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How To Make A Resume More Visually Appealing

Start Your Design With A Customizable Resume Template

How To Make a Visually Appealing Graphical Resume

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a beautiful resume. Just start with one of our fully customizable resume templates.Venngage offers a wide variety of resume templates, so you can find one that fits you. Not sure if your resume will appeal to a particular workplace? Create multiple resume designs for different potential employers.

Start With A Basic Resume

There are certainly circumstances where a visual resume can impress, but it’s important to have a basic version of;your resume as well. The;applicant tracking systems; that employers use to screen resumes won’t read your awesome infographic or parse your skills and experience out of a video. Even if you think it’s really cool, it might not be what the hiring manager wants to see.

What’s most important is to give the hiring company exactly what they ask for. If they want a PDF or Word document, give them one. Otherwise, you could be knocked out of contention for the job before your application is even viewed.

Here’s why traditional resumes still matter from Lisa Gibello, senior account manager at;The Creative Group:

  • Most hiring managers spend seconds, literally, reviewing resumes to spot the ones they want to read in detail. If they cannot quickly discern an applicant’s strengths and the value he or she can provide, they’ll move on to the next resume without a second glance.
  • ;Even when applying for creative roles, a non-design gatekeeper in human resources is often the first person to review a resume. In these instances, a traditional resume can be easier and faster to read through than an infographic or video resume.
  • ;In addition, employers often want to see a candidate’s portfolio and employment history to find out what clients he or she has worked for and how long.

Gisele Henne Creative Resume Shows Results Not Responsibilities

Giseles resume does a great job balancing eye-catching design with a strong focus on results. Right away you cant miss the key metrics here: 20 corporate projects delivered, 40 books managed, 15 years of freelance experience. All that is valuable information you have to pass to the reader right away.

Its best to focus on results and not responsibilities. This has been a resume writing best practice for years, but it cant be emphasized enough. Still, what makes this resume stand out is the creative process section. Its designed to get the reader to really understand Giseles way of thinking, something a traditional resume wouldnt be able to convey.

Last but not least, the Etc. section is a very smart way to grab employers attention and showcase side activities that shaped Gisele as the person. Things like playing the piano and guitar since childhood may be left out of most resumes, but they show qualities like dedication and consistency.

Gisele didnt play for a few years and then got bored, she stuck with it. Those are qualities employers look for.

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What Do You Have To Offer That Others Can’t

Often, when you’re asked, “Why should we hire you?” the thinking is to simply respond with relevant skills and experience. But if you really want to win the employer over, you need to take it a step further.

One of the most important questions to ask in an interview is: “What is the biggest challenge someone will face in this position in the first six months?” Knowing this, answer as to how you have faced these challenges before and stress the results you have achieved. Also think about not just the relevant skills and experience you have to offer, but how those skills and experiences differ from what other candidates may be able to offer.

Why Do You Want To Work For Them

This Tool Helps Make Your Resume Visually Appealing ...

Employers want to hire talent who will be excited to work for them, so when you respond expressing your interest in the company and the business, make sure it’s backed up with information. You don’t just want to say a blank statement like: I like the company and its culture. Offer details on it like: “I’ve seen how the company has maintained its competitiveness with the product launch of X, Y, and Z and infiltrated new markets like Asia and Europe. I believe in the company’s approach and that it will be a long-standing leader in the industry, and I’m passionate about the product and the company’s mission, so I’d like to be part of it. I believe I can add value with my previous experience and success in”

This latter response informs the employer more on why you want to work with them and how you can bring value to them. Of course, you will have to do some research ahead of time on the company and business to be able to provide such a response.

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Collect And Fill In Information

Make a list of all your prior experience including but not limited to education, internships, co-ops, full-time work, part-time work, volunteering, service-learning, awards and scholarships, achievements, study abroad, training programs, student organizations, leadership roles, lab and computer skills, languages, and certifications. Use exact names for degrees, programs, organizations, and titles; you may have to look some of them up.

Then, use this information to populate the resume sections outlined below. Among the optional sections, choose those that help convey your unique strengths and skills. Remember that many sections are flexible can be combined to tell your unique story. There is no one correct way to compose a resume since it is just as unique as you are!

How Should I Format My Resume In Microsoft Word

The format you choose will depend on your experience level!

There are 3 basic resume formats to choose between:

  • âReverse-Chronological: Details your most recent job and works backwards from there. This format focuses heavily on work experience.â
  • Functional: Focuses on skills and education rather than work experience. This is a good option for recent graduates or applicants with minimal work experience.â
  • Hybrid/Combination: Combines elements of both the Reverse-Chronological and the Functional. This is a good option for applicants with gaps in their employment history.

Choosing the best format for your needs is key. For more help on this subject, check out our guide on How to Choose the Correct Resume Format in 2021!

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Finding The Right Job Opportunities

For parents looking to return to work after COVID-19, finding the right job opportunities came out as the top concern according to the survey mentioned above, with 75% of parents saying they are worried about this aspect of the job search. Additionally, 62% of parents say their career goals have changed since spending time out of the workforce, so navigating those changes to their career goals in addition to high levels of competition and a seemingly lack of good job opportunities could be fueling their worries of finding the right job opportunity for them.

What you can do: To give yourself a better chance of finding the right job opportunity, make sure you’re conducting a strategic job search. This includes creating an interview bucket list, writing disruptive cover letters, and building your professional network so you can get your foot in the door at your dream companies.

Emily Bain Shows How A Creative Resume Can Stand Out

Visual Resume: How to Create Attention Grabbing Resume | Visually Appealing Resume by your own

With both of the resumes she uses, Emily starts off with her top professional strengths. Putting them right beneath her name ensures any read will get the main points right off the bat. One resume then focuses on telling her story and giving important context to the rest of the resume while the other gets straight into her work history.

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Give A Design Nod To Your Line Of Work

Consider your resume as an extension of yourself and the work that you do. So why not use design elements that will give a nod to your profession? For example, if you work in the publishing industry you should try to give your resume a bookish vibe which can be accomplished by:

  • Structuring your resume layout to look like a book page
  • Using classic typography such as Caslon

Or, if you work as a web designer you could try to use your resume to emulate a beautifully-designed web page, complete with digital elements. See below for an example.

How A Professionally Written Resume Differs From A Diy Resume

While your average job seeker, with enough care and attention, can avoid many of the most common resume mistakes that plague today’s job applications and drive recruiters crazy , most DIY resumes fall short when they attempt to achieve three critical goals: present a compelling career narrative, balance visual elements, and illustrate a candidate’s value. But why exactly are these goals important to job-search success? Let me explain. ;

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Edit Text In Adobe Photoshop

Let’s edit some of the text in our resume template. First, select the Type;tool from your Tools panel.

Then, click on the text that you’d like to edit. This will allow you to edit it.

Or select the appropriate text layer from your Layers panel. Double click on the “T” icon, and it’ll select the text for you. Then, proceed with the Type tool to make your edits.;

Want to change the font? Go to the Character;panel. Open it up by going to Window > Character. You can also change the font color from this panel.;

Import Images In Adobe Indesign

This Tool Helps Make Your Resume Visually Appealing

We can also import or place images into our InDesign document. This;stylish CV template already has a space in mind for a profile picture. So, let’s add one in. I’ll use this stock photo from Envato Elements to do so.

First, select the Selection Tool. Then, select the Rectangular Frame or shape where you’d like to import your imagery.

Next, go to File > Place, and select your image from your computer. Click OK once you’ve done so.

Then, InDesign will place your image within the shape. Double clicking on the image will reveal resize handles that you can use to resize the image within this space.

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Stick With Two Fonts At Most

What should a resume look like so that you are memorable in a good way and not because you embarrassed yourself? Stick with simplicity. It’s tempting to use all of the typefaces at your disposal, but having more than two fonts in any document only lessens its readability. One font is all you really need. If you use two, make sure they complement each other. For example, use one font for the headings and the second font for the body text.

Cv Template For Word With Cover Letter

This Microsoft Word resume template can catch an eye with its color-rich header and orange accents that create a warm, welcoming effect. To adapt the default design to your personal needs, you will be able to edit the entire layout with its fonts and colors. In the package, you can also access a fully customizable cover letter at no cost.

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How To Customize Your Stylish Resume Template In Word

Once you download an attractive resume, youll want to customize it. For this section, well use;this stylish resume template:;

Well use page four of this template. Here’s what it looks like without edits:

;Here are some tips on how to customize your resume:

Clean Resume Template For Microsoft Word

How to write a CV/Resume more attractive? | Get Noticed by Recruiters

This CV template for Word has a sophisticated design with sleek icons, timelines, and other elements that keep order on the page. The resume file comes in A4 size with 0.25-inch bleed, 300 DPI resolution, and CMYK color mode. The font used in the template is Lato, but you can replace it with the one you like.

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Free Professional Word Resume Template

If you need single-page resume templates for Word, check out this freebie. It will help you create a tastefully simple CV to look professional in the eyes of potential employers. You will find it easy to edit its typography, wording, and color scheme in Microsoft Word. Youll also appreciate such free bonuses as a cover letter and a business card in the templates package.

Write A Resume Introduction That Fits Your Experience

According to the fine people at ResumeCoach, there are 3 main types of resume introductions that you can use.

The first one, called an Objective Introduction, should be used if you dont have a lot of experience in the field or industry. This kind of introduction can be thought of like an abbreviated cover letter as well. The resume example below lists some very interesting information about the applicant:

Next, we have the Qualifications Introduction, which is exactly what it sounds like. With this kind of intro, you should only list your relevant soft skills and abilities. The resume design example below uses their management experience as a focal point as they applied for a more senior role:

And finally, we have the Summary Introduction, which is basically a brief synopsis of your relevant jobs and experience. This introduction is built for people who have a ton of direct experience and accomplishments in the industry.

The resume design example below includes a nice mix of accomplishments, qualifications, and experience: ;

Just remember to include only things that are very relevant to the job that youre applying for. Also, dont write a novel on your resume, keep any introduction short and sweet.

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Simple Cv Attractive Resumes

This simple and attractive resume and CV template can be edited using Photoshop. It includes a one-page resume as well as matching a;cover letter. The template includes two layout styles and two color options in an attractive resume format. Easily customize them to match your preferred color scheme.

Make The Right Choice For You

Pin by Jesse Brimmer on Resume

The Envato Elements offer is very appealing for individuals and entrepreneurs. Have unlimited access to all the digital assets that you could ever need for one monthly price.;

and download as many visually appealing resume templates, inspirational audio files, and attractive fonts as you want without worrying about limits. When it comes to style, there’s so many;aesthetic resume templates for so many different tastes.

But if you won’t be able to make use of unlimited downloads, you can still find a premium stylish resume template on GraphicRiver and make a one-time purchase. Choose from a large library of;eye catching CV templates and only download what you need.

Whichever is right for you, remember that premium is a better option than the attractive resume templates for a free download. Free is appealing, but not always the best quality. Eye-catching resume templates that are free don’t compare when you’re on the job hunt.

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Use Bold Colors To Highlight Important Power Words

In a previous tip, we briefly talked about how important power words are. These are words that could make or break your resume. So if you skipped that part, go back and read it now!

If you want your power words to stand out even more on your resume, use a different font color like below:

Not sure what colors to use in your resume? Check out this in depth color guide!

I really like this approach because those keywords will stick with a manager throughout the hiring process. Plus, if they are just skimming the resumes those power words will immediately jump out and grab their attention.

If you are creating a resume for a more conservative workplace, you could adapt this approach and simply bold the text you want to stand out.

Think Outside The Box

The typical, linear resume design found in most templates can be ordinary and, well, boring. Some plain old resume is not going to catch the eye of a potential boss. In order to step up your game, think differently about the convention of the resume. Reinvent the way you display your information, while ensuring its still professional and easy to navigate. In many sectors, your resume can act as a demonstration to prospective employers of your design skills and creativity, so make sure it looks flawless and has your signature stamp on it.

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Use A Visually Appealing Resume To Showcase The Value Of Your Skills

A well-designed, visually appealing resume can help to highlight your skills. Good design helps your resume look cleaner and draw the hiring managers eye to the bits you want to showcase. A poorly designed resume can be distracting.

Above all the different elements of design one can include to make the optimal resume, it is crucial to consider the elements, or principles, of visual design. The principles of design work together to create a visual piece that is aesthetically pleasing and optimizes the user experience. If you havent picked up on it yet, the experience of the hiring manager viewing your resume is highly important for your success.

Some principles of design you should consider when making a visually appealing resume include:

  • Contrast
  • Variety

Why Do People Use Color On A Resume

How to make an Attractive Professional Resume or CV using MS Word Template Attached

An applicant might add color to their resume for a variety of reasons. The most basic reason to use color is to make the resume more visually appealing, which allows it to stand out from other resumes when a hiring manager is sorting through applicants for a position. Simple use of color to denote section heads or call attention to a specific section on a resume can help to direct the reader’s eye while also making the document unique.

An applicant in a creative field can use the colors on their resume to provide a practical example of their ability to create visually-appealing pieces of content. Some applicants prefer their resume to accurately reflect them as a person and feel that adding color to their layout is the best way to do it.

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