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How To List A Contract Position On Resume

Decide On A Listing Method

How Should I Show My Contract, Freelance, Temporary Work On My Resume?

There are several ways to list contract work information on your resume. Regardless of the method you choose, try to ensure that you list the individual jobs clearly. Listing the work individually gives you a chance to chronologically arrange the jobs. This creates a more cohesive picture of your past work and might make it easier for hiring managers to comprehend. Use reverse-chronological order by starting with your most-recent contract gigs first.

The essential details to include are the specific company you worked for, the job title or position you had in each contract and the duration of each contract.

Contract Specialist Resume Template

Here is a template you can use to help you write a strong contract specialist resume:


Resume objective

Highly motivated contract specialist with five years of experience in the business field. Possess immense training with negotiating supplier contracts and fulfilling company goals for procuring different goods and services. Looking to use my skills and expertise as a contract specialist with Cole Technologies.


  • Negotiating contracts with suppliers for goods and services

  • Assessing supplier performance to adjust or amend contracts before renewal

  • Thoroughly understanding business law and contract regulations

  • Drafting and editing contracts for company and supplier review

  • Communicating and managing suppliers during breach of contract challenges

  • Discussing major contract goals and objectives with executives and legal teams

Work experienceContract specialistBenji’s Pets Supplies, 2018âPresent

  • Communicated with suppliers to ensure pet supplies arrived on time, meeting the terms of the contract agreement

  • Observed how some suppliers met contractual demands and made adjustments when necessary

  • Trained other contract and acquisition specialists on different negotiating tactics

Contract specialist

EducationMaster of Science in business administrationUniversity of Florida, 2018

Bachelor of Science in paralegal studiesUniversity of Florida, 2015

The Right Way To List Contract Work On Your Resume

In this article, we’ll dive into exactly what contract jobs you should include or leave off your resume, as well as how to include them to ensure they appear favorably to a recruiter.

10 months ago 6 min read

If your job history includes contract work, it can be difficult to know how to list it. This could include contract positions, temp work , freelancing, consulting, or any other kind of work that was intentionally short-term.

Listing these jobs like you would any other position risks the appearance of job-hopping. On the other hand, leaving them off your resume is likely to leave large gaps in your job history. Either one is a major red flag to employers so how do you avoid it? In this article, we’ll dive into exactly what contract jobs you should include or leave off your resume, as well as how to include them to ensure they appear favorably to a recruiter.

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Contract Management Represume Examples & Samples

  • Manages and reports total net sales from all federal government contracts to Abbott Corporate Purchasing within stated timeframe
  • Ensures that Govt quarterly sales reports and Industrial Funding Fee payments to DVA GSA and any government contacting agency are made timely per requirements generates required Government Cost Savings reports
  • Manages price activations for Group Purchasing Organizations
  • Contract compliance projects including correction of non-compliant contracts & review with Sr. Management compliance targets/actions
  • Performs analysis of contract aging/expirations to determine revenue opportunities
  • Analyzes pending revenue on contracts where instrumentation is not Test of Record
  • Responsible for the price data validation and load for distributor chargeback processing

How To List Contract Work On A Resume:

General Contractor Work Resume
  • Include an entry with your job title followed by “Contractor”.
  • Add the company name and its location.
  • Include the starting and end date of your contracting experience.
  • Add a small paragraph with your job responsibilities and project you worked on.
  • Use bullets to detail your contracting achievements.
  • List contract work in chronological order.
  • Be precise, use numbers, and quantify everything.
  • Use keywords to bypass application tracking systems.
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    Contractor Resume Example :

    Software Engineer – ContractorMicrosoft, Seattle As a software engineer, I was responsible for the design and implementation of the payroll system used internally by the company.

    • Developed the software in record 6 months and within budget.
    • Implemented both the frontend and the backend while also being responsible for gathering user requirements.
    • Technologies used: C#, Javascript, React, SQL Server, Azure Cloud

    Group Jobs By Industry

    Grouping each job by its industry allows you to show the relevancy of each position to the job that you’re applying for. You can organize the work under one heading, such as a consulting business or staffing agency, to ensure continuity. This also makes it easier for interviewers to scan and understand the relevance of your work experience to their organization.

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    Director Contract Managementresume Examples & Samples

    • Negotiating, drafting and structuring development and production agreements
    • Managing a range of production-related legal matters
    • Maintain and update contract option grids and communicate with development and production executives on a regular basis to keep them updated on expiration dates
    • Reviewing and approving legal contracts for execution by management
    • Overseeing contract administration and compliance
    • Researching relevant legal issues
    • Performing other day-to-day business and legal affairs-related tasks as needed and as assigned by senior business and legal affairs executives
    • A minimum of 3-5 years of relevant experience at a network, studio, entertainment law firm or production company
    • Working knowledge of television industry agreements, contract law and intellectual property rights, demonstrated ability to conduct legal research, analysis and reasoning
    • Excellent drafting, negotiation, communication , interpersonal, organizational and computer skills

    What Is A Contract Specialist


    Contract specialists prepare and manage contractual agreements between organizations, their clients and their suppliers of goods and services. They can work for a wide-variety of industries, including corporations, theaters, non-profit companies and more. Contract specialists often need powerful communication and negotiation skills, as well as strong legal understanding in order to perform their job duties most efficiently.

    Those duties can include:

    • Negotiating contract agreements with clients and suppliers

    • Researching contract regulations to ensure everything is up to date

    • Managing clients or suppliers during breach of contract agreements

    • Preparing and editing contracts for all individuals involved

    • Ensuring their organization fulfills their own contract agreements

    • Communicating efficiently with contracted individuals and companies


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    Focus Your Bullets On Whats Most Relevant

    While you certainly have permission to extend your resume beyond one page, its still important to keep it concise. Chances are, youve worn many hats throughout your contract career. Many of your experiences are probably relevant to your future career, while others, not so much. Keep the bullet points throughout your resume focused on whats most essential to your next role and remove anything erroneous.

    Keep in mind, this may vary between job applications. What is relevant for one position may be completely unnecessary for another. This is why its essential to custom-tailor your resume to each position to which you submit an application. Review the job description, and align your past skills and experiences to match whats required. While it may be a little extra work, it will go a long way in landing you your next position!

    Group Contracting Work From A Staffing Agency

    If you acted as a contractor for a staffing agency, you can capitalize on your consistency within the company and your flexibility with every project. You can highlight both your dependability and independence in this role,

    Lawn & Tree Agents – Clearlake, CABuilt a repertoire of satisfied clients in the Clearlake area over three years of steady work.

    Landscaper – ContractorNorthside Preparatory School, Clearlake Surveyed the grounds and provided routine and emergency maintenance.

    • Pinpointed unhealthy trees.
    • Implemented care solutions to prolong the lifespan.

    Landscaper – ContractorMain Street Dentistry, Clearlake Provided routine pruning and beautification for the property.

    • Maintained the appearance of trees and shrubs.
    • Performed precise edging techniques.

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    Distinguish Contract From Permanent Roles

    If you have a mix of contract and permanent positions in your work history, its important to distinguish between the two on your resume. Oftentimes, employers will spot short work stints and automatically assume theres some element of job hopping going on. However, if you identify your roles as contact, its understood that it was a temporary position, and therefore, more short-term. Heres a great example of how to do that:

    Company Name Chicago, IL

    Electrical Engineer Project Manager Contract

    Company Name Westmont, IL

    Electrical Engineer Permanent

    Listing Contract And Temporary Work

    Senior Contract Administrator Resume Samples

    How to list your contract work on a resume depends on the channels taken to land the position. There is one format for candidates who applied directly to an employer with an open temporary position, and a different format if the job was acquired through a staffing agency. Below, well show you the two distinct ways to format your resume to account for your contract and temporary positions.

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    Need More Clarification On Your Resume

    Your contract work is an important addition to your resume. You can use it to fill in employment gaps, or if its your main source of income, show your experience.

    Organizing and quantifying your contract work experience on your resume can be overwhelming. Remember to show consistency and ability to adapt to new situations based on your experiences and explain your desire to transition to full-time in your cover letter so that the employer doesnt see you as a potential quitter.

    If youre still looking for opportunities for improvement on your resume and potentially utilizing a staffing agency, reach out to Hire Integrated today for help in your job search.

    Why Is Listing Contract Work On A Resume Tricky

    There is nothing bad about contract work. And according to recent studies, your chances of getting hired are still good despite the lack of permanent work experience. The following graphic from a Statista research study shows that the proportion of contract workers has remained fairly stable over the past 20 years, except during the 2009 crisis.

    A recent study by the BBC revealed that, in the future, there would be more job-specific and contract-based roles. However, mentioning your professional contract position on a resume can be alarming for your employee for several reasons.

    Unfortunately, frequent job changes create a certain sense of instability in your preferences and your life in general. Most employers prefer to see stable and dynamic development within one company, so your progress is visible.

    In addition, some employers may mistake contract work with you being fired or quitting your job every six months. In this case, the employer is worried that the money they spend on onboarding and introduction would be wasted on you, bringing them zero ROI.

    As you can see, there are still some complications, but they shouldnt stop you on your way to your desired position. Your main task is to understand how to put contract work on a resume correctly to avoid misunderstandings. We will break it down for you.

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    Principal Contract Managementresume Examples & Samples

    • Responsible for planning, development and execution of sourcing plans/activities under the gamut of Sabres Corporate Services category including contract labor, professional services , marketing and advertising, IT managed services, business process outsourcing, facilities, HR services, . Executes strategic sourcing processes for assigned initiatives and/or categories
    • Builds and maintains strong working relationships with internal customers and key suppliers. Leads cross-enterprise sourcing activities. Questions conventional thinking and norms and provides alternatives that can improve outcomes. Provides category expertise to BUs to influence sourcing strategies, supplier selections and sourcing decisions
    • Drives cost savings and risk mitigation in sourcing related activities
    • Leads fact-based negotiations and prepares complex contracts utilizing approved terms and conditions and possesses the ability to write, edit and finalize contracts with minimal support from Sabre Legal. Gain consensus on acceptable risk levels and contract language with all stakeholders including Legal, Risk, Business Unit leadership and others
    • Performs spend analysis for various categories and identifies sourcing opportunities. Develops and executes plans to capture sourcing opportunities

    Should You List Contract Work On Resume

    Amazon Recruiter Shares His 21 Resume Writing Tips and Advice | Amazon News

    Working as an independent contractor is a great way to gain more experience. The projects you worked on might also be adding a unique skill set that may provide increased value to a future employer.

    Before you invest hours into strategically planning and including your contract work experience on your resume, you should know if it will be beneficial and effective at grabbing the attention of recruiters.

    So before you try to convince recruiters that you are the Rockstar they have been looking for, it may be a good idea to understand how your previous contract work can help you do that.

    Emily Rushton, the CEO of Hire Integrated says:

    “There is nothing wrong with contract or temporary work on your resume. But if you want to increase your chances of being hired, find a way to show that you are capable of a long commitment to the company.”

    In other words, dont shy away from your contract work experiences. But to show that you are not a quick quitter and are worth investing time and money into, you need to follow a couple of ground rules for listing contract work experiences on your resume.

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    How To List Contracting On Resume

    How do I list contracting on my resume?

    Specifically, I’m paid by company B to do work for company A. Company A is much more impressive than company B — everyone locally will have heard of A and likely be at least mildly impressed. But they don’t directly pay me — they pay company B, who pay me. Company B also provides my benefits and so on. Is it appropriate to list company A and put my job title as “contractor”?

    ETA: Specific concerns are a) taking up too much space detailing the situation , and b) letting potential employers know I’ve worked at a large, established company rather than giving them the impression I worked at a small startup

    For classical Job Shopping , the standard has always been to list the dates and the client, with a notation to indicate that it was a contract position.

    For example, from my own resume:

    Some people will list the contract firm’s name in parentheses, instead of saying “under contract to”. For example:

    or MAYBE something like:

    With this form, direct positions appear without the parenthetical note, viz.

    On resumes, I usually list the contracting company first, then the client company second.

    For example, if I worked for “Bob’s Bodyshop” as a contractor, and they placed me at “Big Shiny Corp”, I usually put something like:

    1/2011 to 12/2011 – Bob’s Bodyshop / Big Shiny Corp.

    State Your Work Experience

    When stating your work experience on a resume, it can be helpful to first list the title of your position and the name of the company or organization you worked for underneath it. Then list the date you started with the company and the date you ended with them. If you’re still working with the company, write “Present” instead of a date. FInally, add a short bulleted list of highlights from the job or duties you performed that are relevant to the contract specialist position.

    If you’re not sure how a previous job relates to the contract specialist position, it can be helpful to mention any soft skills you practiced or obtained from that role. For example, if you worked as an administrative manager, consider listing any duties that required powerful skills of communication or attention to detail which could easily translate into a contract specialist career.

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    Start With Your Cover Letter

    Now you know how to mention contract work on a resume. But it is worth remembering that a resume is not the first document that an employer receives. Your self-presentation still starts with a cover letter. Given that this paper does not have strict content requirements use it as an effective way to clear up any potential misunderstandings and allay the employers concerns we talked about earlier. It is especially crucial when switching to a regular job and attracting the HR manager and the company owners attention.

    In this case, your cover letter may help you clarify the reasons for your choice. Try to do it correctly. For example, if you say that you are looking for stability and calmness, this is not the best option. It is better to say that you are looking for the perfect place to grow or want to work in a well-coordinated team and create value for a company that appreciates your talents and knowledge. Whats more, your cover letter is an excellent chance to answer the following questions:

    • Why do you fit a particular position perfectly?
    • How can you be useful if there is a short-term contract offer?
    • Why did you decide to land a temporary or regular job?
    • Why do you want to work with this particular company?
    • Why are you interested in working on a specific project?
    • What skills do you have to do well in your new regular or contract job?

    Senior Contract Management Lead Analystresume Examples & Samples

    40+ Contract Position On Resume Example Images
    • A Bachelor’s Degree is required
    • Must have a minimum of ten years of professional experience providing contract management and reconciliation support to an ACAT I shipbuilding program is required
    • Experience must include a combination of one or more of the following: conducting organizational studies and evaluations, designing systems and procedures, designing and/or improving work implication and measurement studies, preparing operations and/or procedures manuals
    • Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills
    • Must be detailed oriented and highly organized
    • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
    • Must be willing and able to travel 10-20%

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