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Is It Bad For Resume To Be 2 Pages

How To Format A Two

Is It Okay To Have A Two Page Resume?

If you are an experienced candidate with a work history and skills that are highly relevant to a position, a two-page resume can be a good idea. Using a two-page resume header can help the hiring manager easily see that your resume is two pages long and keep your contact information conveniently in front of them when they’re scanning Page Two.

In this article, we discuss how to create a two-page resume header, when to use a two-page resume and some tips for creating one. We also provide an example so you can see what a two-page resume header looks like.

Is It Bad To Have A 2 Page Resume

Two-page resumes are the new norm, says Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster. If your resume encompasses two pages, dont overthink it focus on the content on those two pages to make your skills and experiences shine. And remember that while it can help to have a longer resume, it isnt mandatory.

Firstly, How long should my resume be 2020?

A typical resume should be one or two pages long.

Then What should you avoid on a resume? 11 Things to Avoid When Writing a Resume

  • Dont make your resume unnecessarily long.
  • Dont leave it to the reader to figure out what you do.
  • Dont forget to make your resume searchable.
  • Dont be vague.
  • Dont use a list of tasks.
  • Dont be passive.
  • Dont miss typos and grammatical mistakes.

Actually How many jobs should I list on my resume?

How Many Jobs Should You List on a Resume? You should list as many jobs on your resume as you can assuming they are all relevant and youre not going beyond the 10-15 year limit. The number of jobs typically varies between 7 and 3. As long as each job or position is relevant, you shouldnt worry about the exact number.

How Long Should A Resume Be

A resume should typically be only one page in length. However, there are certain circumstances under which a two-page resume is acceptable. As long as all the information that is included is important and relevant to the employer, resume length is secondary. Your top priorities when writing your resume is readability and relevance.

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Is It Okay To Have A Page And A Half Resume

Two-page resumes are acceptable as long as they are formatted to be easy to read. Be sure you really do have enough information to require a second page, however. If you cannot fill at least half of the second page, it may be better to condense the details so your entire resume can fit on a single page.

Do You Need A Two Page Resume Format

2 Page Resume: Will It Crush Your Chances? (Format &  Tips)

If youre like me, you might have one page only! ingrained in your brain when it comes to how long a resume should be.

If youre like me, you might have one page only! ingrained in your brain when it comes to how long a resume should be. However, once youve been in the workforce for several years, your one-page resume is likely bursting at the seams. Is a two page resume the answer? Turns out, its not as taboo as you may have thought.

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What Is The Format For Personal Statement

Format Your Personal Statement Correctly Single-space your personal statement with standard cover letter spacing. Write 5 to 8 paragraphs and 700 to 1,000 words. Choose a respected cover letter font like Arial, Helvetica, or Cambria. Put your name and contact info in a cover letter heading at the top.

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Use A Three+ Page Resume Format If

  • You need to prove your achievements. This is typical for scientists, academics, professional engineers, and healthcare professionals. To prove credibility, show the detail of your professional work.
  • You work in the government sector. Bureaucracy dictates you provide a mountain of exacting detail from your career history. Page numbers go through the roof and no one worries.
  • You want to list extra points. Use the third page to summarize clients, assignments, projects, and professional training courses. Simple bulleted lists look much better than yet more blocks of text.

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Why Are There So Many Opinions About Resume Length

Unfortunately, theres no best answer.

The hiring landscape has changed considerably in recent years. Not even 20 years ago, keeping your resume down to one page was both a strategic and cost-effective move .

Going even further back in time youll read that keeping your resume to a single page is your best option.

Two pages are also acceptable.

But, anything longer makes it too difficult for employers to go through.

Today, these worries are less pronounced. In fact, theres a growing trend of recruiters preferring two-page resumes over single-page ones.

According to a study by ResumeGo, its found that hiring managers are 2.3 times more prone to select a two-page resume format over the one-page resumes. No matter what the candidates professional level is, it doesnt make a big difference.

So why do people still argue for a one-page resume?

In one word: relevance.

Every resume has an audience. But, not everyone will have the same opinion.

And, thats why its difficult to assume what the ideal resume length is.

Some recruiters and hiring managers will follow the one-page rule to the letter while others will think the rule is useless. To help overcome this difficulty, its best to research the hiring practices of the organization youre applying to and see the common traits associated with page lengths.

When To Use A Two

Resume Writing: How many pages should my resume be?

That doesnt mean you have to cram all of your experience on one page with a teeny tiny font that you need a magnifying glass to read. Readability and overall presentation need to be factored in, too.

Most resume reviewers would rather read a well-laid-out, easy-to-skim, two-page resume than a one-page resume that jams too much information on the page, Isaacs says.

A two-page resume makes sense for many job seekers, especially those who are further along in their career, with 10 or more years of relevant job experience. The extra page may be needed to convey all of the critical information an employer needs to know, Holbrook Hernandez says. Keep in mind, however, that the second page likely wont get as much attention as the first, so its best to make sure youre using the right resume format .

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Important Things To Remember Before Making A Two

The easiest way to think about it is that if everything can fit on just one page, then thats absolutely the resume size you should be working with. If its at all close to one page, you should see if you can cut it down. Because while its perfectly fine to use two pages when necessary, you want to be totally sure that it is, in fact, necessary.

Anything over two pages, though? If its not a CV, you might as well just throw it out.

Three pages or more is just an unreasonable length of resume to expect a hiring manager to read in most situations but even with a two-pager, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind.

Some of the biggest things to keep in mind when using a two-page resume:

  • If youre taking up more space, youre asking for more of your readers time and attention. That means that you have to be absolutely sure that everything youre including past the first page is totally necessary.

  • You have more room to experiment with formatting, so do so! Segment your resume into easily scannable, digestible pieces, and make sure the whole thing looks good at a glance.

  • Organization is of utmost importance in this longer format, so make sure that the formatting is intuitive more likely than not, that means putting everything in reverse-chronological order .

Can My Resume Be Three Pages Or Longer

ZipJob Team

5 min read

If you have an extensive work history, you might find yourself with a three-page, four-page, or even a five-page resume. Maybe you’ve held a lot of jobs, or perhaps you’ve been in the workforce for decades. You might also be adding a lot of detail to each job on your resume, trying to maximize your keywords for the ATS scan.

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Combine Multiple Related Bullet Points Into One Bullet Point

If you have multiple lines on the same subject within your job experience, you can often combine the statements into one.

Example: Optimize your space by combining functions

  • Ensured our marketing had a positive ROI.

  • Utilized marketing tools to ensure maximum ROI.

  • Managed the marketing team to ensure smooth and efficient projects were deployed.

  • Implemented and managed a marketing campaign with extensive A/B testing to achieve a 190% ROI.

The three bullets can easily be grouped together to form a statement thatâs sure to impress an employer. If you have paragraphs, you should turn those into bullet points as well.

When Quantity Equals Quality

right vs wrong student resume templates

As you evolve in your career, you’ll find that things that were once relevant on your resume aren’t anymore. For example, if you’ve been in your career a few years or are changing careers, there’s no need to list every duty for every position. Learn to recognize when compromising the quantity of your experiences will impact the quality of your employment story. If you have enough relevant experience, training, and credentials pertaining to the position to showcase on more than one page of your resume, then go for it.

Note: I said relevant. This doesnt mean you detail all your accomplishments since your high school babysitting job. It also doesnt mean listing every college course you’ve taken and certification you’ve earned.

As a recruiter, I can tell you, if Im going to read a resume thats more than one page, it better tell a good story about what you bring to the table. Listing every task you did as a manager doesn’t make you a good manager. But if you tell me that you increased productivity by 25% or highlight process changes for multiple teams at several companiesyou’re justifying that space.

If you can succinctly quantify your accomplishments to tell how you made a role, job, project, or assignment better and you need more than one page to demonstrate it effectively, thats time well spent.

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Tips For Saving Space On A Cover Letter

Save space on your cover letter efficiently with the following tips:

  • Write an outline. Developing an outline for the content of your letter can help you to find a structure that makes the most of your space. You can make a list of all the points you need to cover, list the points you can cover in each paragraph, and edit this outline until you find a structure that makes the best use of your space.
  • Write to make the most of your space. When writing your letter, use words, phrases, and sentence structures that communicate your points with the least words. Test different sentence options for each talking point until you find the briefest ones.
  • Edit your letter to save space. While its essential to proofread your letter to correct any grammar mistakes, you should also edit it to make it more concise. You can do so by rewriting lengthy sentences and removing any content that is not essential.

When To Use As 2

Once youve spent several years in the workforce and have a few different positions under your belt, you can and should feel free to let your resume roll over onto a second page. Resumes are intended to make the finest possible case for you as a job candidate, and if your work history contains too much viable information to limit to one page without leaving out relevant content, then theres no need to hold yourself back merely for the sake of convention. Also, more and more hiring managers now agree that the one-page resume rule isnt useful for all positions, so you can confidently assume that a reasonable manager wont hold a second page against you .

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Focus On The Last 10 Years

Unless there is a position you held more than 10 years ago that you think would help you get this particular job, concentrate your work history on the last 10 years of your career. Within each description, highlight your most noteworthy accomplishments, specifically the ones where you can quantify your results. For example, “Increased sales revenue by 25% over six months.”

Leave Out References Available Upon Request

How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (latest)

Many people will use an entire line to write this phrase. If youre struggling to fit your resume to a page, those two lines are valuable real estate.

If an employer wants references, theyll request them. Its rare for an applicant not to have a single reference available, so dont waste precious resume space with this phrase.

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Resume Length: How Long Should A Resume Be In 2021

Resume length is one of the great mysteries of the job application process. Because of it, you might be wondering, how long should a resume be?

Should it always be one page?

What if you have a lot of relevant experience and need more space to describe it?

If you have a work history that goes way back because youve been working for 25+ years, is three pages okay?

Well, it doesnt help that you can find arguments for just about any length online if you look hard enough.

Fortunately, weve analyzed the resumes of real users hired at competitive companies such as Spotify,, Verizon Digital Media Services, Amazon, Intercom, and more. Instead of throwing opinions around, all your questions about resume length are answered in this guide.


  • Why are there so many opinions about resume length?
  • How long should your resume be in 2021?
  • How far back should a resume go?
  • Should a resume be one page?
  • Whats the ideal resume length for the hiring manager?
  • How to shorten my resume?
  • Summary & Key Takeaways

Alternatively, you can skip this whole section and find a PROVEN resume example for your specific job position. From there, building your resume and seeing what works is simple and easy. Best of all, its free to use!

At any point in time, I would recommend Enhancv as a platform to prepare ones CV. It offers a lot of sample templates as well. Kudos to the entire team and thanks again for getting my dream job! Imran Khan

Focus On Your Most Relevant Experience

If youâve jumped around on your career path, try to downplay positions that arenât relevant to this particular job description. Your resume does not have to include every place youâve worked or every job youâve heldâthatâs a common myth but isnât doing you any favors.

If you do want to list all your positions to establish a career trajectory or avoid gaps in your resume, limit the information you include with the less-relevant jobs. Expand the impact and results of your most recent and relevant jobs, and include three or fewer bullet points for the other information.

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One Page Resumethe Gold Standard

Now you know the answer to how long should a resume be.

But how to make a resume one page?

Dont have 10 years of experience?

Dont have 50 unique accomplishments you absolutely have to share?

Then dont write a two-page resume. Cut it to a one-page resume instead.

Heres how:

  • Tailor your resume to the job. To save space, mercilessly cut anything that doesnt fit this job opening.
  • Write fewer, shorter bullet points. Making 35 bullet points per job is a space-saver. So is limiting them to 12 lines each.
  • Stick to whats impressive. Dont say everything about your work history. Commit to a set amount of space. Then fill it with your best achievements.
  • Be selective with what to include in the resume.
  • Dont send MS Word resume templates. The best one page resume in Word format can turn to a 2-page resume when you email it.
  • Use , right fonts, and line spacing to shorten your resume. But theres a limit. Overdoing it will make your resume hard to read.
  • How many bullet points per job? Resumes should list 35 bullet points per job. A resume with more looks cluttered. Less looks weak.
  • Leave off references. Everyone knows theyre available on request. Cut them if they make your resume two pages.
  • Write a shorter qualifications summary. Stick to 3 lines as a resume space-saver.

To write a 1-page resume, you can also cut the street address, high school, and old or irrelevant jobs. Those can make your resume 2 pages.

Submit It As A Pdf Unless Otherwise Specified

2 Page Resume Format Examples

Once youve made all these changes, save your resume as a PDF. Employers want to see PDF resumes 99% of the time, so unless the application specifically says to submit it as a Word Document, you should save it as a PDF.

Nothing says careless like submitting a Word document that highlights typos, and you never know if the formatting will change on the recruiters computer, making it look sloppy and possibly over one page. Submit a PDF so you know exactly what theyll see when they open it.

Remember, you can always to cover additional experiences. Make sure you include your in the contact section of your resume so employers can easily find out more about you.

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