positions from your experience section
    • Add new achievements
    • Add industry-specific keywords to help your resume stand out
    • Change your introduction to a resume summary

    All of these actions are easy steps you can take to update your resume and stay competitive.

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    How Do I Get My Resume Noticed

    There are several resume tips and writing techniques you can do to get your resume noticed by the hiring manager.

    You can stand out in your resume by either visual means or through the content itself.

    In terms of visual means, this may include:

    • Resume formatting

    On the other hand, in terms of the content presented itself this may include:

    • Achievements
    • Personalized application
    • And more…

    Another easy way to get noticed, stand out, and land several incoming interviews is by using Reziâs resume builder. When Ryann tried it out, this happened:

    âIt ultimately landed me 5+ interviews, a few offers, and one full-time job! My current employer was so impressed and said that they had not seen this caliber of a resume with any of the other candidatesâ

    Explore Rezi ð¥ Comes with 5,000 AI Credits, and is free forever, no credit card required.

    Effective Ways To Update Your Resume To Get Noticed

    Updating your resume is one of the best ways to revive your job search process and secure your next career opportunity.

    Itâs pretty simple. You remove the things you donât need and add the things you do need.

    Everything included should be relevant to where you are in your employment timeline. To update your resume effectively for your next job application, youâll need to bring new life into your document.

    In this guide, weâll go through the process of rejuvenating your resume step-by-step.

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    Should You Update Your Resume With Vaccination Status

    Should your resume tell employers if you are vaccinated?

    With the coronavirus pandemic well into its second year, the U.S. economy continues to experience massive changes across most industries. Companies and workers have been forced to adjust to life with a virus that shows no sign of going away anytime soon. Part of that adjustment now involves COVID-19 vaccinations, as some in government and private industry have been moving to mandate that employees receive the vaccine if they want to continue to work.

    If you are a current job seeker, all the talk about mandates may leave you wondering whether you should update your resume with your own vaccination status. In this post, we will examine the pros and cons of including vaccination status in a resume and offer some advice about how to include that information in a clear and straightforward way.

    Reasons Why You May Not Want To Include Vaccine Status On Your Resume

    My Resume Update

    There are many millions of Americans who have either decided to forgo the vaccine or who have simply not yet received their shots. Roughly 98 percent of the estimated 43 million Americans who tested positive for COVID-19 during the pandemic survived their bout with the illness. Many of those people may choose to rely on natural immunity. Meanwhile, other Americans may have legitimate hesitancy about the new vaccines. Here are just a few of the reasons why job candidates like you may not want to disclose your vaccination status:

    • You may have legitimate concerns about disclosing any private medical information

    • You have not received the vaccine and have no intention of getting the shot

    • You are applying for a job at a company with fewer than 100 employees

    It is important to note that those reasons may seem perfectly legitimate to you, but that does not mean that your prospective employer will agree with your decision. Any failure to include vaccination status could doom your application and consign your resume to the company dustbin.

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    Why You Should Update Your Resume Regularly

    Most people only update their resume when theyre ramping up their job search. Theres nothing wrong with that. The odds are pretty good youll only need a current resume when youre job hunting.

    But, just because you arent actively job hunting doesnt mean an amazing opportunity wont land in your lap. Thanks to modern technology, networking takes place all day every day. You never know when a recruiter might pop into your inbox.

    If youre a little behind, youve not got to update your resume. And, depending on when that last happened, you might have trouble remembering all the things you want to include. Or, you rush the job, and it ends up being, well, rushed. And, while you could send out your current resume, sending out something that hasnt been updated in a long time wont impress the recruiter.

    But, serendipitous jobs coming your way isnt the only reason to update your resume regularly. Regular updates help you stay on top of things.

    Remembering the big wins at work is usually pretty easy. But the smaller things? The minor but no less important achievements that help you shine as a candidate? Well, those can be harder to remember.

    Regular resume updates help you keep up and keep track of those smaller wins. If nothing else, a regular resume review session helps you remember all the details surrounding those wins so you can more effectively describe them on your resume and help recruiters understand how those wins can benefit your next employer.


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